Analog Hygrometer by Western Instrument Company
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Product Description

This 2.25" diameter certified hygrometer includes convenient magnetic mount and calibration screw. A great deal from Western Instrument Co. for low-budget humidors.

Customer Reviews:

  • Inexpensive Insurance for my Dry Cabinet
    I use a dry cabinet to store my cameras and lens equipment, and bought this as a back-up to double-check the hygrometer that is built into the cabinet. Having two hygrometers will let me know if one is failing by large differences between the two. Since the cabinet is brand new, I know this works perfectly as it matches the new hygrometer on the cabinet. No worries....more info
  • Simple Elegant Functional
    The hygrometer was just the right choice at the right price to provide an accurate indicator of humidity. Best feature is its magnetic back which allows you to place it at eye level on any metal feature. Display is easy to read. Sensitive and precise enough for general data needs. Shipped promptly from supplier. Simple is best!...more info
  • Simple, effective and well made.
    This is a nice gauge. It's small, about 2 1/4" wide. It feels well made and works great. I did calibrate it using the baggie method with salt. Search Google with "calibrate humidity gauge". It may not even need it, so compare with another gauge if you have one. I use it in the basement to monitor the humidity level....more info
  • Works well enough, great for the price
    I bought a couple of these to go in my basement because I joined a winter farm share and ended up with more storage vegetables than I ever imagined. I tested it in the fridge, the freezer, on top of the humidifier, and on a rainy day, and it seemed to work well enough, giving results close to what I expected. I can't say that it was 100% accurate, because honestly I'm not that picky, but it did go way down in the fridge and freezer, and went waaaay up over the humidifier, and seems to give accurate readings in the basement compared to the other one I bought. So, good enough for me!...more info
  • Perfect for a cigar box
    Really cheap, and perfect for a cigar box, but it really looks out of place anywhere else (it's only 2" wide and can't take any abuse). Although you could use it for a house, it's way too small to go anywhere but on a shelf somewhere (I've got it on a shelf in my office). Don't take me wrong, it works, looks ok, and even came with a free box of mints for Christmas (by the way thanks for that guys!) but it would really look out of place hanging on an wall in the Living Room. It's an old Analog design, not digital, meaning it runs off a spring, so you can't be rough with it....more info
  • works for me
    I stuck this on the side of our air purifier to give me an idea of when to use the humidifier in my daughter's room. My uncle tested it against his new weather station, and it seems to work fine. Simple, accurate enough, probably easy to calibrate though I haven't tried that, and I like it!...more info
  • Good BARGAIN
    This hygrometer is a good bargain.
    Plus or minus 2% accuracy is, at this price, OKAY with me.
    ...more info
  • Handsome, works, precise to about 4-5%
    This is a nice looking magnetic humidity gauge, I have four and am ordering four more. Side by side they read within 5%, which is accurate enough for most storage use. At $6 they are well worth it....more info
  • It's simple and it does the job
    It's simple. It looks nice. It will never need batteries.

    This is a truly lovely hygrometer. I have no complaints.

    You should calibrate it, either with a readymade calibration kit or a little bit of damp salt in a small container in a ziplock bag. (I read about that method on the internet, but I used a readymade kit. I have no way of knowing whether one is superior to the other. Theoretically they should give identical results.) (Calibrating it requires a screwdriver. Or possibly the edge of a dime would work.)

    In this era of battery operated products that go obsolete or break within six months, here's a device that has no reason to stop doing its job, ever. Kinda freaks me out a little, but in a nice way. Recommended....more info
  • Dead on accuracy
    I have received this hygrometer and tested it yesterday using the salt in a sealed container method. You can research how to do this online.
    I checked it after 12 and 24 hours and the needle was dead on 75% humidity as it should be.
    Very accurate and very inexpensive. My only regret is that I only purchased one....more info
  • Small, not very accurate, but tough
    This humidity gauge will require calibration straight out of the box. I used the humidity transmitter on my humidifier as a standard since it is only a month old and still accurate. An alternative method might be to use a steam bath (a boiling pot of water). Note that altitude does not matter since we're talking about "relative humidity." A steam bath will produce 100% relative humidity directly over the bath.

    If this review was helpful, please add your vote....more info
  • Inexpensive & Accurate Little Hygrometer
    I don't smake cigars, but I purchased five of these a couple of months ago to get a better idea of the humidity levels in our home prior to installing some rather expensive wood flooring. All read fairly similarly when I received them, but I did a salt calibration anyway (used a small bowl of moist salt in a freezer baggie to get them set at 75%) and they have been working great!

    I keep two upstairs, two downstairs and one in the basement and they have been extremely useful for keeping our humidifiers set properly to maintain about 40-45% humidity so far this winter. The piano stays in tune and we haven't had to invest in gallons of skin moisturizer this year. Couldn't be happier, especially since they're so inexpensive and easy to keep in calibration....more info
  • cheap cheap cheap
    This is a cheaply made hygrometer. I bought a one step calibration humidipak to make sure that the two analog hygrometers were right on the money. 3 % difference between both units. The bad part is the calibration. Theres a lever in the back of the unit (under the magnet). It is way too easy to bend. That make it virtualy impossible to calibrate afterward. 1 unit down after calibration. I should have know better:"you get what you pay for". You better off buying those things locally so you can return them and not pay 7 dollars in S&H. really not worth it....more info
  • Perfect
    Cheap, accurate, good design. Mine was a few percent off but that is to be expected, it is now completely accurate because I calibrated it. One if it's features is it has a manual calibration screw on the back. If you don't know how to calibrate a hygrometer just type "calibrate hygrometer" into a search engine. It is easy and requires no special equipment. The only tool is a small flat head screwdriver....more info
  • does what it says and works well
    I bought three or four of these a while back not for my cigars but to simply keep an eye on humidity around my house (basement, garage, garage loft, etc.) and I'm pleased with how they work. I calibrated them all before placing them with salt and out of the box they were all within 3-4% and all are still functioning well. For the price it's hard to beat them....more info
  • Analog Hygrometer
    This inexpensive little dial seems to be working fine . It seems to work better than the out door relative humidity digital model that I used
    Mac...more info
  • seems to work
    It seems to work just fine. I can't vouch for it's accuracy since I haven't checked it against anything else. But it goes down on dry days and up near 100 on humid days. ...more info
  • Amazing hygrometer.....
    Perfect hygrometer, very cheap, accurate, beautiful design. That hygrometer come perfectly calibrated..... the error it's 0,5% in confront at my Cigar oasis and a digital termometer....and it's adjustable too....
    Very reccomended... A++...more info
  • So much for so little money
    I don't smoke. I ordered two of these hygrometers, targeted at cigar smokers, to monitor the humidity in two levels of my house,after the installtion of a humidifier in my forced air heating system.
    These hygrometers are small and analog, no eletronic fuss to be dealt with, which was what I was looking for.
    For those who want very accurate results, I'd suggest calibrating the instrument, which would involve placing them at a locale with a known humidity value and adjusting alittle screm in the back. In my case, I was satisfied with the "out of the box" results, for they varied about one percent from each other...good enough for my intended use.
    For the price, there is no better deal out there....more info
  • Cheaply made and gives inaccurate readings
    The hygrometer feels very flimsy and cheap. When you calibrate it sometimes the entire face of the hygrometer will move along with the needle. After calibration I remove the screwdriver and the needle suddenly move 5 degrees off. I had a lot of trouble having the needle stick to the desired calibration point. As I am writing this review, the humidity in my room reads 83% from several sources and the hygrometer gives me a value of 68%. If you're looking for a hygrometer that is accurate and easy to calibrate, this is definitely not what you're looking for. ...more info