La Crosse WS-8035U-IT Wireless 915mhz Forecast Station with Pressure Graph & In/Out Temps!
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Product Description

The Wireless Forecast Station is your best bet for predicting and keeping track of the weather. It will turn you into your own weatherman, someone who not only reads the extensive data from this station, but who can also look outside and see if it actually is raining. The large LCD display gives you the data at a glance, with icons and numbers smartly-placed for easy reading. It's got a built-in atomic clock that sets itself, even for Daylight Savings Time. The Perpetual Calendar means you never forget a date. With a transmission frequency of 915 mhz and a range of up to 330 feet, you can put your sensor anywhere. It's expandable, accepting up to three sensors. The Wireless Forecast Station tells you what you need to know in a single glance a no conversation required. Features: Weather forecasting function with 3 weather icons and weather tendency indicator. Wireless outdoor temperature and humidity. Monitors indoor temperature and indoor humidity. Records MIN/MAX temperature and humidity with time and date of recording. Barometric tendency arrow. Barometric pressure with 24 hour history graph. Indoor comfort level icon. Moon phase indicator. Atomic time and date with manual setting. Automatically updates for Daylight Saving Time (on/off option). 12/24 hour time display. Perpetual calendar. Time zone setting. US time zone map. Time alarm with snooze. Wall hanging or free standing. Detachable stand included.

  • The Weather Channel Wireless Weather Station
  • ovides useful information on easy-to-read LCD display
  • Time and date; alarm with snooze; indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Indoor comfort-level icon; weather forecast icon; current moon phase
  • Measures 7-1/2 by 1 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Weather Station, wireless, WS 8035TWC
    Product is great, worked fine right out of the box, just follow instructions. The only negative is reading the numbers, there should be a background light or some way that the digital readout is easier to see, there's either too much reflection or the digits aren't dark enough. ...more info
    My weather station was a piece of JUNK. After one year I took the batteries out (properly) I must add to change them because they were going down and it hasn't worked right since. I did all that la crosse
    told me to do to reset it but it was to no avail. I will NEVER buy anything that comes from or is made by la crosse AGAIN because all I
    got from them was a piece of JUNK....more info
  • Weather at a Glance
    After looking at dozens of options, I bought this weather station and am very pleased with it. Set-up was quick and simple. The station gives me the essential info I want before heading outside--day, date, indoor/outdoor temp and humidity. The moon phase is a nice bonus--something you often don't think about. Data is presented on a screen large enough to be easy to read. The "forecast" is a little simplistic-either a sunny icon or clouds and rain--but it almost never rains here. Also there's an icon for indoor comfort (smiley face or sad face) that's a function of temp and humidity. We're usually dry in Denver so we get a sad face most of the time--but who's sad about not being clammy? I've had the unit for about a month and would highly recommend it! ...more info
  • Good Buy
    I had one of the original Davis Weather Stations, but never really used all of the functions. When the display burned out, I decided to replace it with this station. It is easy to read and has all the functions that I want. Follow the instructions for set up, be patient while the sensor works it way to the correct temperature, and you won't have any problems. My only complaint is that there is no back light. You can turn the contrast all the way up, but it's still not easy to read in low light situations. ...more info
  • Useful gadget
    I'm using this product with two outdoor sensors. It is easy to setup and use. It provides plenty of weather related information.

    On a negative site I would like to notice that it is quite bulky. I think they could come up with better design.
    ...more info
  • Works just fine
    Had this for about a month now. It works just fine. Tested the indoor temp/humidity against another thermometer and they were within .2 deg/2%. I could have spent twice as much on a unit that stored min/max temps but I don't really need that feature....more info
  • Christmas Gift
    This being a Xmas gift I don't know how well it will do. If it's anything like mine it should do fine....more info
  • Wireless 915mhz forecast station
    This product works well with the remote sensor that came with it. However, I purchased two other remote sensors that was advertised to work with this unit and I was unable to get either product to work. I finally gave up....more info
  • La Crosse Wireless Weather Station WS-8035U
    This weather station is exactly what I was thought I was purchasing. It hasn't turned out to be an aggravating battery hog, so far (4 months with original batteries). Resetting the minimum and maximum temperatures is easy, but the button activators sometimes don't activate without a very firm push. Accuracy seems to be fine, as compared to other thermometers and hygrometers. Altogether, it is appropriately priced and I have no regrets....more info
  • Easy setup and very accurate
    Had the weather station working in just a few minutes out of the box. Clock picked up the signal very quickly; same for the temp/humidity sensor (and that is mounted outdoors about 75 feet away). Calibrated the unit and found it within 1/2 degree of actual. Only negative is that it can be difficult to read in a dimly lit room and at certain viewing angles. It's worth the price....more info
  • Amazingly accurate forecasting
    This is a terrific instrument. Excellent quality, good-looking, EASY to install, EASY to read, and forecasts the weather accurately. It shows temperature and humidity outside and inside, and tracks the barometric pressure for the last six hours. I love the atomic clock. After a power outage, it is so easy to reset all the clocks accurately.

    I purchased mine in November, and loved it so much I bought one for each of my four children. ...more info
  • Does not work with additional sensors
    While the instructions and the manual lead you to believer that this unit works with additional sensors, it does NOT!. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!
    I have had my weather station for a couple months now and I just love it. When we ordered it, it arrived in 2 days. it was very simple to set up and has worked perfectly since setting it up. The accuracy amazes me. I have tested it with several sources, the weather channel, the temp guage in my car, and an outdoor thermometer. The most I have seen it off was 0.2 degrees. The base unit is very well constructed and looks great on my desk. Not only have I come to depend on this, but, my family has also. We use it every day. I recommend this to anyone looking for a wireless weather station. it is well worth the cost....more info
  • Weather Changes
    La Crosse WS-8035U-IT Wireless 915mhz Forecast Station with Pressure Graph & In/Out Temps! This gives you all the information you need for weather. Moon, temps/humidity in & out barometer changes. Only thing it does not have is wind direction and rain gauge. ...more info
  • La Crosse wireless weather station
    Weather station works very well,in the lite!
    Needs some kind of back lite....more info