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MAKE: Technology on Your Time
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Product Description

MAKE brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your life and celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend your technology to your will. MAKE ignites your ingenuity and connects you with your fellow "Makers."

Customer Reviews:

  • Gizmo Lovers' Paradise
    I've been getting Make since the beginning. I still remember the excitement when I got my first issue and how I poured over its contents, looking for something neat to make. That feeling of anticipation has not abated over time for I just got my new issue and I sprang into action to see what delicious, unique and weird thing I could put together. You have to be somewhat handy and not intimidated by simple electronics (though some are far more complex than I can handle presently). If you like to experiment and dream up unique combinations of tools, electronics and mechanics, this is a publication you will savor and keep. Don't let anyone "borrow" your copy, for that will be the last you will see of it. Rejoice fellow gizmo lovers. You have finally got your reward....more info
  • No true geek should be without a subscription
    This fine magazine is a cross between WIRED, American Woodworker, Popular Mechanics and Scientific American. Each issue features four very detailed DIY projects, along with short descriptions and general guides to a few others. Combined with the DIY info, there is the usual mix of opinion articles, political commentary, news summaries, letters, articles about crazy DIY-folk, etc.

    The four "core" DIY projects in each issue include step-by-step instructions, full parts lists and extensive photos (or screenshots). All parts lists also include sources, which is important in an age where the parts department of Radio Shack just isn't what it used to be.

    The projects featured in each issue are usually funky, weird, stuff that only a tiny fraction of the readers will actually build. As another reviewer said, most of the projects are simply not that useful. However, just because the projects aren't exactly useful doesn't mean they aren't cool. Will I ever build a timed cat feeder powered by a castoff VCR and a recycled hand-crank meat grinder? No. Do I think that the idea of recycling the motors and control circuits to do such a thing is neat? Of course, and any "real" geek would agree.

    Most electronic projects assume basic soldering skills (an introduction to soldering is available in Vol 1), and most computer projects natrually involve more skill than just booting the machine.

    Outside of the "core" projects in each issue, the "DIY" section features a bunch of abbreviated project summaries, with the expectation you will have to scrounge some of your own parts, and be able to read a schematic diagram. A geeky friend could probably help you out with those if you are in over your head.

    Yes, this magazine is expensive. $34.95/yr for four issues sounds like a lot. However, the ads are far less intrusive than they would be in a cheaper magazine, the articles better written, and to make it suitable for use in an actual workshop, it is printed on sturdy bond paper and bound with a cardstock cover.

    As with any magazine, some issues and some articles are better than others, but on the whole, the quality of the magazine is quite high.

    Many have said that most of the tutorials in the magazine can be found on the web in various forms, scattered about. That is completely true. Nevertheless, it is convenient to have the information in a fairly well-tested magazine that has the added advantage of being on paper.

    In summary, if the sort of topics covered in MAKE interest you, I know of no other magazine on the market that is better....more info
  • Has the promise to be a great mag but ...
    Had great expectations, for the expensive subscription you get some really great coverage of neat hardware hacking stuff happening out there (and available on the web). The how to make stuff takes many many unnecessary pages, get the feel that they are trying to fill the pages with large photo spreads. Still has a way to go before it becomes a successful combination of Wired magazine, Elektor electronics, and hardware hack websites. Would definitely like more stuff like making an XYZ mill/router instead of a feature on the MIT fab lab. In spite of all the above I have renewed the pricey subscription - am still hoping ...!...more info
  • MAKE: Technology on Your Time
    Ordered over one month ago and have not received it yet. Thus, this magazine gets my most negative review possible.

    Mark ...more info
  • 3.5 stars
    This magazine is interesting, but check it out in the store before you subscribe. Many of the projects are costly and of little use. If you happen to have the tools and supplies on hand, it's worthwhile to check out. If you do not already make things and have access to lots of equipment to help you make things, there are other sources on the web that provide kits that will get you started with much less fuss. Most of the stuff in the issues dealing with various types of 'hacks' are interesting, but again expensive, and you can find most of those sources on the web....more info
  • Full of projects and tech info for smart/creative people.
    I have been a subscriber since their first issue and love this magazine and their website. It's a quarterly magazine, so you'll have enough time to finish a few projects before the next issue arrives.

    I can't give it enough justice in this review. Visit their website [...] (or google for Make magazine). It gives a sample of what you'll find in the magazine and links to hundreds of other websites with amazing and fun projects to build. Or download one of their free weekly video podcast that includes a pdf for the project. The projects come straight from the magazine and it shows you how to make them.

    Thanks to the magazine I made a small LED flashlight that runs on old batteries, a marshmallow gun made with PVC, and a little robot that runs on solar energy. My next projects will be a wind power generator, a 20W solar panel, and my own biodiesel. OK, I'm still undecided if I'll try making the biodiesel....more info
  • Wonderful Magazine of Great Projects
    First, let me say that this publication will definately bring out the kid in you. It's basically a 'how to' manual for fun projects along with some great editoral. While MAKE is more geared toward the hobbyist crowd, there are plenty of projects for novices. And the whole point is to get you building, creating, and having fun--so you can move on to those bigger, more ambitious projects. And YES, buy one off the magazine rack and try it out first--what goofball buys a subscription to a magazine before reading it???

    ...more info