Swann C510R Professional CCD Security Camera
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Product Description

The Swann Professional CCD Camera provides you with crisp clear images when connected to your TV, VCR or Swann Security solution. With a C/CS inter-changeable lens system, which allows for the addition of optional lenses the Swann Professional CCD Camera is ideal for domestic to commercial applications to suit your surveillance needs or location.

  • High Resolution Color CCD camera
  • Plugs directly into TV, VCR, DVR, monitor or quad processor
  • Ideal theft deterrent - research shows 70% reduction in crime
  • Color pictures during the day, infrared night vision after dark
  • Auto-Iris function (requires alternative lens)
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Professional Camera for the Money
    I'm building a surveillance system. I coupled this with Avermedia's product card (NV7000), and it works wonderfully! The picture quality is awesome. It is a far outcry from the other cameras we have tried in that it is extremely better, and the others were in the same price range. The night vision is fine, but can use some boosting for more distance. But, you can get those IR boosters to do that. The picture quality is great in both color and the black and white. Also, no jumping of the images. I found the combination to be a wonderful alternative to higher end and higher costing systems available as kits.

    On the other end of things, I found it a little longer setting up. It took me one day to get the system going. But, once it was setup, it is amazing. I believe it would couple well with any of the Avermedia cards to be honest. But, I cannot rate it with them since I've only tried it with the NV7000.

    The 4mm lense is better than most cameras (which seem to range from 6mm to 12mm) for more area of coverage. But, I found wide angle lenses readily available for it on Amazon....more info
  • Great Camera...Only if can get the drivers to work!
    This camera is exceptional. I am not going to go into it all but I can tell you it's clear, colors are true, and night vision pretty darn good. The resolution is much better than a PC camera. The biggest problem is that this is not USB capable, therefore you have to plug it into a PCI card. It is a hassle trying to get the software to notice this device...I'm using a PC-DVR-4 Card & software and they do not talk well together. Once you do get it to work, don't try to uninstall the software, or your hassles start all over again. They need to develop the software and plug & play behind this which is the biggest disappointment of all....more info