The History Channel Presents The Presidents
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From george washington to george w bush the presidents shares the stories of the distinctive individuals who have guided america throughout its history - chronicling their powerful personalities weaknesses & major achievements. Studio: A&e Home Video Release Date: 12/16/2008 Run time: 360 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • The Presidents
    I bought this DVD after seeing it on the History Channel. I loved the way the History Channel presented the story of each president. It made learning about the Presidents attainable and comprehensive. I bought it because I am a history teacher and felt that it taught the children about a president in a quick and concise manner. ...more info
  • Just what he wanted
    What he asked for is what he got. ARRived promptly and will be used...more info
  • excellent
    Had seen parts of this on TV and enjoyed it all. The rest was the same....more info
  • Terrible Production Values
    The information and the interviewees provide an interesting narration. Unfortunately the producers apparently had no faith in the quality of the material, and marred the production with weird music and frantic editing. ...more info
  • Biased misinformation, in my opinion
    I generally have no problem with history channel productions, but this one reeks of left wing bias. I admit I only watched the disk with the latest presidents (Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush). I don't think there are overt untruths in the documentaries, but the slant is very clearly to the left. When talking about any of these presidents, who have 4-8 years of history you're compressing into a 10 minute "documentary", you could choose to pack your "documentary" with favorable accomplishments, or unfavorable controversies and failures. I would compare the tone of this documentary to that of many in the liberal/mainstream media (of whom 80-90% have been documented to vote democrat in presidential elections since Kennedy). The discussions of democratic presidents are "gushing", glossing over problems as though they were mere victims of circumstances beyond their control. Republican discussions are filled with much more negative language and choice of content. Watching the Carter and Reagan "documentaries" back to back almost made me sick (due to the GLARING difference in the way they were treated). I would sum it up like this: if you recognize the media is leftward/democratic leaning, you will very likely notice and be annoyed by this biased "documentary." If you don't think the media is leftward leaning, you will likely think this is an excellent series, as it is literally an extension of the current mainstream media perspective, which in my opinion is quite left of center....more info
  • Presidents provide perfect pleasurable pastime
    We have enjoyed the materials presented and feel that the length for each president was just about right and provided facts on the major events of each one's presidency without the side-show effects....more info
  • The History Channel Presents The Presdients
    Here's an incredible compilation of historical reviews on the Unitied States Presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush (1st through 43rd). What a great addition to any U.S. Government teacher's class or even as an intro into each period of United States history for 5th/6th greaders. Each president's strengths and weaknesses are explored with their administration's impact (or lack thereof) as it pertained to U.S. and world history. This presentation by the History Channel is done so professionally and vividly, I couldn't put it away. There is also a presentation on the Presidents' wives on the last DVD which would make a greate intro for students to use towards a report. Altogether, a fabulous job by The History Channel....more info
  • gift item
    The item arrived in a timely manner. I only wanted one but made a mistake and could not get it to delete so I could change the amount. However, it worked out fine since I now had two gifts instead of one. They were unopened dvd's and looked fine from the outside. They were recommended to me. Thanks! ...more info
  • Who Knew Learning History Could Be so Addictive?
    Informative and inspiring--it inspired me to read up on the Presidents because this is more like an overview that will have you wanting to know more. (So I got the The History Channel Presents The Revolution and the The French Revolution (History Channel) and I'm looking forward to watching more) Who knew learning about history could be so addictive?)

    For every American, I feel this is a must-see. And see what it inspires you to know more about next. (They need one with Clinton and George W. though... I hope they come up with those soon, and they better be unbiased :)

    BTW, if you like this collection, a must-must-see is The Presidents Collection...more info
  • Pretty good
    It would take thousands of hours to create a comprehensive historical analysis of these fellas. This program was a fair and interesting set of facts and folklore about the men of the executive branch. I would recommend viewing this and purchasing it for the home or public library. This was well done. One nice thing to note about this and other History channel presentations is to add that good authors with interesting viewpoints were included in the interviews and lectures. Also consider "A History of God" by The History Channel....more info
  • Timely
    This product is excellent for teaching and historical review.
    We recieved it in a timely manner and just before the presidential
    election. It is a reminder that we have few great presidents and a lot
    of stinkers but there are always new elections to change things. ...more info
  • Fun to watch !
    This is a very insightful and entertaining program. It may not be detailed enough to satisfy ardent history buffs but it does cover the major events of each president's administration as well as the personal quirks of all the chief executives. Highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Pretty evenhanded until the modern era--then the Leftist bias begins
    This presentation of The Presidents is pretty good until about the post-Eisenhower era. After that the modern day bias of the press kicks in. This is unfortunate, because most of this series is terrific, and gives a pretty evenhanded summary of the presidencies of most of the presidents. By doing so this series gives the viewer a wonderful look at American history and the place each of the presidents occupies within it.

    Lyndon Johnson gets a very sympathetic hearing from this series despite the fact that he is responsible for the Vietnam disaster. The bias really begins with Richard Nixon, who is virtually caricatured. The press hated Nixon's guts, and this comes through very clearly in the treatment that "The Presidents" dishes out to him. (I am no big Nixon fan, but this series wrongly states that he escalated the Vietnam War when in reality he promptly began drawing down US troop levels in Vietnam, notwithstanding his attacks on Communist sanctuaries in Laos and Cambodia.) Jimmie Carter's failed presidency mostly gets a pass for its disastrous failures on both the domestic and international fronts. The series makes no mention of the crazed levels of inflation and interest rates that occurred on Carter's watch. His feckless foreign policy is portrayed through rose colored glasses--Carter himself informs the viewer that Carter learned how "to work well with others." Watching this series, one would conclude that Carter was a successful president, rather than the one-term failure that he actually was. (To this series' credit, it does a fair job analyzing Gerald Ford's presidency.) Ronald Reagan is introduced as "a former movie actor" rather than as, for example, the former two-term governor of California. Nothing is said of the speed that Reagan's countermanding of Carter's policies had in reviving the American economy and position abroad. Instead, Reagan is portrayed as not very bright, and "out of the loop." His economic and tax cutting policies "simply caused deficits." Bias can go little further. Put simply, this series' portrayal of Ronald Reagan's presidency is unacceptably biased, and a good example of why the American people no longer place any trust in journalists or the press. George HW Bush is portrayed as having been "wise" to break his promise on making tax cuts, and the series (without rebuttal by anyone) intones that the Bush and Clinton tax increases ("which were probably a good idea...") helped fuel the boom of the 90s! I suppose it was too much to hope that modern-day journalists could avoid the big government, pro-high tax bias that so permeates the modern-day press. An objective look at our recent presidents will no doubt have to wait until America has a more unbiased press interested in reporting the news, rather than pushing a single leftward political bias.

    But enjoy! Excepting the last four or so presidents, this is a fine series, well worth the viewer's attention....more info
  • Great For You and the Kids
    This is a DVD made from the History Channel series about the Presidents. It's concise and informative. You'll like it and the kids will learn something from the series as well. ...more info