Sennheiser HD201 Headphones
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The Sennheiser HD201 Headphones keep out ambient noise while delivering powerful stereo sound with a rich, crisp bass response to your ears. The gold-plated adaptor enables a superior connection with your audio source, and the rugged design of the HD201 protects it from wear and tear. But these headphones are still lightweight and comfortable, with leatherette ear pads to keep your ears comfortable.

Powerful stereo sound / Rich, crisp bass response / Lightweight and comfortable to wear / Good attenuation of ambient noise / Extremely rugged

  • Lightweight and comfortable economical headphones
  • Features smooth silver design and leatherette ear pads
  • Delivers powerful, bass-driven sound
  • Comes with manufacturer's 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect headphones for recording studio
    I needed headphones for my home recording studio and the price on these was just too good to pass up. I bought two, used them for a short period of time and ordered two more. The sound quality is way better than I expected. They're light and comfortable for long periods of time. They have a 3.5mm connector but come with an adapter to 1/4 inch, and the cable is more than long enough to allow musicians to tuck it out of their way. I am very happy with this purchase (these purchases.)...more info
  • Neutral sounding headphone with very high potential.
    This is really the best value headphone you can get. I am somewhat an audiophile and I have heard many high quality headphones, some 15times the price of this one, but the HD201 is the most impressive sounding headphone I've ever heard at it's price range. It has good comfort and sound comfortable as well. Overall I rate the sound quality of this headphone much higher than it's cost, if driven by proper equipments.

    Physical design: It is a fullsize, closed circumaural headphone. Although the headband grip is not as tight as I wanted, it probably stay more comfortable that way. It is plastic so I wouldn't recommend abusing it, but I have slept while wearing it more than once and being tossed around that way it's still in tip top shape. The cable is pretty long and you can walk across the room with it. The earpads will cover your entire ears, it will block out some noise, but not too much to be used as a serious isolation headphones (ie. in-ear-monitors).

    Sound: As a music enthuasist I really love the sound of this headphone. The great thing about Sennheiser sound signature is that they make the sound comes together, nothing jumps out at you, there isn't one part of the sound spectrum that is unbalanced with the other. It's not too warm and it's not too bright, exactly how I like it to be, there is no sharpness that will hurt your ears. Which means if you want big bass, this isn't it. I was expecting something more muffle sounding at this price range, people tend to dub Sennheiser brand as veiled sounding, but I don't perceive any of that.

    Cons: The only thing that the sound ideally lack is sometime it can be a bit dry and not fluidy, which tend to base on the source/music you are listening to. Some instruments might not have a full body/thicker sound. Single notes might note have a longer decay period/resonance as compared to more expensive phones. But in the end the headphone limited by it's relatively small diaphragm size, you can't ask for more at this price.

    Finally, the sound is only going to be as good as the music, source, amplifier and cables you use with the headphone. The great thing about this headphone is it can potentially become very good sounding if you pair it with high quality equipments, such as a high quality soundcard/source and a headphone amplifier, then the bass become very tight, smoothout midrange and very precise trebles. Instruments can be very defined and seperated. Although if you are simply connecting it to a weak mp3 player or directly to a labtop headphone output, you might not get the most out of it as I've described....more info
  • Great Headphones
    I was looking for a decent set of headphones for not a lot of money. I'm not an audiophile, but I do use headphones at work. They're comfortable to wear, and sound great to my untrained ear....more info
  • headphones
    Excellent for the price. Good clear sound,but not compleetely noise cancelling. Comfortable to wear. The extremely long cable must have a purpose. It often gets in the way, but one gets used to it. A very good buy....more info
  • OK for the price
    The idea that these headphones isolate the user from ambient noise is ludicrous. I use them for computer games, and I can still hear the TV, cars going by, and even the dogs next door. I'm over 60, so my hearing can't be that keen. That said, the sound seems to be quite good, with strong highs and lows. I can't say how they would be for serious music listening. The music in games sounds great, and wearing them for long periods is not uncomfortable or tiring. For the price, not bad at all....more info
  • It sucks
    terrible sound quality and breaks to easy barely, lasted a day. worst headphones anyone can ever get ...more info
  • Uncomfortable for prlonged listening.
    Pretty much every other review has covered the sound and such, so I thought I'd go into more about the ergonomics.

    For starters, the inner cup clearance is about 1.25" x 2" oval, and the foam cushion is about 1/4" thick at the top and 1/2" thick near the bottom. Basically, unless you have tiny ears, these headphones WILL put pressure on them. While that's fine for an hour or two, if you use these for long listening sessions or gaming, it's definitely going to start hurting after a while....more info
  • Wow!
    Love these headphones! They fit over your ears and the cord is L-O-N-G!! The sound quality is also just absolutely great! I would highly recommend these!...more info
  • Good Sennheiser Quality Headphones - lack volume control
    Sennheiser has a long tradition of German quality - even if these headphones are likely not made in Germany but in China, just like everything nowadays...

    I note the "Y" wire connection. One might prefer one wire to one earpiece with an internal connection for the other channel to the opposite earpiece. This would make tangling a slightly less issue.

    Main complaint: no volume control thumb wheel. I kinda like having the volume control right at hand on the wire rather than having to use the windoze volume control slider.

    Otherwise, fine for the price....more info
  • Great choice
    I bought these headphones to take to my gym. They are the best I have ever used. The sound quality is superb and you can't beat the price. I would definitely recommend them...more info
  • Good headphones
    These headphones are very comfortable. If you're looking for something to block out sounds 100% they are not for you but they do block a good amount. Nice sound too....more info
  • Just buy them already!
    These headphones will give you more than you paid for. Sound quality is pretty good. Yes they aren't earth shattering, make you go cry to your mother, good, but very few headphones less than $100 are. Yes, your ears will get a little hot after extended use, so you probably wouldn't want to wear them for 20+ hours or on the sun. Seriously, for this price, just buy them. ...more info
  • Totally Awesome
    I purchased these headphones just over a year ago and absolutely love them. I bought them to block out background noise at work and they do that wonderfully. They are not noise-cancelling, but they completely cover the ear and muffle out most of the noise. With the music turned up to a very comfortable listening level, I am oblivious to what goes on around me.

    The performance is awesome. I too am not an audiophile and listen to music only occasionally. When I put these head phones on, I am able to hear the full audible spectrum from the high pitches through the bass with crystal clarity.

    It had been several months since I had pulled these out of my desk drawer, when one day the noise around me was just overwhelming. I pulled these out, plugged them into my computer and was completely swept away by the beauty of the music and the fullness with which I experienced it. I decided to order another pair for home. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of order the HD202 model rather than this one. Don't get me wrong, the HD202 is a nice set of headphones with great sound, but they do not fit entirely over the ear. Because of that, they are not as comfortable and do not block out the background noise as effectively. I highly recommend opting for the HD201s.
    ...more info
  • For about $11 more, Sennheiser EH150 is much better!
    I have both the Sennheiser HD201 and EH150 headphones. Listening to Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting For Tonight", it is very apparent that the EH150 has a lot more volume, dynamic range, and bass than the HD201.

    I bought the HD201 for my teen-aged son who typically goes through a pair of headphones in 3 months. I wanted to buy something that is high quality name brand but still doesn't cost too much. Althogh I did not know at the time of purchase, the relatively lower volume and lighter bass characteristics of the HD201 is ideal for him, in his father's judgement. I have the fear that he always turns up the volume too high and may hurt his eardrums.

    If you are shopping for a pair for yourself or another adult who knows better, I'd recommend the Sennheiser EH150, which costs just $11 more than HD201....more info
  • Good for the price
    These headphones are fairly comfortable and good for the price. Sound quality is good for the average listener, but if you know what to look for these are not for you. They also shipped really fast....more info
  • Awesome for the price.
    I think these are great headphones. As a gamer i know what products are good.

    I do have a couple of cons though. I dont like how there are 2 wires one on each side. If they could put both wires into one cord that would be nice.

    Also i can hear my girlfriend playing left 4 dead very easily. It doesnt help that she screams TANNNNK! HELP! HELP!

    But all in all 4 of 5 stars because of the cord and other minor noise canceling issues. Not that I expect there to be noise canceling for a 20$ product lol....more info
  • good headphones
    i bought this headphones for my everyday use, surprisingly it is really good for its price =D

    - good price tag
    - comfortable (for me) cause it has big ear pad
    - stylish
    - generally good for any kind of music

    - i hate long cables
    - cause it has big ear pad -> isolate less
    - somehow you need crank up the volume
    - it's not really a cons though, but if you want more bass
    go with hd202 (hd280 if you have the money)

    overall it's really good if you are looking for basic headphones =D...more info
  • The worst headphones that I have ever owned.
    What a waste of my Pepsi points. These headphones are awful. They are way too big and the volume is too low. The cord is too long, good length for a 6"4' person.

    Don't buy them, you'll hate them. ...more info
  • You can't lose for this price!
    I got these free with my Pepsi Stuff points since there was nothing else that was decent. I wasn't expecting much since they were only $20 normally but I was very pleasantly surprised. I'm no audiophile but these sounds absolutely excellent to my ears. The fit, finish and quality is excellent. I have a large head and these are very comfortable. They have adequate adjustment to fit properly and they don't squeeze. I've listened to these for hours on end with no discomfort. They also isolate a lot of outside noise. My only complaints, which gives these a 4-star rating instead of 5, are that they require a lot of volume to sound good (remember to turn your source down before plugging in a different set of headphones or switching to speakers) and the cord is VERY long. I know it would likely add cost but shortening the cord on the headphones and packaging an extension cord would be nice. I use these primarily with my MP3 player and I usually have a pile of cord laying on the floor beside me. Despite these minor problems, I would definitely buy them again though. ...more info
  • Sound Great, Look Dorky
    I was originally shopping for phones for a friend to use on a long flight, so since comfort was important, I settled on circumaural earphones (phones with earpads that completely enclose the ear rather than sit on top of them). These got great reviews on audiophile web sites, so I checked them out in person at the local audio emporium. I'm not an audiophile at all, but have a decent ear and was quite pleased in comparison to much more expensive sets. Unfortunately, though, I couldn't get a good sense of how they would sound with my music because the audio store only gave me a choice between some really crappy club music or some sonically lean Bob Dylan.

    Anyway, now having checked them out with my own music library, I'm very happy with the sound. Since I live alone and am not a PC gamer, I never gave much thought to using headphones with my PC, but now listening to the great sound, I'm a convert. I'd like to use them with my mp3 player as well, so I wish they had a better-looking design. If Sennheiser had left the silver off the earcups and narrowed the headband a bit those minor modifications alone would have made a huge improvement in the looks. But these sound so good for the price, I'll live with occasionally looking a little dorky out in public.

    EDIT: Uh, no - I just looked at myself in the mirror with these on, and they're just too big and ridiculous-looking to wear outside. On a bus, trip or plane ride, yes, but walking around town, no way. Pity. It'll be hard to go back to earbuds after these, regardless of quality. There's nothing like a circumaural headphone....more info
  • Great product for that price range
    Bought myself when I saw it on the sale here in Amazon. I found these a great bargain.

    My Pros: Great value, the sound is ok, and looks cool.
    My cons: the cord to way too long, have some poor sound when plug in other devices like PSP, other mp3 players etc. "i'm ok with its performance on my iPod Touch and on my laptop", The bass is average like those others in it's price range.

    Well for 5 months of using it, the sound quality does not degrade and i'm planning to mod this coz it's starting to have scratches and the logos are fading...more info
  • Good headphones
    These headphones have really good quality sound for the price. The cord is long, but you can fix that by just using the twisty-thing that comes with the headphones. It's also very comfortable. The only drawback is it doesn't block outside sound very well. Also, it can go pretty loud but it doesn't go super loud. All in all, these are good headphones for the price, I'd recommend it....more info
  • Unbelievable value!
    These Sennheiser HD201 headphones are excellent. Was so surprised when I first put them on I couldn't believe the audio was so good, especially for the price. ...more info
  • Great headphones!!
    I read all the previous reviews and decided to try them anyway! Boy am I glad I did! The sound quality is excellent and the noise reduction is even better! Worth the purchase!...more info
  • I May Not Know Much, But I Know I Love These!
    I'm not an audio expert by any means, but I know what I like and I have owned many, many pairs of headphones in the past. Noise-cancelling, non-noise-cancelling, earbuds, headphones, in-ear, out-of-ear, surround-ear, you name it. It seems like headphones and headsets are kind of an obsession of mine.

    I use larger headhpones such as these Sennheisers primarily for playing video games on my computer after my toddler has gone to bed, and occasionally for listening to music (also on one of my computers). (When it comes to my iPod, I generally use something smaller and more portable, such as earbuds.)

    When I took the HD201 headphones out of the box, I was first amazed at light they are. They seem to weigh almost nothing, though they don't feel flimsy by any means. I tried them on, and they were immediately very comfortable. They surrounded my ears comfortably, and the adjustable length on each side allowed for a perfect fit. I also noticed that the cord on these is nice and long, which is a plus. So far, so good. So I plugged them in for the real test.


    These sound GREAT! It's really kind of amazing to me that Amazon can offer these for under $20. I read the other reviews and paid attention when some reviewers said that they weren't loud enough, or sounded funny on "s" sounds. I did not find that to be the case for me. They sound just fine on all types of sounds and music, at various levels, and the volume is not a problem.

    Pros: light-weight, comfortable, great sound, amazing price
    Cons: too big for my taste to travel with, since they don't fold

    I kind of wish they had an attached microphone, because then I'd never need another headset for gaming! However, for listening only, these are top-notch and I was very pleasantly surprised by the terrific quality at such a low price....more info
  • Great basic headphones.
    I needed a pair of over the ear headphones because my ears don't fit the earbuds. This was the best reviewed brand and type of the three I looked at. There are better sets out there but I couldn't afford them. So far, these are good for what I need. Only thing that could be improved is the padding on the headband could be a bit cushier.
    ...more info
  • Bought them to save on shipping cost. Glad I did!
    I bought another product on Amazon for $12 which was going to cost me over $8 to ship. I hate paying nearly as much to ship a product as I pay for the product itself, so I looked for something to bring my order up to $25, which of course means free shipping.

    I found these Sennheiser HD201 Headphones and noticed they had great reviews. I don't usually like to buy cheap headphones becuase I am never happy with them, but I needed a pair of headphones and I wanted to save on shipping so I took the chance.

    I can't tell you how glad I am that I bought these. They ended up being about $11 because I saved on shipping, and for $11, these things rock. They have great clarity and I don't see why some people say they don't have good bass, because the bass sounds just fine to me.

    Do they match the quality of my more expensive ones? No, not really, but for the price (even if I had to pay full price), these things are more than worth the money. ...more info
  • Great sound, a little stiff to wear
    These headphones sound great, but w/ the plastic headband they're a little uncomfortable to wear. A metal headband w/ more flexibility would be better....more info
  • great deal
    great bang for the buck. wont find a better deal. shipment was quick and in perfect condition....more info
  • Good headset, could find better...
    I've always liked Sennheiser's headsets.
    This one is working great, sound quality is not incredibly amazing but totally fine for the price.

    The only problem I can find is that they push a little too much on my ears for over the ear headphones. Uncomfortable after extended period of use (and I'm talking over 3 hours.)...more info
  • Awesome headset, long cord and great fit
    Thi is one of the best headphones i have bought so far. It has a long cord and the ear-cups create a tight yet comfortable seal for lasting comfort and sound quality.

    The HD201 has a 9.5ft non-detachable cable that connects in a "Y" to both earcups and terminates in a 3.5mm mini-plug connector.

    The sound quality is awesome. the construction is solid. I highly recommend this headphone....more info
  • Good Headphone
    First of all, I'm not a headphone buff. I bought this headphone for easy listening at home and haven't brought it outside or anything. It fits good, not too tight. I can wear it for hours without feeling discomfort. Sound quality I don't know that much about, but it is sufficient for my use. Bass is okay, and I haven't had any problem with volume control. To get maximum performance out of this headphone, you should play around with the equalizer. Cant say anything about the durability yet since I don't bring it outside, but all in all, this is a great headphone for $20

    Oh, and the delivery speed is FAST. I ordered standard shipping and it got delivered after about 2 days. Props to Amazon...more info
  • Sennheiser HD201 Headphones
    They are great headphone, i would just like the cable to bew a little thicker, and they got to me exactly the day it said they were going to come...more info
  • A lot for a little
    I never expected such great frequuency response from such a reasonably priced set of head phones. I love highs and low low frequencies. This set of phones deliver a highly satisfactory range of both....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    The HD 201 can be purchased for under $20.
    You get what you pay for. They are light weight, they don't hurt your ears like buds sometimes do, but they are very low volume on both my laptop or my entertainment PC's. But what can you expect? You get what you pay for.

    2 ?*...more info