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Puzzle Pirates
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Product Description

Puzzle Pirates gives you the combination of a pirate's life and a puzzler's challenges. Be ye landlubber or sea dog, hoist yer sail and find plenty o' mateys to puzzle with online -- or rally yer own crew fer a swashbucklin' good time.

  • Puzzles Ahoy! Try yer hand at 11 scurvy multiplayer puzzles, like swordfighting, sailing, and other skilled pursuits, to earn yer keep with the crew.
  • A Place fer Every Pirate! Trade wares as a merchant, drink rum with yer mateys, or battle ship-to-ship in this hearty, accessible pirate world.
  • Yer Crew Awaits... Join a pirate community of thousands of fellow players and find a crew of like-minded adventurers, or sail the thirty-seven seas with yer favorite buckos from home.
  • A Treasure Trove in the Box: Sharpen yer sea-farin' skills in exclusive single-player games, plunder a booty of in-game items, and lay claim to a free month's subscription!

Customer Reviews:

  • Waste of time i must say
    No im not someone who complains using opinion's, i complain using facts. I have had alot of online experince with this game so incase you think i make it all up, check /who rosskennedy.

    First of all, the story line is so/so.
    The online mode is great, for the first few months, when you become more involved in E.G crews, Flag's, Kings, captains, you start to come over a whole lot of stress. This game is full of backstabbers which is why i was in a whole lot of heat. Look onto it... You raise money to buy ships and shops and swords and all, All these things just help raise more money, you buy houses to sort out your money, and the only thing you get out of that money is a few portraits you spend a life time saving up for...

    Three Rings Designs is a dodgy complany who say if you say bad words USING filter Chat, it is ok, BUT i still got banned for it, After i was unbanned, i came back on to find my ultimate paragon Sea Battle was changed into... ABLE NOVICE BATTLE NAVIGATION. After i saw this big upset, just left.


    For all people who disagree, keep playing it and you'll find out =D, Thanks for reading.
    ...more info
  • Dated but Valuable
    I was already playing Puzzle Pirates when I purchased this boxed set; I bought it primarily because I wanted the "Backsword", an object for use in the on line game that has the advantage of never wearing out. I got what I paid for, and a bit more.

    The CD contains an out of date Puzzle Pirates client that is still useful in that it provides off line access to four of the games puzzles for those inevitable times when the internet is not available. The CD key also gives you a month of time on the on line game (currently worth more than the price of this box) and your choice of either of two imperishable game objects: the aforementioned Backsword (not a great sword, but tolerable), or the Savvy Hat.

    IF you play Puzzle Pirates, this package is extremely worthwhile at the current price.

    PDH...more info
  • yarrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Yarrrrr is a victory cry in the land of puzzle pirates. I would say they have scored a victory with this game. It can be played online as well as off line. Online play is monitored very closely to keep the site family friendly and appropriate for children over 13. I give this game 5 stars....more info
  • Billions of Blue Blistering Barnicles of fun
    It is a very well game. Between the different types of puzzles, and the hundreds, if not thousands of people playing online the same time as you are. There are three or more types of a pirate you can choose to be. A captain, crew member, shoppe owner, a randome pilliger, and/and a parlor game player.

    The games that you can play are swordfighting, bilge pumping, sailing, sea battle,navigating, gunning, poker, spaids, drinking, hearts, and distillling. Each one of these games you can gain experience from, and rise in a crew, or flag, or just even make money.

    My favorite part of the game is being able to customise your priate. With different cloths styles to different types of swords and colors, or if you want, you can posess a deed to your ship, or house.

    If a new island is discovored, and you are in a flag, you can help with a blockade, and help govern that island with your flag and crew mates.

    But, if you want to start yer own crew, you better know what you are doing(I would sugguest to start out by being part of a crew), because it is hard work. You have to first have a deed to a ship, get pirates to join yer crew, and then you have to maintain it, by promoting people to the possition you think is right for their experience. You have to know when and how to take control of the situation, and if need be, make them walk the plank if they aren't following orders.

    There is some language, but there are filter systems that you can control to either block out the bad words, or turn it into a pirate's term(wich i find is very humorous).

    You can make new friends who have the same interests that you do, or you can just be a loner who doesn't talk, but makes a bunch of money, either way, it is up to you to decide yer faite.

    Hope to see you on if ye read this. Fairwell, and may ye see our flag held high, when we pass ye in the ocean....more info
  • Fun and competitive
    This game is great. The box set has an offline version, subscription credit, and in-game items. The online game is a subscription based Pirate environment, with team puzzling. There are also single player puzzles and computer opponents.

    Overall I find it hugely entertaining. I love my "crew" and being able to compete against other players, and the "Aaarrghs!" and "Huzzahs!" help keep it light. But it allows for some pretty serious puzzling, and the game keeps getting more complex.

    Or you can just stand around and chat with other gamers, and there are several card games and other parlor games.

    It is a tough game, so it is good to remember that it is rated for teens and above. Being able to interract well with other players is vital, young kids probably won't enjoy that responsibility.

    It's great for us big kids though! I love to dress up my little pirate and go out for a swordfight or a pillage....more info
  • YPP is awesome
    i play YPP on line and the practice games alow me to ramp my skill levels up...more info
  • Lighthearted Fun on the High Seas
    I have enjoyed this online game for over three years now and have found it to be engaging fun and full on new content that keeps me playing for hours....more info