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Ocean Wonders Musical Aquarium Crib Attachment
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Product Description

The baby will enjoy the classical-style music; soothing lights and water bubble show with this crib-attaching Ocean Wonders Aquarium. Five ocean friends swim peacefully across the aquarium screen while lights fade on and off in a tranquil pattern. Sweet songs or sound effects play, and bubbles rise to the surface. After ten minutes of play, both baby and you will feel councey and relaxed. There are three modes of operation so that as baby grows, the aquarium will continue to be entertaining. Busy activities help baby transition to quiet time. It requires 3 D batteries, which are not included. It Measures 13.38" x 4.5" x 11" and fits most standard cribs.

  • 5 oceanic characters swim peacefully across the Aquarium while 3 lights fade on and off in a soothing fashion
  • Lovely classical music plays one of 5 songs (or one of 3 sound effects plays) all the while bubbles rise upwards to the "surface"
  • 4 classical styled songs, 2 sound effects
  • 3 modes of use: 1 = Sounds, Lights and Water/Swimming Motion. 2 = Sounds & Lights. 3 = Sounds only Busy activities include spinnig crab, flutter ball and baby activated on/off button for the sitting baby
  • Age Range Birth to 36 Months

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Sleep Signal
    I can't say that this is a great toy, as such, but we love it. We use it as our son's "signal" that it is sleep time. Before every nap and at bedtime the final thing we do is turn the lights off and hold our son (10 months) and cuddle him while we listen to this and watch the fishes swim around. While the music is still playing we put him into bed and leave the room. He generally watches the fishes and then, after the music is finished, he rolls over and goes to sleep....more info
  • we are all enjoying it!
    I bought the ocean wonders musical aquarium attachment for my 4.5 month old son. It's been very fun so far. It was a little complicated to put together. But he stares at it fascinated(we call it baby tv). He has already figured out how to turn it on himself and play with the buttons. Today, he figured out he could turn it on with his feet.
    I had wanted to get the flutterby dreams because I heard great things about it, but this was half the price so I went with ocean wonders instead....more info
  • This item is just 19.99 on
    Whats up with Amazon? I bought this one for 11.99$ during X'mas its for 20$ at Toysrus who would like to pay 45$ for this thing when there are better crib toys..
    ...more info
  • Aquarium Features - Buttons, knobs, etc.
    My 5 1/2 month old enjoys this toy. Yes, the movement of the sea creatures is noisy, we mostly just use lights and sound or sound only. Yes, the battery pack is large, but I had no trouble with it fitting between our crib slats or tightening the 4 screws from the pack to the unit itself.

    At the top of the toy are the adult controls. It has a switch with 3 choices for: movement with lights and sound, lights and sound, or sound only. There is a volume control knob. There is a button which offers a choice of 4 songs and 2 ocean type sounds. Each time it is turned on, it starts on the first song in the cycle.

    On the front area that the kids can reach, there are two spinning toys and a seashell button to turn the toy off/on.

    This could be improved with less mechanical sounds while sea creatures are moving. Otherwise, since my child enjoys it, it's worth having....more info
  • Nice, but only plays one tune
    This updated version looks nicer than earlier models but lacks the variety of tunes. ...more info
  • worth 12$
    I got this for the baby I'm having in January, but it doesn't fit her crib. I put it on my 18 month olds crib, but it is terribly unimpressive. Mine only came with directions on how to install the battery box, but I'm not sure that just wasn't overlooked at the factory. Not a bad deal for 11.99, but I definitely wouldn't pay more than that. I'm glad I got it on sale here....more info
  • My son loves his fishies!
    I got this for my son when he was only a month old. He had been sleeping on my chest for 8 weeks and wouldn't sleep in his bassinet. But once we got his fishies he started sleeping in his bassinet. I turned them on for the first time; he watched them until the timer turn off; he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

    My son is now 16 months old and we still have his fishies attached to his crib. He doesn't need them to go to sleep, but he enjoys playing with them sometimes before bed to settle down and sometimes when he wakes up first thing in the morning.

    We've never had any problem with them. The music and sound choices are nice. The bubbles are a nice effect. I thought the lights were a bit too bright at first, but they have never kept him from going to sleep. If anything, they encourage him to close his eyes. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Great buy
    My son was having a hard time sleeping in his crib. My husband and I decided to purchase this product to hopefully end our sleepless nights. It was a great buy. Our son LOVES this and watches it until he goes to sleep. The only downside is that when the fish are moving it is really loud and kind of drowns out the music, but he doesn't seem to mind it at all. ...more info
  • SUPER!
    My twins love this---I totally count on it! The girls love playing with the toys and pressing the button when they wake up from a nap. I love that it lights up and plays music. Very soothing. Highly recommended!...more info
  • terrible design
    The only reason im giving this 2 stars is because my [...]loves it.
    She lies in her crib and turns it on and off with her feet for the first 30 minutes of being awake in the morning.

    That is its only redeeming factor. ITs impossible to get the battery to stay on, and when the fish are set to rotate it makes this awfully loud noise, now. So i just turned that part off....more info
  • Overall great and useful for a long time
    We got this for my son for Christmas when he was a baby, so he'd have something to replace his mobile when he outgrew it. While I completely agree with reviewers that it is a pain to install and remove (very poorly designed in that regard), my son is 2 1/2 and still loves it. The bubbles stopped working by the time we changed the batteries the first time, but my son didn't seem to care about the bubbles anyway. Since he moved into a big boy bed, we removed the aquarium and put in on his bedside table, and it really helped him make the transition. We usually keep it on the music and lights setting, and I don't think it's too bright (although his room is pretty dark otherwise, so it also functions as a bit of a nightlight for going to sleep). It is certainly well worth what we paid (not the $88 I'm noticing it for on Amazon today, although FP may have discontinued this model in favor of the waterfall soother)....more info
  • Enjoyable, But Water Problem
    My son didn't enjoy this when he was a tiny baby, but started to enjoy it at about 6 months when he could sit up to play with the buttons. We set it on a shelf when he changed to his "big boy" bed and he still likes to go play with it (he just turned three). It still works great after nearly three years; however, half of the water is missing. Apparently, it is not air tight and the water can either leak or evaporate. I called Fisher Price and there is no way to add more fluid to it. I checked online to see if anyone had a solution and found that this is a relatively common problem with no solution. So, I ended up throwing it away, which is too bad, because it really is a great toy....more info
  • Baby loves it
    My baby has loved this toy from birth until now (8 mos.) and I don't see that changing for awhile. Not attatched to our crib, my baby seems to enjoy watching and playing with it on the floor where he can examine it well. Good sounds, movement, lights. Great for kicking too. Only drawbacks: heavy and hard to change the battery....more info
  • Great, great soothing toy
    My son was a preemie and although the toy was overstimulating for him when he first came home, he LOVES it now. Yes, the way the battery compartment attaches is weird, but who cares, the batteries seem to last FOREVER (we are still on the first set, and we use it almost daily after 5 mos). Our little guy loves to fall asleep to it, and if he is not tired, then he will play with the toys at the bottom until it automatically shuts off and then fall asleep. My only wish is that it had more than one auto-shut off length that was parent controlled, because I do have to restart it frequently-- but not a big deal since I like to check in on him frequently until I know he is out. A must have for a new parent!!...more info
  • Ocean wonders Musical Aquarium
    I bought this for my daughter before she was born. I play it for her every time I change her diaper in her crib. She didn't seemed to notice it at first, but now that she is 12 weeks old, she loves this thing. She is attracted to the lights and music. And when I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star along with the music, she smiles so big. She is not as attracted to this toy as she is to her mobile, but the songs play long enough to keep her entertained while I do quick chores around the house like folding laundry.

    There are 2 drawbacks for me (not including the need for a small screwdriver to install the battery).
    1.) The bubbles stopped working. But I doubt she notices the bubbles anyway.
    2.) I wish there was a night-light mode. There are several modes: Bubbles+Lights+Music, Lights+Music, and Music-only. I don't know why I'd ever use the Music-only mode, but I often wish I could just use it as a night-light without the music to check on her in her sleep. ...more info
  • Impossible to attach to my crib
    This soother is really hard to attach to the crib - you have to unscrew the whole back (yes, tools are required) AND then we learned it doesn't even fit our crib (we have the Simplicity Ellis 4-in-1 Sleep System). The straps that go over the side aren't long enough to attach but without them, it slides down and scrunches our bumper since it's so heavy with 4 D-batteries. My husband used some rubber bands to attach it, but it's supposed to attach to the side of cribs easily and it doesn't. Plus, it doesn't really do much. Overall, I would not recommend it. There must be other soothers that are designed better....more info
  • Very disappointing
    We bought the original, first generation Ocean Wonders Aquarium, and received this one as a gift. For starters, we weren't impressed with the larger, clunky size of this newer version or the fact that the battery compartment is a separate compartment that you have to screw onto the main body from outside of the crib -- that feature really limited where we could attach it to the crib. Because of the way the battery compartment attaches, we had to attach it to the headboard, which puts it up too high. Maybe it was just the one that we got, but when we first turned it on, it blew a few bubbles, and it's never blown any more bubbles since. The sea creatures "swim" around merry-go-round style, temporarily disappearing behind the background scenery as they go around. The movement seems even less realistic that the first version. They go around kind of slow and jerky. I agree with some others that the lighting is too bright, but it doesn't seem to bother our daughter. And while the volume control is a dial, it still seems like the volume is either too loud or too soft. The 2 "activity" knobs are very boring. Our daughter has never even bothered with them. The red knob spins around and has a little face on it to make it look like a crab. The other knob is a spinner ball similar to some cat toys. The activity knobs on the older version are more interesting -- when you spin the ball, the clam opens & closes his mouth & when you pull the switch down and let it go again, the star spins. The lighting on the older version is not as bright and the volume control dial seems to work better. Although we have both the 1st generation Ocean Wonders and this one attached to her crib, our daughter has always preferred the older version. We've had to replace the 1st generation Ocean Wonders Aquarium twice, as the motor does wear out eventually (after approx. a year of daily/nightly use), but it's the one she turns on first when she wakes up in the middle of the night and wants some familiar comfort, and she always tells us when it needs new batteries (she's 2 1/2 now). The first version is hard to find now, but it's definitely better than this one. Even if you can find a new, never removed from the box version of the 1st generation Ocean Wonders Aquarium, it might not work properly due to years of sitting with lack of use, but I still can't recommend this 2nd generation Ocean Wonders Aquarium. Maybe try the 3rd generation version instead. Or if you have a now defunct 1st generation Ocean Wonders Aquarium, get another one if you can find it -- you can use the defunct one for spare parts, gear belts & such....more info
  • Gift for new baby
    My twins loved this in their crib. It helped them go to sleep when they were a baby and as they got older they loved to play with it....more info
  • Baby loves it!
    This thing is great! My 5 month old baby laughs with delight every time it gets turned on, and he's learning how to turn it on by himself so he can soothe himself in the middle of the night. Sure, the battery pack is a pain- but it's not as bad as the reviews say- just have a Phillips head on hand. It's a pretty miraculous toy! It calms down our little guy when nothing else will! Perfect for crabby, half-tired little guys! Get one!...more info
  • My son still loves it at 19 months
    I have to laugh when I see people writing reviews based on frustration about changing batteries and putting it together. Does anyone read the directions anymore? This thing is not complicated whatsoever. The first time you put it on baby's crib takes a bit of muscle, which is intentional - baby should not be able to pull it off (safety issues, it's heavy). The battery pack is removable from the other side of the crib, which is great. It's out of baby's reach, and it's easy to do a quick change without uninstalling anything. The person who said the screws are embedded and difficult to change obviously didn't read the directions - the batteries are easily changed from the OTHER SIDE of the battery pack using 2 easy screws that are easy to reach. (Would you want your child to be able to take batteries out of a product they will be left alone with? I wouldn't). My point is: READ THE DIRECTIONS, and you will be just fine. My son is 19 months old and loves, loves, LOVES this toy. He watches it every night before sleeping, and turns it on every morning when he wakes up - THEN HE GOES BACK TO SLEEP FOR ANOTHER HALF HOUR! If that's not worth $30, I don't know what is. The volume is adjustable, and CAN be set to a soothing mode, despite other reviews. It can be music only, music and lights, or music, lights and bubbles ... admittedly, the bubbles are on the noisy side. The music is delightfully peaceful. I would buy this again and again if I had to....more info
  • Not as good as the old one, but still great!
    I agree with other reviewers that the older model was better in many ways, but this version is still priceless for putting baby to sleep. We had the original model FP made, which had softer lights and much quieter motion sound, as well as our favorite feature --the lights going through actual water to create ripples of light on the ceiling. I was crushed to find that this version no longer had that feature. And also, like others have said, it is much more of a hassle to move. We take it whenever going to my parents or another friends' house where napping will occur. You have to take the entire battery compartment off with a screwdriver and a small amount of swearing each time.

    That said, my daughter is nearly two and still goes to sleep with her aquarium every single night. We keep the motion turned off for a more soothing lullabye, but she like to turn it on when she wakes up and wave to her "fishies" as they swim by.

    Our original one had screws that rusted, so it had stopped working by this age. This one, however, I can see being used for a couple more years sitting on a shelf by her bed as a sort of toddler boom box. :0)

    The other improvement that would be great is a remote to restart it from outside the door. ...more info
  • Best baby item I ever bought
    I have used Ocean Wonders Aquariums for both of my children. It was the best money I spent. From the moment they were in the crib and could see this toy, the kids were enchanted with it. It keeps them calm and occupied. When my (currently 6 month old) daughter wakes up in the middle of the night, she kicks on the aquarium and it puts her back to sleep. The songs are great, but the ocean sounds are the best for white noise. It turns itself off, but is easily turned off and on by baby. It also buys me a few extra minutes on Saturday morning when my daughter wakes up before me. This toy keeps her entertained long enough for me to take time waking up before getting up:) ...more info
  • Broken after only 6 months
    We had an older model of this aquarium for my son that we got in 2004. It broke after only a couple months, and fisher price sent out a new one after I called and sent the broken one back. The replacement lasted about 1 1/2 years before it also stopped working. Not too bad. This newer model that was given as a gift for my daughter who was born in Aug 2007 isn't nearly as fun and has again broken after only 6 months. Both models ate batteries like candy, and I would like to say "forget it, I'm not replacing it," but the truth is, both my kids LOVED their aquariums and helped put them to sleep and entertain them on a daily basis. I guess I have to look at it as an evil neccessity and will probably again replace this new aquarium!...more info
  • We used before the birth....A great gift for a baby.
    I receive one of this toy for my babygirld. I used when my wife was in the 6th month of pregnancy and play one of the songs to try that the baby inside can heard it. Every night we sleep with this sound close to my wife. In the 8th month tha baby inside kick when heard the song. After the birth my babygirl recognize the song and start to see the lights and move.

    I like a lot and now my baby girl in her 3rd month like to see this Aquarium.

    I suggest one cry detector for little babies and another songs.

    Great product, i like the design.

    ...more info
  • Perfect for helping my little one sleep
    I am amazed at how many people have problems with this model. My daughter has been using her model for over a year and I've never had problems with it like the other users have. The lights are not too bright and I love the volume control that allows me to adjust the sound depending on if I have her room fan on or not. She likes to press the button herself now especially when she wakes up in the middle of the night. I find we change the batteries about once a month now, but it is being used a lot more than when she was 3 months old and then we changed the batteries every three months. Absolutely love, love, love, this item, but cannot compare with older version as this is my first child....more info
  • Works erratically
    My 6-month-old really likes this and I had no trouble installing it in her crib. However, it does not work consistently, sometimes the music plays for five minutes, sometimes for one minute, sometimes I get lights sometimes no lights. No matter which setting I choose, it seems to just randomly pick how long to stay on. It is very unusual for it to play continuously for more than a couple of minutes. It is fairly heavy and bulky so not worth returning. If you really want to buy one of these, I'd get it at a store where you can easily exchange it if the music stops working. ...more info
  • Great toy, but...
    My baby (now 9 months) has loved this since he was little. The music quality is great and he enjoys the lights and bubbles. The problem is that he wakes himself up in the middle of the night by accidentally turning it on. It also makes a lot of noise when he bumps into it (even without turning it on) and it wakes me up over the baby monitor. So...we installed it in his play area, on our gate, and he loves it....more info
  • Great product and great gift!
    I should have written my review much sooner because we've been using this crib toy for about 20 months now and both the parents and baby love it!

    Pay close attention to the "Product Description" of the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Musical Aquarium Crib Attachment, which states: "It Measures 13.38" x 4.5" x 11" and fits most standard cribs."

    None of the 4-in-1 sleep systems or convertible style cribs are what is considered a "standard crib" for this definition. [...]

    This will not fit cribs that have a really wide top rail, or what I call the "sleigh-type" rail (see D. Lovely's customer image). The rail that is shown in the manufacturer's picture is narrow similar to what the "standard" or "traditional" cribs have.

    For those who have had trouble installing it, what about trying to attach it at the head or foot of the crib instead? That is where we installed ours because it seemed more logical than the sides of the crib in order for the baby to look at it and play with it, even though ours would fit on either of the head/foot or side rails.

    Also take note that there are screws for both attaching the battery box to the toy itself and screws for the battery box cover. It seems some people did not find all of the screws or did not have the instructions, etc.

    I really like the fact that the battery box unscrews from the toy itself in order to replace the batteries; it's much more convenient than having to remove the entire thing from the crib to reach the battery compartment. With this newer model (produced in 2005 and discontinued in 2007) it plays 4 songs or 2 sound effects for 10 minutes and has 3 modes of play with lights, movement, bubbles, and music. It even has two little toys - a rolling crab and a starfish in a ball for babies to roll and play with. For $30 (original retail price), I think it does quite a bit and has worked wonderfully for us. My child can now even turn it on and change the modes and music without mommy or daddy's help....more info
  • What Would I do Without This????
    For months I've been meaning to get on here and write this review and I've finally sat down to do it. I just feel obligated to share how priceless this aquarium has been for us. I can't say if every baby would feel the same, but my son LOVES this. My mother had one at her house when we can to visit, an older version, and we were hooked from the start. At this time my son was around 7 months old. I looked online for the older version but found only this one. The reviews made me a little nervous, especially about the batteries. Regardless, I ordered it and had no trouble at all with the installation or maintenance. It has several different songs and it easy for my now 16 month old to turn on and off. I hear it go on during the night and my husband and I laugh because there is no crying, he just listens to his "music" and goes back to bed. We use it all day and night during naps and sleeping and I have to replace the batteries every couple of months (but it's easy). Can't say enough good things about it!...more info
  • Great toy!
    This is a great toy. First, my son was using it to fall asleep (when he was 2 m). Then he learned to turn it on/off and play with the crab and the star. He loved this toy when he was little, but when he turned 6 mo, he stopped playing with it. We still have it and turn it on occasionally. It is a great toy for a baby 0 to 6 months....more info
  • Nice for Baby
    I bought this for my third grandchild who is 4 months old. She enjoys looking at it as she falls asleep, even when she isn't quite ready for sleep when I put her down.

    One reason I bought it is that I have had this or something similar for my two older grandchildren - now 10 & 7. I was delighted with it back then and expect to continue to enjoy this one as long as Amanda is in a crib - and perhaps I did with the older ones.

    I don't believe Fisher Price can be beat.

    Rita...more info
  • soother that captivates baby
    soother that captivates baby . I got my ocean aquarium at toys R us for lot less. I think it was about 45$ My son loves it we used it for little over a year. When he was a newborn and I needed him to sleep. Worked great....more info
  • Nice toy for all ages
    I got this aquarium for Christmas in 2006, probably from Santa Claus and I have been using it every night for six months now. The music and lights are very soothing and the fish are cute. The toy is appropriate for all ages from birth through 100 years old.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful! Highly recommended!
    Our baby will not fall asleep without this. I highly recommend it. Makes a great gift. Been using it for 7 months now.

    Only drawback is that the battery attachment keeps falling off and the batteries finish up fast (true for most baby toys today).

    Has three settings so you don't have to have the lights on if it stimulates the baby too much....more info
  • Thank God for this toy!
    I was given this toy as a shower gift & two of my friends highly recommended it. They said their toddlers were still using it! It was the first toy to which my daughter responded as an infant. Now, at one year, she still goes to sleep listening to it every night & plays with it every morning when she wakes up. My husband & I have said many times, "Thank God for this toy!"...more info
  • For $11.99, buy two!
    Plays great music, very soothing for babies. Love the bubble action and swimming motion of fish. You may need some additional plastic strapping to install onto crib....more info
  • Great product!
    I bought this used at a consignment sale for my daughter almost two years ago. It's wonderful. It has always been what we use to put her to bed, I'm hoping it will make the transition out of her crib easier. The only thing I don't like about it is when the batteries are dying it will make one solid pitched sound until you turn it off. Other than that I highly recommend it for a baby! ...more info
  • Well worth every penny!
    My daughter LOVES this toy. When all of the lights are off, it makes a wonderful light show! It keeps her occupied long enough after we lay her down for her to fall asleep on her own. It was worth every penny! She loves to watch the bubbles rise to the surface--her favorite part!...more info
  • I wouldn't buy it again
    I bought this aquarium for my baby girl since her brother loved the original.

    This was a terrible re-design. It continually falls apart. My husband even used zip ties and duct tape to keep the battery pack connected to the main body.

    Don't waste your money. ...more info
  • Musical aquarium
    Great product, that was hard to find, but was not surprised that you could find it on Amazon.Why look anywhere else. Promply delivered, in perfect condition....more info
  • Great toy, but...
    My baby (now 9 months) has loved this since he was little. The music quality is great and he enjoys the lights and bubbles. The problem is that he wakes himself up in the middle of the night by accidentally turning it on. It also makes a lot of noise when he bumps into it (even without turning it on) and it wakes me up over the baby monitor. So...we installed it in his play area, on our gate, and he loves it....more info
  • Great toy but bad design for older babies
    I bought this for my daughter for her first birthday. She was pulling on her mobile in her crib so I thought this would be safer for her and since she was already used to falling asleep to music I thought it was a good choice. She is able to turn the music off on the top parental controls because she can stand up, then she gets frustrated and upset when she pushes the seashell and the music doesn't start. It has ended up being more upsetting to her than relaxing. If I go in to turn it on she usually goes right to sleep, but it sometimes happens a few times before she falls asleep for the night. They needed to put those controls at the back of the toy so baby can't get to them. Great for a small babies but not great when they can stand up and are curious! ...more info