NETGEAR WPN824 RangeMax Wireless Router
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Product Description

The WPN824 RangeMax MIMO-G Wireless Broadband Router gives wireless network users better connectivity. As computers become a more integral part of life, you want the best possible home computing environment. When you set up a wireless network you'll find that Internet connections will fade in and out in spots -- or even drops off completely. The RangeMax Router puts an end to that, giving your the freedom to work and play online, anywhere in the house. Time-based usage controls, Web logging, remote management and URL content filtering Auto-sensing RJ-45 10/100 4 port Ethernet switch with half & full duplex support

The NETGEAR WPN824 RangeMax Wireless Router offers:
  • Advanced MIMO technology that delivers greater speed and range compared to standard 802.11g
  • Enhanced security with support for WPA 128-bit WEP encryption
  • Backwards compatibility with 802.11b networks
The NETGEAR WPN824 RangeMax Wireless Router lets you easily set up a wireless network in your home so you can share a single internet connection with everyone in your household or office at speeds up to 108 Mbps. Using MIMO technology, the access point offers superior range and eliminates "dead spots" in your home or office.

The WPN824 has an elegant design with no unsightly antennas. View larger.
Beautiful Design and Easy Setup
The WPN824 is a very attractive unit with a white exterior and rounded edges. An included plastic stand lets you stand the router on its edge to take up less space. Since the antennas are built in, there are no protrusions extending out of the case, maintaining a clean, elegant form factor. A vertical stand is included for more placement options.

The WPN824 makes it easy for even a novice to set up a wireless network: just plug the included Ethernet cable from your DSL modem, cable modem, or other network connection into the router. An installation wizard guides you through the setup process step-by-step.

The WPN824 employs a web-based interface for configuration, and the router will automatically do the initial setup by getting your DNS settings and determining your IP address. The firmware is also upgradeable via the web interface so you can be sure your router will always be up-to-date.

Fast and Secure
The WPN824 supports the 802.11g standard but extends it with Smart MIMO technology that incorporates intelligent internal antennas, allowing it to detect interference from home devices such as microwaves, and adjusting itself accordingly. The upshot is speeds up to 108 Mbps with a longer range and a lack of "dead zones" in your home. When used with NETGEAR's adapters, it can provide up to 500,00 square feet of uninterrupted coverage. You will see the difference when you download music, stream video, or make internet telephone calls. If you still have computers that use 802.11b, don't fret as the router is backwards compatible with the older wireless standard and can be set so all your computers can connect to the network and the WGR614 will automatically figure out the connection type and work accordingly.

Smart MIMO technology automatically adapts for interference from devices such as cordless phones and microwaves.

In addition to wireless access, there are four 10/100 Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet ports in the back for connecting computers to the network via a fast wired connection.

The WPN824 offers many security options to ensure your data is private. Double firewall protection keeps your network shielded from outside attacks and Network Address Translation (NAT) hides your PCs and files from outside snoopers. To ensure the security of your wireless data, both 40/64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption is available, as well as WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). You can also use MAC address authentication to allow only authorized users onto the network and Wireless Access Control (SSID) to identify authorized wireless network devices.

Keep Tabs on Kids
This router is an especially good choice for parents as it allows settings to log all sites that are visited, lets you block specific sites based on whether it contains specific keywords, and lets you set time schedules for certain computers to work.

The NETGEAR WPN824 RangeMax Wireless Router is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
WPN824 RangeMax Wireless Router, power adapter, Ethernet cable, setup guide, setup CD, vertical stand, warranty/support information card.

  • RangeMax router offers an easy way to set up a network with wired and high-speed wireless connections with extended range
  • Delivers up to 108 Mbps of wireless throughput with enhanced range
  • Four 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet ports with auto-sensing technology
  • Enhanced security includes a double firewall, WPA and 128-bit WEP encryption, and parental control over website access
  • Device measures 8.8 x 1.2 x 6.0 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent router
    I have three of these at various locations, they replaced D-Link and Linksys products. These units are easy to set up and maintain, have excellent range and signal strength, and are the best on the market as far as I'm concerned....more info
  • Dependable, A+ range, B+ speed, sounds like a nice report card
    The Netgear WPN824 is by far the best non-N router i have used, ever!
    This router handles alot of traffic for my apartment. Our apartment is three bedrooms and 4 other rooms. We operate 2 xbox 360's and three heavily used laptops on a 10mpbs connection. The netgear does an amazing job keeping up. We can get wireless at 4 or 5 bars on our back deck about 70 feet away from the router through 4 walls, 1 brick. I can watch live MLB games while grilling on the deck.
    Past routers:
    Linksys G
    DIR-655 (great N router till i spilled on it )
    My report card

    Range A+
    Speed B+
    Cost A-
    Security B+
    Hardware C

    The hardware is ok but the blue light gets annoying so i turned it off....the shell is ok and personally i 3M taped it to my desk to ensure it stays put. Overall one solid performing router for any medium sized home down. Works great for beginners and advanced users with all types of needs. ...more info
  • Best of the best!
    I am very impressed with this router. It works well. Far better than the Apple Airport that we were using. It is easy to install and has superior firewall technology. We can pick up signals on all three floors and streaming video and voice is excellent. This is by far the best wireless router that I've ever used. One of our adapters is a Netgear 108Mbps PCI adapter and the other is a USB adapter plugged into a laptop. Over the years I have tried at least 20 different routers (mostly Linksys and D-Link) and this is the one that we are planning to keep as long as it works. The lighting scheme is nice to look at with the lights off. Netgear really did it this time. ...more info
  • Netgear WPN824 Wireless Router
    Quick delivery, good price, easy to set up, works like a hose. Very satisfied....more info
  • Great Router
    I had a wireless G router and two access points in a 4500 square foot house. This router replaced the old one and both access points and provides wonderful coverage anywhere inside. I also have a wireless print server with a slingbox on this network and all work just great. You must follow the setup instructions. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Hard to install but worth the purchase after getting help
    This is a great product for a large home. I am not technology savy so I needed help with the installation. This is a product for a large space. It was also an excellent price compared to Circuit City and other local retail stores. Works well in my large 1924 home with plaster walls. ...more info
  • Its works well up to a point
    I purchased this router as an "open box" item about 16 months ago (paid $28. It has worked well since I installed it and turned off those annoying lights. I have 2 PCs and a MAC hardwired and 2 PCs plus a cell phone connected via wireless. I have always kept the firmware up to date and have to deal with an occasional router reboot. I work mostly from home using VPN and have found this router to be pretty good. Just don't don't use the wizard if you know how to implement what you need. I have a 3000+ sf house and can access my wireless router from any room.

    I added wireless access control by mac address and did notice some problems as my access list grew to about 10. But after backing down the access list number to 8, I haven't had any problems and haven't caught my neighbors kids piggybacking on my network. Port forwarding didn't work reliably so I moved my VOIP device outside of my home network.

    I am retiring this model though as one cannot expect commodity hardware and software to last more than 1 1/2 - 2 years. I have purchased a Dlink DIR-655 as a replacement because the newer Netgear routers have less than stellar reviews. ...more info
  • good
    Easy to setup will take a few minutes and works great. I have it set up to be wired to my desktop and transmit wireless for my laptop. There is a button on the rear that turns off the neat but bright blue lights of the system in case the lights get too annoying. On two occasions my wireless signal was not being accepted by my laptop. I think it was my cordless phone (2.4ghz) which is close to the router and might interfere with wireless connection.

    Overall a great product setup took a few minutes and the secure wireless set up was straight forward and not too complicated like other routers.

    ...more info
  • excellent router
    This is an excellent router, easy set up and works wonderfully. No problems what so ever. I purchased the extended warranty from netgear cheap. I just put in the disk answered a few questions and it was ready to go. It has excellent range and power. For the price it is a wonderful way to wireless network your home. I live in an all metal trailer without any interference. ...more info
  • Technical Support Stinks!
    I just bought this product. I could NOT get it to install on my computer...I finally broke down and called customer support. Ugh.

    I had a very hard time understanding the person on the other end of the phone. The accent is very thick. It was a test of my patience! The call took longer than it should have because of me constantly having to ask, "pardon me? Excuse me? Could you repeat that?"

    The product itself? Not sure yet. I finally (!!) got it installed. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    This router seemed like a good idea originally but it turned out to be pretty worthless! The range on this thing can hardly be called MAX. I could not get a decent signal from this thing unless I was in the same room as it. If you are not in the same room as it (which is usually the case with wireless devices) you will get a weakened signal that is constantly dropped. Despite all this, I stuck with this garbage for a couple years, thinking that it was just my walls or interference. But over time it all got worse and worse until a couple weeks ago it was NOT EVEN CAPABLE OF FORWARDING PORTS IF AIM WAS RUNNING.
    This miserable disaster of a router was not helped at all by Netgear support either. On their recommendation I downloaded and installed the latest firmware, which did not solve anything. In fact, over the years I updated the firmware several times in hopes that it would improve and it usually had a negative impact. In one case, the latest firmware even rendered the router totally non-functional and I had to roll it back. This is shameful, Netgear! I am only giving this 2 stars as it didn't explode or anything and it did provide a passable wireless signal for me for a couple years. Definitely not worth the money they charge for this thing though. Please do not punish yourselves like I did and steer clear of this router. It will only cause you pain. I now have a Linksys WRT610N and it is about 1000x better in range, stability, compatibility, and ease of use. Goodbye forever Netgear!...more info
  • It works, and fine
    I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm no idiot. At the same time, I'm simply uninterested in home intellectual curiosity whatsoever. Therefore, even after I purchased this puppy, I let it fester in the box for a year or so because I just didn't want to deal with upgrading from a 1st generation Netgear Wireless Router. Mistake! Easy to install, and never ever ever ever a drop off. I guess it was after I had AT&T to my house for a third time that I figured that (duh!!!) maybe they weren't to blame. This has been on the market for awhile and may not be the latest technology, but it's your basic workhouse router. One point deducted cuz I can't get no signal in me garage. But I'm quite happy with this product....more info
  • Works wonderfully... when it works
    My Netgear is 3 weeks old. I purchased it for two main reasons. The SPI (stateful packet inspection) feature and the logging feature... where it automatically logs all web sites visited by the computers on the network (my kids) . It also sends logs to a designated email address. This allows me to review what website they went to. I could have easily used the site blocking feature on the router, but chose not to.

    The router is extremely easy to set up. Even mac address filtering was very simple. The wireless signal was very strong, allowing my laptop to work from my neighbor's patio. The router worked for about 6 days straight without incident. Then, every day when I would arrive home from work, the router had crashed, and my family would not have internet access while I was at work. Every time, a simply unplug of power, wait 30 seconds and plug power back in and router was fine for the evening. This happened for about 10 days straight.

    To insure it was the router and not my cable modem, I removed the Netgear and installed my old Belkin router, and it work flawlessly for the next four days. The Belkin did not offer the logging and site blocking features the Netgear offered. I re-installed the Netgear and again, every day it crashed and everyday I had to reboot it when arriving home.

    Emails to their overseas tech support brought solution suggestions that did not address the issues I had enetered on their support website. They finally said to call their tech support. I called. Three straight evenings of try this and that, then try downloading new firmware then reset default values.. Hours of my time, but nothing would work. They finally said to RMA it... but at my shipping expense and a total delay of over two weeks without the product.. or, I could pay 16.95 for expedited service for a product that did not work. I refused to pay expedited shipping when their product was at fault. Had they paid I would have used the RMA. Instead, back to the big box store it goes.

    I have had other Netgear routers twice before many years ago. Their products, I felt, used to be superior. Now their product quality and overseas tech support is abysmal. I assure you...its replacement will no longer bear the Netgear name.
    ...more info
  • Do Not Buy this router if you want to do port forwarding!
    I have this router for less than one week, and found trouble with the port forwarding, then I searched the internet, found several forums have lots of complains about the same issue, there is no fix firmware available from netgear site. the problem is, after you set up the port forwarding, the records would be saved, then after a few hours, or even mintutes, you will find the forwarding suddenly disappear, you go check the setting, found the saved forwarding records' gone. then you try to re-create again, you receive conflicts of the service... at this point, you have no choice, you have to re-set the router and do it over again, but the chance is, it will happen again. If you don't do the port forwarding, you will be fine, this router has better signal strenght, and better range, I compared with D-Link, Linksys and Airlink routers, this WPN624 wins the game!...more info
  • Great wifi router
    Works great. My connection speed is much faster. Definitely worth buying as an upgrade....more info
  • Worked for 18 months, then firmware problems
    Update: 1 day after I wrote this, Netgear sent me a firmware fix that corrected the problems and it all works fine now. Although I did not appreciate being blown off like that the 1st time, I am pleased they fixed it. Not sure if coincidence or they read these (last contact from them blowing me off was March 18). So, I am tentatively a fan of Netgear again.

    I bought this about 2 years ago. It worked perfectly until about 6 months ago. I use MAC filtering. I added one more address and it crashed. It crashed each time I tried to boot it. I was forced to reset to manu settings. Now, I cannot add MAC filtering and other Firmware features are broken. I made sure I have the latest firmware and all. The Netgear support people (India) were pretty hopeless (ignoring what I was telling them and repeating instructions on what I said I did already). I finally got a 2nd tier support person, who 1st chastised me for being off warranty and then said there was nothing they could do and to buy another one. Sigh.
    I have had good luck with D-link until about a year ago. I had two D-Link USB Wireless sticks die in under a year. I see so many other people have similar issues that I am moving to Belkin.
    I note that Linksys was like this - they were great and then they grew and the products turned to garbage. Since Cisco bought them, they seem even worse.
    If you buy this, consider that it may be only about a 1 to 2 year life....more info
  • Here's Blinking at You
    Four stars for now. I only just got the WPN824 version 2 from a flea market for $10.00, so I can't complain about it. I didn't have the CD so worked through the router's log-in web page and made my settings there. Firmware, software, and manuals are available from the Netgear site.

    So far, so good. I run three wired computers (1 PC and two Mac's) and one wireless laptop. Setting up the router via its Web page was straightforward and there are explanatory notes alongside each option.

    I agree with other reviewers that the flashing dome lights are unnecessary and idiotic. However, a button on the back of the unit, deceptively crafted like a power on/off switch, will turn off that particular irritating function.
    ...more info
  • Exactly what we needed!
    I live in a 1500 sq foot apartment, and since the Internet setup there is setup very poorly, I was forced to put the router in the master closet. I am still able to get it in every corner of the place, outside the front door and even the balcony. It is an attractive router with nice optional blue LED display. It was incredibly easy to setup and I am sure anyone that is at all tech savvy will feel the same. I would reccomend this to anyone! The range max technology is exactly what a lived in house or apartment needs....more info
  • Get's the job done
    So in typical networking fashion the router isn't any easier to setup than any other router out there. However, once its up and running, the range and speed for the price cannot be beat. Its the mid-size sedan category of wireless routers. Rarely reboots and looks pretty cool on your desk...check out all the postings on Youtube. If you don't like the lights, you can turn them off.

    Port pass-thru options are available if you're a more advanced user and I don't believe there are any major incompatibilities with any interet based software. Using a passphrase for encryption is much nicer than using a hexidecimal code for WEP...and you can move up to WPA if desired. Overall, a faithful, reliable router.
    ...more info
  • 5/5 for Xbox 360
    I originally bought a Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router which worked great with my Xbox 360 when then the router and 360 were a mere 20 feet from each other with only one wall in between. Then I moved my 360 down to the basement and the WRT54G only got one bar and was dropping connection which is bad when trying to win online. So I upgraded to the Netgear WPN824 router and have three out of four bars when the Linksys could only get one. I have had the Netgear WPN824 router for over five months and not one dropped connection while playing online. I do turn off the router occasionally at night because it seems if you leave it on for weeks you have to reboot it. The setup cd does not work so don't even try using it. I didn't listen to the other reviews about the cd and struggled and gave up and was about to return this but then turned to others advice and used the advanced setup it took a couple of minutes. ...more info
  • Great home router for the price.
    I have had this router for about 2 years now(version 2). It is still working great.
    What I like:
    smooth setup, easy to configure, decent speed and reliability. (has a record up time of up to 40 days!!!! that's a lot for a consumer grade router.)

    What I don't like:
    port forwarding is kinda useless, slow to respond causing conflict sometimes.
    Wireless signal are not so great with multiple devices connected at the same time.

    I have 2 desktops, 1 laptop, PS3, Wii and iPhone connected to it most of the time....more info
  • It's Not Working
    Purchased product to use with laptop and video gaming system. Have gone through installation process twice and it's not working. At this point, I am unsatisfied but have not taken time to seek technical assistance....more info
  • Seems to overheat...or something
    Easy setup, and good range.

    However, the unit seems to overheat or, for whatever reason, will stop working without warning once a month or so. I haven't figured out what causes it, but I have to unplug it for a few minutes and then restart it.

    Also, the flashing blue lights are INCREDIBLY annoying. I haven't figured out how to shut them off....more info
  • Great router; no problems in almost three years
    I've had this router now for almost three years, and it's still working perfectly. It was very easy to set up and has not required anything from me since I first set up the security. The interface for the router has help that automatically shows for each item on whichever screen you are on, with links to more help if needed. Many times my ISP has tried to claim that a problem with my Internet must be something to do with my router; it always turned out to be a problem with the ISP's modem or service, never this router.

    Also, the range on it is wonderful. We originally got this because we were temporarily living in a 2-story apartment from which I could not even make a cell phone call while inside; all signals seem to be unable to go through the walls. Although we never achieved a fast network in that apartment, this router was the first one we bought that successfully carried the signal from upstairs, where the modem had to be, to the laptop and Xbox 360 downstairs. When we moved, we simply plugged everything back in the way it was originally and it continued working flawlessly.

    The blue lights can be turned off, by the way, if they annoy you. That is only an aesthetic feature....more info
  • The Best
    I was expecting trouble installing a wireless. It was 1,2,3 and it was done. Very good producet. No trouble at all. The DVD did the job....more info
  • Works for me
    I have had eight months of trouble free service from this product, after an absolute nightmare with a Linksys router. My version lets me turn off the lights, which suggests that they are just unnecessary eye candy incorporated into the price, so a four instead of a five. Overall, a good product....more info
  • Great Router, real fast, extreme range
    This router is great, the range is unbelievable and the speed at any given range is great. The LEDs that blink also have an off switch so you don't get annoyed by them when you sleep if you live in a dorm room....more info
  • Excellent router for the money
    I have worked with Buffalo, Linksys, and Netgear wireless routers extensively, and so far, this one is my favorite. It's extremely easy to set up using the web-based installation tool. When you login, it asks each time if you would like to check for updated firmware. It can also be easily configured as an access point by following the directions on the Netgear website at [...]

    I have not had to reset this router since powering it on for the first time, which was about 6 months ago. I personally think that the blue lights indicating which of the 7 antennas are active are cool, but I am easily amused......more info
  • Wireless Router
    This router has been phenomenal in our medical office.
    We have wireless tablets that we use when going into exam rooms and the router has not failed us!
    Excellent product for a small business like ours....more info
  • netgear wpn824 rangemax wireless router
    i had been using a cheap low end router for our home and my son moved back home and insisted we hook his up because he has an xbox gaming system and needed a faster speed router. when he took his to a friends for a few days and we hooked ours back up the game sites i went to and the places my husband visited on his went back to lagging and freezing and booting him that we decided to order the same 1 because we could not live without the speed and quality of this router. it is great for handling or needs. and we have cable internet so if you are going to need a router this is great little piece of equipment. does a great job.
    a very happy customer here....more info