Black & White Infrared Bullet Camera
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Product Description

Get sharp, clear surveillance images, even in total darkness, with this black & white bullet camera with zero-lux imaging. It's perfect for surveillance applications in locations where light is minimal, or even nonexistent. Plus, with its rugged all-weather waterproof enclosure, the camera ensures reliable operation in just about any environment! Sees in Complete Darkness- The camera also features zero-lux illumination thanks to the 56 infrared illuminators built around the lens. These built-in illuminators activate automatically when needed and ensure high-quality monochrome images in total darkness from as far away as 40 feet! And since the infrared light these illuminator emit is invisible to the human eye, it can capture images without giving away the camera location.

  • The Ultimate Nighttime Surveillance Camera!
  • Automatic low-light sensor for automatic infrared activation
  • Balanced, even illumination
  • Compact, weatherproof housing