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Product Description

Psychonauts are special psychic operatives with powers they use in service to the world's governments. When students begin disappearing from Psychonaut boot camp, a young recruit begins tracking down the mad scientist responsible. Face inner demons and wrestle with other people's nightmares, while accomplishing your mission -- all without going insane. Immersive story injected with lots of humor and lots of imaginative environments Challenging puzzles with alternate solutions that self-tailor to your strategies & abilities

Following in the footsteps of the award-winning titles Full Throttle and Grim Fandango, visionary designer Tim Schafer delivers his newest creation--the bizarre, psychic adventure, Psychonauts.

For years, the Psychonauts have deployed their psychically-armed operatives all over the world, but now there is trouble brewing in their own boot camp. A deranged scientist is abducting camp cadets for their brains! One student, a mysterious and powerful new arrival named Raz, stands alone against the lunatic. Raz must develop and unleash an arsenal of paranormal powers, including his most powerful weapon of all--the ability to launch himself telepathically into the minds of others. Ultimately, he must enter the psyche of his worst enemy and destroy his dark plans at their source. Entering the mind of madman has its challenges, and Raz must struggle to preserve his sanity while he battles to save the day.

In this third-person shooter, you will explore 13 levels--three that are set in the "real" world, and ten that are set inside the mental jungle-gyms and terrifying prisons of dementia. Journeying through the mind of a lunatic, Raz, you will rise through the ranks as you collect figments of imagination, sort emotional baggage, clear out mental cobwebs, and crack open memory vaults. After you complete special training missions, Raz will learn new psychic powers, such as levitation, telekinesis, invisibility, pyrokinesis, clairvoyance, and confusion.

With tightropes, trapezes, ladders, poles and other dynamic environmental features, you'll zip through an engrossing story injected with humor, vivid characters, and a spectacular range of wild, imaginative environments. The non-linear plot offers incredible depth of play, loaded with multiple paths and strange sub-challenges like digging up imaginary atomic elements, finding lost brains, and telekinetic canoeing.

You'll thoroughly enjoy the journey with Raz as you make your way through weird worlds and the dark recesses of Schafer's creative, squishy gray matter in this oddball, puzzle-game shooter. Psychonauts delivers monsters that slink like cats in the night and puzzles that will bend your brain like string theory--you'll be dazzled, confused, and challenged.

  • Enter people's minds and use your powers of levitation and Psi-Blasts to face people's worst fears
  • Rise up in rank as you collect figments of other people's imaginations, sort their emotional baggage, clear out their mental cobwebs, and crack open their memory vaults
  • Complete special training missions to earn new powers like telekinesis, pyrokinesis and more
  • Fully interactive environments - use tightropes, trapezes, ladders, poles, ledges, trampolines, climbing walls and rail slides to your advantage
  • Multiple paths and sub-challenges - the nonlinear gameplay offers greater depth and better gameplay

Customer Reviews:

  • Psychonauts - Clever, Imaginative, Fun!
    Let me start off this review by saying that I play a lot of different videogames, and owe allegiance to no genre in specifics, which is why I'm not going to compare this game to others. There are a variety of aspects that the game has which make it awesome, and I will cover these individually, in seperate paragraphs.

    First off, creativity. This is not a spoiler, so have no fear as I progress. The game revolves around a ten year old child with psychic abilities by the name of Razputin, or "Raz". Without his parent's knowledge, Raz sneaks into Whispering Rocks Psychic Summer camp, a secret government training facility for young psychics. Once discovered by the camp counsellors, he is informed that his parents have been called, and will pick him up in a couple of days. Until then, he is not allowed to participate in any psychic training or activities. Of course, this doesn't stop our young adventurer from doing exactly that, and this is where the game begins. The game invites you to actually explore other character's minds, usually to help them solve an internal problem (frequently due to insanity), and each of the levels creatively reflect that character's problems. For example, you are invited into the mind of Fred, a distant relative of Napoleon, who has a split personality disorder as a result of continually losing strategy games to one of the inmates at the asylum. As you enter his head to kick Napoleon out and restore Fred's sovereignty of his mind, you are invited to play a game of strategy versus Napoleon's embodiment in Fred's mind.

    Humor: I have to admit that I have been particular to Tim Schafer's sense of humor ever since playing Grim Fandango, and this game made me laugh a lot. For instance, at one point in the game you find yourself in the mind of a former high school wrestler. The walls inside the sewers of his mind are decorated with high school lockers, and one passageway is designed as a gym shower room, at which Raz remarks "Man, I feel like I'm back in High School...Which is wierd, because I'm only ten years old" The game is full of clever little side comments which make the game a blast to play, and the interactions with the other characters are constantly amusing (My favorite character is a psychic camper by the name of Mikhail, who is from Russia and has an obsession with finding a hairless bear)

    Gameplay: I like the style of gameplay a lot. This is one of the first platformers I've played in a long time that seems to actually get everything right. If it's possible, you just have to try. If it's not possible, then there's no way to hack around it until you're supposed to. Some games tend to screw this up and allow the impossible, and it's nice to play a game that has a good environment to it. Moving on, the control system is nice. You move with the left analog, adjust the view with the right analog. You can assign three psychic powers (out of a possible 8) to hot buttons, and the game pauses while you assign them (you assign by pushing right on the d-pad). You can pull items out of your backpack, which never gets full (which doesn't break realism because at any given time you only have a max of something like 13 items of small-medium size). The game allows double jumping, which I usually think is cheap, but Psychonauts excuses it by defining it as an innate psychic ability which can be improved once you get the active psychic ability "levitate". The only thing I disliked about the gameplay was the fact that when you tried to target things, you had to be fairly close to your target, which seems silly when the main reason you would target something in Psychonauts is to use a ranged weapon like Psi Blast.

    Sound/Music: This game has an awesome soundtrack. Every mind you invade seems to have the perfect music written for it, from the Mexican-themed "Black Velvetopia", to the Godzilla-like "Lungfishopolis". I'm not really an expert on describing music, which is why this part is going to be short, but let it be known that the music is just as awesome as the rest of the game, I just can't describe it owing to my own deficiencies.

    Graphics: This game uses the xbox's graphical potential fully. I experienced no lag at all while playing, and yet could see clearly that everything was richly textured, high on polys, and gorgeous to look at. The graphical style is a little cartoony, which is something that I love in videogames, but I understand it is an acquired taste, so that is something you should definitely be aware of. In addition, each mind uses the game's graphics slightly differently, and gameplay varies a lot from mind to mind. For example, the earlier mentioned "Black Velvetopia" has a somewhat inverted color scheme, as if the world was being viewed under a blacklight.

    So here we go with a final summary, which is probably the only thing most of you readers will read anyways.
    Creativity: 10
    Humor: 9.5
    Sound: 9
    Gameplay: 8.8
    Graphics: 10

    Overall: 9.5 - This game is one of the best games I've ever played, and is one of the best out there for xbox. Get it! :)...more info
  • Nearly four years later, and it's still a fun game
    I recently bought Psychonauts for my aging Xbox. The game was used but in like new condition, for less than $20 I took a chance on it.

    Boy, am I glad I did. This game is extensive, there's a little bit of everything in here. The "real world" is limited to the camp with its perfect lazy summer day background music. However, the minds of people you meet extend into Spanish bull-fighting, discos, a World War II-like battlefield, a Risk board game against Napoleon Bonaparte, a peaceful appearing neighborhood where spy cameras poke out of lawn ornaments, and, my favorite, a scenario where you play a Godzilla-type character. There are so many funny sayings.... overall, you can tell that a LOT of thought went into this game.

    I've been playing for nearly 30 hours, and I'm finally nearing the end. I've enjoyed every bit of it. I'm not one of those people that can play spooky Doom 3 type games.... I'm far too high-strung for zombies to be creeping up on me. So, Psychonauts is a great choice if you don't care for those bloody games, either, and it's a great choice if you're looking for an affordable game for your original Xbox....more info
  • I've put so many hours into this game...
    I finally got 100% on this game but it took long enough! This is one of the most underrated games of all time. Charming platformer. Great replay value. I would have paid ten times the amount I did and for the hours I've gotten out of it... totally worth it....more info
  • Great game with huge environments
    Even when you play just a little of this game you will love it. First of all the humor is great (even though a little crude but who really gives). The environments are huge and when you find secret rooms you can get things that actually help in the game instead of some games where all you get are extras or small movie clips.(The game does have extras too though.)The game almost has no flaws in its gameplay. The game gives you a surprise many times. I also like that sometimes you can choose from a selection what you are going to say to somebody else. Just like in KOTOR. Even though the game is solid I think the 50 dollar price tag is a little too much. So if you have $50 in your pocket and you want adventure video game you mussssssssssst get Psychonauts....more info
  • itr seems to stick with you
    i played this game when it first came out and I'll never forget it! i loved it so much! but it is just a game. ...more info
  • One of the best so far this year
    Everytime Tim Schafer creates a game, I know it will be a blast. Having been on a roll starting with The Day of the Tentacle up through The Grim Fandango, each game has been delightfully intelligent, creative and an overall wonderful experience. Psychonauts is no different. In fact, it is one of the best games I have played not only this year but in a long time.

    The setup is that there is a camp for psychic children who feel different in the outside world. At the camp, the counselors teach children how to harness their power to become Psychonauts, psychics who actually enter people's minds and sort out their problems. Because of this setup, each and every world is completely different from the others. Connected to a hub world of the camp, each real "level" is a person's mind. And each mind reflects the person's personality, fears, phobias etc. For instance, the beginning level is that of your drill instructor. His level is a warzone complete with mines, air plane drops, explosions, barbed wire etc.

    Tim Schafer's touch is also evident in the characters who are actually characters. They all have a personality and are very emotive. I haven't laughed at a video game so hard since Conker's Bad Fur Day. This game is hillarious. From the kid who practices looking through a peep hole in the day to get practice for when it's filled with girls to trashing a town Godzilla style, the game has it in spades. However, there are some surprisingly disturbing moments in the game that are also darkly humorous. Because you have psychic powers, you also can do some pretty cool stuff from pyrokinesis, telekinesis, levitation, invisibility, etc. These moves help you progress through the levels and pick up hidden items throughout the game.

    Graphically, the game is awesome on the Xbox. The levels are done in vivid colors and with a wonderful cartoon style. The campground seems alive as there are creatures walking your path. From squirrels, crows, pigeons, lizards, bears, etc, the world seems populated and just feels real. You can tell a lot of time and effort was put in to make this game come alive and it works. The game is presented in 480p, for those interested.

    Aurally, the characters are voiced to perfection. Some great voice actors have been employed and it really helps create characters that are lovable. The only audio glitch I've noticed is that sometimes my speakers will "click" as voices come in or as the sound changes sometimes. The game is also presented in 5.1 surround in game.

    Since the game is a platformer, all of the standards apply. In the real world and in each person's mind, there are a ton of things to collect. In the real world, there are arrowheads that can be pulled from the ground that represent cash. There is a scavenger hunt also going on that will earn you rank (which gives you new powers) and there are cards that can be formed as more rank. In each person's mind, there are also different things to collect such as emotional baggage, mental cobwebs, figments of the imagination and safes which you much punch open to reveal some of the person's past. Some of these slide shows are funny and some are actually kind of sad as you see how these people came to be who they are. I list these items to collect just as a note that the game definitely exhibits all of the charms of a platformer. But there actually is a reason to collecting everything and they fit together in this humorous world.

    The game moves quickly and besides one or two intstances of panning that had the game do a wave type pattern, it is perfect. My recommendation if you play the game is to take your time talking to everyone. It helps flesh out the story and if you listen and keep making rounds after each world you will see minor breakups, makeups, humorous instances involving squirrels who tell one kid to kill everyone, and plain funny dialogue. Take your time with this one and you will definitely be rewarded.

    This game is great, it's just what I was looking for. It helped remind me why I play video games. When a person can create such wonderful worlds and allow you to play in them, you realize why you play games. It is so creative. Where else can you be chased by a giant fish, rage across town as a Godzilla-like creature, be in a disco world where you must race, pin-ball style, wage war against a Napolean complex and set fire to squirrels? If you want a creative and fun video game that will take approximately 10-15 hours of your time, then this is definitely a must buy. Sure some say the game is too easy and relies on platforming cliches but honestly when you are having this much fun, does it really matter? Why quibble over small faults when you will genuinely have a complete and utter blast playing the game? I absolutely cannot recommend this game enough. And unfortunately, it's one of those games that will end up like Ico or Beyond Good and Evil where no one hears of it and no one plays it. Don't let that happen. Play this game because its games like this that the industry needs to keep creating.

    A must buy. Creative and excellent....more info