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Sunnybell ST60 3-Tone 16-Channel Wireless Doorbell With Strobe Light
List Price: $49.95

Our Price: $19.99

You Save: $29.96 (60%)


Product Description

The Sunnybell wireless door chime ST60 is white-colored. It transmits signals as far as 300 feet, the signals can pass through doors, walls and etc. The coded receiver has 16 selectable channels to avoid any possible interference from other sources. It has three different tones to select. The door chime (receiver) runs on 3 pieces of C-size batteries or an AC adaptor, neither is included. Pushbutton (transmitter) runs on a 12v battery which is included and can last for as long as 1 year. Both the chime and pushbutton are wall or door mountable with included kit.

  • Transmits up to 300 feet (open air), Crispy Sound, Weather-proof for outdoor use, CE certified.
  • 16 selectable channels prevent outside interference & allow system expansion
  • Chime only / Flash Only / Chime & Flash selectable
  • 3 tones selectable (Ding, Ding-Dong, Westminster),
  • 90 days money back guarantee and 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • works wonderful !
    I bought this doorbell for my husband for Christmas who complained that he couldn't hear the doorbell while cleaning fish with the electric knife in our basement.
    The light is great as it has a real nice 'strob' brightens to it as it flashes off and on, this he always can see without even turning his head-even though we placed it on a wall off to the side of his bench. We just love the sound of those chimes! Installing is a breeze.
    This is an excelent product that works well, for a very cheap price ...more info
  • Great Value
    I purchased the ST60 last summer and it has been working great ever since. The signal seems strong and I haven't received any false alarms thus far. Wireless is a great solution for my set up and I wouldn't hesitate to get this same unit again if it ever needs to be replaced. Did I mention great value??

    Edit: I meant to make this 5 stars, I can't change it....more info
  • GREAT!!
    this is a really good product i installed it in less then 10minutes i works great too i like the lighting effect that it has when you ring the door bell really good....more info
  • Easy and works out of the box
    Just put the batteries in and you are ready to go. Note that the double-sided tape that is provided is just a joke and if you don't want to use screws, you will need to get your own piece of tape.
    Otherwise instructions are minimal but enough. Setup in 10 minutes and forget about it until the batteries are dead!...more info
  • Great bell
    We've had this bell at home for a long time, and it works great I have no complaints about it, the fact that it is wireless is so convenient. The only detail is that the bell is really loud, so you might consider placing it somewhere where the noise won't bother you as much. ...more info