VillaWare V2002 UNO Belgian Waffler - Round
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Non stick coating makes clean up easy. The extra thick grids and generous spill trough keep overflows to a minimum. A cord wrap allows for easy storage without tangles. Made of die cast aluminum. The UNO Belgian Waffler, makes 7 1/2" round waffles that are 1 1/4" thick. 1000 watts of power. 7 setting browning control with on / off and ready light to let you know when the waffles are ready to eat.

  • 1000 watts of power
  • 7 setting browning control
  • On / off and ready to bake lights
  • Non stick coating
  • Cord wrap

Customer Reviews:

  • Best one yet
    Over many years have used lots of different waffle makers. This one tops the list for ease of use quick cleanup and easy storage.
    Makes great waffles too!!
    ...more info
  • greast waffle maker
    This waffle maker may cost alittle more than most, it's very strudy and also has a pretty cool design, but is worth the price. It tells you when it's ready and when it's done. It passed the taste test this weeekend when my son had a sleep over, had four hungary boys over used my waffle maker, not only were the waffle's great they were done in no time. Thank's this product is the best, cindy...more info
  • Not impressed
    This was actually my first waffle maker but I've used and tasted the ones they have in hotels. I was quite disappointed with the outcome. We've tried different recipes (including the one that came with the machine which was by far the worst) and the waffles just taste right.
    The temperature either gets too hot or not hot enough and have to be very careful not to burn yourself in the process....more info
  • great waffles
    We have loved the waffle recipes that come with the waffler. The waffles are light and fluffy. Our only problem is that sometimes the waffles don't come out cooked enough even though the timer says they are and need to be cooked further. We found that "resting" the batter helps sometimes....more info
  • met expectations
    Love this waffle maker. I was a little worried about the beeping sound that people complained about. Its not that bad and its not like it keeps beeping until you open the waffle maker. Not a big deal. The directions say to spray once before each batch, I don't even have to do that. But one time I did spray, some got on the lettering around the lights and the crispiness dial, and when I wiped it clean, all the lettering came off too. That's my only complaint. So if you use cooking spray, don't get it on the lettering!...more info
  • great waffles but doesn't work any more
    My daughter and her boyfriend are both chefs and she bought this waffle maker for him as a present. He already had one so she gave it to me. I tried it and never really knew when it was ready to add the batter. I've read other reviews and each state there is a signal or alarm when waffle is ready, this unit never made any noise, so I had to guess when waffle was done. The 1st time I used it, I guessed when it was done and it made a perfect waffle, delicious. The 2nd time, not so lucky, it took several attempts to get it right. Used it again to make waffles for my husband but forget to spray with cooking spray and waffle stuck but was tasty. We made another and it was great. I used it again yesterday for breakfast and it was perfect. This morning, I plugged it in and nothing happened, never heated and no lights. Very disappointing. I'm not sure my daughter still has the receipt. I think it's a piece of junk....more info
  • Just what we were looking for
    My mom was in search of a space-conscious, even-cooking, budget-friendly Beligan Waffler with adjustable heat and this is exactly it. I searched a little for a few options and this one has the best reviews on Chowhound (Chowhounders don't lie). Not much of a kitchen gadget person, she was able to pull this out of the box and make a tasty waffle in 10 minutes, without that weird "new iron" smell. It's the gift that keeps on giving......more info
  • Makes great waffles
    We searched all over the internet for the perfect waffle machine and I will admit that we did find it. This waffle machine is so easy to use, the plug winds up on the bottom, the timer and waffle button in front gives you the perfect waffles. One of the things I hate most about making waffles is the clean up of the machine from the dough spilling out...but this machine is so easy to clean up, the excess just kinda peels off. I highly recommend this product to anybody looking for a great waffle machine for a great price. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    I bought the waffle iron based on many reviews. One concern that was expressed in the reviews was the loudness of the beep that informed you when the waffles are done. After using this item many times I can say that the waffles are better than any I have ever eaten. The complaints about the alarm are unfounded. It is a very soft beep. I liked it so much that I bought my sister-in-law one also. She loves the waffle iron as much as I do! Happy eating!...more info
  • Great Waffles!
    I ordered this waffle iron for my fiancee as a birthday gift. She had been talking about how she loved waffles, so I wanted to make sure I got the best and most practical waffle iron I could find that wasn't $200. After doing a decent amount of research, I settled on the Villaware V2002 UNO. We've been using it for a few months now with no complaints. Its the easiest and most consistent waffle iron I've ever owned, and requires little to no maintanence. Its simple to use with the lights and a sound letting you know when the waffler is heated up and when your waffles are ready. Cleaning is as simple as wiping the surface with a paper towel after it has cooled down. And most importantly, the waffles are always consistently good; they don't fall apart and are usually pretty even in thickness.

    If you have children, I would be careful with them around the waffler. This thing gets REALLY hot. The metal frame on the outside will burn you if you touch it while the waffler is on, and you have to be careful when opening the waffler when your waffle is finished cooking as sometimes a puff of steam will come out that could burn your hand. Otherwise, no complaints and a great price!...more info
  • Not the waffler used on Good Eats
    This waffle maker makes a very good waffle, but I had thought from the look of it that it was the one recommended by Alton Brown on his show good eats. While it looks identical from the outside, and fits all the criteria given on the show, it's a belgian waffle maker and the one from good eats is not. If you want the same waffle maker from the show, as I did, you'll have to find it elsewhere, but if you're looking to make a great belgian waffle this one will do the job nicely....more info
  • VillaWare Waffle Maker
    1. I'm enjoying the Belgian Waffle Maker. Good choice.
    2. Unfortunately you shipped two of them. You claimed that you could not get my bank to accept your withdrawl of the purchase price. You kept sending me notices claiming that difficulty. My bank records indicated that you had the money and I could track the shipment of the product. You then cancelled the original order and placed a second order. The original order was delivered on 04/05/2008. And the bank charge went through. The second order was delivered on 04/11/2008. And the second bank charge went through. The second delivery was not accepted and immediately returned and was received by Beach Camera on 04/18/2008. [...] Bob Hearn...more info
  • Highly Pleased
    The Best Belgian Wafflemaker available. The deepest waffles I've ever made. Bought four for Christmas presents - all the families were highly pleased. The automatic timer/alert saves us from making mistakes. We like to warm up left overs in the toaster. As long as we brush on oil on the top and bottom panels before heating up the appliance the clean up is super easy, just use a paper towel. Really love this unit. ...more info
  • Good unit once it works, poor quality control at factory?
    I bought one of these based on other reviews and off of Alton Brown's recommendation. The first batches if waffles I tried came out light and soggy, nothing like the golden crisp goodness that everyone is describing. It took barely any time for the buzzer to go off saying it was done and I also had a loose cooking selector like someone else mentioned, about 1/2" of play.

    Not wanting to wait for a replacement, I took the thing apart to have a look. The loose lever was very simple to fix, it just needed a quick squeeze with a pair of pliers to tighten up the slop. I adjusted the thermostat inside by bending the mechanical stop of the thermostat out of the way and rotating the selector an extra 90 degrees.

    After this tweak, I started getting the great golden waffles that everyone talks about. I suspect that there is poor quality control at the factory and that some units were miscalibrated and/or had faulty thermostats. If you are handy with a pair of pliers and screwdriver, it took about 25 minutes to figure out what was going on and how to adjust it. If you don't want to bother, take it back to the store and get another one.

    It would have been nice for it to work out of the box for me, I figure I just got the one bad one of the batch. It is a great waffle maker once it works....more info
  • the perfect waffle maker!
    We bought this because Alton Brown ("Good Eats") recommended it. It's simple to use and makes perfect waffles every time. Cleanup is quick and storage space is minimal. We love it....more info
  • This is older model and manufacturer will not honor any warranty
    I am shopping for a replacment waffle maker. I called Villaware since I noticed they didn't sell this one on their website. This V2002 is older model and they stopped making parts for it. It only comes with a one year warranty. They said if I bought it on Amazon they would not be able to honor warranty since they have no parts for it. I noticed the newer V2007 Villaware makes has a different design inside. They call it two boat shapes instead of the classic one big round waffle. They charge 39.99 for it and 8.50 for standard shipping. It also comes with a 3 year warranty. I think Amazon may want to rethink the pricing on this outdated model. As far as the warranty perhaps Amazon will just ship you another one from their stock if it fails since manufacturer no longer stocks parts. Know that the warranty is for one year. My cheap Oster waffle maker that just stopped working right was just over a year old. I am looking for something that will last longer with a warranty that will last longer too....more info
  • Very Good Waffle Maker
    I do not believe i could of asked of more with a waffle maker. This waffle maker creates perfect waffles very quick. The timer is a nice option and clean-up is very easy ...more info
  • Good sturdy waffler
    This waffler is very solid, heats up fast & makes great waffles. The only drawback that I have found so far, is that the black numbers & words come OFF when you clean the unit up when you are finished. I used it only ONCE, & I wiped it down with a paper towel around the handle, & some of the wording is already gone! Other than that, it is a great waffler. It's too bad that they didn't put something a lot more permanent on it....more info
  • A Good Choice
    I have worn out my old waffle iron - this is my second, in 35 years.

    The heat distribution was very good. I like the safety feature with the break-away cord. Easy clean-up. The heat adjustment / scale is about what I expected. I ran it just a little hotter than their initial setting suggestion. I am pleased with my purchase and would reccomend it to others.
    The instructions stated spraying once at the first waffle and my second waffle stuck something awful so I sprayed oil each time. That worked.
    I give this a four although it should probably be a five. I think the minor adjustments were more my fault than the waffle iron.
    ...more info
  • Belgian Waffler
    I researched then purchased this specific product because Alton Brown recommended it so highly. I haven't been disappointed. It's compact for easy storage, doesn't have too many bells and whistles and makes a darn good waffle.

    What more could anyone ask for?...more info
  • A Good Product For The Money
    I bought this waffle maker for my wife who LOVES Belgian Waffles. Since then neither she nor I have been disappointed with the purchase. As mentioned by some other reviewers, the best waffles are made with the heat on the highest level. As an aside: the recipes that accompanies the waffle maker taste good but are tidiest to make and do not (in our opinion) taste as good as some off the shelf mixes. If asked if I would make the purchase again for the same money, I'd do it again in a heart-beat....more info
  • Unit never completely cooks waffle
    I also purchased this unit based on the glowing reviews and received a product that doesn't perform well at all. After trying four batches of waffles with different batter and oil types I have yet to have the first waffle not stick and break in half. Regardless of the temp setting, the batter never cooks through. Even on the highest setting I have to wait an extra minute after the buzzer sounds to open the unit without breakage. Even then, the batter is stil steaming. The unit makes a dark brown waffle with an uncooked center.

    The manufacturer advises that the unit should perform better but they can't replace it because it's out of stock until Spetember (it's July). This unit is being returned to Amazon for a refund.

    Although I may have received a defective unit, I would not recommend the unit or the manufacturer....more info
  • Best waffler every!!
    This is hands down the best waffle iron around. We took Alton Brown's advice and bought it. You have to follow his basic recipe, and you will never eat frozen waffles again.
    Easy to clean, and takes very little space for storage.
    It might be a little pricey (just put it on your wedding registry:), but the quality is outstanding. We highly recommend this product.

    ...more info
  • Waffles are Great!
    I enjoy the waffles from this VillaWare V2002 and the pockets are deep. It cooks quickly and the beep is loud enough to actually hear it. The only complaint I have is that there is ink printing near the controls and this ink is rubbing off after the first time I used this machine. As I was cleaning the wafflemaker with a soft cloth and plain water, the ink was smearing and rubbing off! That was weird to say the least. Otherwise the waffles cooked up very good....more info
  • Love those waffles
    We hated to see our 50 year-old waffle maker finally bite the dust. (The unit was won by an aunt who played hookie from her teaching job to appear on a local game show back in the 1950's in Chicago. But I digress...) However, we are pleased with this unit. Many people note the unpleasant buzzer sound when the unit is warmed up or the current waffle is ready. We don't find the sound objectionable at all. And we appreciate the audible alert. This unit warms up in a small fraction of the time required for our old unit. It also cooks a lot faster. We have nothing but positive feelings so far. Unfortunately, I'll not be alive to see if this unit outlives our old one. At least, I'm not planning to live to 105......more info
  • Wonder waffle
    This is a great waffle maker!

    The waffles come out perfect in texture.

    Easy to use.

    ...more info
  • great waffles!!!
    I ordered this waffle maker after much debate between this one and another "flip" one that is double the price. We have only had it a few days but the waffles are great!! I bought the malted waffle mix sold here at Amazon, and the waffles are perfect! I even added a little flax seeds and wheat bran to the mix and my kids never noticed!!! I will try it with a cheaper waffle mix and report the results. For $40.00, it is a great buy!!!...more info
  • easy to use, easy to clean
    I love this waffle maker! Only must brush it with grease once before first waffle, and then wipe it clean at the end of all your waffle making. Waffles are delicious and terribly easy. It "dings" when your waffles are ready, so you can do other things while waffles are cooking. Very nice design, and a solid-feeling appliance....more info
  • Belgian Waffle Iron
    The product was all it claimed to be.
    I was very satisfied with it....more info
  • Nifty small waffle maker; easy to use; delicious waffles
    I never made waffles in my life, but I got tired of getting frozen ones and decided to check out the inexpensive-ish waffle makers on amazon. I picked this one due to 1. the excellent reviews and 2. no multiple posts about particular, recurring problems.

    So, I got it today and I used it right off. As instructed, I discarded the first batch (which gave me a chance to practice, anyway).

    With the second batch, they came out nice right off. I did have to learn how much to pour--not having done this previously--so that there was no spill-over.

    A previous reviewer mentioned that on the 5 setting, waffles cooked through but weren't browned enough. I agree. I followed the instruction in the booklet (start with 3 or 4 settings) and those were really mushy and floppy. Setting 5 was okay, and 6 was better. But the highest setting 7, made them just right. NOT burned. Not floppy. Nice and light and crispy outside, with a nice brownish color.

    I recommend setting 7, but you can experiment on your first "throwaway" batch.

    Really easy to use. Beeps when it's hot enough. Beeps again, after you pour in the batter, when the waffle is cooked through.

    I'll update this if I have problems later, but I really liked how this worked right out of the box.

    (For reference, I used a waffle mix I bought online, Golden Malt, but the booklet has recipes, too, for ones you mix yourself.)

    JULY UPDATE: I've been using the waffle maker once a week (occasionally twice) since I bought it. I make a big batch (enough for a week of breakfasts for hubby, a couple for me) and freeze them. They taste great reheated in a toaster oven--crunchier outside.

    I still find that the best setting is the top one (darkest), and I even let it sit anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds after the beep to get them browner (like hubby likes them). I like them fine as they come out at the beep of the last setting.

    Anyway, still a nice waffle maker for a nice price....more info
  • Fabulous Waffler
    I have owned this waffle maker for several years and for awhile when I wanted to purchase one for family members, it was unavailable on Amazon. Now thankfully its back!!! I highly recommend this product, I use it often with a number of different recipes and it always does an amazing job. Great value for the price. I will be ordering one asap for my daughter! After you purchase this waffle maker, check out the recipe for Pumpkin Waffles [...] - waffle nirvana!...more info
  • Recommended: Thick Belgian Style Waffles
    I simply love this waffle maker. I had my old one for 9 years before it died on me. It was time to find a new one, so I did my homework. I looked for the higher rated ones and better reviews, but I also took into consideration that my husband likes thick belgian style waffles. I'm very glad I purchased this waffle maker. It takes the guess work out of timing, as it beeps at you when it is done. Make sure to read the directions, you definitely get what you pay for with this item. I make meals from scratch on a daily basis. I make my own waffle batter, but I am very curious to try some of the recipes that come with this waffle maker. Highly Recommended....more info
  • This waffle maker delivers on ALL promises, especially the WaffleTone(tm) Technology!
    There are so many reasons to love this waffle maker:

    1) Waffle Perfection: It makes perfect waffles on time, every time. Waffles are cooked to a an excellent golden brown quickly, and they come out light inside and crunchy outside. In my most common waffle-serving scenario, my single guest and I simply cannot eat waffles quickly enough to keep up with the machine!

    2) Speed: Warm-up time is short (much shorter, in fact, than the five minute post-mixing wait time that most waffle recipes advocate).

    3) Lubrication: This unit, in my two-year experience, needs little to no lubrication--I've only oiled its plates once!

    4) WaffleTone(tm) Technology: Although the alarm on this unit is both loud and, if it indicated anything other than immediate waffle-y goodness, annoying, I actually love this unit because it is this way! Because of such a loud and reliable alarm, I'm able to make perfect waffles every time without having to worry about setting a timer--something that my guests appreciate (we've got good waffles, and I'm able to concentrate on conversation while cooking!).

    5) Weight and quality of build: This unit is solid and has the feel of an appliance that will last for decades to come.

    The one thing that I still haven't figured out is how to wrap the cord effectively around the base of the unit. I've tried about three or four different ways, but none of them seem to leave the waffle maker free to sit levelly and compactly on a shelf or in a cupboard! Compared to the great waffles that are produced by this unit, this is a minor annoyance only.

    I was tipped off to this particular waffler by my personal cooking hero: Alton Brown. Fanyboy move? Yes. Fantastic choice anyway: Double yes!

    Thank you, VillaWare, for making a waffler that puts the others to shame!

    ...more info
  • Produces delicious waffles fast
    Kind of pricey, but it works really well and the waffles are incredible. I'm not sure if I'd ever eaten a Belgian waffle before. They're incredibly delicious compared to even the best homemade flat-square waffles. We had a cheap flat-square waffle maker which seems like a sad little toy compared to the VillaWare Belgian waffle maker.

    I couldn't believe how fast the waffles are baked in this thing, it doesn't seem possible. The round design (thank you Alton Brown) is definitely the way to go. This appliance isn't cheap, but you get what you pay for, and this is worth every penny.

    ...more info
  • Nice Engineering
    I make a lot of whole wheat waffles for my grandchildren, which they freeze and eat as snacks throughout the week. So, I need a waffle maker that performs well, as this one does. When you open the cover, the steam is deflected, so your fingers don't get burned. The lights, signalling when to add batter, are large, bright and easy to see. The chime signalling the waffle is done is easy to hear. The waffles, even the first one,(set on 6) are visually perfect(important to children), very thick, crisp on the outside, moist on the inside. The deep waffling holds butter and syrup nicely, so there isn't a puddle of wasted syrup(real maple) left on the plate. Waffles don't stick, are easy to remove. There was only a tiny bit of overflow on one waffle, and that was easy to wipe off. There are no places for batter to flow into and create a cleanup nightmare. The unit feels heavy, substantial. The only drawback is that when you store it on end, it opens, as it doesn't lock. Who cares? I store mine in a bag. Compared to other waffle makers I've owned, this one is a dream!...more info
  • VillaWare Belgian Waffle Maker
    Terrific product, great seller. Couldn't be more pleased with this transaction and waffle maker....more info
  • Yummy yummy
    Am very happy with this waffle maker. I really liked (and almost bought) the one that flips over resteraunt style when you are cooking it - I forget the brand but if you are reviewing makers you probably know that one I am talking about. But I was disappointed that several users reported losing power to one or both sides of the maker after only a few months use.

    This villaware maker had very high reviews and that was important to me.

    THe thought of disappointed kids faces (or grown up for that matter) on a cold winters morning when the waffle maker goes kaput - no bueno!!!!

    So far I am very happy with this maker - 5 stars....more info
  • Great machine!
    What a great waffle machine! Some days when i am making for more than 4 people i wish it were a tad bigger, however it was everything what the maker promised and very easy clean up!! Don't hesitate buy it today!...more info
  • Solid and Reliable
    Like many other people, I saw this waffler on Alton Brown's Good Eats. I usually like to do my own research (which I did anyway), but having AB's recommendation sure didn't hurt.

    I've had this waffler for only about 1 week so far, but I have used it at least four times (using two different recipes). First of all, I had NO sticking, whatsoever. I followed the instructions, and used a quick spray of oil on the top and bottom, and that was that. The waffles comes out nice and easy.

    The cord wrap holder on the bottom of the unit is very handy, as it the way you can store the unit upright. Sometimes it seems as if it wants to open up, since there is no latch to hold it closed while sitting upright, but it's not a big deal at all. It's a sturdy machine and looks good on the counter top.

    Okay. The beeping alarm. I almost didn't buy this unit due to the numerous complaints in the reviews here. Let me tell you, they were overreacting. The alarm is no where near as annoying as other reviews seem to suggest. No, it's not the prettiest tone, but it gets your attention. It's really not too loud or anything. I actually sort of like it.

    So, my only negative comment (and the reason this got 4 stars rather than 5) is that the darkness/doneness sliding dial doesn't seem very accurate. Other reviewers have noted this as well, and in this area they are correct. The sliding dial seems loose (NOT broken, just loose), and has as others mentioned, about half an inch of "play."

    I experimented by setting the dial at "5," and when the waffler chimed, indicating the waffle was done, I slid the dial to "7." Now, what should happen is that the red light should go back on and the alram should chime again in a minute or two, after extra cooking. Instead, the green light remains on, which seems to suggest that the number 5 setting and the number 7 setting are cooking the waffle for the same amount of time.

    Anyway, it's not a proven scientific experiment, so don't let this deter you from a purchase, as the pros far outweigh the cons. But it is worth knowing, if you plan to buy this machine.

    Either way, the waffles come out nice and brown when on the higher settings, so don't think too long on it.

    Overall, a great machine, and worth the money....more info
  • simply delicious
    Didn't give it a 5 because following the directions caused the batter to spill over (and get baked into all the itty-bitty crevices) and the waffles didn't get very crispy on the outside... having said that, this machine made the best tasting waffles EVER! My mom's old waffle maker made firmer but much more bland waffles. This machine was also very easy to clean (except for the previously mentioned crevices), and after the first spill-over the amount of batter was adjusted and everything was fine. I'd definitely buy this again. Thanks Alton Brown for a good recommendation....more info
  • great waffler
    I'm am very pleased with our new waffler! I wasn't sure that it would make enough for my family of 5 but because it is a Belgian Waffler we all can only eat 1 at a meal so most of the recipes I make I can get 2 meals. I really like to self timer and the quickness of the heating. By the time that I have the batter ready the waffler is ready to go. My kids like to help with the cooking and it is easy to know when it is done!...more info
  • Disapointed
    After a week of research on which one too get I setteled on this one. It works great but after only a week out of the box and used 3 times the numbers are coming off. I dont know if this is a print problem or what but I was very upset for the amount of Money I paid, cant even find information to contact the Maker....more info
  • I would buy it again
    The waffles were evenly browned but found the recipe with the waffler were a bit bland. I need to find a better waffle recipe with a richer flavored batter. ...more info
  • best waffle maker I have ever owned!
    We eat waffles every weekend and this one exceed them all. They are cooked to perfection and the beating signal that tells you when they are done is helpful and consistent....more info
  • that works well...
    I tried and returned three other waffle makers before finding this one. It is by far the best. Waffles are toasty and thick. Cleans easily and stores on its end. We use a belgian waffle mix from the grocery store and have had perfect results with this waffler. ...more info