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Even skeptical fans of the Blade franchise will enjoy sinking their teeth into Blade: Trinity. The law of diminishing returns is in full effect here, and the franchise is wearing out its welcome, but let's face it: any movie that features Jessica Biel as an ass-kicking vampire slayer and Parker Posey--yes, Parker Posey!--as a vamping vampire villainess can't be all bad, right? Those lovely ladies bring equal measures of relief and grief to Blade, the half-human, half-vampire once again played, with tongue more firmly in stone-cold cheek, by Wesley Snipes. With series writer David S. Goyer in the director's chair, the film is calculated for mainstream appeal, trading suspenseful horror for campy humor and choppy, nonsensical action. The franchise still offers some intriguing ideas, however, including Drake (Dominic Purcell), the original vampire, whose blood contains the secret that could destroy all blood-suckers in a plot that incorporates a sinister "blood farm" where humans are held--and drained--in suspended animation. And Biel's wise-cracking sidekick (Ryan Reynolds) in her cadre of "Nightstalkers" provides comic relief in a series that's grown increasingly dour. All of which makes Blade: Trinity a love-it-or-hate-it sequel... supposedly the last in a trilogy, but the ending suggests otherwise. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • What a terrible ending to a very good action franchise
    Picking up at the tail end of a a great action franchise, David Goyer manages to murder it with an extreme finality. A decisively fatal blow that the incompetent, non-threatening vampire antagonists in Blade Trinity can only dream about. While it's admirable that he would attempt to 'stamp' this film with his unique style, less flattering are the realizations early and often that (a) he fails miserably in both writing and directing and that (b) realizing both roles means he only compounds his own errors at each turn.

    Directed in a Michael-Bay-remakes-Torque style, Goyer hides a water thin plot behind accelerated running, slow motion walking, more one liners then 'The Last Boy Scout', and well.. random nonsensical development. Supposedly, our storyline is that Blade, long the scourge of the vampire nation, is now the victim of a sprawling conspiracy plot wherein law enforcement and the media are used to frame him for murdering a human.

    Other than making blade finally turn into a vampire it was the most logical direction to conclude the franchise. Not logical is the concurrent plot that the 'original vampire, Dracula, has been found in Syria and resurrected to lead the vampire nation. This is problematic because of the limitations of Goyer's imagination, which forces the original vampire to simply be a more muscular version of Stephen Dorff from the first film, without any of the screen presence or entertaining dialogue. The same limitations apply to the vampires' plot to kill Blade which seem to rest largely on the idea of putting him in a room in handcuffs. In fact several of the sequences including the ending seem to directly contradict everything else established about him.
    - If he is in fact so powerful why is he at turns treated with abject fear and simply reservation by his subordinates?
    - If he decides to take care of Blade himself, why does he simply lead Blade on a homoerotic, crouching tiger influenced, building top chase to give Blade an ultimatum?
    - The blood bank so crucial to vampires is guarded by.. a woman sitting at a computer?
    - If Dracula is in fact a shape shifter how does he walk to a hidden fortress in his regular clothes and then assume the appearance of a man wearing a trench coat?
    - Are his clothes shape shifting as well?
    It's not just the suspension of belief that damns this movie, it's the suspension of interesting dialogue story, plot development, or characterization that destroys it from the beginning.

    Additionally, Goyer's directing reveals a skill that certain filmmakers (spielberg and cameron come to mind) have that others seemingly never will. Scale, the creation of it, and the consistency of it are far, far beyond his skill, as is action direction. Goyer's revelation of dracula for example looks no better than a commercial for a Xena rerun. No individual characters are impressive throughout, and even the epic ending conflict feels smaller than the conclusion of the second film in the series. There are a couple of positives. One, the idea that a blind woman watches the security cameras with her young daughter is the funniest idea since the central premise of 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.' Two, Ryan Reynolds is great on screen and consistently funny in an otherwise uninteresting story. And third, Jessica Biel is gorgeous. So.. make that a few positives.

    Let's hope if this series goes in the indicated "Night Stalkers track down Blade" direction, a competent person is given the charge of the story. until then just watch Underworld or the first two Blade flicks again....more info
  • "The world's changed since your time. The humans have a new hunter . . . Blade."
    David S. Goyer's "Blade: Trinity" is the weakest of the Daywalker's adventures. Still for fans of the series, there are just enough quality moments in the third entry to make it worthy of a viewing.

    A group of vampires headed by Danica Talos (Parker Posey) engineer a ploy to have the FBI capture Blade (Wesley Snipes). After he is taken into custody, Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) and Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) liberate him. Blade discovers that two of them belong to The Nightstalkers, a group of vampire hunters secretly trained by Abraham Whistler (Kris Kristofferson). Teaming up with his new allies, Blade must combat a new threat - the recently -resurrected Drake (Dominic Purcell).

    "Blade: Trinity" is burdened by one major flaw - there is not enough Blade in it. The inclusion of The Nightstalkers is a blatant attempt to set them up for a spin-off and they take away precious screen time that should have been devoted to the main character. Making matters worse is the fact that the new vampire hunters are rather forgettable. Reynolds' one-liners quickly become groan-inducing and Biel does not have much screen presence to speak of. Posey fares much better in her role. It is clear that she is having a great deal of fun and she actually manages to come across as more memorable than Purcell's Drake. Yet, despite its problems, "Blade: Trinity" manages to hold together thanks to Snipes. He once again projects that no-nonsense, loner quality that has made Blade so appealing. Although the film does not give Snipes much to do, we still find ourselves cheering for him. "Blade: Trinity" escapes the pit of mediocrity thanks to him. ...more info
  • Nothing can compare to the original, but this is a worthwhile addition to the series
    Nothing will ever match the sublime brilliance of the first Blade movie, but this is a worthwhile companion to the series. Here, the moviemakers keep the black/techno/blood coolness, but they also inject plenty of levity (love the vampire Pomeranian!). The comic young male Blade sidekick got a little old, but looking beyond him, it's a great movie with some awesome action and a kicking soundtrack. Parker Posey's vampire is eerily wicked and depraved.

    Having originally watched the movie in the theater, I was surprised by the extended director's edition. It really dragged out the exposition of the story, making the beginning much longer than necessary. I recommend watching the theater version instead....more info
  • Blade Trinity
    I enjoyed this movie. Blade seems to be a cold blooded killer because he is taking on a nation of vampires....more info
  • Lame
    First, let me state that I have not read the comic books, so I'm reviewing this solely on the basis of the movie. I saw Blade in the theater and skipped the second one. That said...

    This movie had virtually no story, just lots of fighting, vampire killing, explosions, and such mindless action sequences. The basic story idea had potential, but apparently no one noticed that all they had was an outline. Gobs of time spent on action sequences while actual story events were just glossed over. For example, Blade discovers a big facility for harvesting blood from people. How does he deal with it? He walks over to the *one* person in the entire facility (there isn't even a single guard) and tells her to enter the password to shut it all down (how does he know there's a password that will shut it all down, and why would they have such a password?). She does so without even a hint of resistence, and then he leaves and we never really hear about the facility again. Boring. Unfortunately, that's typical of how the movie deals with story issues.

    Another issue I have may be inherent in the Blade story, but what's the point in the bad guys being vampires? We hardly ever see them feed on anyone and we never see them have to work around their inability to tolerate sunlight. They're strong, have pointy teeth, and they hate Blade. The good guys kill them just like they'd kill a human (mostly by shooting them with something silver), except that the vampires burn up when they die. The fact that they're vampires is almost incidental to the story. The ¨¹ber bad guy (Drake) is more like a demon from Buffy than a vampire. I guess I just don't get it.

    If all you want is a movie with a sinister tone to it, a good guy who is cool and tough, lots of action sequences, and no story to distract you, this movie may be just the thing for you. ;-)...more info
  • Not a Blade fan? still worth purchasing.
    I must admit I have not seen any of the other Blade movies and only purchased this DVD becaus it had Ryan Reynolds in it. I figured that even if I didn't like the movie the humor of Ryan Reynolds would be worth the small amount that I paid for it. Funny, Reynolds most certainly is even though his part is not that of a main character, rather srceen time is shared amongst the other actors equally. If you are a fan of Reynolds' humor than you will not be let down at all by his quick witted jokes that he throws into the mix of things on scene. After watching the movie I did find the special effects to be really good and not too over the top and "CG", as I had expected them to be. The story line does not fall short either and despite the fact that I have not seen any of the other Blade movies, I was still able to follow the movie very well and not feel as though I was missing a big part of the story from having not seen any prior Blade movies. Reynolds provides comical relief and seems to mesh very well with the story line as well as the other characters within the movie. Fan of past Blade movies or not, Blade Trinity is a movie worth checking out if even only for the simple fact that Ryan Reynolds is in it....more info

    This movie is an ok movie.Basically if you really like the movies you will like this one.But I thought this movie was missing somthing that the other ones had. I am gonna talk about the dvd aspects of the 2 disc unrated widescreen edition.

    Wow it dosent get much better than this visually on DVD! The 2.35:! anamorphic widescreen presentation brillantly captures each and every detail of the way the film looked during its recent theatrical release and flawslessly transfers each and every nuance of that. Each and every shot features crystal clear images, extremely well-defined thanks to a great deal of sharpness and overall clarity. The wide varity of colors come across splendidly,with shadow levels and contrast holding up especially well, which is very impressive for a film that takes place mostly at night and in dark places. I challenge you to find even a speck of dirt or bit of grain,as there's not one print flaw here.

    The audio rocks too, with Dolby Digital 5.1 EX and DTS ES mixes on board.The Dolby Digital track actually gets the slight nod,thanks to its larger bass presence and overall oomph. The DTS track does provide a slightly more enveloping experience,which is apparent when Dracula rises during the film's opening sequence. There's no problem with dialogue clarity on either track, and the added bass presence in the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix even gives the actors speech a bit of lift from time to time as well. Still,both tracks are two of the best to grace a DVD so far this year,so you cant go wrong picking either one.

    Full Motion menu with music
    Scene Acess with 22 cues and remote acess
    1 Original Trailer
    5 Other Trailers
    1 TV Spots/Teasers
    1 Alternate Ending
    16 Documentaries
    1 Featurette
    2 Feature/Episode comentaries by 1.Writer/Director David S.Goyer,Ruyan Reynolds,Jessica Biel.2.Writer/Director David S Goyer,editor Howard Smith,production designer Chris Gorak,ciematographer Gabriel Berstain,producers Peter Frankfurt and Lynn Harris.
    Blooper Reel:Collection of outtakes from Blade:Trinity


    ...more info
  • The Third movie Curse Strikes Again!
    A big hurdle for any comic series adapted to film is making a good third film. Just look at the record so far; Superman III, Batman Forever, and now Blade: Tirnity. The third installment in the Blade series is a true disappointment and a sad conclusion to a promising trilogy.
    Wesley Snipes phones in a poor performance and the usually good Dominic Percell is badly miscast as Dracula.
    David Goyer, who wrote the previous two installments, seems bored with the task of completing his trilogy and shows that he hasn't quite mastered the art of directing yet. Blade the character is all but ommited from this movie, replaced by Ryan Reynold's and Jessica Beil's Nightstalkers. And Kriss Kristopherson's Whistler character is pointlessly killed off after he was ressurected in the last movie (for reasons abandoned in this one).
    The tone of the film leans toward the camp end of the spectrum, and some of the humor and one-liners may leave the bad tast of "Batman and Robin" in some viewer's mouths. while the special effects are clunky and obvious, as opposed to the cutting edge stuff seen in previous installments of the series. The only bright spot in the movie is Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King, who steals the show, but even he can't save this mediocre mess. What a shame that the first Blade film, which saved comic book adaptations after the appaling "Batman and Robin" in 1997, languishes here in what should have been a great movie. Watch Blade and Blade 2, but skip this dreck....more info
  • Blade
    This item was not rated when I purchased it. It is not for children. The language is not for children. I have a way to program some of the language out with my dvd player, but then I would get whole scenes with not dialogue at all. But for the adult audience, I think it is an interesting addition to Blades story plot. I just hate the language. Some of the conversations could have been left out of the movie and the signs with the bad language.

    The language sort of ruined the movie for me....more info
  • Blade Trinity
    Wow!! For a Blade junkie ( I have all three)This three series blast
    has something new in every one, not like some three series or four
    series we have wasted our money on. The new characters of Abigail
    (Jessica Biel)(miss hottie) as they call her in the movie is stunning
    and is headed on the fast track to Stardom. This hot chic can ACT. Watch for her in more
    action flicks. Who knows , with Angelina Jolie, taking care of
    all those kids (bless her heart)no, really. But I believe that Jessica
    "Babe"Biels with the right long brown hair and the pointed chest could
    make a great Laura Croft. And another eye candy in this film is Hannibal
    ( Ryan Reynolds). I have already seen him in a few films and he just
    needs to keep pumping that iron and have those chained up shirtless body
    shots and he is Hollywood royalty. I haven't mentioned our friend
    Wesley Snipes, otherwise known as "Blade". he is great as always...
    in this film and he really plays the straight man to the two new
    characters mentioned above. This movie is one to buy and keep. The movie
    starts with vampire action and doesn't stop till the end. So without
    giving up too much info,the vampires need help from an ancient source,
    and they want to kill Blade, of course...the " day walker" that he is.
    The movie has special effects that will have you gapping, and all the vampire
    killing gear has all been upgraded. It is funny, sad, corny, heart stopping
    great sword fights and don't get in the way of Jessica, she shoots a mean
    bow and arrow. It must have cost a lot of money to make this...because
    things are blowing up all over the place. don't rent it--BUY IT! *****
    it away, it is vampire uno verses Blade and his gang. If you don't get my hint
    ...more info
  • I wear my Sunglasses at Night
    So does Blade: because he thinks it makes him look bad.

    Baaaad, you know, Bad. And when you're a strapped-up, lip-twitchin', no-sh*t takin', leather-cape/trenchcoat-wearin', silver-sword-swingin', vampire-booty-down-takin' hybrid human-vampire hunter, well---well, man, you gotta look baaaaaad.

    The problem is, for all his baaaaadness, Blade (Snipes, who has the role down to the tiniest nostril flare) is pretty much a one-trick pony. Go figure: drive your Ducati through enough downtown vampire techno-rave club/stripper bars, shove enough silver in enough bloodsuckin' bigwigs, and sooner or later you'll attract Heat. Serious, serious Heat.

    So: Blade gets set up (gee, like that'd be hard). Blade gets smacked down by the Fuzz. Blade gets hauled into the high-maintenance claws of Uber Vamp B*tch Danica Talos (the delightful Parker Posey, who can go from the Sublime to the Ridiculous---and back!---in about as much time as it would take to count to Blade's IQ.

    Now: while watching wrestler Triple H (Jarko Grimwood---man oh man, the things I could havd done in high school if I'd had *that* name) use Blade's head as a muscle ball would be greatly amusing, it wouldn't have made for much of a flick.

    So: Hannibal King (Ryan "Abs" Reynolds) and Abigail Whistler (Jessica "Nubile" Biel), a dynamic duo from the vamp-hunting squad The Nighstalkers (yeah, there are more of them, and no, you don't need to worry about it because they're a) boring and b) don't last long) head over to police HQ to break the Man out.

    A**-whupping (Blade & Biel) & Smart-a**ery (Reynolds) ensue.

    Oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself: there's a backstory, see. The Vampire Nation---you remember those guys, the uber-vamps who run everything behind the scenes and have all their heavies hang around in bike helmets---anyway, they helicopter out to a dig in the Syrian desert, where they decide to do a little quality spelunking in a Sumerian temple---not because they're looking for a little walkabout, but because supposedly this temple holds the crypt of the Oldest Vampire of All---dare we say it? The Big D!, ladies & gentlemen.

    Turns out the Big D is sorta like a humongous ant-lion with a nasty temper.

    Anyway, the Big D has a little breakfast, sheds his skin, and hangs out with his new buddies at the Vampire Nation, who, of course, have a nefarious plot against the humans using Dracul---umm, sorry, his name is Drake (Dominic Purcell, who is at least as scary as this one waiter at the local sushi place).

    In turn, of course, the humans have this bada** uber-plot against the Vampires. Why does it always have to be this way? Why some world-shattering plot that will totally wipe out one side or the other? Can't we all just get along?


    1)There's a lot of techno coolness that is sorta bequeathed from the previous Blade installments. I think it's frankly pretty crunk that Biel whups vamp hiney to the mad-steppin' beats of her I-Pod.

    2)Dracu---uh, I mean Drake---s*cks, and not blood. He's so scary he spends the entire film running away from Blade and beating up babies and a few pimply goth kids. He's such a pansy he has to imitate Whistler Senior to get into the Nightstalkers' base. Wimp.

    3) Eric Bogosian's little stint as a talk-show host ("Sexual!") is worth the price of admission.

    4) Did I mention how much I enjoyed Parker Posey (Danica)? She can't act her way out of a paper sack, but she brings a sort of Euro-trash street-sensibility mostly absent in the second outting. Bet she'd have gotten along famously with Deacon Frost: anyway, Posey can bite my carotid anytime she wants.

    5)David Goyer might be able to write the stuff---he has a handle on his wild little world---but he lacks the style of a Norrington or the horror of a Del Toro. As such, "Blade Trinity"---while hip, techno, and amusing---feels bland by comparison.

    Though that said, there is Biel, with a bow. And did I mention Parker Posey?

    JSG...more info
  • Why?...
    This movie is a posterchild for not letting B-List actors have a say in what happens in the movie. Wesley Snipes is a great action star.... That's it!! He doesn't direct, he doesn't produce, and I think that the most actual acting he's done in a movie was "Wildcats" with Goldie. The movie stank, the actors stank King stole the show and saved the Seventh Heaven reject and the action superstar. Maybe they should do a movie on him. Until Wesley stops directing, make mine Spidey!!!!!! ...more info
  • The worst of the three
    This movie was ok. But there was a lot of crap in it. For startes I couldn't stand Ryan Reynolds and the fact that he was in a movie like this was just like a hemeroid to me...irritating and sometimes painful. Kris Kristoferson as usual is just great so... they kill him off right away. Jessica Biel was pretty bad though at least she gave you something to look at. But stuff int he story and the dialogue was just idiotic. "My name is Hannibal King. And this little hellion, is Abigale." I mean Jesus it was just like a comic book that some idiot wrote. WWE wrestler HHH was also, you guessed it, AWFUL!

    The best part of it besides Kris Kristoferson was Wesley Snipes. He actually salvaged something out of it cause he is just such a badass and cool in these movies. The guy that played Dracula who is in the TV show Prison Break looked imposing at first but then came off more like somebody from a bath house in San Francisco.

    ...more info
  • Blade Vs Dracula, Winner Take All...
    I must say even though I was somewhat skeptical about the 'Blade' franchise when I first heard about it, the movies have thoroughly impressed me. The first film, "Blade", provided a terrific introduction into the Blade mythos. "Blade 2" expanded greatly upon the war between Blade and the vampires that was depicted in the first film. Now, New Line Cinema has released the supposed final chapter in the 'Blade' saga, "Blade: Trinity". Let me just say this, if this is truly the final chapter for Blade's movies, then it was a terrific close to an excellent trilogy.

    "Blade: Trinity" finds Blade (Wesley Snipes) being constantly pursued by the authorities, and Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) trying to warn him that he will not always be around to watch his back, and that Blade should find some help in this continuing war with the vampires. But before any help could be found, Whistler is killed in a raid on Blade's headquarters. Now, Whistler is dead, and Blade is in custody, it seems all hope is lost for humanity and that the vampires will now reign supreme, especially since they have resurrected the vampire that started it all, Dracula. Hearing Blade has been captured an underground group of vampire hunters known as the Nighstalkers, are going to mount a rescue to free Blade, in hopes that he will lead them into battle against Dracula and his minions. Leading the rescue is Abigail (Jessica Biel), Whistler's daughter, and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds), a former vampire turned vampire hunter. After successfully freeing Blade from custody, the Nighstalkers try to convince Blade to join them, but he declines, that is until he is made aware that Dracula has been unleashed upon the world, and now it's up to Blade and the Nighstalkers to destroy Dracula and save humanity.

    One outstanding part of this trilogy is the fact that not only did Wesley Snipes reprise his role of Blade for each installment (generally a must for any franchise to endure), but writer David S. Goyer ("The Crow: City of Angels", "Blade", and "Blade 2") came back to write this final chapter in the trilogy, but he also directed it. This seems especially fitting, since David S. Goyer wrote all of the films in this franchise, allowing him to direct makes perfect sense, due to the fact that aside from Wesley Snipes, no one probably knows this character better. The acting in this film is great, the new additions to the trilogy add a lot of fun and chemistry to the mix. Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel really shine in this movie, Parker Posey and WWE's Triple H, also do great jobs as Dracula's two main goons. The special effects are great, and when Dracula changes into his monstrous form, it is both an interesting twist to the character, but also spectacular to see.

    If you enjoyed the first two movies in the 'Blade' series, then by all means wait no longer and go watch "Blade: Trinity". I promise, you will not be disappointed.

    "Blade: Trinity" is rated R for violence, language, and sensuality....more info
  • can't find in stores
    perfect shipping and was priced right, couldn't find this video anywhere Amazon always helps me find what I need...more info
  • Disapointing...
    I love the first two Blade movies with a passion. The first one is a fast paced, sharp, big time action/horror flick, and the second one dials everything the first one had to offer up to the fabled Spinal Tap eleven. Wesley Snipes, who normally couldn't act his way out of a blood soaked paper bag, is absolutely amazing as the title character. He inhabits Blade in that same way magical way that Hugh Jackman does Wolverine, or more recently the way Ron Perlman became Hellboy. Snipes has made Blade, a mediocre bit character from a few poorly read Marvel comics, into an iconic cinematic figure, with a little help from great directors like Guillermo Del Toro and a talented writer in David Goyer. Goyer in fact, wrote all three Blade movies and with the success of the first two somehow got it into New Line's collective head that he could also direct. He can't.

    Blade: Trinity has Wesley Snipes returning to the one thing he's ever really been good at, playing Blade, only to be teamed up with a pair of snot nosed brats. Ok, to be fair, Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel are actually quite good, Ryan's character of Hannibal King being the most memorable of the two. Biel plays Whistler's daughter, no not the one that was killed off by a sadistic vampire, another one that we conveniently didn't know about. It seems that Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) has been busy in the singles scene when Blade's not around. Hannibal King is an ex-vampire who took the serum that fixed Whistler up in Blade II and now uses his time and energy to hunt the bastards who made him a vamp in the first place. They're Whistler's backup plan, and they insinuate themselves and their vampire hunting team into Blade's life when Blade ends up alone and being hunted by the police.

    The local head vampire bitch Danica (Parker Posey), has Blade on tape murdering a human (one of her familiars), and happily hands over the tape to the police who begin scouring the city for our blood sucker slaughtering hero. Posey is great as a pissy little vampire wench, but she's not the real boss of the operation. The film opens with a rather lame tomb sequence in which Posey and her fairly faceless group of cronies (which yes, includes the rather pointless wrestling star HHH) resurrect Dracula, the original vampire. Don't get all spoiler retentive, it's all over the trailers and if you can't figure it out from that I can't help you.

    The problem with Goyer's script is that it falls back on the tired old clich¨¦ of easy solution super weapons. For the vampires, Dracula is supposed to be their "final solution", for the Bladeketeers there is a super virus, which with the addition of a Dracula blood sample will wipe out all the vampires in the vicinity with a big poof of plot resolving smoke. I'm tired of that type of copout and would have preferred to see Blade forced to slaughter all his foes one by one, rather than just holding them off until Goyer could come up with an easy way to solve all his problems with a wave of his hand. There's also really no need for Blade's companions, capable though both Reynolds and Biel may be. Blade has always been best as a lone and physically imposing figure stalking city streets, like the ultimate bringer of vampire death. Blade doesn't need backup, and in Blade II when he had it, he was happy to feed his backup to the bad guys, whenever it suited him. Now he's saddled with the makings of a full on family, one that really doesn't do him any credit. Hannibal King is a funny and charismatic character, and Whistler II pulls off a few great action bits, but I'd rather have had their screen time replaced with more of Snipes who is still absolutely top of his game when it comes to being Blade.

    With the addition of more hero characters, the character of Blade himself has lost a lot of the depth he had originally. He's become more of a vampire killing automaton that the other more talkative characters follow around. Goyer's direction is almost reflective of that, as a lot of the film's big action sequences seem almost perfunctory. Vampires dissolve into flame with an almost careless abandon, none of them really presenting any sort of interesting challenge for the Daywalker until he works his way up to the head honcho. Somehow, Blade has become Dracula's equal, and by comparison now all the other vampires are about on par with any gun toting human when it comes to threat assessment. We're supposed to be impressed when Dracula leaps off a building and Blade follows, as if this is a power unique to the original vampire. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't all vampires used to be able to do stuff like that? In this movie the vampires have become incredibly weak and so killing them just isn't as much fun.

    While Goyer's big action money shots are a bit bland, his choices aren't all bad. I really liked the way he contrasts his day shots with night, by overexposing daylight to make it incredibly sharp and bright. He also does some interesting things with the way he shoots his vampires; sometimes flipping in and out of a jerky, almost hyper real way of filming that makes the world around them seem inhuman. He throws in a nice chase scene too, which has Blade pursuing the pointy toothed baddies down the highway in an overpowered muscle car. When he comes up on a vampire riding a motorcycle, Blade doesn't shoot him, he hits the nitro's and drives right over him. The soundtrack also adds a lot to what does work in Trinity's action sequences, filled with hard almost guttural growling sounds and fast pace techno/rap and bass beats. That sort of soundtrack can be a flop in the wrong circumstances, but used properly it leaves you ready to leave the theater and beat the crap out of some hapless theater popcorn pusher just for kicks.

    Blade: Trinity is not a disastrous entry into the vampire hunter franchise, but it fails to live up to the slick excitement of its predecessors. With great performances from Snipes, Posey, Reynolds, and Biel, all the blame for that has to be laid squarely on the shoulders of the man of many hats, David Goyer. Goyer was in large part responsible for making Blade what it is, but that clearly didn't qualify him to direct. With Snipes becoming such a problem to work with on set, it's likely that this will be the last outing for Blade, unless New Line goes ahead with their proposed Bladeless spin-off featuring the Hannibal King and Whistler Jr. characters. Goyer tries his best with Blade: Trinity but ends up with an entry that is far too often flat and uninspired. It's a shame Blade's ride had to end in mediocrity.
    ...more info
  • Worst of the trilogy.
    When the movie began, and the vampire gave the middle finger to the sun, i knew this was going to be a cheesy ride.

    Blade is the same old calm and cool vampire hunter. That much hasnt changed. But his new screen mates dont bring much to the table.

    Whistler is pretty much undead himself. It seems he dies every movie yet comes back. Yawn.
    That new male character, his name escapes me is really really lame. His jokes get old so quick and it doesnt help that any of his jokes are not funny. Most of his lines were so bad that they made me cringe.
    Though Abigail looked good, thats about as much i can say about her. Her lines and emotional range were non existant in the movie.

    And Dracula? Wow... what a dissapointment.
    He did not fit his role whatsoever. From his stupid look, to his terrible acting, to his lame combat prowess. Blade killed him with pretty much no trouble at all.

    Blade Trilogy is still a fun little romp to watch on cable but it doesnt compare to his previous two titles. See it for some action and nothing more....more info
  • Fun Biel Vehicle
    I've enjoyed the Blade movies as fun, action packed "Vampire romps with a twist" ... but I will admit openly that the main reason I watched this one was the chance to see Jessica Biel in such a fun flick. To my personal tastes (and that's all they are), Action Adventure Babes have never been so enjoyable as those Ms. Biel portrays in her growing string of action and thriller movies. So I would have been quite happy with this movie if it had just been another chance for me to see my favorite AAB doing her thing. Frankly, I was afraid that the rest of the movie was going to be a let down for me, compared to the previous two Blade flicks, but I was pleasantly surprised and quickly went out to buy the DVD after seeing this one in the theater. For both Blade and Biel fans, I think this one's a very satisfying experience. ...more info
  • By far my favorite Blade movie
    In the third Blade movie, the humans have turned against Blade and believe that he's just a sociopath who goes around killing humans. Since the vampires turn to ashes when they die, and there's never any proof that they even exist, Blade is under suspicion. The police come to his hideout, kill Whistler, and capture Blade in an attempt to stop his bloody reign. What they don't realize is that they are mere pawns in the vampires' game. The vampires have raised Dracula (or Drake) the original vampire. They plan to use him to kill Blade and then have free reign of the world. What they don't expect is that a rescue team comprised of Whistler's daughter and a former vampire named Hannibal King will come and save Blade. Together, the three of them will fight the vampires and try to find a serum that will put an end to their immortal race.

    This is by far my favorite of the Blade movies. The combination of Wesley Snipes' arrogant demeanor, Jessie Biel's no-nonsense butt-kicking, and Ryan Reynolds' sarcastic humor make them a threat to be reckoned with. That and Parker Posey's role as the high-maintenance vampire leader make this movie worth watching. That and the fact that Dracula is HOT. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoyed the first two Blade movies, but it can definitely be watched out of context as well....more info
  • Blade Meets Van Wilder
    The original vampire, Dracula, is resurrected, in modern day Iraq of course, by his "people" (vampires, of course) and is not exactly in a good mood. Danica Talos (a female version of Deacon Frost) wants him to kill Blade, but there is one problem: he has no motivation.

    What could have been a decent man-out-of-time tale is out-weighed by cringingly bad dialog and a story often mirroring it's predecessors too much (Blade teaming up, loved one killed, underdog suits up for vengeance against the big dogs). So, what should have been a mediocre, hackneyed if watchable rehash becomes an uneven choppy mess thanks to haphazardly edited fight scenes, out of place and sexually insecure jokesters Ryan Reynolds and Parker Posey and their gratuitous Freud jokes, and so many plot holes and illogic in the story you may think this is a parody. Another killer is disinterested and generally uninspired Snipes (though he has a few flashes of attitude here and there) leading to more screen time for Reynolds and Biel.

    A better title would have been "Blade Meets Van Wilder", no really, audiences would have known what to expect. Extremely disappointing conclusion to one of the best comic book adaptations up to date....more info
  • This formula is getting old
    I thought the first movie was classic and the sequel was nicely done. Both had good stories, interesting characters, and plenty of action. However, there were some obvious signs in the sequel which made you think the writers were trying to make you remember how much you liked the first movie.

    Let me see if I can recreate it for you:
    Blade: Blade nearly dies, drinks some blood, jumps into the presence of the bad guys, cue the cool music and kill all the bad guys.
    Don't get me wrong - it's a great action film sequence.
    Blade II: Blade nearly dies, drops into a vat of blood, climbs out of the vat, bad guys run in, cue the cool music and...wait for it...kill all the bad guys.
    By the time they tried this in Blade III it almost felt like a rip-off of another series. It didn't feel like we were watching a hero perfom a signature move. It felt like they were trying to use the formula one too many times.

    I know that is just an example of one sequence but it says so much about the film itself. Great movie, nearly great movie, followed by a tired retelling of something between the first and second movie.
    Watch the first one again instead. I think you'll enjoy it more....more info
  • This movie sucked and not in a good way
    I wasn't all that crazy about the first Blade movie. I really loved the second Blade movie, but this one was a complete joke! It became less about Blade and more about Whistler's "sexy daughter". But even, that wasn't the problem.

    The dialogue was terrible, the acting wasn't all that either. But even THAT wasn't the problem.

    The plot was atrocious. First off, aren't vampires supposed to get stronger the older they are? So why is the first vampire running from Blade? Why do they seem matched in power? Dracula should have wiped the floor with Blade.

    Also, in the beginning when Whistler's daughter was setting a trap for the vampires by using the fake baby. Shouldn't the vampires have been able to tell it was a fake baby?

    Basically a lot of lame scenarios to try to pull this movie off. So not good. ...more info
    Once again,they blow it. The first Blade was great! The second and third are just OK. They are better than some other Marvel Comics movies,but they are no where near as good as the first film....more info
  • Blade Trinity
    These movies aren't dramatic, meaningful, nor are they based upon true stories/only comic books. The moment you take this, and the other Blade movies seriously is when you start to get bored. Now, as a classically trained actor [true fact here] Wesley Snipes gets himself into movies such as these that helped his rise in the martial arts world. Now, after receiving his 2nd level black belt, he can finish his blade movies in brutal grace. After his early years of New Jack city, Money train, Demolition man, Sugar hill, and White Men Can't Jump. He puts off his acting into fun popcorn clich¨¦ vampire movies. Like them or hate them, Wes puts on a real show and takes on most if not all, of his stunts - which is very impressing to watch. it takes the future vampire movie prospects and ideas such as these the treatment: If you can really act [great acting background], and are apart of much of their stunts; you can help carry the movie to the real fans of this kind of movie making. And it can make the movie more enjoyable. Eat saturated fatty foods, get a six-pack of beer! And have fun with it!!! Otherwise, you'll be disappointed....more info
  • blade + dracula = pretty dang cool
    I was worried that the final movie in the trilogy would run out of ideas, and was afraid it would be so far different than the first film, since Blade 2 already took it to another direction from the first. Trinity actually returns a bit to the original movie, but with still some fresh ideas in the mix, and the coolest of all - the return of Dracula.

    In Trinity, the vampires are back without the virus that infected them in the 2nd film. They bring back the oldest and purest vampire to ever live who goes by many names, but most familiar is "Dracula" He is able to walk in daylight, and they are hoping to use him to be able to do the same. Meanwhile, Blade is set up for murdering a human, and becomes the number one wanted criminal in the town. The new charcaters eneter the scene - Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) and Abagail Whistler (Jessica Biel) who help Blade and introduce him to their group of vampire hunters.

    Surprisingly, the addition of two more heores to the film was played out nicely. Unlike Batman & Robin (a film that stank no matter how you look at it) the adiditon of Robin and Bat Girl was ridiculous and pushed Batman aside. Not in Blade Trinity. Everyone has their own space, and fights their own fights. Another good thing about this film is it improves over the 2nd with much less use of CGI. The fights look real again, much like in the first film. As far as fights go, I found there to be plenty of action, but actually less overall compared to the first two films. While Blade's final one on one in Blade 2 was my favorite in the trilogy, his fight against Dracula was rather spectacular too. Hannibal king also gets to fight a huge vampire bare fisted, played by Triple H - who not surprsingly gets in a few rather cool wrestling moves.

    Overall, Trinity is a pleasing end to the trilogy. It actually opens more doors in a way than closes, but Spike TV went on to create Blade the series in 2006, which is worth checking out if its available to you. In Trinity, I enjoyed the plot more than Blade 2, but in the end the first Blade is supreme. The entire trilogy though, is one of the coolest trilogies ever created - go get it today....more info