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Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Masks - set of 2
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Product Description

Pillowy soft velour, cotton and padding soothe tired eyes, block light and stay in place with adjustable elastic straps.

  • Light blocking fabric and cushioned padding soothe tired eyes
  • Adjustable elastic straps keep mask in place
  • Hand washable with mild soap and water

Customer Reviews:

  • So Comfortable!
    Very luxurious feeling at a price that doesn't hurt your wallet. The mask completely blocks out all light, which was a very important factor in making my purchase....more info
  • A great night's sleep - I'm hooked!
    When I first put on the mask the roll-like cushion was a little weird because I'd never worn one that didn't sit on my eyes. One night sleeping with it on was all it took to put my uncertainty to rest. Not having fabric pressing into my eyelids felt so naturally comfy and the cushion also helps block out stray light that tends to sneak under the flat masks. I could stand a thinner strap... the one it has is about a finger's width so it's secure but pushes down on my ears a bit when the mask is in the right position on my face. The plastic clasp is lightweight and thin. I could feel it when I laid on it before I fell asleep but it didn't hurt at all and didn't keep me awake either - and I'm a light sleeper. I'm addicted to this mask. I gave the spare to a friend but now my kids lost mine so I'm buying another 2-pack with plans to stash the 2nd for "just in case". A real great buy!...more info
  • Comfortable eye masks that work!
    These eye masks work great. They block out much of the light allowing me to sleep on those days that that I have had to work third shift the night before. In fact, I find myself using them every day now!...more info
  • I thought I woke up blind one morning!
    These night shades are so comfy and dark that I thought I woke up blind one morning! Seriously, these are very comfortable, well made night shades and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They have an adjustable strap which is really nice for all of those 'toss n turn' type people. They also have a cushy roll that runs along the bottom of the shades to lift the shade off of the eyelids but still keep a tight seal. The best ones I have used so far!...more info
  • zzzzz...Slept like a baby!
    Light bothers my eyes, go figure. So I ordered these eye masks for my occasional afternoon nap. I sleep on my back, so I was looking for an eye mask without that annoying bump in the back - natch. This one fits the bill perfectly, I almost slept through dinner! Luckily my husband was cooking that night (what a guy)- sorry ladies, I didn't get him from :) ...more info
  • Great mask!
    I bought this mask for a cross country trip, but now I sleep with it every night. I find it very comfortable. Nothing gets hung in my hair and it does not press against my eyelids. A little light does get in around the bridge of my nose....more info
  • Great for a nap
    Very soft, the most comfortable mask I ever used. Just fabulous for a nap, or even for sleeping. ...more info