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Circulon 5-1/2-Quart Dutch Oven
List Price: $100.00

Our Price: $39.95

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Product Description

Circulon 2 is hard-anodized nonstick cookware, inside and out, featuring TOTAL Hi-Low Food Release System - a relaxed Hi-Low wave technology and the most advanced nonstick coating available - guaranteed to outlast all other nonstick cookware.

Simmer up a spicy black bean soup or a gourmet risotto in this Circulon 5-1/2-quart covered Dutch oven crafted in durable hard-anodized aluminum with a fully-encapsulated stainless-steel base for premium heat convection and thorough insulation. The hi-low wave technology distributes even heat, while nonstick coating on the Dutch oven's exterior and interior ensures hassle-free cooking and cleaning. The chef transports the Dutch oven by two cast stainless-steel loop handles, riveted securely to its sides. Another loop handle sits atop the lid. Unlike other hard-anodized cookware, the unique nonstick exterior renders the Dutch oven dishwasher- safe. For baking applications, the Dutch oven fares well in ovens up to 500 degrees F. A limited lifetime warranty covers this item. The Dutch oven measures 12 by 11-2/3 by 6-1/10 inches and weighs 4 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • This 5-1/2 quart Dutch oven accommodates casseroles, stews, sauces and more; hassle-free cooking and cleaning with nonstick interior and exterior
  • Crafted in hard anodized aluminum with a fully encapsulated stainless-steel aluminum base for ultimate heat convection and thorough insulation; lid contains heat
  • Transferred to and from the stovetop by the 2 durable, cast stainless-steel handles; Circulon securely rivets the tab handles to the Dutch oven's sides and lid
  • Sustains oven temperatures up to 500 degrees F with even heat distribution; dishwasher- safe
  • Dutch oven measures 12 by 11-2/3 by 6-1/10 inches and weighs 4 pounds upon shipping; limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

    just received the dutch oven -- it is NOT CIRCULON 2 as advertised above -- haven't used it yet since I am not sure what I am going to do it...more info
  • Great dutch oven
    This is a great dutch oven, but after buying here I found it cheaper locally. So look around before you place your order. I'll definitely buy other Circulon items, after I look around locally....more info
  • Hot Handles!
    I Bought this pot beacuse mine was ruined. So I replaced it, but the only problem I have with it is my original pot handles had plastic coverings.
    This one does not so I am not used to the hot handles at all....more info
  • Excellent Cookware at Reasonable Prices
    While I've never been a wiz in the kitchen, I finally decided that it was time to replace some of my old cookware. The prices of some of the higher end cookware astounded me and I didn't feel that my cooking was worth the price. The Circulon cookware fits my budget, cooks evenly and cleanly, and I am truly amazed that I can tell the difference in the dishes I'm preparing when I use this cookware. I am extremely happy with all the pieces I have purchased to date....more info
  • Excellent Cookware!
    Circulon cookware is excellent. It heats quickly and evenly, cleans up easily, and seems to last forever. The key is not to overheat it (never over medium high) and to always hand wash. I cook a lot and am currently writing a cookbook, so I know what I like and what works for me. Circulon works great! This pot is also a wonderful size - not to large, not too small- a great starter piece if you want to try Circulon without making a big investment. ...more info
  • Circulon Dutch Oven
    We have owned quite a few dutch ovens, and this circulon dutch oven is the absolute best, it's safe, no teflon in it, & it bakes delicious beef roasts, & I baked a lamb roast also, & it was delicious!!!
    We want the whole set, & a little at a time, we will!!!
    We will not cook or bake in anything but our circulon cookware,
    Thank you...more info
  • Lighter weight than expected
    I had a Circulon pot of this size for many years and was seeking to replace it. However I was a little disappointed that this one was rather lighter than my old pot. I think that the earlier pot was "commercial" grade Circulon and I assumed this one would be too. I think if this pot is a cheaper grade the description should specify that it is lightweight and NOT commercial grade. ...more info
  • Time tested
    I've had some Circulon pans for approximately ten years. They've experienced light/moderate use and look and act like new. This 5 1/2 quart pan is a convenient size....more info
  • doesn't stick
    After 30 years with a stainles steel pot, I grew tired of foods sticking to the bottom of the pot. Foods do not stick to the bottom of this pot! I love it! Its easy to clean,too....more info
  • This oven stinks!
    I thought it was me but every time that I lift the cover on this oven, there is this strange rotting smell. It doesn't seem to matter what has been in there, either. No matter what food...same rotting smell.

    In fact, whenever I lift the cover, my wife goes running from the room holding her nose, screaming about how disgusting it is.

    ...more info
  • Reallly nice large pot
    This large sturdy pan has a domed lid and will hold quite a lot. I think it was well worth what I paid for it....more info
  • Great multi-purpose pan
    I bought this pan on the off-chance that I might need it for pot-roast since it is oven-proof to 450 or 500 degrees but it has many uses besides this: soups, stews, chili. Clean-up is a snap. Have had no problems with food sticking. It heats evenly. I would highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Excellent Product--Great Price
    I ordered the Dutch Oven to bake a bread recipe I found. It was perfect. The Oven is heavy with a great non-stick surface. Then I tried a pot roast--again perfect. It has the qualities of the much more expensive Dutch ovens. I will order for a gift....more info
  • the best cookware
    if you like easy clean up and durability this is the cookware for a whole set.....more info
  • This Dutch Oven Really Stinks
    I've had my share of dutch ovens in my time, and I have to say that this is the foulest one yet. I thought I smelled a good deal when I got it, but boy was I mistaken....more info
  • Tonka1
    I purchased this pot about a month ago and I love it. It cooks and cleans well. After reading the reviews, I thought I would try this pot out and it is great. I will be buying more sizes....more info