Sony SNC-M3 Pan/Tilt IP Network Camera w/Audio
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Versatile, easy-to-install mini-dome camera that's ideal for discreet installation in virtually any environment.Delivering crisp, clear pictures at up to 30fps with QVGA resolution, the SNC-M3 is comprehensively equipped with a wide range of useful features including two-way audio, smart motion vector detection and email alarm notification.WLAN connectivity offers extra installation flexibility without the need for a cabled network connection.

Home security and peace of mind don't come any easier than this. The Sony SNC-M3 Pan/Tilt IP Network Camera with Audio is an all-in-one mini network color video camera that allows you to monitor any room in your home from the convenience of your PC's browser. And with the unique pan/tilt feature, you won't need to install additional cameras to monitor those larger rooms or areas in your home. With an IP server and web page embedded in the camera itself, you don't need any special software, and a simple wizard makes set-up a breeze.

Sony's browser-based monitoring software is simple, yet powerful.

The camera unit can be easily placed on your desktop without any special installation.
Featuring the MPEG-4 compression format, as well as the more widely used JPEG compression format, this camera provides smooth, streaming video and audio over networks, including those with low bandwidth.

Clear, Smooth Resolution
Featuring MPEG-4 data compression, as well as the widely-used JPEG compression formats, the Sony SNC-M3 offers clear, smooth reproduction of live moving images at frame rates up to 30 frames per second (fps) at 320x240 resolution. You can choose the compression format you prefer, as well as the image size. The 320 x 240-sized images offer a maximum frame rate of 30 fps, while 640 x 480-sized images provide clearer and more detailed viewing. What's more, the camera automatically adjusts the video bit rate to meet changing network conditions, allowing you to view your video images even at low bandwidths.

Audio Monitoring
Incorporating a built-in microphone, the Sony SNC-M3 also offers high-quality audio monitoring. For enhanced audio pick-up from the camera's location, the camera includes an external microphone jack, while a speaker output allows you to communicate with the remote site. This added feature greatly expands your monitoring abilities.

All-in-One Network Camera
The camera's built-in web server enables you to monitor live images and control cameras on any PC running a standard web browser without having to install any additional software. To begin monitoring your location, you simply connect the camera to a network, and you can immediately access the remote images on your networked PC.

Pan/Tilt Capability With pan and tilt capability, the SNC-M3 significantly increases the monitoring area for each camera that you set up. This feature is ideal for larger rooms or areas that require wider viewing ranges. The camera's 120-degree pan range (+60 to -60 degrees) and 70-degree tilt range (+10 to -60 degrees) mean that you won't need extra cameras to monitor those larger spaces in your home.

Network Security Features
To enhance your monitoring options, the Sony SNC-M3 allows up to 20 simultaneous users (20 in JPEG mode and 10 in MPEG-4 mode) to monitor the images remotely. And when an alarm is triggered by the motion detection function (in MPEG-4 mode), a preset message can be sent to up to three e-mail addresses. This gives you the confidence of knowing that even when you're not viewing the images from your home directly, your home is still being closely monitored.

User-Friendly Controls and Flexible Installation
With the SNC-M3, Sony has made monitoring your home as easy as possible. Camera settings, controls and monitoring are easy thanks to a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) on the PC monitor. In addition, the GUI background can be customized according to your preferences. Whether you mount the camera on a wall, ceiling, or on your desktop using the supplied camera stand, you'll be assured of peace of mind any time of day or night.

What's in the Box
SNC-M3 network camera, AC adapter, stand, wire, wall-mount bracket, rubber foot, CD-ROM (users guide, supplied program), installation manual.

  • Monitor any room in your home from your PC's browser
  • Allows up to 20 simultaneous users to monitor remotely
  • Features embedded IP server and web page--no special software necessary
  • Includes built-in microphone, external microphone input, and external microphone jack for two-way communication
  • 120-degree pan range and 60-degree tilt range for wide-area monitoring
Customer Reviews:
  • Great camera, very good sound
    I have bought a couple of these cameras and have worked just fine, has the perfect combination of angle aperture and rotation to cover almost 180 degrees horizontally, Vertically is just what you need and the audio quality is very good, has many configuration for JPEG and MPEG video, compression and you can configure it to fit your bandwidth, has a very good recording and monitoring software to use several of these cameras.... many pros.... the cons.... is not available most of the time (this is the star that is missing) and because of that sometimes you may find it very expensive. If Sony is planning on releasing a new model, they should consider having this one available for some time....more info
  • What a Great Tool for my Store
    I run a deli market and always wanted a camera system that works. Since this is a small business I don't have the capital to put in a full camera system like the bigger franchise. I'm so glad there is a reputable company like Sony that has decided to make security cameras that is affordable and easy to put together. It took me and my teenage boys about an hour to get two cameras hook up. Plus it comes with the recording software. The only thing is the size of the camera. It is larger than the one's I've purchase in the past but the picture quality is far better. My advice is to go with this camera.

    ...more info