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Lenmar DLC4L Lithium-ion Digital Camera/Camcorder Battery Equivalent to the Canon NB-4L Battery
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Product Description

NoMEM Lithium-Ion battery is the newest frontier in battery technology for power-hungry digital and high performance LCD type camcorders requiring a specially designed Lithium-Ion battery pack. It has the longest performance with no memory effect, highest quality Japanese made, original manufacturer approved protective circuit and it is 100% compatible with original equipment chargers.

  • Replaces Canon NB-4L
  • 3.7V 760mAh
  • Lithium-Ion
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 3-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Not much into it, just works
    I have one of this and one of the Canon original ones and I can't tell the difference between them.

    It just works and it is certainly cheaper than the branded one. No doubts about it....more info
  • Lenmar DCLC4L
    I bought this for my Canon SD100 IS. It cost ~1/15th the price of the battery for my Canon SD1100 IS and I can not see any difference in performance....more info
  • Nice Battery!
    Don't know why Amazon consistantly hounds buyers into rating things like batteries, as if I could purchase odd batteries at Target they wouldn't keep sending emails asking me to review my battery purchase. Anyway, the battery got to us when it was suppose to and works just fine. The service was fantastic. I'd purchase odd batteries from them again! lol! Too bad the camera we bought the battery for stopped working. Funny, but now we have an expensive brand new hard to find battery and can't use it....more info
  • Horrible battery life
    Used this battery for maybe 10-20 photos max before it died. Stick with the Nikon batteries in my opinion - capturing all your kodak moments is much more important than saving a few bucks. ...more info
  • Not the same make battery..but its good
    I didn't receive the Lenmar DL4CL battery as mentioned in teh site. I got the Maximal Power battery. But this battery is also as good as Canon battery. I have charged it 4-5 times and the life of this battery is comparable to Canon battery. Hope it will perform in the same way in long run....more info
  • Be aware of the "Best Value"
    Lenmar DLC4L Lithium-ion Digital Camera/Camcorder Battery Equivalent to the Canon NB-4L Battery.

    I ordered this battery so that I would always have a spare one.

    Always beware of the "best value" (buy together today). It is not always the best value. I was charged $34.99 for the battery and $10.95 for shipping for a total of $45.94. Then I found the same battery, available for $19.95 with free shipping for prime customers. Definitely learned a big lesson with this purchase....more info
  • Lenmar DLC4L Lithium-ion Digital Camera/Camcorder Battery
    I wanted to replace my several-year old Canon battery that is having a short life. Upon receiving the Lenmar battery I charged it completely and alas, it only lasted 20 pictures in my camera. I discharged it completely and did a complete charge again. It still dies quickly, even worse than my old OEM Canon battery.

    I understand that I may have just gotten a bad battery and I will order another one. If it works as well as OEM Canon batteries, then I'll write another review with 4 or 5 stars to balance out my 1-star review here....more info
  • Good transaction
    The product was as shown in the order page. Arrived in sealed condition. Arrived just before the promised delivery date. My experience so far is that anything sold by Amazon LLC is exemplary. ...more info
  • Seems to work fine
    Withholding a five-star rating because I haven't used this more than a few minutes. However, it charged fine and worked fine on the first attempt....more info
  • Cheap but short-lived
    It was great for its price while it lasted. I had this battery for about 9 months (charged it a total of about 20 times since I switch between the stock canon battery and this one). During that time it worked great, but now it works for less than 30 minutes before the my Canon 850IS indicates that it's dying. I've had the stock Canon battery and it's still going strong....more info
  • As good as the battery that came with the camera, but cheaper!
    I bought this Lenmar battery as a spare for a two week trip overseas. This battery seemed to last as long as the more expensive canon battery that came with the camera. I questioned the quality when I saw the price, but I don't see any difference. I would buy another Lenmar battery....more info
  • Works like the Canon Branded version
    I bought two of this battery in July, 2008, now have used them for 5 months. I cannot tell the difference between this and the original Canon branded version - I always keep one in the camera, the other two fully charged. You'd be crazy not to get yourself a couple of these at this price. Canon : $37, or Lenmar 45-Cents? Uh, let me think........more info
  • Poor charge time
    Whereas I managed to use the original Canon batteries for a day of shooting (about 700 pictures), this Lenmar battery lasted less than half a day (about 300 pictures). I was incredibly disappointed with this battery, and have since purchased a replacement Canon battery, which works as well (as long) as the one that came with my camera.
    ...more info
  • Would Not Buy Again
    I purchased two because they were inexpensive and got fairly good reviews. However, I began having problems with them as soon as I got them. I charged fully in my Canon battery charger, and as soon as I inserted the first one in the camera, I began getting the message "Change Battery Pack". I can get rid of the error by removing and reinserting the battery, but that is not acceptable. Then one battery soon refused to take a charge. It believes it is charged after about 10 minutes in the charger. The company did quickly replace the battery, so that was nice.

    I'm also concerned that the batteries I received do not look like the one pictured. They do not have the LENMAR name on them anywhere....more info
  • Good Battery
    I was leary of this since these get mixed reviews but my battery works great in my camera. It is an upgrade from the battery that came with my cannon camera. I've recharged it maybe 10 times and I haven't seen any loss of charge yet. Worth the savings by this point....more info
  • As good as Canon Batteries
    This is as good as the original. Save yourself some money and get this as your 2nd battery, it's a no brainer....more info
  • Batting 500 with Lenmar
    I ordered two of these from Amazon. They arrived on time but only one would take and hold a charge. The defective battery would not charge at all. The Canon charger would simply blink. Amazon quickly sent a new battery for an exchange. The replacement works as expected. Maybe just my bad luck, but I've had better success rates with ultracheap Chinese battery clones (like <$4 a battery) from other dealers like Sterlingtek....more info
  • Great to have a 2nd battery, but not as much run-time
    This battery only lasts about 1/2 to 3/4 the standard stock battery that comes with the cannon. Of course it was less money, so I can't complain too much. Definitely worth having a backup, so you don't get stuck with one battery and not be able to take pics at that "moment". ...more info
  • Great replacement battery!
    I purchased this battery as a spare for my SD1100IS, and have taken it on a dive vacation using the camera and an underwater housing for scuba diving pics. Underwater photography involves heavy use of the LCD monitor and flash while underwater. The battery easily lasted through each two-tank dive outing plus some picture reviews on the boat, charged right up afterwards, and was ready to go for the next outing. ...more info
  • Superb ! Price is awesome and so is Lenmar version
    I did not feel I wanted to spend over $35-$40 for the Canon brand NB-4L replacement battery since my original Canon battery is over 4 years old and would give me the low battery warning at times when the camera was used in the cold in winter and for many flash shots at parties
    I found this at a Superb price on Amazon and I knew that Lenmar is a major provider of batteries to professional photographers for their monstrous strobes and studio equipment.
    I am totally please with the Lenmar abttery and the price on Amazon.
    The Lenmar DL-C4L charges perfectly in the original Canon charger that was included with my Canon SD-400 camera (long ago discontinued but still works great)
    Get one and you will also be happy.
    ...more info
  • Low Capacity
    The battery I purchased does not hold very much charge. It lasts about 25% of the time for the "Canon" brand battery. It could be that I got unlucky, but I suspect that it just is a cheaply made battery with bad manufacturing tolerances.

    ps: I do analysis of energy efficiency for consumer goods for a living, and have thought a lot about batteries. ...more info
  • As good as the original
    This battery lasts a long time, so far it holds its charge longer than the battery that came with the camera. I am so glad I got this battery, I never miss a picture with it....more info
  • Battery wasn't charged and won't charge!
    This battery would not turn the camera on, so I charged it in the charger that came with the camera and it still won't turn the camera on. I would return it but I don't have the original packaging. Don't buy one!...more info
  • Battery Would Not Charge
    I ordered this battery because it was about 1/3 of the price of the Canon OEM battery and it received good reviews by other Amazon customers. The battery unfortunately would not even take a charge. It is being sent back and I will likely stick with a Canon battery....more info
  • Best lithium-Ion deal around
    For the price you can't go wrong. A fraction of the cost charged by a camera manufacturer....more info
  • ugh! delivery!
    item is excellent. Delivery took 17 days! That is awful. if you are not in a hurry, great, but otherwise, shipping is awful....more info
  • Initial Impressions
    I purchased two of these on the basis of favorable comments. I have only tried one of them so far, and only one charge cycle.

    I charged one fully with the Canon charger and used it in my SD450. It's life seemed much shorter than my 2-year old Eveready battery and the Canon battery. I don't know if this is just this sample, will have to use it more and also the other sample, to see.

    If I recall, the instruction does say the battery should be charged and drained fully to get maximum capacity. I'll have to test to see if that's true here, but usually Li-Ion batteries like these do not benefit from such charge/discharge cycles.
    ...more info