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Leviton 6124H-W Leviton 6124H-W Decora LCD Timer Switch (24 Hour), White
List Price: $71.99

Our Price: $43.50

You Save: $28.49 (40%)


Product Description

24-HOUR ON/OFF SCHEDULING TIMER SWITCH 1200W INCANDESCENT, IN 30 MINUTE INTERVALS: The Leviton Decora LCD 24 Hour Timer Switch is ideal for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications including outdoor lighting, exhaust fans, attic fans, bathroom heat lamps, jacuzzi or hot tubs, pool motors, sprinklers, office lights, janitor closets, etc. Energy is saved with this Timer since lights or other types of loads will shut OFF automatically according to the setting on the Timer.

  • 24-Hour Programmable Timer
  • Ideal for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications including outdoor lighting, pools, motors, sprinklers, exhaust and attic fans, bathroom heat lamps, hot tubs and spas, whole-house exhaust fan scheduling, office lights, janitor closets, landscape and security lighting
  • Permits separate ON or OFF scheduling for half-hour periods of the day; ON/OFF manual control available by using button below display panel
  • Decora styling enhances any interior (NOTE: Cannot be used with Leviton Decora Plus Screwless Snap-On Wallplates)
  • Compatible With Electronic Ballasts

Customer Reviews:

  • The best, easiest to use timer around
    This is the best-looking and easiest to use timer switch that I've found. It is great for use on the light outside your front door, or to control back-yard lighting that isn't motion sensing.

    It has a large, pleasant LCD screen with two rows. The row on the left shows a.m. hours from 12 midnight to 11:30 a.m. in half hour increments. The row on the right shows the same for p.m. If the light is scheduled to turn on in that time slot, a black bar will show on the display in that space. The current time (to the nearest half hour) is shown by a dot that moves along the same rows.

    When the light turns on, a red LED turns on near the manual override switch. If you want to turn the light on or off at other times, just push the large manual override switch at the bottom (near the red LED).

    At the time I wrote this review, Amazon did not have a picture up, but the same item appears elsewhere on amazon with a picture, but the item lists as "not currently available"). While you should look at the picture befor you buy, I can tell you that it is a great looking switch....more info
  • Leviton LCD Wall Switch Timer
    This is the best and easiest timer to install, from wiring to setting. The price is about 25% to 30% higher than the rest, and that might deter some people from ordering. However, it does what it says it will do, and that's hard to beat these days....more info
  • Great Product!
    The Leviton LCD timer is a great product; however, the instructions are confusing. FIRST, remove the plastic film on the timer. SECOND, when setting the off and on settings, the solid black indicator must be filled in for EACH and EVERY half-hour segment from the start time to the time you want the timer to go off. I wasted a lot of time before I figured out these steps. I use the timer for my outdoor fluorescent spot lights and it works perfectly....more info
  • Leviton 6124 decora Lcd Timer switch
    I would recommend this switch to other buyers because it is easy to program and install, just keep in mind you need a Hot wire (black) a common wire (white) and a load wire (red) and a bare ground wire (typically a 14-3 or 12-3 with ground)It was installed in October and has been working flawlessly. ...more info
  • Very Nice
    Works great and very sleek looking, most of the other timers have that unsightly dial. This timer is digital with a indiglo screen, it looks space age.

    Instal is a cinch if you are familiar with your homes wiring (Hot wires, Neutral, Ground...)

    Enjoy...more info
  • The only timer you'll ever buy again
    This is the most accurate timer out there. the cheaper ones from Home Depot just don't seem to cut it in the long run. This timer is fairly expensive (and not any cheaper when buying online) but worth the cost....more info
  • Reliable
    This unit is dependable and reliable unlike the three Intermatic timers it replaces. Unlike the Intermatic which uses a battery and a tiny motor to switch the contacts, this unit is a 110 volt device which means it needs a neutral wire to function. Most light switch boxes don't have one so be prepared to add one if necessary. ...more info
  • set it and forget it
    Added this switch timer for my outside driveway light over the garage door. Very easy to adjust for on/off times as sunset gets earlier or later. Highly recommend....more info
  • You get what you pay for...
    I installed this and 2 Intermatic switches. One of the latter is beginning to fail already (doesn't always cycle the lights). This one was more $, but seems better designed. Unlike the Intermatics, it's also rated for compact fluorescents so you can save the extra cost over time if you use these. ...more info
  • Good Leviton quality part
    The only knock I can provide this timer switch is that it lacks some of the features of the competitors like randomizing on/off time and altering the schedule by day. This said, for our needs it is quite functional and easy to program and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I expect it to be working 2 years from now which is more than can be said for the competitors parts. It also doesn't take a AA battery and operate using a mechanical linkage which is how the competitor's works. Hopefully this simplicity will equate to reliability....more info
  • Easy to install, easy to use
    We use this for our outdoor lights. It's great to not have to worry about them whether we are here or not....more info
  • Exactly what I needed
    This product does exactly what I needed, and does it well. I replaced 2 standard wall switches with 2 of these switches to control exterior lights. The switches work well with compact fluorescent bulbs. Installation was easy, although it was a tight fit in one of the gang boxes. Programming the switch is not difficult, you just need to remember that you are indicating which half hour time blocks you want the light to be on (rather than programming on and off times). The switches have kept good time over the past 2 months, and have retained their programs when the power has been shut off. A downside is that the programming buttons are easily accessible and could be pressed/held by someone ... although this hasn't been an issue for me yet....more info