Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones
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Product Description

Everything sounds better when you use Sony MDR-XD200 Studio Monitor Series Headphones from digital media to discs to games. Designed for use at home, these over-the-ear headphones deliver robust, wide-range sound from 40mm drivers. Sony's Studio Monitor Series encompasses engineering technologies to deliver faithful audio performance from a wide variety of sources. The result is better sound with virtually no compromise on comfort. So, while earplugs may be great when you're running or riding outdoors, the Sony MDR-XD200 is the perfect fit at home Experience the comfortable fit of the MDR-XD200 Studio Monitor Series headphones. Dynamically tuned to provide movie quality sounds, these headphones will provide you with deep bass audio for a great listening experience. Tailor the headband to fit you comfortably. Features include high-energy neodymium magnets, a 2.5m extension cord and a convenient sound mode switch to match the sound source. Listen in style and comfort with the MDR-XD200 Studio Monitor Series headphones. Frequency Response - 10Hz - 22,000Hz Impedance - 70 ohms Sensitivity (db) - 102dB/mW Headband - Adjustable, Single, Music/Movie Sound Mode Switch 3.3 Feet (1m) Cord - Oxygen-Free Copper Lutz Accessories Supplied - Unimatch(R) plug adapter plug in type (gold); Sony Warranty card

The Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones are a great pair of headphones that deliver high-quality sound at an affordable price. With 40 millimeter diameter, dome-type driver units and long-stroke diaphragms, your music will sound great. The MDR-XD200 driver units reproduce surprisingly-clear sounds at a wide frequency range (10-22,000 Hz). These substantial headphones feature neodymium magnets for greater power handling and higher frequencies. Five times more powerful than standard earphone ferrite magnets of the same size, neodymium magnets mean that the Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones maximize energy, while keeping size to a minimum. With these advanced technological features, the MDR-XD200 provides great sound without placing too much strain on your pocketbook.

With the MDR-XD200 Sony has taken special care to please both the audiophile and cinema-geek. The MDR-XD200 features a sound mode switch (music or movie) to more adequately match the sound source. With a simple flip of a switch, you can focus the headphones' frequency range to make your music come to life or bring you that much closer to your favorite film star. Of course, Sony has not scrimped on comfort. The Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones feature an ear-conscious design with soft earpads for your long-lasting listening comfort.

What's in the Box
The Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones and unimatch plug adapter (gold).

  • Ear-conscious design for long-lasting listening comfort
  • Sound mode switch to match the source (music and movie)
  • Durable urethane leather construction
  • Features 40 millimeter driver units and long stroke diaphragms
  • Neodymium magnets (360 kJ/m3) for powerful bass and clear treble sounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Looks & Brand names can be decieving
    I bought this headphone last week. I was really excited to see a Sony muffler headphone so cheap. I have worked in professional studio in past and I know what a great quality headphone sounds like, obviously it would be dumb of me to compare it with such a headphone, BUT before i bought these headphones i was using headphones by "Cyber Acoustics" which probably cost $ 15 aprox, and honestly they have a better sound, a little more comfortable as well. I have no idea why the button for movie and music is there it doesn't change the frequencies a bit.
    Some people mentioned trouble using it with glasses, i wear glasses but there was not so much of trouble, a little more pressed but not uncomfortable. I wore it for 5 hours, but it's comfortable till 1-2 hours.

    1) Profesional look
    2) Long Cable

    1) Sound Quality not worth $ 25
    2) You can hear the outer environment easily even when the headphone is properly worn and songs playing on it....more info
  • very nice
    I love the product, but theonly problem is that it deosn't have the volume attached to the wire, u have to adjust the volume from your PC...but It doesn't matter, it's perfect...more info
  • comfortable and cheap headphone
    first of all, it is very cheap.
    second,it is a very comfortable headphone for the people with eyeglasses in the 15-40 price window.
    third, the dual-function, movie and music match most regular computer users' interest, not good for PC game fans.

    waiting for improve. Long time use, more than a hour, will have the problem of humidity and temperature.

    ...more info
  • do it BIG!
    These headphones are good but they are way too big for the soun they deliver. I guess sony was counting on the fact that alot of people will believe bigger is better. The bass response sounds good, The quality of sound is great but not very loud for the size of the headphones. They coul be half the size but they look extremely good. For twenty dollars I can't complain. I just don't want you to think these are loud because their big....more info
  • An excellent value in affordable full size headphones
    I was in a jam... I could not locate my age-old Koss headphones from back when Koss was a higher-end brand than they are today - and I needed a pair of something that wasn't junk. I also wanted something that was...

    1) Closed back
    2) Fit around the ear
    3) Cheap

    I stumbled upon these locally, and paid more than the Amazon price - the down side of needing something NOW. I ended up with these headphones, and I must say I did not go wrong.

    The overall sound quality is quite good. Midrange detail leans toward being pleasingly laid back yet nicely detailed. Treble is good overall, much better than expected. Midrange and treble detail is good enough to reveal shortcomings in MP3 vs. AAC vs. WMA vs. lossless.

    But what was really the most unexpected surprise is the bass. Not only do these have a surprisingly good bass extension, they can handle respectable power. Chances are your MP3 player or computer sound card will run out of power before these run out of bass handling capability. These are, afterall, really a home headphone.

    Sure, they are cheaply made. Yes the bass control feature is a silly frill that is nearly useless. They work, but whoooppeeee - they just allow more mid-bass to pass through to the listener (extended vs. full bass). But then again, look at the price. I can forgive their cheap build and sales gimmick.

    What shines with these is how good they sound overall for the money. They are not $100 and up audiophile or true studio headphones, yet they give the average user a real taste of what high-end is all about. If you are looking for a cheap pair of home use headphones, I recommend seriously considering these. I give these 5 stars for the price point. If these were $50 street, I'd be more critical - if they were $100 street, I'd say keep walking. Actually I'd say spend the $25 and invest the balance in something else you can enjoy!...more info
  • Great sounding, comfortable headphones at a low price!
    I've bought a lot of headphones in my life and these are absolutely the best. Not only are they extremely comfortable (they don't push on your ear like other ones; instead, they go around the ear), but they also sound very good. They have enough bass for anybody. Obviously these probably aren't quite as good as the ones that are hundreds of dollars, but then again they're only $25! These headphone also have a cord that is VERY long. If you're like me and you want to watch television with the headphones on from across the room, these are convenient. I promise you won't regret buying these!...more info
  • Best for the Price
    I bought these while trying out a bunch of different headphones. Since these were the cheapest I expected bad things but to my surprise they sounded just as good as the more expensive ones and were by far the most comfortable. The extra long cord can be annoying but also useful somtimes.


    - Great Sound (especially for the price)
    - Inexpensive
    - Extreme Comfort (most comfortable I have ever owned)
    - Noise Reducing (not noise canceling, but does a good job of muffling ambient noises)
    - Long Cord (allows you to roam far away from audio source)


    - Long Cord (too long in most situatations, extra cord easy to trip over)
    - Music/Movie Switch (pointless really, can hardly notice the difference, gets anyoing when you switch it by accident tho)...more info
  • Great headphones
    These headphones are great if you don't mind the retro look. Every time I put these on I feel like I'm a very serious fan of music and I do not like to be disturbed while I'm listening, which actually has it's advantages, especially in the library. While they are bulky for backpacks, I do travel with mine and feel like I'm bringing a luxurious piece of home with me. Although the sound is not completely blocked out, the price is right for the amount of sound that is blocked out. I love them....more info
  • Very nice headphones!
    I am not a connoisseur of headphone sets. But I was concerned with finding something that looked like it would not be to small, was easily adjustable and not to fragile! So after some considerable searching here at Amazon and reading the reviews I chose these!
    Out of the box I knew I picked the right set for myself. They fit very well, with plenty of room for ears and are very light in weight, which seems deceptive at first glace. The balance of stereo seems just fine to my untrained ears and I'm very pleased with this purchase.

    Lastly the movie/music button seems to have no effect while listening to a CD or regular TV. I haven't tried a DVD yet, but the button is really of no concern to me whatsoever, as all I wanted in this headset I have.
    ...more info
  • Uncomfortable, Sound not great
    I've had these for a while and have them hooked up to my stereo receiver until I get a new pair of headphones. These headphones are terrible. They hurt after a minute or two of wear. There's no comfort in the earpieces and the design is so that there is always an uncomfortable spot around the ear.

    Stay away from these headphones...more info
  • They get the job done...
    ...but do NOT buy these if you are planning on wearing them for prolonged periods of time. I made the mistake of buying these for that purpose, and they tend to get a little bit on the "warm" side when on your ears for so long.

    Just warning you, other than that they are great!...more info
  • Nice but bulky
    Sony MDR-XD200 headphones are decent for the price , but they have 2 disadvantages:
    1.bulky difference between music and video mode...more info
  • Nice Headphones
    I needed some headphones while I edit movies on my computer. These are over the ear headphones meaning it cover's your entire ear. It's not the ones that press against your ear. I can wear them for hours and it doesn't bother me a bit. Only complaint is the cheap plastic that goes over your head. If you force pressure around that area. It will break! I'm not into sound specs in all, but I can tell that the sound is quality. Great buy.....more info
  • Great.
    I use the headphones at work and they are great. They're not the nicest headphones on the market, but for the price, they are awesome! They sound really good and are very comfortable....more info
  • Good headphones
    These are pretty good headphones. There is some crackling and distortion at moderate volumes, but overall they sound great and fit great....more info