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MAXXUM from SwissGear by Wenger Computer Backpack Red
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $44.48

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Product Description

Enjoy hands-free mobility when carrying your notebook computer from place to place. The WENGER Maxxum Computer Backpack stores and protects a notebook (with up to 15.4" screen) plus other accessories while leaving your hands free for doing whatever you want.

  • Fits most 15/15.4-Inch Widecreens
  • Padded computer pocket
  • Air flow back padding
  • Essentials organizer
  • Dual handle system (carrying handle + trolley strap)

Customer Reviews:

  • One sturdy carry-all!
    My son just entered high school. He has developmental disabilities and
    needed a high quality backpack to keep him organized and balanced. As he
    went through two Samsonite backpacks last year, which literally fell apart,
    I was very concerned. I spotted this backpack in a local store and was
    immediately impressed with it's quality. I searched online and found that had the best offer. Now, three weeks into school, my son is
    organized and says the backpack is balanced and comfortable to wear. We'll
    see how it goes through the school year. I predict good use and no problems!...more info
  • Very Nice!
    Takes all the abuse I throw at it...3 binders, big math book and my 15.4" VAIO laptop....more info
  • Best Backpack EVER!!!
    I can't put enough exclamation points after that sentence. Here are the design benefits I love:

    1. Great for walking: It sits high enough on the back so that when you walk, it doesn't bump against your butt. Also great on motorcycles for the same reason.
    2. More padding where it's needed - at the shoulders and along the lower back. This bag never chafes.
    3. Wide straps that don't dig into your shoulders, plus there is elastic on the straps to prevent pulling. (I was carrying heavy law school books, and it is the most comfortable pack I've owned.)
    4. A cell phone pocket on the strap, so that you don't need to remove the backpack to catch a call! (Sounds silly, but I used to take public transportation, and this is a must.)

    The only warning I will give is to always keep the zippers zipped to the bottom of the pack - even light items will work the zippers downward and your stuff will hit the ground.

    My boyfriend has now taken this pack for his own, so I'm buying another one! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Swiss Army Cool Under Pressure
    I use this backpack and Love it. It holds my laptop as well as all the other day to day stuff I need. There is eve enough room that I can travel overnight with just this backpack and it holds all I need. It is comfortable, strong and has a great geek factor. It is a must for all considering the backback option! ...more info
  • Amazing backpack
    I ordered this yesterday online and it came within a day which I was very happy about. I decided that I am going to start walking instead of using my car for exercise and cause gas prices are so crazy lately and are only gonna get worse. First I went to staples to see the product in my hands and if there was enough space. Well there was alot of space.

    So upon me coming into work today I switched backpacks from an older one that was falling apart to this one. There was so much room for everything I had and still had room for my MacBook Pro 15". I am already in love with this product. There was good padding on the back section of the bag. So many pockets and compartments. I highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a back pack for their laptop....more info
  • Great product, shipped quickly!
    This is a terrific back pack for me. I spent a long time evaluating my options and Wenger was a stand out winner. This specific design is perfect for me with its gigantic capacity and multiple compartments.

    I especially love the center top shallow compartment specifically designed to hold things like a cell phone, or change purse.

    This bag is the most popular brand of back pack at MIT, and these kids tend to have high engineering standards. ...more info
  • too big and bulky
    I just wanted a bag to hold my laptop securely and have some space to store some books for school. This bag definitely has ample room but even with nothing in it it's heavy and bulky. With my laptop and just a few notebooks and folders it weighs probably around 30-40 pounds. When full, it probably wouldn't even fit under seats on an airplane. For a small girl like me it's unwieldy and I've not really used it since I've gotten it, which defeats the purpose. So just beware when purchasing, it's better suited for someone of a larger frame who doesn't mind the bulk and weight. ...more info
  • Pretty good bag, but a little snug for 16"
    The bag has plenty of storage and it's very strong and durable. That said, it may not be the best choice for the new breed of 16" laptops.

    I got a new HP Pavilion dv6 16" widescreen laptop for school, and I was hoping that the bag would be the right size. It's pretty close, but the zippers are right against the frame of the computer when zipped. It should be great for 15.4" screen laptops. The rest of the backpack is great. The quality is top notch, and there is plenty of storage and pockets and mesh everywhere....more info
  • Best backpack I've ever owned.
    I've had this back pack for a few years. I use it to bring my gear to work or carry my laptop when I travel. It's held up really well and I can't think of getting any other kind of bag to replace it. I might hold out for a sale, but my current bag is on it's last legs and the shock absorber straps are starting to ware out (you really notice the difference when they stop working). I have to admit, I've abused this bag and its still held up over the years. I also hate to get a new one and take old yeller here to the shed to put it out of it's misery. Maybe I can fix it....more info
  • Great backpack!
    I was not looking for a backpack for school. I graduated from college 36 years ago. But I was tired of using the standard briefcase digging into my shoulder and I travel enough on business that it matters for comfort. Being an engineer I felt I had some "style" flexibility than maybe other business types but this has been a great alternative. It is much more comfortable than the standard briefcase and makes me feel a bit younger. It is very well constructed, durable material, heavy zippers. I love that it stands up when you put it down. My computer fits securely. And, it still fits under airplane seats. The only downside is that I can fit a lot more into this backpack than my briefcases (no excuse not have the right file anymore). I have been using it for about a month and several trips and have yet to figure out what I will use all the pockets for ... I expect to be using this for a long time....more info
  • Good product
    The zipper on the front big pocket does bind from time to time. Other than that, it's a great bag. I love all the space it has, and I am especially a big fan of the outer pocket, with no zipper. It's great for things that I need to throw in my bag and have ready access to: boarding passes, building badges, books, etc....more info
  • It serves its purpose
    Im not going to say that it is the best backpack I've ever owned, but this is the best backpack I've ever owned. Lots of storage room, decently comfortable, and semi stylish. I really just use it for storage of books for class, it sits in my car all day . I am sure if I were to be woodsy, or Grizzly Adamsish I would think this was the best thing since using leaves for toilet paper.


    Ryan M. Flipse
    ...more info
    Simply stated; my 15.4 Toshiba laptop didn't fit in this bag.
    I tried expanding every compartment/buckle - it didn't fit.
    A waste of time, effort & money.
    Go to a store with your laptop 1st, try it.
    Do search on google 1st, I should have....more info
  • swissgear maxum backpack
    i ordered this product from amazon for my son for school. after receiving
    the pack we were impressed at how well it was made compared to other packs we have had in the past. it has more than ample space for all that he needs for high school. ...more info
  • Great Backpack
    I was looking for a backpack and saw this one in one of my favorite stores, I was not sure if I should pay the price that they were asking for, so I didn't buy it. After a lot of thought I went to get it and they were sold out and discontinued from the manufacturer, I was so disappointed. When I got home I got on Amazon right away and found it and at a lot cheaper price!!!...I like it a lot, lots of room, lots of packets, very well made and very comfortable and it's on my favorite color!!!...more info
  • Not a great buy
    The backpack is too heavy. Remember that the 5 pounds it weighs is as much as a laptop. If I would have realized the difference that weight would have made, I would have purchased an Ogio or something else with less weight. On the flip side, the extra weight does bring added protection for a laptop. I personally don't see the benefit. ...more info
  • Finally, a great utility backpack.
    No more digging into my old backpacks for things. With the numerous and convenient pockets and sections, it is a breeze to find things. The backpack is strong and sturdy, but also has sufficient padding. It is comfortable to wear, and is really no bigger than typical backpacks, but it feels bigger because of the organization it provides. No problems with my laptop inside....more info
  • Good Quality Backpack but a Little Bulky
    Between work, school, and traveling, I go through a lot of backpacks. When I got my new laptop I wanted one of good quality. This backpack is very good quality. It has room for everything-- books, laptop, and gym clothes. The only drawbacks are it's size and weight. I'm a small-framed person and it sometimes feels like it weighs more than me, even when there's not much in it!! It also tends to be top-heavy. When you stand it up, depending on what is in it at the time, it falls forward so don't set it on top of a table or on a shelf. The best place to keep it is on the floor. It's great as a carry on, it even fits my purse inside, but it takes some maneuvering to fit it under the seat in the plane. I looked at this pack and several other Swiss Gear packs in stores before buying it. Swiss Gear products are excellent. A number of people at work have a similar if not the same one. The price on amazon is great. In the stores the price is around $80. Overall, this pack fits my needs. The only reason it gets 4 stars is because of its weight and size, and that's just because I'm small. ...more info
  • Quality Product, Great Price
    I work full time and go to school in the evenings, so I would normally carry my school books in my briefcase. I decided to take an additional class this semester, and quickly discovered I needed something a little larger. After some searching, I decided to give the Wenger backpack a try. I was a little skeptical that I could fit a laptop, 3 large textbooks, notebooks, binders, etc., but my worries were for naught. It holds everything I need for work and school, and has enough compartments to keep things organized. As an engineer, I tend to seek out any flaws that may hinder the performace of any potential purchases, and quite honestly, I can only provide the smallest of critisms with this backpack. Wide straps, double stitching, adequate padding on the straps and the back...I could go on and on about the positives. Probably the biggest complaint I have is that the zipper pulls are all metal, and the chance of one hitting a car while walking through a parking lot causes me some concern. Barring that, I couldnt be happier with my purchase. Money well spent....more info
  • T61 15.4" Fits fine
    After reading some reviews there seems to be some bags that fit 15 inch laptops fine, and others that don't. I bought it and have a T61 15.4" with the 9 cell battery. It holds the laptop well. There is little room around it, but it does completely enclose it, and the zipper closes with no problem. I also bought the Targus 16" Sport, it is larger, but it also has less room for books. The Maxxum has a ton of room for books, the main compartment is very roomy. The Targus 16" Sport is slimmer, and doesn't stick out from my back as much, and I like that. But if you need to carry more large items ( a few college textbooks and some notebooks the Maxxum has the edge.

    I generally carry 1 or 2 books at a time, and 1 or 2 notebooks. So the Targus is my preferred because it is not as puffy.

    In terms of build quality, the Maxxxum appears more durable. The Targus 16" has some thin flaps on the front that I could see snagging easy. As other have stated the Maxxum does not have all of the little nick nacks like a cell phone holder on the strap, and tons of little compartments on the inside.

    I bought both, and I enjoy both. The Maxxum holds a lot, and is bigger. The Targus is longer, and slimmer.

    Great buy!...more info
  • It's a steal
    tried everywhere, no where could i find a deal like this one!! great product for great money...more info
  • A Nice BackPack
    A real nice backpack. I don't think it's as huge as some people say. I do not think it will fulfill both my electronic needs and my law books. But that does not mean it is not nice. The quality is still excellent, and I remain happy with the purchase....more info
  • Durable backpack, but padding ruined my shirts!
    I have owned this backpack for 1 year now. I bought it to carry heavy school books and my 15.4" Dell laptop. It is definitely the nicest laptop backpack I have owned.

    - Strong, durable construction.
    - multiple pockets to hold everything imaginable.
    - side pocket mesh holds my water bottle.
    - Top pocket is small and perfect for a wallet.

    - I'm a 5'1 woman and this backpack can be incredibly heavy at times. It feels bulky even when completely empty.
    (Wenger website says it weighs 4 lbs. 3 oz. empty.

    - The mesh padding on the bottom of the back literally "pills" my t-shirts! What do I mean by that? Well, the padding is made of a mesh fabric that has numerous "breathable" holes. However, as the bottom part of the mesh constantly rubs against the back of your shirt, it starts to wear away the cotton, and it pills into little lint bumps! It took me months to find out it was the backpack that was RUINING my cotton shirts! My shirts where the bottom backpack touches look like an old, lint sock!

    If I could, I'd return this but it's too late now.
    Do yourself a favor and if you can, walk into a store and actually try these laptop backpacks on yourself to see if they fit you. Some are much too large for certain body frames.
    And DON'T buy this one if you don't want your shirts looking haggard! ...more info
  • Great Backpack - well designed- top of the line
    I have had a huge number of backpacks over the years, and one thing I can;t stand anymore is a cheep one. This is one of the most rugged and stylish I have had. I think that this even beats Tumi bags. (My previous bag was a Tumi which gave out in the zipper when I stuffed it full)

    I particularly like this bag because of it's heavy duty zippers for the large pockets, the metal reinforced top handle and it's decent size and exapandability. This is a very rugged pack with lots of pockets. Two large ones with part of one of those with a padded slot with strap for your laptop. A top pocket for your MP3 Player and headphones. Lot's of small pockets and places for your pens. It's also padded nicely on the back, and has shock absorbing straps.

    Note this bag also comes in black, which I would have preferred, (it's just more professional looking) but the red is nice too.

    ...more info
  • Excellent computer bag.
    This is an excellent backback. I did a lot of research on what I needed in a laptop tote. I wasn't sure about how it would handle as I traveled through the airports. It handled extremely well as I found out.

    The great points:
    1) Incredible amount of room with lots of pockets.
    2) A separate compartment for the laptop which makes it easier to pull the laptop out while going through security. The strap holding the laptop in is also very easy to open and it keeps the laptop from moving around.
    3) The open pocket so that you can stuff itinieries and paperbacks in there as you get on and off the plane.
    4) The shoulder straps are easily adjustable and very comfortable.
    5) The padding is also very comfortable, I sometimes forget that I have it on.
    6) Cool little pocket atop the pack for MP3 players or for wallets.
    7) Hard core handle up top for easy and confident transfer.

    Not so cool:
    1) The small doodad bag up front where you are supposed to stash keys, cell phones, pens and pencils does not have a double zipper so it can easily be wide open without you knowing.
    2) The second handle on top of the pack is skimpy and makes no sense.

    Overall, I love it and I enjoy using it as I travel about. The pack is very well designed and holds some very pleasant and surprising features....more info
  • AMAZZING!!!!!
    this pack is the awsomest ever it has sooooo many pockets it would be so helpful for ur kids, if they have a ton of books, this thing makes everything weigh less!!!!!! its a 10 out of a 10er....more info
  • Quite happy with it.
    I bought this bag for my 14" laptop and books. There is a lot of space, the laptop is well protected and it is easy on the back. It looks very nice too! I especially liked the inner compartments where I can safely stash my purse and also the MP3 player compartment. I also keep my voice recorder and flash drives in there since it is easy accessible.
    I liked it very much...
    The only problem I've had so far is, with my 5'2" 120lb frame I look like a pack mule when I have my bag stuffed. People do tend to give weird looks and I often hear comments like "what do you have in there?!!" and "Arent we loaded up today!!"
    If you ca handle that or if you are bigger than me...I think it'll be a good buy....more info