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Saitek Eclipse Keyboard ( PZ30AU )
List Price: $59.95

Our Price: $31.79

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Product Description

Perhaps the best gaming keyboard on the market the Eclipse PC keyboard features patented TrueVu key illumination for use in any light, from day to dark Low-profile streamlined design Includes a backlight brightness adjustment button USB connector Works with - Windows 98/2000/XP/NT/ME Lighting is suited for dim-light to no-light applications Adjustable wrist rest

  • Black finish and silver keys with laser cut lettering for true illumination through the keys!
  • Zero-slope design and adjustable wrist rest for ergonomic comfort.
  • Three lighting levels, volume control and mute buttons.
  • 104 key keyboard
  • Plug and Play USB Design. Windows 98, SE, ME, 2000 and XP compatible.

Customer Reviews:

  • OK Keyboard
    Purchased this product for it's lighted keyboard effect. That works great. The keyboard itself is average in it's functionality and appearance....more info
  • WOW... silky smooth keys, quiet, a standout
    Among giants like Microsoft and Logitech, this keyboard is a standout - a sure winner for me. Silky smooth key action, quiet. Lights up soft blue, just right. I had friends use my computer and they became instant fans of Saitek. I owned sets of very expensive MS and L keyboards before: wireless, flat, latest gimmicks... truthfully, this is the best of them all....more info
  • Nice Keyboard
    I'm an occasional gamer and a two fingered typist.
    Nice uncluttered keyboard with the only additional keys being the very handy volume controls and the backlight brightness button.
    The keys give just the right amount of resistance.
    The backlight feature I have not found much use for as the light from the monitor is usually enough and the black on silver key design is a pretty good contrast. I think there must be some quality issues concerning the backlight and key readability. Some say it's great and some not. In my case I found that you can only get the best affect when looking directly down on the keys. Even then, keys with multiple lettering appear not evenly lit. For example the "Ba" and "sp" on the Back Space key are quite bright but the rest is half the brightness. The numeric keyboard suffers from this also. Luckily I don't really need the backlight but it is cool looking.
    I'm not a touch typist so I don't know what the best position is for real typing. It does seem that the only time the wrist rest has any affect is when the keyboard is flat or raised with the feet. All the keyboards I've owned so far have sloped up towards the back. This lays virtually flat even with the rear feet extended. I finished up adding one inch high blocks under the feet to bring it up to the position similar to my old keyboards. It makes the wrist rest useless but thats just the way I'm used to using it.
    This is the first black keyboard I have had. Maybe it is because of the color that I notice that this is a dust magnet. I didn't realize how much **@# is floating around my room :-) No sooner you dust it off the stuff is back! Instead of buying one of those expensive ionizing air cleaners you could probably just hang a couple of these up and get just as good results. Maybe they should show this as a feature :-) ...more info
  • A solid keyboard
    A solid keyboard. The keyboard stays put with the oversized soft rubber pads. This contributes dearly to the feel of the keyboard. Solid. You pretty much have to lift the keyboard to re-position it when it's not in the raised position and all four pads are on the desk.

    The lighting of the keys, unlike a couple reviews I've read, is uniform. The one exception to this is the keys that have two lines of writing on them. For instance the Scroll Lock, Number Keys (both the key pad and the top row of number keys), Page Down keys etc. are not lit evenly. Actually I found that I really don't need the keys lit up. My keyboard is in front of my moniter. The light from the moniter reflects off the keyboard. With the silver keys and the the dark laser cut letters the reflection contrasts ideally off the keys making it appear that the keys are white and the letters are black.

    I also read of an issue where the keys were loosing their silver coating making the letters hard to read. I've only had this keyboard a couple of months and have not found this to be the case as of yet. Having said that, I use the keyboard for typing, not for gaming where one would continuously hit the same key over and over again. As this is a "basic" keyboard, not specifically geared towards gamers, I suspect this would not be an issue.

    I could only come up with 2 insignificant drawbacks with this unit. The 3 led indicator lights at the top of the keyboard for the Number Lock, Cap Lock and the Scroll Lock are a bit bright. (A black magic marker dimmed those lights quite well). Also, the Volumn and Light Intensity buttons could use an indicator light of somekind. In my case, this is not an issue. I don't use the volumn buttons once they were set and the Light intensity button is at the top right of the keyboard where I use the Minus key for a reference.

    I would recommend this keyboard for anybody who needs to see the keys in the dark....more info
  • Saitek Keyboard
    Love this keyboard, had it for over a year. Always on blue hasn't gone out yet, red purple and off are the other options. Very ergonomic, lots of use still looks new....more info
  • Perfect for those late-night programming sessions!!
    Ever find yourself unable to sleep and feel like browsing the web or getting some work done on the computer but can't turn the lights up for fear of disturbing someone else? This keyboard is for you.

    Perfect for anyone who wishes to do their computing in the dark or are forced to work on a computer in low-lighting conditions.

    This piece of hardware is solidly constructed with a nice, long USB cord to allow for flexibility of placement. Offering 3 brightness levels and some shortcut keys for volume control.

    Not exactly a feature-rich keyboard. However, if you are simply looking for an inexpensive keyboard that has backlighting, your search is over. This model only has one color (blue) unlike the more expensive Saitek model that sports 3 colors. But again, if you want a backlit keyboard with minimal frills, check this unit out....more info
  • Silky smooth keyboard
    I upgraded to this Saitek from an ancient Microsoft wireless keyboard that I had pretty much worn out. It's safe to say this is one of the nicest (if not the nicest) keyboard I've ever owned. Those complaining about the materials it is made of are being a little silly; the only part of the keyboard that isn't first rate is the plastic parts that attach the wrist support of the keyboard.

    The back lighting is great and very useful in a dimly lit environment. It is on the bright side, with settings which could be described as very bright, and very, very bright.

    This is a very long keyboard and perfect for someone like me with larger fingers. It is very nice to not have to be super precise all the time. I also really like the slightly concave surfaces of the keys themselves. They feel perfect under my fingertips and require exactly the right amount of pressure.

    The keyboard does not have all kinds of gizmo buttons (volume control, web page star page, etc.) but you can bind the keys anyway you like and set up macros for specific functions which is pretty useful.

    I've owned a few other Saitek products (joy sticks) and they have all performed admirably. I've been using this keyboard for about 4 months and love it so far. It is well made, solid, nicely designed, the baclighting works great, and the buttons are perfectly sized. I'm impressed. ...more info
  • Simple, superior performance
    First off, the blue LED lighting is a nice touch. It makes this keyboard one of the most simple, yet attractive wired models out on the market.
    The keys are very sturdy, while not perfectly silent, they make less noise than most.
    The spacebar is the right size for any gamer.
    The only extra options are for sound and to turn the LEDs down or off. It could use some extra features, but at this price it's hard to ask for more.

    Highly recommend!...more info
  • Awesome Keyboard.
    Well, own this keyboard for about 3 weeks now, no problem occur. If you are in the dark place the light does not bother you eyes plus there is 2 settings brighter and brightener, and of course off. I haven't experience the letter on the keyboard got smears yet, but I will come back for review in about a year or so....more info
  • Good keyboard, no thrills.
    This keyboard has worked well for over a month, silent, back-lit, not much else to say. The back-light color is not overly bright with the monitor on, but keys are well lit, even in daylighting. This is by no means a gamer's keyboard as it has no bells or whistles other than the led back lighting, but it is what I was looking for....more info
  • works awesome in the dark!
    This keyboard is all I ever wanted for use early in the morning or the dark of the evening! No more bright lamps, can easily find the keys in total darkness which is great for gaming or web surfing. Has 3 settings: bright blue (which my dog likes for it makes him more of a blue merle) lighter blue(which i like) and no blue light at all! Keys are very quiet and well made also!...more info
  • Poor support
    I purchased this keyboard in January, and at first liked it quite a bit. The backlighting is accomplished by painting the keys silver, and leaving the letters bare so it shines through each letter. Unfortunately, within about a month one of the keys (A) had the paint so worn off as to be unreadable. This has since spread to 5 other keys, making it a mess to look at, and making the backlight worthless.
    Contacted the parent company (Saitek in the UK), who referred me to their US counterpart, Madkatz. I've contacted them three times for either replacement keys or a replacement keyboard, to no avail. They claim everything from "we don't have keys" to "we will send replacements right out", and they never do.

    Do not buy. You will regret the expenditure as soon as the keys begin to wear, and they will not back up their product. Very dissatisfied. ...more info
  • Keyboard Saitek review
    The keyboard is nice and it helps alot to see the keys when there lit up as your eyes get older it's harder to see the keyboards if not in well lit room. Everything is great about it except that some of the upper row of keys don't light up completely so there hard to distinguish what they are sometimes. Recommend this keyboard. ...more info
  • worked for 3 months
    Very excited when i first got this keyboard, and it worked good for 3 months. After the 3 months the (h) key started to repeat when i only pressed it once, then 2 keys, then a key or two would stop working and i would have to press them harder. I keep a clean work area , and do not keep food or drink near the computer. I went back to using my old keyboard that came with my original emachines pc, and this keyboard is now over 5 years old....more info
  • Amazing
    Key strokes are perfect not too long and not too short. Though a little louder then say your average run of the mill default keyboard its got a nice sound that lets you know you have hit the key. The build quality is excellent and feels as though i could throw it and it wouldn't break. Though there are only 3 media buttons (sound up/down and mute) thats all any real computer needs. And the back light is perfect. in pitch black conditions its more then bright enough to see every key crystal clear. Even in fully lit conditions the back light is bright enough to make the keys seen. My friend has a G15, which i use all the time, and i prefer this keyboard. Better key feel, smaller more convinient and 1/2 the cost. Its perfect....more info
  • Exceeded my expectations
    a great keyboard. I really hate the new cramped and flimsy keyboards that dominate the marketplace. I have a few old ps2 IBM keyboards that are built like tanks. They will outlast all my computers. However, I have a newer machine without a ps2 port. This keyboard is responsive and beefy unlike most of the trash on the market. I'm not a gamer but it's a great board nonetheless....more info
  • Nice Simple Keyboard
    I bought this keyboard to upgrade from a microsoft photo keyboard and I am NOT disapointed. I like wired products over wireless due to no having battries die on you wile gaming. The back light is very nice and great in a dark room. only down side is that at a 30 degree viewing angle you cant read the keys but at 45 degrees its perfect. The dim setting on the keyboard is kinda pointless cause its just too dim to see but on the max setting its just right. The keys are nice and responsive with out and delay or sticking.

    Purchase and you wont be disapointed...more info
  • Love the feel of it but the keys wore off in 3 weeks
    As others have said, the keys wear down on this way too fast. I've only had mine a few weeks, and the E is already one big blob of blue... and the T isn't far behind. I'm terribly disappointed because other than that I absolutely LOVE this keyboard. The touch is super smooth - and the blue lights make working in the dark downright fun.

    Thankfully I don't have to look at the keyboard much ;)...more info
  • Good Keyboard
    This keyboard is good value for the price. You can get much more advanced ones if you feel like paying more. The blue backlighting is helpful for when the lights are off and you need to see the keys (the lighting doesn't spread 100% evenly across all keys, but it does the job). The keys are quiet and respond well, and the attached wrist guard is helpful. The keyboard has a low rising angle from the front to back, which allows it to easily fit into any keyboard slots our mountings that a computer desk might have. As long as it lasts, I will keep it until I feel the need to upgrade to something more advanced. ...more info
  • Good blue lights but finish is not as good as I had expected
    I bought this product because I needed a USB keyboard. I really like the blue lights since I like working in the dark but the other components are of poor quality. By that I mean the keys and rest pad, the stuff you 'touch'. They don't feel all that rigid nor do they feel a punch. The rest pad is all plastic no soft cushions or surface finishing.

    Great looking keyboard but the touching aspect is a bit lacking.

    Sorry, was expecting too much for $34 bucks....more info
  • Smudging keys, hard see keys unless it is dark
    My keys are pretty smudged, at the moment, the A,S,D,E,C,V,B,N,L,LEFT SHIFT,and space bar are barely readable. Also unless you are in a very dark room, the keys are easier to read with the LED turned off. As for operations, it works fine, no bad keys, no erratic behavior. This is why it pains me to get a new keyboard, but I can't take it anymore. I will probably keep it as a backup keyboard....more info
  • Lighted Keyboard?
    I love my keyboard!! It is lighted from the back, and I can see it in my low-light conditions!!! My computer is in the living room, and my light bothers everyone, so when I found this, I just had to have it!!! It is great! It has 2 levels, and an off switch, which isn't listed in the description!!! I have recommended it to quite a few people. Does exactly what I needed it to do!
    ...more info