adidas Men's Samba Classic Soccer Shoe
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Product Description

Stick to the ultimate classic with the adidas? Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes.

Adidas' legendary indoor shoe, the Samba Classic Soccer Shoe, features soft leather and a low-profile gum rubber outsole to give the elite player ultimate control. They also offer a full-grain leather upper for comfort and a soft feel, die-cut EVA for lightweight comfort. Better yet, they have a non-marking outsole for use on polished indoor surfaces.

There's a reason this legendary indoor shoe still sells like mad. Perfection never goes out of style. Its soft leather upper and low-profile gum rubber outsole give the elite player ultimate control.

  • TORSION SYSTEM for midfoot integrity

Customer Reviews:

  • Good inexpensive shoe.
    Good all around shoe for casual use. Not much in the way of padding or support though. As an avid footballer (soccer) I found this shoe to be inadequate for indoor use for a competitive player. The shoe performs decently for informal pickup games though. The price is just right, and the shoe runs true to size, although it may be to narrow for those with wider feet. ...more info
  • Great Shoes ~ Great Deal
    I received a quality pair of Adidas Samba Classics at an unbelievable price. They were delivered on time during the Christmas season. I couldn't be happier....more info
  • Samba Classic Are Timeless
    I've been wearing Samba Classic for over 30 years. This order arrived quickly and the quality was as expected....more info
  • Compared to Nike...
    I've always prefered Adidas over Nike. Adidas holds up better. This is practically the only Adidas shoe i'll wear. I need flat shoes because i don't really have an arch, so normally i buy Converse. These are good for Soccer. I use to wear them back in the days. Other than soccer or sports, they're good for playing drums. ...more info
  • Kid Proof...
    My son used to go through shoes every other month but know that he wears these Samba's he can go a whole school year - excluding the shoe laces. You may need to buy an extra pair or two....more info
  • just what i needed
    I use these shoes for Tai Chi. They are superior to other shoes I have worn for this purpose. They are a bit narrow, so watch out if you have wide feet. Also, I'm usually size 9, but these are almost too short. I maybe should have gone for the 9 1/2. ...more info
  • Cheap, thin, awkward
    It is a cheap soccer shoe with little support. the tongue extends about 1" past the last lacing hole and digs into your ankle, one inch is also not enough for it to be bent back over the laces so it is sufficiently awkward and was enough for me to return the shoe. unfortunately no free returns so i'll be shopping elsewhere for my indoor soccer shoes. typically i wear a size 13, however these were about a size too large on me so i'd wear a 12 in this shoe. i have a pair of asics running sheos, lotto cleats and new balance cross trainers that are all 13....more info
  • my son loves them
    This is my son's second pair. Right now it's the only shoe he'll wear.......more info
  • The Best Shoe Ever
    I have been wearing Adidas Sambas for 12 or 13 years and I absolutely love them. The best tennis shoe of all time. ...more info
  • Sizing is misleading - beware!
    I found these shoes by searching the women's option for running shoes. The name may say Unisex, but there is no indication that the sizing is 100% male. Not even a note stating that a woman should subtract 2 or 3 or 10 sizes from her normal shoe size.

    When the shoes arrived here, they were huge. I tried to return them, but Amazon considers this to be MY fault, and planned to charge back any shipping, promotions and coupons against a possible refund. I had done very well using a coupon, a sale, a "buy $80 worth of shoes and get $20 off instantly" promotion and Amazon prime, so my "refund" would be less than nothing.

    That's right -- if I return the shoes, I owe money. Because Amazon made no mention that shoes found in the women's section of the site might be men's shoes instead. Yeah, that seems fair....more info
  • Good
    Received product promptly.

    Item was brand new and i love it!...more info
  • Samba For Casuals
    I bought this pair of shoes not for soccer but for everyday use. It's quite comfortable and stylish. Pretty good for its price....more info
  • Christmas gift
    The problem I have with this purchase does not involve the product, but rather the company that I purchased them from. I had these shoes sent to my son as a gift. Unfortunately, they were shipped with the ink-filled security button still in place, so he was unable to wear them, and since they were an online order item, it has been an extreme inconvenience to make a return. The company sent another pair of shoe with the instructions that they would also send a pre-paid mailing label, so my son could return the original pair. When I spoke to my son last week, he had not yet received the return label. I am waiting now to see if my credit card has been billed twice for this item. I am very unhappy with this purchase....more info
  • Good Shoes
    Very comfortable shoes and they fit the purpose. Shoe laces are too short so order an extra pair of these.. These are classic sneakers that beat any of the the new ones out today....more info
  • best shoes in the world
    these have got to be my favorite shoes of all time, they're comfortable, long-lasting and look awesome. no other shoes can rival my adidas samba!!...more info
  • Sauce-ome
    The shoes that I ordered fit great. I have yet to play indoor (or any) soccer in them but I'd imagine they work great because they are reminiscent of martial arts shoes, which is what I use them for. There is one thing, these shoes are pretty squeaky once you break them in so don't expect to be a ninja wearing them....more info
  • awesome
    These are true classics. I remember not liking them when they first came out decades ago, but I can't remember why. Anyway, the shoes are really comfortable and fit true to size. This is a VERY subjective thing to comment about - fit. If the proverbial shoe fits, wear it. And for me these fit. Cheers....more info
  • Adidas Samba Classic M BLACK/WHITE 10 M Mens
    Product arrived safely within the specified time window. Thank you very much!...more info
  • Ecnomical beautiful looking and comfortable

    i just got the shoes. They look wonderful. You can wear them virtually with everything. Great looking and comfortable. Picture does not tell how good they are given the price range they are in, best buy....more info
  • So good I might get another pair.
    You know how sometimes you worry that the picture may look better then the real thing?

    Well, this is the exception.

    I saw these Samba's online and was a bit skeptical... but I know my shoe size in adidas because I have other pairs so I thought 'what the heck' and bought em'.

    When they arrived I was more then pleased, they fit perfectly and look great....more info
  • Sweet....
    I got these shoes at dick's sporting goods for indoor soccer. They lasted me the whole season without even starting to wear out! I got these shoes in early November and have had them for 4 months and counting!! They are amazing, very comfy too....more info
  • Not for soccer!! too soft
    I bought these shoes because I wanted something I can wear around town and also play soccer with the shoes. Believe me, you are going to wish you did not buy them if you kick a soccer ball with them. I dont know what and "indoor soccer ball" feels like but I tried these shoes on two balls that I have because at first I thought one of the balls that I had was too hevay and hard but it turns out it was the shoes, after kicking 30 yard shots my foot was hurting so I put on my cheap spaldings from walmart and they felt better, now I realize Im going to have to return them and buy some real soccer shoes that are hard so I can kick 30 40 yarders all day long without hurting my foot like I did with these email is if you have any comments send me with a subject of "amazon adidas mens sambas" . ...more info
  • Adidas Classic Samba rocks
    I bought these shoes for my brother and he absolutely adores them. You can't find them in white in any Adidas store so it was nice that Amazon has it in the right color. That explains the slightly higher price than stores charge for the black color. The size is true to fit and it looks just like in the picture. You can't go wrong with a classic like this....more info
  • Amen, something comfy
    The white/royal blue sambas are really good looking and very comfortable. I dont play soccer and I wear these shoes because of the comfort and the style they have. Very good shoe choice! I would reccomend these for anyone!...more info
  • Best everyday shoes you can have!
    My husband found these when he and my daughter were playing indoor soccer. He just loves them. Wears them everywhere! After 3 years of constant wearing, they started to look a little "worn". I found them online at cheaper than the local stores and that included delivery! Gave them to him for his birthday! Wish he'd give ME shoes for my birthday! He says these are the most comfortable and durable shoes he's ever owned. He doesn't wear anything else. ...more info
  • Adidas Samba Classic
    This classic workhorse is functional and affordable. It is well made. Its sizes run pretty true and it seems to adapt to a wider foot more than some of the other brands. The sole is slip-resistant on regular gym hardwood floors so it is a great shoe for indoor soccer. It also is very usable on artificial turf surfaces although other shoes such as the Adidas Copa Mundial turf version provide better traction, at a slightly higher price. All in all a cost-effective, multi-purpose, classicly Adidas-looking shoe....more info
  • Adidas Samba Classic
    The product was perfect. It got here in reasonable time. The shoes fit great and look great. I got exactly what I ordered....more info
  • Great shoes.... Great service
    Comfortable shoes that are right on size. I always wear a size 12 and they fit great....more info
  • Great sneaker for cycling!
    I have to say these arent the most comfortable to walk in and they are kind of flat but these do make awsome cycling shoes if you are an avid cycler and dont like straping on a pair of cleats and prefere riding with traditional flat pedals these sneakers are great. Nice, lite and flat. ...more info
  • Great shoe and Seller
    Arrived on time to my home address while I was away at school. The shoes had no imperfections, and I get compliments on them now and then. I will likely do business with this same seller again for another pair/next sneaker purchase....more info