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Product Description

This receiver responds to the wireless RF signals sent by the universal transmitter, motion detector, miniature magnetic contact transmitter, pendant transmitter and 4 button transmitter. The receiver has both normally open and normally closed terminals for each channel. The state of these terminals changes when it receives a signal from a transmitter, eg. the N/C contact becomes open and the N/O contact closes. When the signal stops, the contacts revert to the original state. A transistor output of 12V 25mA that can be connected to a supplied buzzer or other device becomes live when the battery low signal is received from a transmitter.

  • Signal strength LED indicator
  • 4-channel receiver
  • Superior transmission range
  • Compatible with all standard Visonic LTD wireless detectors and transmitters.
  • Applications include panic alert; light and appliance switching (Contractor is required for this setup.); remote garage door operation; access control-opening gates/doors and arming/disarming alarm systems.