Sony SNC-M1W Fixed IP Wireless Network Camera w/Audio
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Product Description

Featuring MPEG4 data compression for clear, smooth reproduction of live moving images at frame rates up to 30fps (QVGA resolution) and audio over a standard DSL connection, the SNC-M1 is a compact, discreet camera that's quick and convenient to install in almost any location.Additional installation flexibility is afforded by a wireless LAN (WLAN) option that allows the camera to be sited without physical connection to an Ethernet cable.

Home security and peace of mind don't come any easier than this. The Sony SNC-M1W Fixed IP Wireless Network Camera with Audio is an all-in-one mini network color video camera that allows you to monitor any room in your home wirelessly from the convenience of your PC's browser. With an IP server and web page embedded in the camera itself, you don't need any special software, and a simple wizard makes set-up a breeze.

Sony's browser-based monitoring software is simple, yet powerful.

The camera unit can be easily installed on a wall or a ceiling using basic hardware and tools.
Featuring the MPEG-4 compression format, as well as the more widely used JPEG compression format, this camera provides smooth, streaming video and audio over networks, including those with low bandwidth. And going wireless means that you won't need any dedicated wiring to set your cameras up.

Clear, Smooth Resolution
Featuring MPEG-4 data compression, as well as the widely-used JPEG compression formats, the Sony SNC-M1W offers clear, smooth reproduction of live moving images at frame rates up to 30 frames per second (fps) at 320x240 resolution. You can choose the compression format you prefer, as well as the image size. The 320 x 240-sized images offer a maximum frame rate of 30 fps, while 640 x 480-sized images provide clearer and more detailed viewing. What's more, the camera automatically adjusts the video bit rate to meet changing network conditions, allowing you to view your video images even at low bandwidths.

Audio Monitoring
Incorporating a built-in microphone, the Sony SNC-M1W also offers high-quality audio monitoring. For enhanced audio pick-up from the camera's location, the camera includes an external microphone jack, while a speaker output allows you to communicate with the remote site. This added feature greatly expands the capability of your monitoring abilities.

All-in-One Network Camera
The camera's built-in web server enables you to monitor live images and control cameras on any PC running a standard web browser without having to install any additional software. To begin monitoring your location, you simply connect the camera to a wireless network, and you can immediately access the remote images on your networked PC.

The Convenience of Wireless Remote Operation The SNC-M1W supports the IEEE 802.11b standard for wireless operation. This means that you can monitor those difficult and "out of the way" rooms and hallways without the need for dedicated (and often expensive) wiring. By going wireless, you can greatly expand your monitoring activities without adding to your budget.

Network Security Features
To enhance your monitoring options, the Sony SNC-M1W allows up to 20 simultaneous users (20 in JPEG mode and 10 in MPEG-4 mode) to monitor the images remotely. And when an alarm is triggered by the motion detection function (in MPEG-4 mode), a preset message can be sent to up to three e-mail addresses. This gives you the confidence of knowing that even when you're not viewing the images from your home directly, your home is still being closely monitored.

User-Friendly Controls and Flexible Installation
With the SNC-M1W1, Sony has made home monitoring as easy as possible, thanks to a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) on the PC monitor. In addition, the GUI background can be customized according to your preferences. Whether you mount the camera on a wall, ceiling, or on your desktop using the supplied camera stand, you'll be assured of peace of mind any time of day or night.

What's in the Box
SNC-M1W network camera, AC adapter, stand, wire, rubber foot, CD-ROM (users guide, supplied program), installation manual.

  • Monitor any room in your home from your PC's browser
  • Allows up to 20 simultaneous users to monitor remotely
  • Features embedded IP server and web page--no special software necessary
  • Includes built-in microphone, external microphone input, and external microphone jack for two-way communication
  • Supports IEEE 802.11b wireless standard--no wiring necessary
Customer Reviews:
  • Awful
    I bought this to replace a wireless Hawking unit for a catcam.

    It was horrifyingly frustrating to configure and it often locked up after 24 hours of use. Couldn't even remotely reboot it... required a hard reboot when it was locked up solid.

    Getting to Sony's site for firmware flashes is next to impossible once you manage to find it.

    In the end, I didn't even sell it off on eBay. I just tossed it on some coals on the grill and sent it straight to its inferal reward....more info
  • works well for the price
    I bought this camera to test as a low-tech security device at my condo. Setting it up with my wireless setup (Linksys WRV54G, no WEP) was rather easy and initially used the RJ45 jack on the camera to do the configuration and after adding the camera MAC address to my access list, the wireless part worked. On my router I had to setup port forwarding but most instructions on how to set this up is found in the user manual. I was also able to setup the SMTP part and send alerts to multiple email accounts and even my cell phone! The motion detection part works very quick once the camera senses motion. Almost within seconds the alert is sent out! DDNS part works well and I've noticed on Sundays for some reason the name resolution does not work for a few hours. You can still access the camera via IP address if you know what it is via internet but for some reason no name resolution for a few hours at daytime on Sundays???

    Not sure how some of the other reviews mentioned getting the camera working on a Mac, but I have a Mac and the camera uses Active-X for its viewer. Active-X as far as I know is a Microsoft technology so it's not supported on the few Mac browsers (Safari, Mozzilla & Firefox) I tested. Yes you can do some configuration with those browsers but to see the camera you'll need Internet Explorer or any browser that can support Active-X. At work I have a PC to for vewing and if you change the camera viewer port anything other than 80 (it's either 80 or above 1024), make sure you pick a port that's open in your company's firewall, or stick with port80.

    Now after testing this for about a month I can say that it has its good and bad. The motion detection isn't that great unless there's good amount of light so the camera lens can detect motion. But the lens itself has very good image for a camera at this price. Sometimes the camera drops off of the network for no reason and has to be powered off and back on to get it working, that I have not figured out why. By drop off meaning you can not ping the camera or view it via http. The sound pickup on the camera is based on how good of a mic you use to detect sounds. I have not tested the speaker since I have no need for it.

    So in conclusion I've given it 4 stars for its performance at this price. I always have it open on a browser at work and can see live video streamed for over 8-10 hrs. continuously. The one missing star is for those times when the camera does not function for no apparent reason and within the last month that has happened twice.

    Hope this review helped....more info
  • Great Camera
    Works well, a bit tricky to set-up and only works w/ certain routers. Despite only 802.11b 11mbps speeds, video streams well. ...more info
  • Looks can decieve!
    Nice looking cameras, they should work well...... BUT looks can be deceptive! I was after a couple of security cameras, and on the selling page was a photo of someone viewing the cameras on an imac - the same as I wanted to do. The reality is, however, you need a PC to get things rolling, and even on a friends PC I still couldn't register the cameras wit the provided software, let alone somehow integrate it with my airport mac based system. You can view it on a mac, sure, but only after you have set it up via a PC, and run it on a PC based wireless network! AND the software only works on a limited number of routers, kindly added as a sticker list to the outside of the box as an afterthought! Sony has not replied to my request for help 3 weeks ago....more info
  • Nice little cam.....
    Its a great little camera. Nice clear images, especially in jpeg mode. Not so hot in low light, just buy a light bulb for the room and turn it on... this covers that base. I love the microphone, the main reason why i did not buy the panasonic cam.
    Don't be put off about the cam being wireless 11b. It works really well if you have a wireless router with dual b and g formats.
    It was very easy to get it up and running through the wireless LAN, the WEP encryption works well too, the manual instructions are very clear and the supplied IP software provided helps too. However i had some trouble getting it to work over the internet. I have a separate (zoom x3) modem and wireless router (linksys wrt-54g) and i could not access the cam at all, through the DNSS address i could reach the modems splash screen but it would not forward through to the camera. I tried port forwarding through to the camera but had absolutely no luck at all. After many frustrating days and of doing some extensive reading i was able to get it running by configuring the modem into half-bridge mode, this feature cuts out the modems router capabilities and the WAN address is sent directly to the wireless router.
    I also use the port forward function on the router in order to get around the routers splash screen as well. So i now contact the cam by using the DDNS sony server with this example address: port number).
    Works great!!!
    Unfortunately i cannot get the email triggering working as yet. I think it has something to do with the smtp port address, which most ISP are using to stop spam, you cannot set this up. I wish sony would update their firmware for this device to include these additional parameters. If i figure it out i will let you all know....
    Update: I was able to get the email notification working at last, wahoo, i changed the SMTP server name from an address ( to the ISP DNS IP address and it appears to work fine. I hope this helps....more info
  • Finally got it to work and satisfied with it
    It took me some time to get this working with my DI-624 router but finally got it working. The tricky part was getting it to work with WEP. I had to configure my router accordingly:
    * WEP
    * HEX 128Bit Key
    * Open system (Shared Key DOES NOT WORK)
    The image quality is okay (I'm guessing that you're never going to get a great quality imaging unless you buy a professional level equipment). Why am I still happy with it? I have it as a security camera for my apt while I'm at work. I don't think I will be able to identify the intruder but, by using the motion detector feature, I can be notified if there is an intruder and call the police. That's good enough for me....more info
  • Surprise!
    I wouldn't call this a plug and play item. I was not able to install the camera after following the instructions carefully.

    Three hours later I spotted a little sticker placed on the box. "Compatible with the following Sony approved routers". My Belkin router is not on the list. Surprise!

    Let me save you hours of aggravation. The approved router list is not on the Sony website or on the Amazon description of this network camera.

    Approved routers: Linksys WRT65G,Linksys WRT54GS,D-Link D-Link 504,D-Link 604,D-Link 624, Netgear WGT624,Netgear WGT634U...more info