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20Q Challenge
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Product Description

The classic game of 20 questions take on a new spin. This multi-player 360-degree spiral dome display lets you and your friends see the screen while playing. The game's innovative table-top design comes with unique, stylized buttons. And now, there's even more options to answer the questions. Guess 20 questions prior to 20 questions being asked. Requires 3 "C" batteries, not included. Measures 7.83"W x 7.60"D x 4.5"H.

While it¡¯s true that you probably haven¡¯t been spending your life silently pining for a chance to play 20 Questions against the detached head of R2D2, this toy, which more or less simulates that experience, provides that opportunity. The premise is pretty simple: think of something and then answer the machine¡¯s various questions using buttons marked "yes", "no", "sometimes", and "unknown". A floating display inside the domed top of the toy and an "undo" button provide some added appeal but it¡¯s really the same old game of 20 Questions you¡¯ve been playing for years. While it would appear that the human would have an advantage in this contest and that a machine couldn¡¯t deduce the right answer with yes or no questions, we found ourselves losing the game an unsettling amount of the time. --Charlie Williams

  • New undo button allows you to go back to your previous answer
  • Innovative table top design with stylized buttons
  • Features include more questions and more answers.

Customer Reviews:

  • THIS is what you buy for the one who has EVERYTHING!
    I must live in outer space because I NEVER heard of this toy before! I was doing that half-browsing/half-buying, should-I-buy-now, should-I-wait, pre-santa, toy store thing most of us start every November when I spied this. My #2 son has a birthday on November 19th so I was desperate for a present for my parents to give...don't you love it?

    SENSATIONAL TOY! It has been the focus of the entire family all weekend! Santa better have bagfulls of these when the word gets out!

    You think of something, anything...the "toy" asks you general questions about what you are thinking about in an attempt to narrow your subject down. The questions, (which are easy to read) "appear in the orb". You answer the questions using the buttons on the toy...YES NO, etc. The toy will guess what you are thinking in 20 questions...(if you answer it's questions honestly). My boys spent the weekend attempting to stump the toy. We grown-ups spent the weekend amazed at all that is in this toy's database!

    Purchasing this has eliminated the pressure of what-to-get several adults on my list, as well as a number of the kids.

    Great "thought provoker"...and FANTASTIC for family "table time" after dinner. We brought our dishes into the kitchen and had our dessert and coffee WITH the children there (for a change) with this in the center of the table. We ended up dividing in pairs and trying to "stump" the toy. Some of the things we were thinking of were silly and we ended up laughing like fools at the questions and the possibilities of the answers.

    This is a MUST HAVE game this Christmas! Snag this one early! I have a feeling it will be hard to get. Toys-R-Us has a great deal now where you can get a free hand held version which is just as much fun!

    Fantastic grandparent gift for family! Fantastic gift for that difficult to buy for 9-20 age range! Perfect sit down interactive Mommy/Daddy and Me time for early readers. My second grader LOVES to sit with me and I help him read the questions.

    Definitely NOT a wasted purchase!

    Rosemary...more info
  • great guesser
    I am 10 years and old my grandmother has 20Q at her house so every time I go there I play it.It was so funny and amazing when it guessed booger.This toy is very smart. ...more info
  • GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
    This is great I played with at at my friends it guessed poop, urine,gas=human. It was great it's amazing I am going to buy it....more info
  • 2000 Challenge, Best bet for 2008
    Excellent, excellent device. You will be amazed at the answers it comes up with. It cannot identify people but it is absolutely uncanny at correctly guessing things, especially in light of the questions it ask.
    Hours of fun. ...more info
  • Great fun for all!
    This toy fascinated all of us! Pick a common noun and answer the questions, and odds are it will come up with the right answer. My 8 year old grandson loved it, and his 5 year old sister who doesn't quite read yet made me play several rounds--I'd read the questions and she'd push the right button for the answer. We stumped it with "baton" but the machine came up with "trash can" seemingly out of nowhere after 18 questions. A great Christmas gift/activity....more info
  • OK..........
    We got this game for Christmas and it looked very we tried all things possible.....(carrot,soccerball,and even husky) Go UW.....The game couldn't guess any of the above......We were very dissapointed in the game because it couldn't guess some of the most common every day things (carrot come on).....but we were suprised on how the game was set up with all the buttons like; rarely, sometimes, and etc....probally the most agrivating thing about the game is that it reads the questions VERY SLOWLY.....It gets very tiresome after a long period of time....Overall this game is pretty fun but I definatley think it is overpriced for all that it is....more info
  • Best new toy out there!
    My daughter has had this a few months and the whole family loves it. Everyone we show it to wants it. It is amazing that a toy can guess (at least 80% of the time) what you are thinking. We have the table version (this one) and the handheld. We like the big one best and end up taking it with us on trips. Great toy that will give you endless fun....more info
  • the new 20q
    I love the 20q when i saw this i had to get it.......1st off...the thing looks pretty cool...2nd.....this version seems more advanced & updated, as it has asked new questions....such as......"is it an esoteric concept?"....maybe it's data base has been expanded....this is a great game for friends & family as it forces you to think....which is a good thing....the floating info display is pretty neat & easy to read....but you know what would really make this game awesome?.....a remote.....& a synthisized voice that asks the that would rock! the game is very fun.....& i recommend it to all, as the experience of having it guess correctly when it seems there is no way it could possibly get it right based on the questions asked..... makes it worth the price of admission.....two thumbs up!...more info
  • This toy makes you think, and its fun.
    This product makes me wonder how the information was compiled. Its amazing. As long as you answer the questions about the challenge, it will get it. Or very close. I enjoy the dome display, as more people in the room can enjoy the fun....more info
  • the brain exerciser
    20Q is a great game because the player has to be creative. Kids love to stump the game with hard to figure out answers to the riddle. The game is also easy to store because it is light weight and does not require the use of multiple game pieces....more info