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Set in the fiction city of rutherford ohio this gentle-hearted series stars john lithgow as the high commander of an investigative team sent to earth on a mission to learn everything about humans & their so-called advanced civilization. Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 03/14/2006 Starring: John Lithgow

In the irreverent tradition of My Favorite Martian and Mork and Mindy, Bonnie and Terry Turner (That `70s Show) created 3rd Rock From the Sun. Launched in 1996 as a midseason replacement, the alien comedy ran for six seasons, garnering 31 Emmy nominations and eight wins, including three for John Lithgow and two for Kristen Johnston.

In the pilot ("Brains and Eggs"), four extra-terrestrials suddenly materialize in the college town of Rutherford, Ohio. Disguised as humans, they dub themselves the Solomons. They are Dick (Lithgow), Sally (Johnston), Tommy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and Harry (French Stewart). On the surface, Dick is a physics professor and Tommy is his hormonally challenged 14-year-old son. In reality, Dick is the high commander, Tommy (who's actually the oldest) is the senior information officer, Sally (who's actually a man) is the lieutenant, and squinty-eyed Harry is the transmitter/receiver. The humans in their lives include Dick's colleague--and object of his affections--Mary (Jane Curtin, Kate and Allie), secretary Nina (Simbi Khali), and landlady Mrs. Dubcek (Elmarie Wendel). The first season also introduces Officer Don (Wayne Knight, Seinfeld), who will appear more often in future seasons.

There were 20 episodes in the first year. In each, the Solomons learn something new about the human condition. In the debut, it's feelings. Dick finds them silly, until he realizes how essential they are--you can't be fully human without them. Then there's sportsmanship ("Green-Eyed Dick"), mortality ("Body & Soul & Dick"), and so on. Guest stars include Harry's dream girl, Martha Stewart ("Post-Nasal Dick"), The Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham ("Dick's First Birthday"), and Newsradio's Phil Hartman ("Lonely Dick"). After the show's demise, the cast would move on to other ventures, most notably Broadway hit Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for the versatile Lithgow and independent drama Mysterious Skin for the grown-up Gordon-Levitt. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • Terrifically Funny
    I don't watch TV often but recently saw this show as a re-run...how very funny and great, fast delivery service....more info
  • I Still Like Third Rock
    With all due respect to those who protest about the editing of Third Rock From The Sun, however quite correct they are, I must confess watching the show in syndication is the only time I saw it. For some unknown reason I never watched it when it aired in prime time. Once I saw it syndication I was hooked. I really don't know what exactly was cut out of each episode. However some of them do look disjointed and incoherent, as if some relative elements are missing. Nonetheless I still like this show and edited or not, I still want very much to own a copy. Thank you....more info
  • Very leary
    I just read the reviews of all seasons and from what I have read I am not going to order any dvds till all the cut parts of episodes are replaced. I just happened to see some episodes while on vacation and I still laughed till my sides ached. It is unfortunate that the company that made the dvds decided to cut the episodes. I may have to try some other venue to see if I can get the complete set....more info
  • Great Release!
    The First Season of 3rd Rock From the Sun is a great release. The show is about a group of aliens who come to inspect human life. Dick (John Lithgow)is the high commander for the group of aliens. He works as a physics proffeser at the nearby university. Sally (Kristen Johnston) is the security manager of the group. She is getting used to being a female. Harry (French Stewaart) is the third alien in the group and probably is the only one in the group that really likes being on Earth. Tommy (Joseph Gordon Levitt) is the infomation officer in the group. he is trying to get used to being a teenager, since on the home planet, was really the oldest in the group. The cast also consist of Mary Albright (Jane Curtain) and Nina (Simbi Khali). Playing Mrs. Dubeck is Elmarie Wendel.
    This season consist of 20 hillarious episodes. Most of the episodes in this season are about the aliens getting used to Earth life. the only thing I don't understand about this set is that the first season was apparently supposed to start with a narration opening, but this is not on the set. The bonuses on this set are probably the best I've ever seen second only to I Love Lucy. Some of the best bonuses are the commentaries, bloopers, and season one highlights. Over all, this is one out of this world release....more info
  • Outrageously Funny!
    I'm terribly upset that they shortened these!!!! But if I didn't buy it from them, then who would I buy them from because I MUST HAVE THEM NOW! I used to rush home from work just to watch the series. Watching them again, still makes my day. Who was the idiot that decided to cut this series? Who ever it is, smack yourself in the forehead!!!

    I'd like to cast a vote to BRING THEM BACK!!!...more info
  • One of my Fav. Shows of all time!!!!!
    When I bought the 3rd Rock DVD a few days ago. I said "Finally 3rd Rock is on DVD". The DVD is actually great! I really liked the 1st season. It is one of my favorites. So if you like 3rd Rock, then BUY THIS DVD....more info
  • 3rd rock season 1 for $19.99
    Just wanted to let you know - best buy has 3rd rock for $19.99 this week only (ends saturday).... definitely a must have! ...more info
  • Missing Booklet
    I just bought my copy yesterday , July 26. It was packaged nicely and in it's orginal plastic wrapping. One thing, the booklet was missing. Has anyone else encounter this? I love this show and am glad to see it released....more info
  • Good
    This is a GREAT show. I have been anticipating the release for weeks so 9:00 this morning I was there and ready to buy! I had half expected to see the "thin=pak" style packiging, but I was delighted to see a brightly decorated fold out pack. Another interesting feature was that you press down on the box to hear a quote from the show! It was kind of odd at first, but this could be a milestone for DVD releases! The shows is just....stunning, I LOVE it. And thankfully it was given quite a few extras, interviews, bloopers and such. I will be waiting for Season Two!...more info
  • So your name is Dick Head
    I love this show. It is a personal favorite of mine. What is so great about this show is that each and every character brings something different into the mix. It has a great premise that sets it apart from all other sitcoms. It was always fresh and funny. Great acting espaecially by Lithgow and Curtain. Is one of the last great sitcoms on television, leaving the airwaves during the rise of power of the Reality show....more info
  • clean and an ACTOR
    This is a good tv show with a REAL actor. John Lithcow who plays the dad is a theater trained actor and it shows!! Very funy and not dirty. If you want to watch a show that has people degrade themselves with sex jokes watch Will and GRACE or E Show! Third Rock is not for you!!!!...more info
  • Close Encounters of the Weird Kind
    Finally 3rd Rock from the Sun is on DVD! For years this was my favorite TV show and its great to see shows like 3rd Rock and other under appreciated comedy on the silver disc. The premise of aliens coming to earth to investigate and study human life is inspired, allowing numerous hilarious comedic highs. The last season did tail off in quality, but the first three years the show was on, the urbane wit and charm stayed strong, and surprisingly didn't repeat on itself. John Lithgow is undeniably the highlight of the show, which lasted for several seasons but never really got the same plaudits awarded towards FRIENDS or EVERYBOIDY LOVES RAYMOND. Regardless, I'll be watching all the episodes as soon as possible. ...more info
  • It rocks!
    I have bought the entire show from the British Amazon because this show is a must, but I will buy this one two because of the extras.
    Buy it, you won't regret it!...more info
  • A Hilarious Sci-Fi Comedy!
    When a group of four extraterrestrial aliens assumed human form in order to study humanity, the results were hilarious on NBC's 1996-2001 sitcom "3rd Rock from the Sun". The unrelated travelling extraterrestrial foursome takes up residence in the fictional Midwestern college town of Rutherford, Ohio. The "High Commander" (John Lithgow) takes on the identity of a father and college physics professor named Dick Solomon. The "Security Officer" (Kristen Johnston) takes on the female identity of Dick's sister Sally. The "Information Officer" (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) takes on the identify of Dick's son Tommy. The fourth alien (French Stewart) takes on the identity of Dick's brother Harry. Having never experienced life as human beings, the alien foursome quickly find that dealing with strange human feelings and senses can be very challenging. This was especially true for Sally, who, as a woman, experiences a greater array of emotions. Then, there's the human woman that inadvertently captures Dick's heart: a college professor by the name of Dr. Mary Margaret Albright (Jane Curtain). Dick falls madly in love with Mary, who for a long time has little interest in Dick's advances and thinks that Dick is a bit odd. Then there's Dick's human secretary Nina Campbell (Simbi Khali), who also thinks he's very odd. Other humans that the Solomon's frequently interact with are their eccentric landlady Mrs. Dubcek (Elmarie Wendel) and Police Officer Donald 'Don' Orville (Wayne Knight). Don becomes quite infatuated with Sally. Other humans that Dick interacts with frequently are the students in his physics classes. As regularly appearing guest actors, these include Leon (Ian Lithgow, John Lithgow's son), Bug Pollone (David DeLuise, the son of Dom DeLuise), Aubrey Pitman (Chris Hogan), Caryn (Danielle Nicolet) and Judith Draper (Ileen Getz).

    The first season of "3rd Rock from the Sun" features the following 20 episodes:

    1. "Brains and Eggs" (series premiere). Dick's infatuation with Mary begins while Harry & Sally learn cooking from Mrs. Dubcek.

    2. "Post-Nasal Dick" (featuring a cameo appearance by Martha Stewart). The Solomons experience their first case of human sickness: a cold.

    3. "Dick's First Birthday". When Dick has to provide his birthday to Nina for records, the Solomons learn a lesson about age.

    4. "Dick Is From Mars, Sally Is From Venus". Tommy has to attend high school while Sally bemoans the differences between men & women.

    5. "Dick, Smoker". Dick takes up smoking.

    6. "Green-Eyed Dick". Dick gets jealous of a former boyfriend of Mary; Tommy adopts a stray dog.

    7. "Lonely Dick". Dick bemoans Mary when she goes on vacation while Harry & Sally experiment with skin-care products.

    8. "Body & Soul & Dick". Dick has to give an eulogy while Tommy neglects his female friend August (Shay Astar).

    9. "Ab-Dick-ted". Mary's brother Roy (Bronson Pinchot ) claims he was once abducted by aliens.

    10. "Truth or Dick". Dick attends a faculty meeting for Mary that harms her reputation. Harry & Sally want drivers licenses and Tommy discovers the mall.

    11. "The Art of Dick". Dick & Harry take up painting while Sally takes over a bake sale.

    12. "Frozen Dick". Mary gets stuck with Dick in a vehicle during a snowstorm.

    13. "Angry Dick". The Solomons try to befriend their next-door neighbors.

    14. "The Dicks They Are A-Changin'". Issues over Dick's past makes Mary think he's a former 1960's activist that she once knew.

    15. "I Enjoy Being A Dick". Dick dons a dress to attend Mary's women-only study group while Sarry & Harry get jobs at a restaurant.

    16. "Dick Like Me". The Solomons discover that they have no roots like everyone else.

    17. "Assault With A Deadly Dick". Sally meets Officer Don when their home is broken into.

    18. "Father Knows Dick". Harry finds out that he has the aliens' communication device in his head.

    19. "Selfish Dick". Harry & Tommy pretend to work at a hospital, inspired by TV medical programs.

    20. "See Dick Run (1)". Just when Mary agrees to date Dick, a replacement Dick arrives and he means business!

    Overall, I rate the first season of "3rd Rock from the Sun" with a resounding 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it....more info
    I must be doing something right in my life because the DVD gods have really answered my intense prayers with this release of 3rd Rock from the Sun. During the 90s there were not too many sitcoms that I liked. Third Rock was the exception. I truly love this series and I have watched it in syndication many, many times; however, I always felt rather frustrated due to the severe cuts in the programs and the unending commercials. Therefore, I wished intently that the show would be released on DVD and now they have done it!
    I truly feel that 3rd Rock is one of the funniest sitcoms ever, and I feel that one day it will be viewed as a classic television program. The writing, characters, direction, etc. are superb. What a cast! John Lithgow and Jane Curtin head a marvelous group of actors displaying great comic timing. There are so many funny moments that I remember from this sitcom. I am truly thrilled that it is FINALLY commercially available!
    ...more info
  • Put on your cheese head and get ready to laugh
    Third Rock from the Sun was one of my favorite sitcoms of the 1990's and I am glad to hear that it will finally get the respect it deserves starting with Season One on DVD. The show ran from 1996 to 2001 on NBC and lasted 6 seasons and 139 episodes. This first season release should contain the first 20 episodes. Amazon has listed this as a 6 disc set and I am not sure why the studio has decided to make the set so large. Third Rock was a half hour show and they could easily have fit more episodes per disc but the price Amazon has listed is fantastic at only $27.99. I am hoping that the extra space on these DVDs will be used for some bonus features. I would love some comentary tracks from the cast and crew, deleted scences, and some behind the scences footage of how this show was done. Anchor Bay usually does a fair job with their TV on DVD sets and I am hoping that this set will meet the standards of the fans of the series....more info
  • please put it on dvd
    why is it not on DVD here in America but it is in the UK? we need to get these DVD's!...more info
  • Please
    We must get this on DVD. It's so hilarious and the best comedy show. Please get it on dvd....more info
  • Wanted: 3rd-Rock DVDs in the US!
    Third Rock is absolutely awesome. The first time I saw an episode on television, I perceived it as wacky, but by the time I watched another, I was hooked. The writing is ingenious and the humor is priceless. How disappointing that we cannot get this series in the United States. If you're desperate and have a multiregional DVD player, you can buy these DVDs (complete seasons 1-6) at amazon.comuk/. ...more info
  • The most hilarious show ever.
    It's high time 3rd Rock came to DVD. This is, by far, the funniest show ever made. How come it's taking so long? Come on, guys, you'll make money and we'll be happy, so what's to stop you from releasing it. We want it, and we want it NOW.
    Thanks...more info
  • Outrageously Funny!
    I'm terribly upset that they shortened these!!!! But if I didn't buy it from them, then who would I buy them from because I MUST HAVE THEM NOW! I used to rush home from work just to watch the series. Watching them again, still makes my day. Who was the idiot that decided to cut this series? Who ever it is, smack yourself in the forehead!!!

    I'd like to cast a vote to BRING THEM BACK!!!...more info
  • 1st Season was best
    Wonderful, funny, over the top. The selection menu and the accompanying booklet give summaries so you can find just the episode you're looking for. I'm glad they included cast interviews in the extras. It adds another dimension to the set. In short, I wouldn't change a thing....more info
  • FUN
  • Maybe the funniest show ever !
    Not many shows have had me laughing so hard that I was in tears and
    "3rd Rock From The Sun" did it on a consistent basis.
    This show won a lot of awards in the 6 years on television, but I feel
    it is under appreciated because of its silly story lines and goofy dialogue.

    It had nothing to do with Religion or with politics and always laughed at
    the human life and the things we take for granted, which made it more enjoyable.
    I have the entire series on DVD now and rate this show #2 all time since 1990 only behind "Frasier" !!!

    ...more info
  • How funny does it get...?
    What can be funnier than Third Rock from the Sun? John Lithgow, Jane Curtain and the others in the phenomenal cast of characters are introduced in this - the first season ... and it only gets funnier (as seasons progress). Before bedtime, my husband and I watch a few (or more) episodes (because they're short - about 25 minutes each) to keep the endorphins charged for our work week ahead! We never tire from watching Third Rock from the Sun! I bought the entire (6 seasons) set!...more info
  • The Best Season!
    The first season of "3rd Rock from the Sun" was the best! This DVD is hilarious! I had forgotten how funny this show was until I bought this DVD!...more info
  • Quality Endures
    We were nervous when we started watching. To our suprise and relief it was just as funny this time as when we watched it a decade ago....more info
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun still funny!
    You might remember a few years ago the adventures of Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sally-mostly harmless aliens who were here on earth to do research. I used to split a gut laughing during the shows original airing. Watching the DVD series now I think I appreciate it even more. A perfect blend of acting talent and writing talent made this show #1 for me. If you laughed back then, you'll laugh again--I promise....more info
  • Funny, silly, but never stupid
    I got hooked on this series when a friend showed it to me. The acting is good, the characters are funny and well-rounded, the punchlines are fresh, the ongoing story line has enough little twists to remain interesting. Did I mention that it's hilarious?...more info
  • Science Fiction Comedy
    I had missed the 3rd Rock from the Sun series when it aired on television. Six (6) seasons. Now I have the chance to review all the antics -- without commercial interruption! Sci-Fi comedy at its best. A critical (and twisted) look at the inhabitants of the 3rd rock from the sun. Enjoy! js...more info
    since i canceled my cable, i have been buying more of my favorite shows on DVD. This show, along with others, are well-worn on my shelf along with plenty of movies. friends of mine jest at how i have a wide selection of horror movies, and intermixed within these confines they find Third Rock, Family Guy and other odd-ball comedies. this DVD is a must have for comedy fans with a bizarre sense of dark humor, even though the episodes are not as long as the originals...more info
  • The aliens have landed and they look like us!!!
    Living in India I only got to see the first season around 1999 and I was hooked from the first episode! The Show`s charm lies within the cast with John Lithgow being simply superb.There is a never shortage of laughs on any of the episodes. There are 20 episodes on the set with a ton of special features which i really loved.The blooper reel is also very funny. The season one box set is a perfect collection for any fan of show and I highly recommend it!
    For the people who havent seen the show before please please watch it if laughing is your thing you wont be disappointed!!!...more info
  • Attention John Lithgow Fans!
    John Lithgow's performance alone is enough to warrant buying this DVD - his larger than life acting brings a great theateresque quality to the camera. ...more info
  • prepare to roll on the floor with laughter
    "Third Rock from the Sun" is one howling good time. John Lithgow anchors a talented cast who play off each other perfectly. Loaded with wit and some poignant insights about the human race as studied by aliens from another galaxy, and packed with enough laughs to make your ribs sore, "Third Rock" is one of the best sitcoms ever.

    Each line delivers humor, at times pointed, at other times extremely broad...and sometimes, both at once! View the series and you will understand. This one's a keeper; we were delighted to see it released in dvds and look forward to the release of the full run.

    ...more info
  • Very Funny Christmas Gift
    This wasn't on my Christmas list but the wife got it for me anyway ignoring the Richard Greene Robin Hood Episodes I was dying for.

    Well it turned out all right because I forgot just how FUNNY this show was. I remember watching it religiously during the first two seasons and season one was just wonderful.

    Episode after episode you see the insane comedy of a top notch cast headed by John Lithgow one of the most versitile people in the business teamed with in my opinion the greatest modern straight woman in show business Jane Curtin. Combine this with inspired writing and you can see why it won award after award.

    The DVD extras were pretty boring in my opinion but you buy this stuff for the actual shows and boy were they good. I particularly like John Litgow's son as Leon.

    If these bring half the smile to your face as they did to mine then you should buy them. (I bought the Robin Hood Stuff anyway myself). Thanks Honey for knowing me better than I did....more info