Canon UV-1 58mm Haze Filter
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Product Description

58mm Haze (UV-1) filters are used by many photographers to protect the front element of their lens from abrasions, dust, and moisture. They also have a very subtle warming effect, which can be useful to counter the "cool" colors you sometimes get in bright sun or in shade.

The Canon UV-1 filter for 58mm lenses absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays without increase of exposure, thereby preventing haziness and foggy effects in distant landscapes. It also has a very subtle warming effect, which can be useful to counter the "cool" colors you sometimes get in bright sun or in shade. It can be left on the lens at all times for protection of the camera's lens.

  • Absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays without increase of exposure
  • Prevents haziness and foggy effects
  • Can be left on the lens at all times for protection
  • Screws onto 58mm lenses and lens adapters

Customer Reviews:

  • Canon glass is great, what else can you say?
    I would have given this 5 stars but the first one sent to me was cracked. promptly sent me out a replacement and even paid the postage for the return. Thats why I am a customer, thanks Amazon!...more info
  • Amazon refunded for poor description
    I bought this filter because the description stated it would fit my Canon S3. But, lo and behold, like a couple of other buyers, it is made to fit an attachment to my Canon S3. When I first returned it, I was charged postage, even though it was advertised in error. But, I followed through and persevered and to Amazon's credit, my entire purchase price was refunded. I am happy to see that the description has also been improved and is no longer misleading....more info
  • good lense protection
    I found this helpful in keeping the actual lenses clean and protected when I had to take my camera into the field for a series of photo shoots. I can't vouch for the UV filter but protection of the lense was the reason for my purchase....more info
  • Cracked
    I got this with a dent. Can't use it and don't want to be bothered to ship back....more info
  • good product, but first shipment is defective one
    This product is made in Philippin, not made in Japan. The first shipment I have is defective one. After I sent the defect Filter back, I got the replaced Filter without any issue. ...more info
  • Does the job
    What can I say, this filter does the job well and is fairly cheap. ...more info
  • A Life Saver
    Having a haze filter on your lens is the best insurance that a photog can have. ...more info
  • not bad
    it is nice but have to be careful not to scratch the glass. it helps to protect the camera lens from scratch, finger print, and dust....more info
  • Amazon misleading
    Amazon linked me to this lens filter from the cannon s5. I thought it would's not even close. I saw the same thing on another review only after I had purchased. The one star is for Amazon, not cannon....more info
  • Great Lens Protection
    Most UV filters tend to be used as a way to protect a cameras lens from scratches and dust, this is one of them. The Canon UV-1 has great optical clarity and, although it does warm the colors of an outdoor subject, pictures are still just as sharp. As it has been a pretty wet year in the Pacific Northwest, I haven't had many opportunities to use the filter to reduce haze but out of the three settings below, performance exceeded expectations:

    1. When photographing a panorama of the landscape from a nearby mountain, the filter pierced the slightly green smog that oozes into valleys or hovers in the middle of a ridge. In trying to capture a breathtaking glimpse of the emerald forests from the nearly mystical glacier-carved volcanic is really disappointing to capture the product of smoke stacks and tailpipes miles away. Now, if only they can create a Clear Cut filter...

    2. Since 1980, Mount St. Helens has grown domes which have often ended up as a breathtaking plume of ash. In the last few years this volcano has sprouted a new dome, with the usual increase in minor eruptive events, and the speed of growth has surprised volcanologists as much as onlookers. Unfortunately, the crater is often as hazy as an urban corridor or industrial area so it can be quite difficult to get detailed pictures without over-exposed areas. While the results weren't perfect, I managed to capture pictures of rock slides, glacial ice, and even details of the ever-rising plume of steam. In conditions where it is hazy, the UV-1 does a great job in shooting well lit areas at a high shutter setting without sacrificing detail or light.

    3. During the 4th of July, I did some experimental photography of the fireworks the kids were letting off. While the UV-1 had few uses in general during night shots short of protecting the lens from the bits which fell out of the sky...the filter did mask quite a bit of the smoke being lit up. One shot in particular, I believe, would have been impossible without a haze filter. Prior to lighting a firework with a bunch of tubes and a picture that looked like it probably shot stuff up into the air, I put the camera into a protective box and hooked up the flash sync kit supplied via Make Magazine. The subsequent high-speed photography shot captured a tiny peace of paper and a round ball emitting sparks, but what amazed me was the twisting streak of light which highlighted tiny trails of soot that were simultaneously pulled by gravity and the wake of a simple firework.

    Anyhow, this long review now comes to a close. Grab this filter to protect your camera but don't forget that sometimes haze gets in the way and, in many cases, there could be a great shot behind why.

    update: When cleaning, be gentle. I was using a nikon pen to remove oil with maybe a half-pound of pressure when the ring holding the lens in place slipped. Fortunately the lens landed in my bag and it was good as new after re-assembling. This issue was why I switched away from Hoya and it's a bit disappointing to see yet another Canon branded product constructed with low standards (i.e. plastic lens adapters)...more info
  • Canon 58mm Haze Filter
    i wanted a glass lens, but for the price i should have known that this one is made of plastic. otherwise it seems to be a good product for the price....more info
  • Clear,'s a UV/Haze Filter
    There are ways to go wrong, some glass has a bad coating that can discolor or minute bubbles in the pressing, and other things.

    This 58mm filter fit perfectly on my 70-300mm lens and will help protect it from dust and scratches. I have not noticed a difference in the images that I took with and without the filter. I think that using the filter will eliminate some haziness in the air on wider shots, but most of my shots are telephoto. I did notice that with the filter, some shots were a little clearer at extreme telephoto because it eliminated a bit of the smogginess. However, this was a totally unscientific test so take it with a grain of salt.

    A good filter and a decent price for the Canon name, amazing in itself. ...more info
  • canon uv-1 58mm haze filter
    I've always used filters on my lenses since day one. the canon filters are good quality but I would definitely consider paying a tad bit more for the B+W ones... nonetheless this is a quality product....more info
  • Well made & feels solid
    Smooth threads which turn like silk. No complaints here. Seems like a well made product....more info
  • lens filter
    I thought it would fit on the S5--it didn't. Either it wasn't clear or I missed it....more info
  • Not the correct lens for my camera
    I ordered this lens when I ordered my camera. The lens came up in the search for a cannon s5 and when I got it, turned out to be way too big for the lens....more info
  • Cheap but good
    I didn't want to spend a ton on a filter and this canon filter seems to be the best bet for that. ...more info
  • It does what I want it to...
    I got this filter free with my Canon camera bag, and the filter does what I want it to. I haven't noticed any great reduction of UV haze or whatnot, but the real reason you want one of these is to protect your lens on your camera. It screws right into your lens, and the camera lens cover still snaps into the lens filter, so you actually double your protection.

    The first time I got some rain drops, dust, dirt, sand on my lens filter, I was really happy that I had one. I can easily just clean the filter haphazardly using my t-shirt, or whatever I have handy, and not worry about it. If I had to actually clean the lens, I would have to be a lot more careful. But if I scratch/haze/ruin the filter, I can just throw it away, and get a new one, for less than $20, whereas a new lens would be hundreds more.

    The quality of the filter is perfect, it does not make my pictures fuzzy or any less clear, inside or outside.

    A smart and cheap investment for your camera lens....more info