Pinhole Cam Wireless Color Video Camera
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Product Description

This is a worlds smallest yet most powerful wireless camera of its kind. Ready for action right out of the box ! plug in the power to camera (using the included 8V power adapter or included 9V battery) and receiver (using the included 12V power adapter), connect the Video OUT from the receiver to your VCR or TV, then turn the tuning knob until you see the vivid color video picture. New high power 1.2 GHz teacnology provides up to 1000ft range of transmition with solid stability and will not be interfered by crowded 2.4GHz signals. Great for portable video surveillance or for hobbies. The camera and the built-in transmitter only uses about 150mA of power and operates for up to 8 hours on 9 V battery. This package comes with the following items : One Camera with Transmitter Built-in One Video Receiver with detachable antenna Two Power Adapter Included! for 24-hour non-stop for both camera and receiver 1 Battery Adapters (Battery Clip) for 9-Volt Batteries One RCA PlugnPlay Video Cable Manufacturers Full One Year Replacement Warranty

  • Range up to 1000 Feet
  • wireless
  • Color
  • World Smallest
  • Takes less than 3 minutes to set the whole system up and running
Customer Reviews:
  • Not too bad
    bought this to go onto an R/C blimp, but the 9v battery alone was too heavy. The image quality is OK. Nothing great by any means. The colors come and go and bright lights turn black. Put it on an Awana Grand Prix car (like Pinewood Derby) and the kids had a blast watching it go down the track. Ended up just cutting off the connectors and soldering the battery wires directly to the camera wires. The camera was on the hood of the car and the battery stuck out the back. All the wires were run down through the car and underneath. Took 2nd place in design....more info
  • no...
    does not work. When I got it, I didn't use it right away. When I did finally have time to put it together, didn't work....more info
  • not that good
    It works that's a good thing. But, it's hard to see what your looking at if any of the objects are moving in front of it. Everything become fuzzy when someone walks by it. However if you have it set in front of a window looking out into the yard it seem to do better. You just can't use it for anything kind of close up. And if it gets bumped the screen goes black and you have to fool with it again. I guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • It works as advertised
    Quality product for the price. Of course picture quality isn't outstanding, but I wasn't expecting high def for the price. It does have low light issues, but that's not what it was designed for.
    I replaced it with the nightvision model and have had more use out of it now for other purposes. It views through optics perfectly and is great for recording through telescopes, microscopes, and binoculars with a little ingenuity....more info
  • not bad
    Only one problem: low light picture is poor to non-existent, but bright-light results in a good picture, and the sound is just OK....more info
  • No pude hacerla trabajar
    I cant make it eork and i dont know how to... i plug the power and nothing i spend 3 hours in that and nothing......more info
  • Genial
    Muy buena compra, la cámara la utilizo en un avión de aeromodelismo, transmite con mucha claridad en un rango de 100m sin distorción.
    Liviana y compacta...more info