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Tattle Tale - Vibration Pet Trainer
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Product Description

Keep Pets Off Furniture: Train pets to stay off furniture or use as a security alarm for added safety. Using structural vibration technology the TATTLE TALE? can detect vibration in an object or surface without any apparent motion. TATTLE TALE? sounds a distinct 3-second alarm. PET TRAINING: Keeps Pets off Furniture, Counter Tops, Beds, Plant Stands, Garbage Cans, Car Hoods, etc. Prevents Scratching, Clawing, Climbing and Behavioral Problems in the home. Many uses Camping, Travel and Office. SAFETY AND SECURITY:Place or Hang the TATTLE TALE? to Detect Tampering of Doors, Drawers, Windows, Gates, Cabinets and Any 'Off-Limits' Area. FEATURES INCLUDE: Automatic Alarm Reset with a High/Low Sensitivity Switch. Works in any position, hang it, set or place it anywhere. Long life continuous operation on a single battery. EVEREADY? 9V Battery Included - MADE IN THE USA

  • PET TRAINING - Keeps Pets off Furniture, Counter Tops, Beds, Plant Stands, Garbage Cans, Car Hoods, etc
  • Distinct - 3 second alarm
  • Assits with Behavorial problems in the home

Customer Reviews:

  • works great!
    Ive been trying to get my dog off my sofa and this has been the solution. I just turn the device on before I leave my house and when I get back I see every day that my dog doesnt get on anymore because he leaves no hairs bejind. The high pitch sound bothers him, definitely way better than shocking my dog. 100% recommended!...more info
  • Loud and sensitive
    It sounds like a description of a bad date: Hypersensitive and shrieks at the slightest disturbance. But for this product, that's just what you want. (Anybody who thinks theirs is quiet probably just needs a fresh battery!) It's a fairly simple device. My cats hate it, even though they're not the reason I bought one -- I'm using it as an automated warning to my kids that they're playing too rough near my computers.

    For my purposes, it would be especially useful if there was an adjustment not just for low or high sensitivity, but for vibration frequency for which it sounds an alert. Motion with a high frequency (like touching it) sets it off, but I can rock the shelf its on without setting it off. To use a water analogy, it's like the difference between the ripples coming out from a pebble thrown into a lake versus ocean waves, and I need sensitivity for the latter. Having that sort of adjustment would earn this more stars from me, but for its intended purpose it seems to work excellently....more info
  • Not that great
    This product didn't turn out to be worth the money I paid for it. We have a 3-cushion leather couch that we've been trying to keep our dog off of. I decided to purchase the tattle tale instead of the long pad alarm because I thought it would be less space-consuming and more easy to take off and put on the couch. What I found is that it's only effective on the cushion that it's placed on - even when the sensitivity level is placed on high. The alarm doesn't go off when someone sits on either of the other two cushions. So my dog just parked himself on the cushions that didn't have the tattle tale on them. In addition to this shortcoming, the alarm goes off when there's a loud noise, including a sneeze. So it goes off when it shouldn't and doesn't go off when it should. Unless you plan on buying one tattle tale for each of your sofa cushions or it's just a chair, I don't recommend this as a solution....more info
  • Completely Ineffective
    Product was completely ineffective. Dogs were intrigued by the sound. Seemed to consider the sofa I put it on a "giant squeak toy". If you're trying to train your dogs to remain interested in getting on your sofas, this is the product for you.

    The extremely limited return policy included with the product (that's not described prior to purchase) suggests the manufacturer knows that this thing is largely useless. Essentially, if you've opened the box, installed the battery, and listened to the weak alarm sound once it's not returnable....more info
  • It works!
    My smart springer spaniel used to sneak on the couch at night but after hearing this beep a couple of times she knew she was "caught". I left it on the couch for a couple of weeks to reinforce her behavior and have not had to use it since.

    As a bonus, the device (set on high) would also pick up on her bark and go off. I set it on a window sill that the dog looked out of and now she no longer barks as stray dogs, passers-by, etc.

    My only complaint about the device is that there is no way to turn it off without it going off. ...more info
  • Works Perfect!
    We bought the "Tattle Tale" to keep our dog off the couch when we were away. He learned very quickly with it. We seldom have to use it any more and when we do we just lay it on the couch and don't even need to turn it on! They are small and easy to store. We are very pleased with it. Well, worth the small cost!...more info
  • Pet trainer Vibration
    I have 2 cats and they love to lounge on my suede couch so I bought his vibration pet trainer to keep them off. It works pretty well and the noise do keep them off the couch. HOWEVER, it's a 3 seater couch so 1 device is not enough to keep them off. I would need 2 and spread them out, otherwise, the cats will jump on whichever side of the couch that's not effected....more info
  • Great, does the job!
    My dog hates this contraption and that makes us love it. It really works and it scares him half to death. He's 110# pit/mastiff mix and whoa this makes him running! Thanks for a good product....more info
  • Doesn't bother the cats or dogs a bit.
    Well, this does emit a loud piercing sound, but only for a few seconds...long enough to make the dogs and cats look around, but as soon as they get a bit bothered, the sound quits. I think that this product might work IF it beeped longer. It was a total waste of money for me. Now I'm just passing it around the office as a's a hoot to use at work as a joke on unsuspecting coworkers. ...more info
  • Saved my couch
    This works great. It keeps my labrador retriever off my new couch. He ruined my previous couch and I ordered this to hopefully keep him off my new one, and it works. I'm buying one for my chair as well. I love it.

    ...more info
  • Inexpensive alternative that works for some situations
    First, I have not used this pet trainer item, but the input form required me to provide a rating.

    I trained my dog to [mostly] stay off the sofa and also out of the trash by placing a set up mouse trap (no food involved) covered with a piece of paper on the sofa or on top of the trash. The paper is to help ensure that he won't get pinched by the trap. This has worked very well for me. He never gets in the trash any more. Occasionally he'll start getting on the sofa again, and all I need to do is start laying a piece of paper on it to keep him off.

    I'm now looking to keep my cat off the kitchen counter. I plan to try the idea I found here - laying out sticky tape with the sticky side up. Thanks for that tip!

    ...more info