Scat Mat Electronic Indoor Pet Training Mat, Large 48" x 20"
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Product Description

The Scat Mat is a touch sensitive training pad which says no, when you can't. Place the clear flexible vinyl Scat Mat in a room entrance, on your sofa, counter top or the hood of your car. The touch sensitive pad will silently protect prohibited areas from trespassers. When touched, the battery sends small pulses to the mat for three seconds. These surprising little zaps quickly repel most animals who stay away after one or two exposures--even after the mat is removed. Veterinarian approved Scat Mat works when all else fails. Used in conjunction with your normal training techniques, and surface cleaning (as appropriate for elimination behavior changes) the Scat Mat will help you restore harmony to your household. Easily move your Power Pack from one mat to another. Scat Mats only train pets who get onto, or into the unapproved space. Scat Mats operate unattended and correct the pet at exactly the time and location of the unwanted behavior, day or night. Action Indicator Light helps you decide when the pet is trained. It will blink a count showing how many times the mat has been stepped since it was last turned on.

  • Touch-sensitive training mat conditions pets to avoid prohibited areas
  • Uses harmless, low-power electronic pulses similar to static electricity
  • Runs for up to six months or 10,000 activations on a single 9-volt battery
  • Made from clear flexible vinyl; contours to surfaces and rolls for storage
  • Measures 20 by 48 inches; 2-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Absolute car-saver
    If you have cats as I do, you know that the pitter patter of little paws on your car's hood, roof or trunk can just devastate the cleanliness and even the paint job. If you keep your car in a carport or garage, buy a good car cover and top it with the scat mat you will never have this problem. This product is the only solution I have found to protect my car and is well worth the investment....more info
  • Awesome training tool
    K this product is simply amazing. I don't let my huskies in the kitchen but the new puppy keeps testing his limits. I got tired of always yelling at him instead of just being able to love on him. I put this on the floor on the low setting and both of my dogs, the adult female and the male adolescent tested it twice then stayed away completely after one minute. I am so happy I don't have to yell at them about that anymore....more info
  • scat mat for pets or pests
    The product works well on flat surfaces. (stove, sofas etc...)
    It is a little overpriced, since it consists of only some wires embbeded in plastic and a small box containing the battery.
    It has 3 levels of shock (mild)
    I prefer the short version, because is more versatile. the long version is a little difficult to fit over counters, unless you have a very long area.
    Overall this is one of the few devices that work on my cats. Sprays are a waste of time and effort.
    ...more info
  • It really works!
    This worked from day one! I have 3 dogs who have ruined my couch. My small dog would even get excited and pee on it. So I bought a new set, but wanted to break them from being on the furniture before my new ones were delivered. This has worked since day one. I have a small, medium and large dog, I just leave the setting on medium, although I probably would not even have to turn it on. Only my boston terrier forgot once and got back on it the 2nd time, and never has again. My boxer who is the most hard headed has only did it one time. I am amazed at how well it works. The large leaves about 3 inches on each side of the sofa, but it doesn't matter, they don't anywhere near it(no need to extend). The large fits my loveseat perfect, so now I'm going to order one for my chair. because they know that one does not have one. The 9 volt battery has been just fine for it, not ran down. Don't think I would need the adaptors. Highly recomend if you need quick training to stay off furniture! Now I have to get my little one to stay off the throw rugs, 1st things first!...more info
  • Scat Mat-Good Cat
    Recommended to turn a nuisance cat into a good cat. Quick and easy. Now we don't have to race the cat to finish our meals....more info
  • Contech medium pet training mat
    One of our cats had begun jumping on the kitchen work surfaces and we had tried all manner of things to prevent him. The Contech medium mat is just the right size to fit onto kitchen counter tops. I witnessed him jump onto the mat and immediately jump off. Since then he does not seem so inclined to jump up and we have often left the mat switched off while in place. The mat is easily relocated to different surfaces so there is no need for multiple units. I highly recommend this for training in situation where all else has failed. The mat would have received five stars but the price was my only complaint....more info
  • Works as advertised
    Product works as advertised...if there is a place you do not want fido to put their paws on this will work....more info
  • The unwelcome mat
    Cats will not go near it. The shock is no worse than touching a doorknob on a cold dry day. ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    The mat is an excellent tool in creating restricting a pet (dog in my case) from trespassing a certain area. My dog weighs 65 lbs and avoided an area after walking on the mat once. I am currently dog-sitting a bigger dog and they both have learned to stay away from the area....more info
  • ZZZZZZZtttt!!!!!
    We put the video camera aimed at the computer table (where our mischievous male whippet always jumps up and walks on the keyboard, knocks over stuff). Got some good footage of him sniffing the scat mat, then jumping up....then, ZAPPPP!!, he was trying to run away sooo fast like a road runner cartoon. Our other female dog was in the background (sitting quietly on the sofa). Judging by where her head had turned, it appears the scat mat startled the male whippet enough to send him sprinting off the table and up the steps to the 2nd floor!

    Nice product shipped quickly, worked as advertised......more info
  • Finally found something that works!
    After trying the spray deterrent, and after going thru 2 sofas, I finally stumbled on this product! I was facing the possibility of having both my cats put down, as they are getting older and preferred to use my sofa to
    relieve themselves, rather than the litter box. Tried the Scat spray, which worked for awhile, then they weren't scared of it anymore and it sprayed it's little heart out to no avail.
    The Scatmat sounds mean, but one jump and one slight shock and the cats have not touched my new sofa. It's wonderful.
    Careful to remove it when guests are over...tho it's kinda fun to see them get buzzed as well!...more info
  • Great product!
    This is wonderful for keeping cats off of the couch! It rolls up easy, but be careful with the wires because they will separate from the plastic if you are too rough with it. I highly recommend this product for keeping animals off of furniture!...more info
  • Keep Jack Russell Terrier off counter.
    I bought the Scat Mat to keep my Jack Russell Terrier from getting on the counter. It was working, but now she has figured out how to get around it so I just have to put it in a more strategic place. I may have to get an extension. I have also been able to put it in front of a baby gate to keep her from jumping over it and she won't go near the gate if the Scat Mat is in front of it. It definately works my dog just has outsmarted it by finding a way around it. ...more info
  • Scat Mat Works
    Well, my dog only got the little zap once and that was enough for her. She doesn't even go near the couch. She's fairly big-Labradoodle and Level 1 was enough for her to get the message. Mat is a little larger than the one sold in local pet store and seems to be of good quality. I haven't had the faith in the dog to take it off yet, so the mat just sits on the couch....more info
  • still trying
    This product definitely keeps our dog from sleeping on our new couch which is great. The problem is our crazy dog keeps trying, even though he gets zapped every time. We always put the Scat Mat on the couch before we leave the house and 9 times out of 10 the sensor lets us know that he has touched it while we were gone. Apparently the shock is not bad enough to keep him from testing it over and over again (even on high). So this is a problem with my dog, not the Scat Mat. We are hoping that one day he will realize that the new couch always equals getting zapped, and leave it alone! ...more info
  • A wonderful tool
    I tried everything imaginable to get the cat to stop "missing the box" in his new favorite (carpeted) corner while I was away. I figured it was true that you just can't out stubborn a cat, especially a double stubborn male siamese. After stumbling across the scatmat, I figured why not. After one attempt the cat was quite pleased with the litter box arrangement again. Thanks Contech!...more info
  • Exactly as described
    My sister and I have both purchased scat mats and find them very effective. She uses hers to keep her 100 lb rottweiler from jumping at the sliding glass door and I use mine to keep my 12 lb cat from re-visiting a spot where he urinated when he was ill. Anyway, safe, effective and easy to use. ...more info
  • Scat Mats work very well!
    We had a problem with cats on furniture. The motion detecting gas cans were the first thing that we tried, but they got us more than the cats. I finally broke down and bought the scat mats. Now the cats won't even go near the chairs! Very happy with this product....more info
  • Desperate owner - works and is not painful to beloved pets
    First, let me say I am a 100% advocate of gentle training techniques and positive training - not negative. I'm also a bit of a desperate homeowner who loves my pet and has lost a LOT of money due to damaged furniture [including a brand new leather club chair, a 2nd fine fainting sofa, a complete set of wicker patio get the idea].

    Because I typically only use positive reinforcement, I was very hesitate to purchase this product due to the "shock". When it arrived we tried it out on ourselves first to make sure it was safe. It provides an uncomfortable "shock" that is very similar to a static electricity charge when you get in/out of your car.

    The bottom line...this is an effective product and despite not being in the line of "positive" training only - it is not painful. Pets quickly learned to avoid it - almost immediately. I do not leave it on when I'm not at home but don't need to...once they see it there they avoid it entirely. In fact, I only purchased this due to one dog but the added benefit is I found out the others "sneak up" on the furniture to sleep when we didn't know it...this put an end to that too!

    ...more info
  • scat mat
    This product worked well for a short period of time. When it ceased to work about 8 weeks later, close exam showed a wire pulled loose, and broken. No children here, and one escape artist cat. Nothing to catch the wire, I assume the wire was too close to surface, as the wires are about the thickness of a human hair. Disappointed in short survival....more info
  • Scat Mat
    The Scat Mat works great! I have put in on my counters to keep my cats off and it works. It sends a little shock, kind of like static electricity, and that makes the cats run! For a while after they won't even go near the mat. But the effect does wear off, so I have to put it back on every week or so. But if you have a place where you want to keep animals away from- try this- it really works!! ...more info
  • The Final Answer
    This mat was the last resort in my attempts to keep my dogs off of the couch. It works great and is extremely easy to use. Great for guys to entertain themselves at parties too. :)...more info
  • Very effective and inobtrusive
    I bought 2 of this mat to keep my dogs off my sofas. They work very well and yet are humane. There are 3 levels to "shock" the animals. Even at the highest level, it is no more than a big static electricity shock you may get after walking on wool carpeting. Easy to turn on and off, and roll up when not in use. This sure beats having to place random objects on the furniture which made it look like clutter!

    I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Wow it really works!
    The three scat mats I bought to surround our blown glass laden Christmas tree worked wonderfully well. We have two cats and our daughter brought her cat with her for the holidays. I was quite concerned about the tree. All three cats learned quickly not to approach the tree. I accidentally touched the mat myself and it is quite unpleasant but not harmful. The cats did not experience a lot of discomfort as they learned so fast. I highly recommend these mats....more info
  • Mat $60.00, no more Yorkie peeing in the house - PRICELESS!
    At my wits end with a super affectionate yorkie who's one less than desireable issue is that he loves to mark his territory, I decided to try this mat as a last resort. It worked like a charm! What a surprise he got when he nosed around his favorite area! I will admit it was funny.... Hey I have been putting up with his behavior for over 2 years and nothing I tried seemed to work. There is a point where you have to take stronger action. I will continue to monitor his other, yet less favorite spots and hopefully cure him once and for all. Highly recommend it for stubborn dogs....more info
  • So-so
    This product worked OK at first with a particularly troublesome feline of a former roommate. My biggest problem with the mat is that after a few months it would start to automatically trigger, even though nothing was on the mat. This problem would continue on end until the batteries were drained. I tried cleaning the mat (several times and different methods), I checked for any broken electrical wires as the manual mentioned, nothing seemed to fix it. Contacted customer support, zero help they were. Eventually I just took a 9v wallwart to the thing and powered it with one of those, luckily for me it was near an outlet. Don't purchase their power adapter, they are ripping you off at $20 something (I cannot recall exactly), a generic one worked *just fine*.

    As for how the device works with pets, it varies all over the place - I would say depends mainly on the personality of the animal. One cat walked on this the first time and took off, never came near it again - she was an extremely timid animal, hiding in a furniture chest 99% of the time. However, the other cat was more determined and eventually figured out she could just jump over the thing. All depends on your pets. Oh, and no this is not an inhumane treatment for animals... it's a behavioral conditioning tool; the shock from the mat is minimal, not much more then scruffing your feet across a wool carpet in winter and touching the doorknob....more info
  • Contech
    This is the greatest product ever invented. I have one dog who is very stubborn and refused to keep away from the the top of the couch. He were basically almost going through my window. After being zapped a couple of times, he doesn't go near the Contech contraption. I just love it. It only zaps a tiney bit, not enough to hurt them. I also got zapped a few times because I forgot to turn it off. Not much at all....more info
  • Simply Awesome!
    I have a black lab who is less than a year old. Since we got him he has been knocking the garbage can over at night and spreading it all over the floor. I have tried several things to get him to stop including making sure any enticing treats (i.e. meat scraps) are taken care of immediately but to no avail. Looking online for training tips were no use as they all suggested hiding the garbage from him. While this was an obvious solution it did not always work for we lock him up in the kitchen at night with the garbage can in another room however if someone forget to lock him up or forget to move the garbage can he would get into it. So far the Scat Mat hss been extremely helpful. Since day 1 of its use I have not had to clean up garbage in the morning. All I had to do was place the mat under the can, set it on high and rest with ease. I next plan on using it to deter him from jumping up on the counters to steal food and prevent him from jumping on the screen door and wrecking it. Awesome product, definitely recommend it to anyone with pets. On a side note it has not been a drag hearing the occasional cries of shock from a family member who forget that it is on....more info
  • Project: Save My Sofa!
    I love dogs! I really do, especially our three. chocolate lab waits until we are in bed to sleep on the sofa. I have stacked things, pulled off the cushions--nothing deters the boy.

    Fast forward: Got a new couch and love it. I covered it the first night in anticipation of the dog making it a bed and sure enough I could see that he had already started making it his after-hours lounging zone.

    Purchased a wonderful product called a Scat Mat. I bought the 12 x 60 inch for the sofa. The first night he attempted to get on the sofa 5 times, second night only tired once. The product works very well and as long as I can remember to remove it before I sit on the sofa in the morning, we will be A-okay.

    I would highly recommend this product for people who want to kindly discourage their pets from certain areas....more info
  • Fabulous!!
    This did in 1/2 hour what I couldn't do in weeks of constant training. It's saving my furniture....more info