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Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with 1.8" Screen - Silver
List Price: $179.99

Our Price: $104.99

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Product Description

Ahh, baby has finally fallen asleep. Time to do the dishes/eat dinner/go to sleep…but wait! Is that the baby waking up? Is she coughing? Is she breathing?

Every new parent (and one or two veteran ones, too) knows this scenario. It's lovely when your baby sleeps, but it sure would be nice to keep an eye on her, too. But there aren't too many parents around who have the luxury of sitting quietly in baby's bedroom, watching her sleep. This is why baby monitors were invented. And traditional audio monitors are a terrific boon to modern parents. But the Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor—now here is technology at its finest!

Turn On, Tune In, and Stay Out of Baby's Room
With this slick little monitor, not only can you hear your little angel's every breath and snuffle and rustle, but you can see her every move, too! From anywhere in the house, no less! Sound lights visually show baby's level of activity, while nighttime LED lights on the camera make the baby fully visible day and night. Simply push one button on the parent unit to take a peek, then push the same button when you're reassured enough to rely on the sound lights for a while. With a 350-foot range, you can carry the monitor receiver everywhere you go, even into the yard. And, most importantly, you won't be tempted to poke your head in through that creaky bedroom door you keep meaning to fix just for a quick look at your little tot—which inevitably results in her waking and needing to go through the whole bedtime rigmarole again.

Techy Details
The 1.8-inch screen is plenty big enough to see what you need to see: your little darling's slumbering form in full color (during daylight hours) or black-and-white (the automatic nighttime view). The parent unit includes 900 MHz technology for superior clarity of sound. If static occurs, switch channels on the two-channel selection to minimize interference. Two power options—rechargeable battery or A/C—provide parents with the freedom to roam or stay put. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours, making it a good choice for travel. The parent unit also includes an audio/video output jack and is headphone-ready (headphones not included). Brightness control and volume control features allow parents to tone it down or turn it up when necessary. Screen automatically "times out" to save batteries. "Power on" indicator lets parents know, well, when the unit's on! Baby's unit includes A/C-powered camera, nighttime LED lights for viewing baby in a darkened room, self-filtering directional microphone, two-channel selection to minimize interference, and "power on" indicator.

And You Put It…?
Baby's unit provides tabletop or wall-mounted options. A belt clip and stand on the parent unit allows complete portability, while an anchor and security clips (6 included) enables parent to mount the receiver on the wall. --Emilie Coulter

Keep a close eye on your baby, even when you're not in the same room, with the Quiet Sounds handheld video monitor from Summer Infant. This convenient and portable device allows parents to both see and hear their child while moving around the house. Ideal for nap-time, bed-time or play-time, the Quiet Sounds provides clear viewing with a full color picture, as well as night-vision capabilities.

The Quiet Sounds Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor offers:
  • 1.8-inch color LCD display.
  • 900 MHz technology for a range of up to 350 feet.
  • Included flip stand and belt clip.

Keep an eye on your baby from up to 350 feet away. View larger.
Quick and Easy Operation
The two-channel Quiet Sounds installs in just minutes without any tools, so you can enjoy the benefits of wireless video and audio monitoring right away. Compact and lightweight, the monitor can then be attached to the included belt clip or simply placed on any flat surface (a stand is included); you can also use the included mounting hardware and mount it to a wall.

Once installed, the 900 MHz camera transmits clear pictures and sounds to the video monitor with ranges up to 350 feet (clear line of sight) and 100 feet (obstructed). And it's a snap to add up to two more cameras (sold separately) if you wish to simultaneously monitor more rooms, an option that's especially convenient as your family grows.

Crystal Clear Reception
This handheld monitor utilizes the latest FM band technology to provide crystal clear reception. In addition, it has an easy to read, 1.8-inch, high resolution, full color LCD display and LED sound lights. Most importantly, this monitoring solution avoids interference caused by other 2.4GHz devices commonly found in the home--like 2.4 GHz cordless phones and wireless 802.11 computer networks--so you won't have to worry about excessive static.

Keep Track of Baby at Night
One of the most helpful and unique features of the Quiet Sounds monitor is its night vision capabilities, which allow parents to check up on their sleeping baby without disturbing his or her rest. Nine built-in infrared LEDs permit the camera to view clear black and white images within a distance of up to six feet in total darkness.

Another night-time option is to turn off the video button and choose the audio-only option. A super sensitive microphone built into the camera alerts sleeping parents that their baby is making noises, crying or moving around in his or her crib.

Longlasting and Reliable
This sleek plastic monitor comes with rechargeable batteries that lasts up to 10 hours. It also boasts a power-saver feature that times out after three minutes when running on the battery. For added convenience, external audio/video outputs provide connections to existing video recorder or home television, and you can even purchase headphone jacks for private monitoring.

What's in the Box
Video camera with transmitter, handheld monitor with receiver, two AC power adapters, rechargeable battery pack for monitor, wall mount bracket and hardware for camera, belt clip and stand for monitor, and user's manual.

  • Portable, handheld 1.8" color video monitor allows you to see and hear baby from anywhere in your house, black-and-white vision
  • 900 MHz technology for superior clarity and range, Two channel selection, and up to 350 ft range
  • Rechargeable batteries in parent unit last up to 10 hours, or just use the included A/C adapters
  • LED Sound lights allow you to view baby's level of activity even when monitor screen is turned off
  • Belt clip and kickstand for extra convenience

Customer Reviews:

  • Good, but why all the interference?
    We didn't have a video monitor at first, but when Black Friday came around, we got this on sale. I'm glad we have a video monitor now that our daughter is old enough to make cute noises, roll around, and sleep in funny positions, so I can check in on her without disturbing her. The first few months of life, when she just stayed there like a bump on a log, the audio only monitor worked just fine.

    My major problem with this monitor is the interference. I paid 3 times as much for this monitor as I did for the Sony 900MHz Nursery Call monitor (which is an AWESOME monitor--only had interference if we got to close to it with a cell phone) but this monitor has interference ALL THE TIME. No rhyme or reason. One minute it works perfectly, the next it's freaking out. How can a cheaper audio-only monitor work so well if a fancy video one can't?

    But from all the reviews I've read, interference is a common problem with ALL video monitors, not just this one. So overall, I guess it's one of the better video monitors out there, bang for your buck. ...more info
  • Battery dies soon
    We read the good reviews and decided to buy this item, but we are very disappointed with the battery life. We have been using it for only a month and the battery does not seem to work anymore off the charger. It does not get charged up. So we have to carry the wire everywhere now unless we spend some extra bucks on the new battery. The handy feature of the mobile monitor is not useful to us anymore. I'd not recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a handy instrument.

    Another thing missing from this instrument is that it does not show you if its getting charged or not when plugged in. Just something I'd like to have, but not a big deal.

    We only paid $109 for this new item on Amazon (we got lucky), but with the short battery life it has the price of over $150 is not worth it....more info
  • Clear picture, minimal static, OK battery life
    I've been using this monitor every day during naps and every night for about 12 hours a night for the past year. I'm very happy with my purchase, and have many times said, "I love this monitor" while clutching it to my chest. Now that my baby is standing and crawling, it's nice to be able to see if my baby trying to climb out of the crib. If I had gotten a sound-only monitor, I wouldn't be able to see my baby playing and climbing in her crib.

    Overall, I definitely recommend this monitor! If the price is a hindrance, try this: most baby registries will give you a 10% off registry completion. So all you have to do is register for the monitor, and then buy it after your due date (which is when they'll mail you the 10% off coupon).

    Here are some things about the monitor that I'd like to point out:

    The pros

    - No static: I can take this monitor to all ends of the house-- no static! I can even take it outside to about 3 car lengths away from the bedroom before it starts having trouble picking up the signal.

    - EXCELLENT picture quality: My camera is positioned such that you can see the entire crib mattress. The picture quality is EXCELLENT; As long as the crib bars don't block my view, I can clearly see whether my baby's eyes are open or closed.

    - Flexible camera angle: The camera itself is easy to position. The camera pivots left to right and tilts up and down. You can get it in pretty much and position you want.

    - Good color video: The color video during the day is actually pretty good. The colors are a little bit muted. You can definitely tell what color your baby's shirt, pants, and crib sheet are, but I'm not sure you'd be able to tell skin color variations (for example, when your baby is crying, their nose and eyes might be red) unless the camera is actually in the crib with the baby. I used to put the camera in the crib, but this was in the beginning before my baby reached for and played with toys.

    - OK Battery life: In the beginning, the battery life was excellent. I could use it all day without the charger. Now that the receiver has been heavily used for a year, it only has about 2 hours before losing life-- and this is without using the video picture. (that's another thing: it's nice to be able to turn off the video picture for when you know the baby is sleeping.) But don't get me wrong! I didn't even expect the battery to last this long because, in general, rechargeable batteries do not keep their charge over an extended period of use.

    The cons

    - Unstable receiver: The receiver is easy to knock over. There is a little flap that the receiver leans back on, but it's too narrow. I think if it were redesigned somehow, it would be much nicer.

    - Sound lights too bright: The sound lights are really bright! At night when I'm having trouble sleeping, the sound lights seem to make it just that much harder. I usually just turn it really close to the wall or turn it upside down into the sheets when it bothers me.

    - Pricey: I paid 169.99 and it definitely was expensive. Obviously this monitor is not a necessity, but for those who have the means to buy it, and you're going to buy a monitor anyway, I'd recommend this one....more info
  • Baby Monitor Review
    We got this monitor as a baby shower gift and are somewhat pleased with it. It is easy to take along with you as you move into different parts of the house, has a pretty good rance, shows a clear picture of the baby and has very high-quality sound. However, there are only two channels and I find that it has a LOT of static. At night it is particularly frustrating because I am a light sleeper and it often makes noise from the static which wakes me up.
    This is the only monitor that I have used, so I don't have a lot to compare it to, but I think that if you are buying it for yourself, you should look around for a monitor with more than two channels, one that is compact (which this one is), and one that has a clear picture and somehow minimizes the static. ...more info
  • One of the best things I've gotten for the baby
    We have a baby who's a very light sleeper and who also seems to make noises and whimper sometimes in the night. Even when she's sound asleep in the deep sleep part of her sleep cycle, just opening the door to her bedroom will frequently startle her awake. This monitor has been a lifesaver -- I can check everything (except whether she needs a diaper change!) by just peeking at the monitor. I can see if she's kicked off her blanket, making sleep noises or telling us she's really awake now, and lately, I can see if she's standing up in her crib. The camera portion is very easy to adjust to point to another area and I've also frequently used it to keep an eye on her while she's playing in a playyard or on the floor while I do a quick chore like washing the dishes or putting laundry in the washer. I really love being able to just peek at the monitor and see her sleeping, too -- it took a long time before we ever got to really watch her sleep peacefully!

    - obviously, a picture - worth a thousand audio-only monitors which we've also used
    - very clear picture and good range for picking up the signal - I can go to our neighbor's house and use it (she uses the same monitor, though, so we have to make sure we're on different channels - we had a really good laugh awhile back - they were having a cookout and I brought the baby home to put her to bed, then went back to the party, monitor in hand - I looked at the picture when I got there and it didn't show my baby's crib. Instead it showed another baby in a playyard. I realized it was her baby and so she switched the channel on hers and I was back to watching my own baby while enjoying the rest of the evening.

    - when the video part is on a lot, the battery does wear down rather quickly - or maybe I just keep looking at it too much!
    - it's a little big - doesn't fit easily in my jacket pocket if I'm outside, though it does clip to my jean's pocket/waistband decently if a little loosely
    - the lights indicating the noise level are really bright and also seem to be very sensitive so there's a lot of flickering and flashing - I hve to keep it upside down (lights down) on the nightstand during the night

    Overall, the cons are really measly. It's a great way to keep an eye on the baby without worrying that I'll wake her up by checking on her. Haha, maybe I'll still be using it when she's 16....more info
  • Great picture in the dark
    I am very happy with this product. I live in apartments and have had no noise issues whatsoever....more info
  • sleep easy
    I bought this monitor when we moved our daughter from her cradle in our bedroom to her big girl crib at 3 months. She s now 4 months and we have found it to be a wonderful product. We can see her whenever we need to during the night if we hear here make a noise, but if she's fine we're not going into the room and disturbing her. Of course, if we suspect she's in a funny position upon looking at the screen we physically go in to check on her and move her. This device is a great help but you're eyes are still better. I wouldn't let this little camera give me a false sense of security, but it is so helpful as you do your chores while she naps you can always see her and know she's fine. People laugh and say, "she's in her crib, where do you think she's going?" but we love it. We purchased it in pink for our little girl and I highly recommend it. The one con is during the first few weeks we picked up another camera. It was my brother's of his son two houses over from mine, but it was scary because I was thinking who could be looking in at our children. So when not in use we turn it off. Other than that it is a great product. It does not do it as much now, I don't know why it did it the first few weeks so much, but it seems to have stopped for now. Good luck!...more info
  • Great product!
    I love this monitor! I did a lo of research before I purchased and have not been dissapointed in the least with my decision. My son just turned 1 so we've been using this monitor for a year and it still works like the day I opened it. I even accidentally dropped it in a sink full of water. I immediately took it out, took it apart as much as I could and let it dry out. It still works like new and that was about 2 months ago. Great product, well worth the money. I can't live without it. My cousin was in town this weekend visiting for my son's 1st B-day and she is expecting a baby herself. She was addicted to watching my son through this monitor all weekend as I was and have been for the last year....more info
  • Great baby gift...
    Purchased this as a gift and received only praises on its clarity and ease of use. Definitely recommend it over the hand-held audio only devices. Saves you from getting up for each and every little noise to check up on the baby....more info
  • SAVE YOUR RECEIPT - you need it for the warranty!
    I got this as an unregistered baby shower item and thought the video was not needed. Nonetheless, my husband convinced me to keep it - and I fell in LOVE with the video monitor. The color screen (even in the daytime) was only ever a pale hint of color, but the black & white was fine for viewing the baby and served the purpose. We put up with the STATIC which was irritating but worth it for seeing our baby. The static woke me on more than a few occasions. THE TROUBLE STARTS with the volumn dial. It becomes impossible to adjust and you eventually lose the sound (most important feature!). Summer Infant customer service first tells you to blow air on the dial (believe me, I'm not making this up...), and it temporarily fixes the problem. When that no longer worked, I called again to do a warranty claim to find our warranty was expired. There are two ways they honor the warranty: (1) 12 months after manufacturer or (2) 12 months after your purchase with the ORIGINAL RECEIPT. We found that our manufacturer warranty conveniently expired one month BEFORE our baby was born - so because it sat on a shelf and expired we were required to have a receipt. As it was a gift, this was not an option for us. The rep told me we qualified for a discount purchase program so I was a sucker and bought a monitor direct from the company. When it showed up, the monitor was dinged & scratched. After calling customer service AGAIN, I was told it was re-furbished (NOT a fact previously told to me). I sent it back and am waiting on my refund for the "new" monitor. What a pain...who has time to deal with this stuff??? ...more info
  • Great
    This product works well in any light. It picks up the appropriate amount of sounds. It has served us well for over a year now....more info
  • Wish I had gotten this one first!
    We got this just before my son's 2nd birthday when we moved him to his "big boy bed". Before that we just had an audio monitor. I really wish we would have gotten this to begin with. It has saved me a lot of trips into his bedroom! The picture is remarkably good and the sound is crystal clear. We have had no problems with interference from cordless phones, microwave, wireless internet, etc. There is a small amount of static occasionally but I feel sure all monitors do (It has less static than my old monitor) I would certainly suggest this monitor to anyone!...more info
  • Peace of mind and well worth the cost
    We purchased this monitor shortly before our second child was born. It has been wonderful. The handheld monitor is so much more convient than the monitor we had with our first child. (Small 5" tv type monitor) The sound quality is excellent.

    The most important thing for me is being able to see if he is really awake at night or if he's just moving around and making noise. Being able to see when his eyes are open is wonderful. (our little one is a noisey sleeper.

    He is 15 months old and we've had no trouble at all with this monitor.

    I would, and have recommended it to many. My sister has twins and purchased two cameras with just one monitor. She can switch from "A" to "B" to determine who is awake or fussy. My neighbor purchased the same monitor after seeing our's for just a few minutes. Another friend whose baby is due next month has also purchased one.

    It is a color monitor, but B/W in the dark. The monitor requires light to show color. I prefer to keep my little one's room dim so black and white works. However, if the curtains are opened (and its sunny outside) you can definitely see the color. Soft pastels, nothing bright, glary or harsh.

    Believe me, the last thing you want to do is go into a sleeping baby's room.... thinking he is awake only to realize he wasn't... but now that you've entered and made noise...he is awake. This monitor will keep you from making that mistake.

    I also enjoy watching my little one at naptime. He likes to play for 15-30 minutes before going to sleep. I can turn on the monitor and watch him play with his taggie, or with his bunny or sing songs. It is truly wonderful to be able to watch.

    ...more info
    Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with 1.8" Screen - Silver

    We have had nothing but problems with this monitor! We purchased it 14 months ago and are no unable to use it at all.

    We get tons of interference, sometimes we pick up our neighbors phone conversations, and we are in houses with a fair amount of space between properties

    The rechargeable battery stopped recharging after 7 months, so it is no longer portable.

    The audio has become intermittent about 6 months ago fading in and out all night long.

    Last week I awoke to the entire face plate of the monitor melted and the plastic housing pulling away from itself. It was on my nightstand where it always is, but for some reason it overheated. I contacted Summer since it is 2 months past warranty they offered me a replacement monitor for $100.00 I laughed hysterically

    What a waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Cheaply made product
    We've been using this monitor for about a year now with our son. Here is what we dislike:

    1. The battery died within 2 months of use and we now must always plug it in for it to be functional.
    2. The perspective of the monitor camera is not wide enough. With the monitor mounted on top of the curved headboard of our baby's crib, the camera only captures two-thirds of the bed. We've moved it to the top side of the headboard which results in a view of about three-quarters of the bed, but now our one year old can now reach it, and is constantly moving the camera elsewhere. It seems that, to capture the whole mattress, we would have to mount the camera on the wall somehow at least six feet above the bed. Not very practical.
    3. The "color" monitor is joke. The color is completely faded out, which in practice, makes this a black & white monitor.
    4. The lights on the monitor are very bright and flicker constantly from the white noise we keep in the baby's room. This is slightly disturbing if you parents like a dark room to sleep in. Not that big of deal though.

    On the plus side, having a video monitor is great, and the sound is very sensitive so you will definitely hear when the baby cries. But I would recommend trying a different brand....more info
  • bad unit
    We got this from my wife's parents as a gift. Conceptually, it's a great idea. But it wasn't long before it crapped out.

    The main problem we have with it is that the plug connector to the hand held unit stopped being able to connect to the unit almost immediately. We've tried "jiggling" it around and can spend 10 minutes or so before it connects and give the unit power. Until you try to move it - even an inch. We've even tried rubber bands to push it more in place. And because the connector is so iffy, it means it cannot charge the rechargable batteries. Honestly, I wouldn't mind leaving it plugged in if it would stay connected to the unit. And trying to spend the 10-15 minutes to get this thing to work at 3am is frustrating as heck.

    There's also the part where it only has two channels available to pick up. When we can the the connection to work, we see our neighbor's twins (they have one infant on each channel) more clearly than we can see our own child. And it's only across the house!

    The static is also pretty loud.

    The only reason we've held on to this unit is because we don't really know a good baby monitor to try. And because they're so danged expensive.

    We have some friends who have this monitor. They've gone through two units. The first crapped out like ours and the second one they bought worked. I just can't afford to shell out the second $150 or so it costs to try.

    I wanted this monitor to be great. It's not, don't waste your time or money....more info
  • Constantly in use
    We got this as a hand-me-down, and used it so much we wore out the battery in the hand-held unit. This monitor works very well in our 130 year old house where most wireless stuff is a bit strained.

    I just got off the phone with Customer Care, and the replacement battery is under $10 shipped to CA. The rep was extremely professional and courteous, and I got through with no delay.

    With the caveat that no matter how good the monitor, if you have devices on the same frequency, you're likely to experience some interference - I recommend this product highly for any new parents....more info
  • Great product...Awesome customer service!
    This is by far the best investment we have made with our baby. I didn't think we'd need a video monitor in our house, but my husband insisted. I am sooo glad he did! My son is such a light sleeper that I can't go into his room to check on him while he's sleeping. This has been a life saver for us.

    About a year after purchasing, the monitor started to have volume control issues. Mind you, our son plays with the parent unit, carries it around, drops it, throws it down the basement stairs....and I've dropped it on the concrete twice. It still works, but the volume is very touchy. I called Summer Infant to see about purchasing another parent unit for it. They have a 12 month free replacement plan, but we were just outside the 12 months. I was bummed....until I heard that they offer a 50% (or more) replacement for all of their customers! I am receiving a brand new unit (camera and all) for $59.50! Now THAT is great customer service. Props to Summer Infant on that one....more info
  • If you are researching - you can stop now!!!
    I love reading reviews of all items I plan on buying for my little guy (he is 2 now) and I've read good reviews on this item - it is REALLY GOOD! First it is so convinient to have a camera when he is sleeping in another room. The anxiety comes with the job - you do worry and want to make sure all is OK and it is great to see him without getting up from bed. The night view is very good and it has good sensitivity for picking up sounds (so you actually hear all). It also helped a lot when we tried to establish a sleeping routine using cold turkey method. Excellent durability too as he played with it a lot when he figured out how to turn it on and off (and occasionally fell on the floor). It still works! ...more info
  • ok
    the picture quality for the size. I would prefer to get the same brand jsut the one with the lcd screen. Infact recently purchased one and tell ya what we use both!!!...more info
  • Poor quality product
    As others have noted in their reviews, there are only 2 channels on this monitor, so if you live in an apartment building, there's a fair chance that a stranger with the same monitor may be watching your broadcast.

    Static and interference from the unit is horrible. No matter what the distance from the camera, the unit emits a terrible wailing noise that sounds positively unearthly. I tried unpluging my wireless router and other electronic devices, but to no avail--I suppose interference from electronics that my neighbors are using (I live in an apartment) are likely causing the problem, so there's no way around it.

    Even if the sound and security weren't enough of a problem, the picture quality is. Even in the brightest light, the 'color' images look pale and washed out. In low light, contrast is so heavily exagerated that the image is barely usable.

    Glad I got this as a gift--I can send it off to the recycling bin without attempting to get a refund....more info
  • Prompt Delivery
    WOW, quite impressed. Order was to be delivered by 1/8/09 and actually made in 1/7/09. Well packaged. We haven't tried it yet but so far vendor gets 5 STARS....more info
  • Must have for parents!
    I was lucky to have gotten this as a baby shower gift and now my sister in law wants one for her 1 month old. We live in a house and have never had the problem of picking up other signals. The monitor is black and white in a dark room/night and color for daytime/bright light. The screen is more than adequate size to see what baby is doing. I like that we can turn the image on/off by pushing the button on top while the sound is constant. The only slight drawback is sometimes there is static/interference depending on which way the monitor is facing, but moving it to a different place or turning it solves the problem. The battery stays charged for quite a while as long as you don't keep the screen on continuously. The cord on the camera is long so we didn't have to worry about an extension cord. ...more info
  • Great product
    Great image and sound quality. Also hooked the monitor up to my large screen TV and was able to switch and watch the baby on the TV with great video quality and sound. ...more info
  • must have video
    I purchased this from a local store when I was pregnant and loved the product. A year later I dropped the monitor down a flight of stairs and the video portion broke. I lived for two weeks with just the audio when I broke down and bought another one. Once you can see what your little one is up to in his crib, you won't want to go without it! The range is pretty decent, we're able to garden outside and it just barely reaches our fire pit out back maybe 120 ft or so? The picture is excellent even in the dark. My only minor complaint is the battery doesn't last long enough on the monitor so I have to keep it plugged in at night or I'm awakened by the sound of static when the battery dies after about 6 hours on a full charge. Still, I recommend this product to my friends and family! ...more info
  • Beware - No Security
    Beware that this product contains only 2 channels. As a result, this video enabled baby monitor broadcasts your baby's image and sounds to anyone who purchases this unit. I purchased this for my newborn recently. During setup, I had not yet plugged in the camera (it was still in the box with the cord wrapped up), yet when I turned on the handset, I could see someone elses crib. Found the channel button, of which there is an A or B, changed to the second channel, and sure enough, there is another room, this time a toddlers bed (the kind with the rails). Now both the channel A crib and channel B bed were empty, but it was early afternoon. To confirm that what I was seeing was correct, I turned the unit on again at 11:00 PM. Now I could see one of my neighbors infants and another's toddler in thier beds.
    Do you want to be broadcasting what your baby looks like and the sounds from your nursery 24/7 to anyone who can purchase this device and drive around looking for open broadcasts?
    Cordless phone manufacturers figured out 12 or 15 years ago that each unit needed the ability to pick a fairly unique channel. This device, more sensitve to my mind due to the added video, broadcasts sound and video of your baby free from any security whastsoever.
    Returned product immeditely.
    For those curious, I live in a far NW suburb of Chicago and the homes in my neighborhood are not too close with the typical quarter acre lots and I was able to see 2 different cameras....more info
  • Summer Infant D&N monitor
    Great product. We use it all the time. We didn't know how much we would use it, but clarity, ease of use and volume controls make it very user friendly. Anyone can figure out how to hook it up and monitor....more info