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Leatherman 81030003K Squirt S4 Inferno Multitool with Small Scissors
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Product Description

2.25 in. in size. Tools of stainless steel and handle of red anodized aluminum. Includes scissors, straight knife, extra-small screwdriver, medium screwdriver, small flat Phillips screwdriver, nail file/cleaner, bottle opener, key ring attachment, tweezers and ruler.

The Squirt folds down to a tight, easy-to-transport 2-1/4 inches.
Leatherman's Squirt S4: Small but Mighty

When it comes to convenience, it's tough to beat the Squirt S4. This multitool is ultra-compact, super tough, and it weighs just two ounces -- making it the perfect tool to pop into that backpack or slip into those slacks. And for such a tiny unit, the Squirt really packs a lot of tough, functional tools for any occasion. Take it on the road, stuff it into a pocket, throw it in the glove compartment, or take it camping. This little tool is ready to work or play.

Most of the tools are accessible from the outside for ease of operation, and the anodized aluminum handles offer rugged yet lightweight protection for decades of use. Micro-serrations help the scissors grip and cut even fine materials, and other features -- tweezers, knife, screwdrivers and more -- are all available without opening the tool. And at a mere 2-1/4 inches, this zippy little number does a great job of staying out of the way until you need it. A handy lanyard attachment hooks easily to a loop on your backpack or key ring.

Key User Features

The central feature of the Squirt, the scissors, is accessed by rotating the handles open in a quick, easy butterfly maneuver, and the blades can be lifted out of the handle using the nail nicks. Just rotate the blades out until they're fully extended. The Squirt's blades are 100-percent high-grade stainless steel, and it can be cleaned, dried, and re-oiled periodically -- which is recommended, especially after it's used in a damp environment.

The Squirt S4 also includes a 1-1/2-inch ruler. This is located on the back side of the nail file/cleaner, and it uses the tip of the blade as the zero point.

Small enough to stash anywhere, the Squirt has removable tweezers (Glacier Blue model depicted; this listing is for the Inferno Red model).

Expand your Squirt's capabilities with genuine Leatherman accessories like the Squirt protective sheath.

Multitool Capabilities:

  • Scissors
  • Straight knife
  • Tweezers
  • Extra small screwdriver
  • Medium screwdriver
  • Small flat Phillips screwdriver
  • Nail file/cleaner
  • Opener
  • Lanyard attachment
  • Ruler

Optional Accessories (not included)

Love your Squirt so much that you want to protect it? Check out the available black Squirt sleeve and other genuine Leatherman accessories.


All Leatherman products are covered by a 25-year limited warranty. If within 25 years from the purchase date of your genuine Leatherman tool you find any defect in material or workmanship, you can count on the manufacturer to make it right with fast warranty service. To obtain warranty service, return your tool to Leatherman Tool Group. Depending on the tool defect, they will decide whether to repair your tool or replace it with a product of equal or greater value. No variations, upgrades or refunds are offered.

The Leatherman Tool Group and its History of Quality

In 1975, Leatherman Tool Group founder Tim Leatherman was inspired by leaky pipes and a cranky car on a budget trip to Europe -- and thus the idea for his first pocket survival tool was conceived. Since then, Leatherman has become an internationally recognized company with hundreds of employees and a wide variety of durable, versatile, stylish products. Created with bold designs and truly rugged construction, Leatherman products are a perfect addition for tool kits, emergency sets, and glove compartments everywhere.

  • Multi-purpose tool with 10 implements; 25-year limited warranty
  • Spring-action scissors, straight knife, wire cutters, three screwdrivers, two files, a bottle/can opener, awl and other tools for a wide variety of applications
  • 2-1/4-inch frame, 2-ounce tool for unsurpassed compactness
  • Blades snap into place for optimal safety
  • Anodized aluminum exterior handles for maximum durability

Customer Reviews:

  • my husband loves this
    i got this for my husband for his birthday and he loves it. its actually the 2nd one he has owned (the first got confiscated at a political rally because he forgot to take it out of his pocket) i especially like the scissors that are big enough to actually be of use (unlike most pocket knives)...more info
  • Great little tool; bought it for the scissors
    I used to carry a Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife, but it eventually fell apart. I've had a other pocket knives since then, but the thing I missed most from the Swiss knife was the scissors. This Leatherman has it and is the luxury version of that knife. My two complaints are that it is twice as bulky as the Swiss knife and the knife blade is shaped funny. Most pocket knives have a relatively straight sharp edge and a slightly curved back. This is the opposite. A few times, I have turned it the wrong way and even put my thumb against what I thought was the back but was actually the sharp edge. No injuries so far, but it does annoy me. ...more info
  • nice product
    this mimi tool is beatufly made and has excellent functions for its size. i will shortly order another for a gift to someone who will appreciat it. thanks...more info
  • handy
    After buying a few of these as gifts, I decided to get one for myself. It's now the only knife that I carry. Because it's so small (e.g. small thin blades, small scissors, etc.), it's not as good at cutting as a larger knife, but it also isn't so heavy (like the larger leathermans) that it makes my pants fall down....more info
  • Use as keychain, indeed, so this is always with you
    I owned a PST II (stolen!), and now Supertool 2000, Blast, Wave, Micra, and this Squirt. Wave stays in the car, Supertool 2000 with my father, Blast at my apartment (or when travelling), Micra serves as my girlfriend's keychain, and this squirt as my keychain. I just replaced the small maglite which drains its battery too fast.

    Now, this arrangement makes this squirt the most used of my leathermans. There's always a paper, string, or cloth to cut and feels great when youre the one who produces the tool quickly to do it.

    Nail file is also quite usable, and the bottle opener does what it's supposed to do. (could leatherman have tried to include the can opener sharpness?)

    Buy one and use as a keychain. It will pay for itself. Very handy. ...more info
  • Squirt S4 - Never Leave Home Without It
    I always carry a small knife or multi-tool with me and I have tried many. However, the Leatherman Squirt S4 is the right tool for me. I especially like the scissors which I use almost every day. ...more info
  • Excellent little tool that I can no longer live without
    Very hi quality tool that I have been carrying in my pocket for almost 2 years now. I use it to open boxes, cut my finger nails, cut cuticles...and many other things. Careful cutting tough things though. Shortly after I got it I gauged out part of the scissor blades cutting a nylon tie. But I still used it for a solid year or more after that.

    I recently had to hand it over too security when entering a concert at Nokia theater in Times Square....ridiculous. i wanted to gauge the guys eyes out!! I must get a new one!! I'm carrying around a Swiss Army Card right now, but it's not even close to the same....more info