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Honeywell HCM650 4-Gallon QuietCare Cool Moisture Humidifier
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $39.90

You Save: $20.09 (33%)


Product Description

Honeywell's HCM-650T QuietCare Cool Moisture Tower Humidifer delivers natural relief for any home or office setting. Stop breathing in dry air -- add a little moisture and breathe easier. Runs up to 50% quieter than other towers, while the Protec continuous cleaning system provides pleasant, germ-free mist. 3 gallon tank - runs 12-24 hours per filling Uses HAC-504 replacement filter Perfect for large rooms (850-1400 sq. ft.) Cubic Feet - 4.2 Dimensions(HxWxD) - 20.98 x 20.07 x 17.16 Weight - 25

  • New QuietCare technology is up to 30% quieter and is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms
  • ProTec Antimicrobial Treatment includes continuous cleaning cartridge, Antimicrobial treated filter for continuous protection against mold and bacteria
  • Advanced easy set digital controls- monitors and maintains precise humidity readings
  • 3 speed settings
  • Timer with automatic shut-off

Customer Reviews:

  • nice for the 3 weeks it worked!
    I don't agree with what alot of the reviews are saying about it being loud. I thought it was very quiet, even on high. I've been using this every night for the past 3 weeks. All of a sudden, it will not turn on. Nothing. No lights, no noise, no power, nothing. I've tried everything. It was great when it worked!! I loved it, but I guess I'll be replacing it with something other than Honeywell. Bummer :(...more info
  • Too noisy ....
    I bought this humidifier after looking into several review and several options. I read that this model is laud, but cant believe that so much.
    I will never buy those type of humidifiers and suggest everyone to look into devices which work using ultrasound....more info
  • Reasonable choice
    Agree, it's not that quiet, but not as noisy as a hunter humidifier I tried. Easy to take apart & fill. Have to soak filter in sink full of water every day for a few seconds, which is a nuisance. But otherwise a low maintenance item. Base never seems to get dirty (unlike my Hunter), & the filter lasts 2-3 months. As far as capacity, it's adequate for my very large master bedroom (about 12 x 22) with a cathedral ceiling....more info
  • works well, quiet
    this has helped very much and is quiet as well....provides a therapy for our throats and makes waking up in the AM much more enjoyable because our throats aren't dry....good value...more info
  • wet and not quiet
    I have high hopes for Honeywell products. This model is not a model i would buy again. 1. it is not quiet 2. if you need to move it, it will leak 3. mold starts to grow on the air filter within the first month....more info
  • Still going good
    It's too early to say since I have been using it only for a month.But till now I have had no issues whatsoever.The water does need to be refilled every 12 hrs when running on full speed as opposed to 24 hrs advertised.The unit is quiet in comparison , can be compared to a fan.The humidity level in the room increases quickly too , you can see it in the digital display. This has been very effective in reducing the static shocks that we used to suffer. ...more info
  • Quiet... NOT! Stopped working after 1 night
    This was fortunately a present and a gift receipt was enclosed. QuietCare? My 2 month old wakes up when it starts running. Cool Moisture - well it's cool alright to the point where it's freezing in my room. In fairness, air quality in the room improved and I know the water in the tank has been dispensed in the air. I was willing to work with this then it stopped working!

    I'm sure lucky this was a gift and a receipt was available....more info
  • Beware of Mold!
    I just threw this item away after finding the filter clogged with hairy, dirty, black and green mold again! I changed the little bulb that is supposed to prevent mold and the filter often. Each time I changed the filter, I found it clogged with mold!

    I have never had a problem with mold with any of the warm mist humidifiers I have used for years. This was just plain awful....more info
  • Very good humidifier!
    Overall, this is a good humidifier. We have one of these humidifiers, a Honeywell "warm mist" humidifier, and an Air-O-Swiss ultrasonic humidifer to humidify our 2,400 sq ft home in Phoenix, which has very low humidity especially in the winter time. This is the third season we've used this unit.

    Mode of operation: This humidifier works by a filter being constantly wetted by the water in the water tank. A fan draws air through the filter, and then blows out it through the filter again. This type of filter is also referred to as an evaporative filter.

    Ability to humidify: Of all three of our humidifiers, this is the king. It can raise the humidity in about half of our house between 10-25 percentage points.

    Noise: Basically, think of this humidifer as a fan. At all three speeds, you can hear the fan, but it's nice quiet noise at the lowest speed, and fairly loud at the highest speed. We run it at high speed over night, low speed in the evening while we watch TV, and medium speed throughout the day.

    Hygrometer accuracy: Of all three of our humidifiers, the digital hygrometer is spot on, matching the humidity on two of our stand-alone hygrometers.

    Type of water that has to be used: Evaporative humidifiers are nice in that you can use straight tap water without any types of problems. We have softened water, as Phoenix water is normally pretty hard.

    Ease of cleaning: Pretty easy, actually. Every couple of weeks, I just wash the tank and the base in the dishwasher (on "gentle"). There is no scale or mold, etc., to be cleaned off.

    Consumables: There are two consumables: the Protec cartridge and the filter. The Protec cartridge I replace every 30 days per directions, and it's supposed to decrease the chance of mold growing in the unit. The filter I replace just every season. It *can* get really dirty, as this unit effectively acts as an airwasher, washing the dust out of the air....more info
  • Bargain
    The good news is that it's as quiet as advertised and does a good job at maintaining humidity. It runs through water very quickly, and needs to be refillled several times in a day.

    And there's the bad news - one removes the water container and unscrews the release valve - and you suddenly discover the sleek design is very tricky to hold. Worse when full of water. Once the screw cap is tightly back on, there is a slot which can act as a handle - but be aware that this is perhaps not for everyone....more info
  • Great Buy!
    I already had a 3 gal Honeywell for my bedroom and needed something a little bit bigger for my living room. This unit is wonderful! I can fill it up with water and set the fan, humidity and time and walk away. And it came with a cool little cleaning ball. I love both my Honeywell's and would highly recommend them!...more info
  • Gets the Job Done
    Despite the use of the word "quiet" in the name, this is not a particularly quiet unit, though the sound it produces is the sort of white noise typical with equipment with fans. It does a nice job of humidifying a small room (about 15' quare) in a very dry climate. Note that the "continuous cleaning cartridge" is intended to be replaced every 30 days of use. It is definitely an improvement over the 8-year-old unit it replaced....more info