NETGEAR WPN111 RangeMax USB 2.0 Adapter
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Product Description

RangeMax Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter, USB cable, cradle, fastener, resource CD, installation guide and warranty/support information card With the WPN111 RangeMax Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter you'll be able to work or play from anywhere in your home. Wireless networks often have "dead spots" in them - places where the Internet connection fades in & out, or drops off completely. The RangeMax technology turns your entire house into a "hot spot". Have a sizzling-hot connection speed from anywhere in your house. WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access-Pre-Shared Key) TKIP & WPA-PSK AES safeguards against unauthorized usage Compatible with 802.11b, 802.11g, and Super G networks Requires available USB 1.1 or 2.0 slot on a PC running Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 or XP with a Pentium 300 MHz processor or higher

The NETGEAR WPN111 RangeMax USB 2.0 Adapter offers:
  • Advanced MIMO technology that offers greater speed and range compared to standard 802.11g
  • Enhanced security with support for WPA 128-bit WEP encryption
  • Backwards compatibility with 802.11b networks
The NETGEAR WPN111 RangeMax USB 2.0 Adapter makes it simple for you to provide wireless internet access to your computer, whether it is a desktop or notebook, letting you surf the web, check email, and chat online. It is up to ten times faster and has up to ten times more coverage than Wireless-G for a speedy network that won't get bogged down when you you stream music and videos.

The WPN111's small size makes it easy to carry around. View larger.
Easy to Carry, Easier to Setup
About the size of a pack of gum, the WPN111 is easy to throw into your purse or pocket. It supports Windows Vista and is also compatible with Windows XP, 2000, 98SE, and Me. The WG111US features a USB 2.0 connection for wide compatibility and high speeds, and setup is as simple as installing the included software and plugging the device into a USB port. A removable cover keeps the connector protected and clean from knocks, dirt and other potential harm.

Included is a USB cable making it easier to connect the WG111US to a desktop and saving you the hassle of having to reach for the back of the computer each time you want to connect or disconnect the adapter. Additionally, it allows you to place the adapter at an optimal location for the strongest signal. Also included is a cradle that you can fasten to the wall or a desk for a more stable place to keep the adapter once you've found an ideal location.

Fast and Secure
The NETGEAR WPN111 supports the 802.11g protocol standard but is able to provide better performance thanks to Smart MIMO technology that incorporates intelligent internal antennas into the router. The router automatically senses interference from devices such as microwaves and cordless phones, and adjusts accordingly. The upshot is speeds up to 108 Mbps with a longer range and a lack of "dead zones" in your home. The adapter is also backwards compatible with 802.11b networks so you don't have to worry about not getting a connection at specific hotspots.

The adapter supports 40/64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption as well as WPA-PSK for security so you don't have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on your emails or stealing your passwords. The included software makes managing different WEP passwords a breeze as you can set up different profiles for each location you frequent, saving yourself the trouble of having to type in encryption keys each time you connect to a hotspot you've already used.

The NETGEAR WPN111 RangeMax USB 2.0 Adapter is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
WPN111 RangeMax USB 2.0 Adapter, USB cable, installation guide, resource CD, cradle and fastener, and warranty/support information card.

  • USB 2.0 Adapter provides 802.11g wireless capability with advanced performance for up to 108 Mbps
  • Small form factor for maximum portability
  • Supports 128-bit WEP and WPA-PSK for enhanced security
  • Backwards compatible with 802.11b wireless networks
  • Device measures 3.72 x 0.6 x 1.19 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't buy it
    This product really sucks and no one should buy it. On a VISTA basic machine - turns off all the time, and doesn't have strong reception. Replaced it with PCI card from Linksys which is much better. I would just stay away from all of Netgear's stuff -- i used a PCI card from them which also didn't work. ...more info
  • Doesn't work as good as WPN311 :(
    As soon as i added this to my XP machine - my RangeMax Router started freaking out and i had to reboot it twice a day (the least) - both of my adapters (WPN311 and WPN111) work great with a LinkSys router. Its a shame that Netgear products don't work with each other, when they are from the same like/package. Not very happy....more info
  • Barely Functional
    I bought mine after suddenly needing my desktop to be wireless instead of wired after a move. Thinking getting this Netgear product for under $10 (from another site) would solve my issues well enough was a huge mistake, giant headache, and general waste of time.

    After installing in Windows XP, the adaptor will work for about 2 hours, decide to shut it self down, and cease to work with my computer unless I re-install the drivers.
    While it does manage to work I get download speeds of about 20kbps whereas everyone's laptop on the same router easily gets 150kbps. For a wireless-g product this is absolutely unacceptable.

    Considering I only paid $10 for my headache I can't imagine paying $50-90 as listed here. Do yourself a favor and get a PCI based wireless card instead. They're cheaper even....more info
  • Avoid
    I got this for a second PC I built for my son. It took 3 hours to finally get a connection to the wireless router. When I finally did get a connection, the speed would range from 12 Mps to 54 Mps(only for a couple seconds) frequently. Web pages do not display correctly. The router is in the next room less than 30 feet away. The adapter does not fit snugly in the USB port. The extension cord does nothing to increase the signal. In all, a very poor user experience. ...more info
  • Buggy performance
    I had no trouble installing the latest drivers to run under XPSP2, but this is a buggy little item. It constantly drops connections and restoring them involves either power-cycling the device or rebooting the system....more info
  • An upgrade that turned out to be a downgrade.
    I bought the WPN111 Rangemax USB wireless adapter to replace my previous model, the basic low end Wireless G. We were getting a solid 54mbps (and 70% signal strength) from the Wireless G (we leach off the wifi signal in the office of our apartment complex with consent from the manager) but I wasn't satisfied, so I thought I'd upgrade to the Rangemax which was rated at 108Mbps. I brought the unit home and installed it, and it didn't even break 48mbps, and the signal strength was actually WORSE (about 40% at best). Another reason to avoid the Rangemax is the fact its software has conflicts with XP. After just 2 days of using it I began to get random system freeze ups; Cursor wouldn't move, Keyboard didn't work, and the only way to shut off was by holding the power button on my machine. The freezes began to increase in frequency and I searched all over the web trying to identify the cause, at one point being told that the Ram, Video Card or Hard Drive could be at fault. On a whim I Googled "WPN111 + System Freezes" and found the real culprit. I unplugged the Rangemax unit from my USB slot and removed all the software, AND WHADDYA KNOW... no more freezes! After all the frustration, I went back to Radioshack and exchanged the Rangemax for the Wireless G. Its so bizarre that the lower model is more reliable than the "upgrade."...more info
  • Works with Win2K but NOT XP, driver related
    Purchased months ago at Staples. Installed it on a Laptop that was running Windows 2000 Professional. Rock Solid performance on that platform. It would only require moving to a different USB port if the laptop went into standby, that would be my only complaint on WIN2K, other than that it was excellent and stayed at 108 and large downloads were a snap...Formatted the Laptop and Loaded a fresh install of Windows XP Pro SP2. Can't download large files to save it's life. It will disconnect from the world stare at you until you pull it from it's USB port and plug it back in. Occasionally a 1+ MB file download from the Internet will cause the same result to occur. Tried every driver. Tried unistalling the netgear utility and all associated software except the NDIS software and it still performs like it hates XP. Went on the internet to see if there was a fix and so far the only fix is to return the product to a store and purchase a different brand...that's too bad, I've always enjoyed Netgear products...I guess the production problem in China has now bit Netgear...just a matter of time before Americans are gonna have to start building thier own stuff again...That's a good thing right? ...more info
  • RangeMax Wireless USB 2.0 Adaptor WPN111
    I have set up several computers in my home network using this model. For the most part, I have had success. Every now and then, it's necessary to "repair" the connection, or to re-start the NetGear software. This happens after periods on inactivity and does help to maintain a level of security. I use this product on Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Vista Premium successfully. Take time to learn and explore when setting up your home network. All systems require some degree of tweeking. It helps to learn somewhat about these products and their applications prior to jumping into the installation. If you are a novice with little patience (like may of the negative reports I have read),hire a computer geek to help you set up your network. Have fun! ...more info
  • Great Windows Support
    My wife uses one of these with her work Wintel XP laptop to connect to our Netgear wireless router. It gives her the best, strongest connection of any of the wireless adapters we've tried. The fact that it's USB is great.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't work with any Mac of any sort. Nor does it work with a TiVo device. Still, it's quite good on Wintel devices. ...more info
  • Nothing but frustration
    One star is too many. Constantly drops connections, refuses to connect to secure networks. (Like Netgear's suggested fix. Just turn off wireless security. No seriously, that's their fix.)
    I've installed/supported wireless networks for over five years and this is the very first NIC that was just totally worthless. Works fine for 2-3 minutes and then stops dead. ...more info
  • Netgear adapter
    I received this for my birthday this year. It works very well once I configured it correctly. I couldn't use the software provided with it, I had to use Windows to configure it, but once I figured that out I haven't had a problem with it and it definitely is faster. I would recommend this product to someone looking for a cheap adapter. Oh, and incidentally, I got the refurbished model so I had to go online and download the software as it didn't come with the adapter but it was a simple task....more info
  • Blue Screen of Death
    I have had frequent blue screen crashes, with error messages that make reference to the WPN111 as the cause of the "stop error". Netgear customer support was virtually useless. I was told to download and install an updated driver, which I did, but the problem is still there. The crashes usually occur during large file downloads, but sometimes they occur almost randomly. There doesn't seem to be any obvious solution to this problem, and I will probably switch to another product instead. ...more info
  • Doesn't work with Macs
    Alas, this product doesn't work with Macintoshes - a Mac running OS X won't even be aware that it's connected. And for a system that, 99% of the time, sees what's connected to it as soon as it's connected and knows immediately what it is and what to do with it (even if the box makes no claims toward Mac compatibility), that's pretty bad. I figured there had to be some workaround that would just get the thing showing up on my system, and from there my technical know-how would likely help me get it working...but no. I tried everything my 20 years of Mac use have taught me, to no avail, and finally contacted Netgear's support, who told me that the thing just don't work with Macs. Ugh. So I guess it's time to give the PCMCIA card a try. I hope *that'll* work.

    I must say though that even if the card doesn't work I won't regret buying my RangeMAX router. Even just by itself that router gives me a better, stronger wireless signal with better coverage than two Airport base stations working in concert ever did....more info
  • Avoid Rangemax AVOID NETGEAR
    I ordered the Rangmax router/dongle pair. The router crapped out after 13 days. Rangemax tech support was useless. Tech support must be outsourced to India because they can poltely tell you to go to hell and eat up your time. I was fortunately able to return the router (to vendor: netgear had washed their hands of it).

    Then comes the WPN111: It works. Barely. Using there software, and following their instructions like sacred ritual, I got a signal so weak Windows wouldn't use it. Switching to the Windows manager, I have either a low or very low signal. My laptop, sitting next to the dongle, is a full five-bars excellent connection (TrendNet 'N' router replacing the netgear rat-cr*p). My D-Link 'b' also thinks I've an excellent signal.

    All the bad review prior to this, along with this, can be summed up into a single concept: however good they may have been: DON'T BUY NETGEAR....more info
  • Please Look At Other Wireless Adapters
    I have had this adapter for about a year now and this has given me a major headache. When I first got this adapter it worked just fine, I can surf the net and download files in an instant then about 2 months later the problems began. I first noticed that it took hours to load my home screen of my operating system account. It usually takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to load my background and programs. then once it connects to my router it takes another twenty five to thirty minutes to connect to the internet. I have also faced the same problems with the adapter dropping the connection when I am connected to the net. In summary, this is one of the worst wireless adapters available in the market today. Please, I encourage you to look at other alternatives for wireless adapters. This one is not worth your money....more info