La Crosse Technology WS-1025 Digital Window Thermometer
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Product Description

This Window Thermometer mounts to your window and displays the current outdoor temperature as well as the daily high and low.

  • Displays outdoor temperature
  • Records MIN/MAX temperatures
  • Weather resistant
  • Detachable for window cleaning
  • Clear, functional design

Customer Reviews:

  • Simple and workes
    This is the second outdoor thermometer I've purchased from this Co. It is easy to setup, stickes on the outside of the window and you can always see it, except when it's pitch black outside. I love it. Go out and buy it!...more info
  • Great product; I have two of them.
    I'm very pleased with this thermometer. Easy to set up, easy to install, and both of mine (I have 2) have worked consistently well to help me monitor the growing conditions in my greenhouses. Very convenient, and worth the money....more info
  • Piece Of C**p
    Don't waste your money. If you live in a cold climate like I do in Minnesota it does not work. We had a morning low of -7 and it read 11. I threw it in the trash. Not even worth driving back to the store to return it....more info
  • off by 5 degres
    Followed the instructions and placed item on a window where it is in the shade - every day it is off by about 5 to 7 degrees....more info
  • The Worst Company I Know
    La Crosse Technology WS-1025 Digital Window Thermometer

    Before ordering this product, I consulted several negative reviews. Despite misgivings, I ordered it anyway.

    I assembled the thermometer according to the enclosed instructions. I could set the time and date, but the temperature shown remained the same no matter what the ambient conditions.

    I immediately wrote to the Customer Support address provided. They told me they would answer my message within a few days. It has been over three weeks and there have been no reply - despite follow-up inquiries.

    This is the worst experience I have ever had with any product or company. At least in the reviews, the thermometer had worked for a few days before malfunctioning and the company made some attempt to solve the problem.

    If you have any doubts about ordering this product, I strongly recommend that you decide not to do so.
    ...more info
  • Decent outdoor thermometer, but should do better outdoors
    A pretty simple outdoor thermometer that adheres to the exterior glass of a window pane using an included sticker strip.

    Unfortunately, this thermometer requires moderate shielding from the weather. In a pounding rainstorm, water can get inside the unit. It doesn't exactly stop the unit from working, but the LCD crystal doesn't display as strongly as when the unit has dried out. If window it is mounted on doesn't receive any rain, then it should be fine.

    Displays the current temperature as well as the minimum and maximum temperatures for the day. Min and Max temps get reset at something like 5am. (you have to set the time on the thermometer when you first install the battery. oddly enough, it has no ability to normally display the time despite having an internal clock.)

    Comes with a removable translucent plastic back cover to make the LCD crystal display more readable. The unit also can be unmounted easily to change the single AA battery (which typically lasts about a year.)

    I got one of these 2 years and the LCD display has started to peel away from the glass so the "minimum temperature" is practically illegible now. The current and max temp is still fine. I suspect the LCD peeling away had to do with that it seems to catch lots of weather from being on such an exposed window.

    I've since bought another of this same model to replace the aging one. As outdoor thermometers go, this unit is good enough for the money. If it cost any more than 15 clams, I'd be disappointed though....more info
  • Dis-Satisfied
    I was very excited to use this because I'm constantly calling our local time & temperature service. Well I received it and the batteries that came with it were completely dead so I had to buy new ones. Then after I got the new batteries it didn't even work. It has been frozen on the same screen that says it's -58 degrees. I'm not sure if it's just a bad product or mine is just faulty. But I was very dissapointed with this purchase. ...more info
  • Great when it worked, not really weatherproof...
    I have owned 3 of these. They all broke the same way. I put them on the outside of a window between the screen and the outside of the window. It works really well.

    I had no problem with the accuracy of the unit although it must be placed in a spot not in direct or even indirect sunlight. The sun can produce error factors of 10 to even over 20 degrees higher than the actual temperature.

    What killed each of the units was rain. Even the little bit of rain that gets into a window thru the screen in a particularly bad storm will make some of the LCD's non functional. This leaves you with cryptic digits. It's ugly and not really functional. I actually went to the trouble of returning one to LaCrosse. They sent me a replacement, but the same thing happened to the replacement.

    I am now tempted to buy another one as I just think it looks really cool in the window, and when they worked, they were very functional, cool looking and unusual. But if you buy it, keep it dry!...more info
  • Nice when it worked, but that wasn't for long
    I really liked this thermometer, it was neat the way it gives the temperature range for the day and the display was easy to read. Unfortunately it had some major problems. It is very sensitive to the sun shining on it at all, more than most thermometers I have used and would read at least 10 degrees higher than the actual temperature. More problematic though is that it first wouldn't stay attached any longer, and then just quit working all together. For the price, I expect it to work longer than just 4-5 months. ...more info
  • Works good-needs backlighting at night-reads a little warmer
    I bought this item about 5 months ago and it still works fine as far as the numbers working goes. Cons are that it does seem to run a higher temp from getting heat from the house. I have brand new pella windows and it still reads a few degrees higher than the others we have. The biggest con is after dark you can't read it! We have it on our kitchen window facing out to our garage-so we put on the spotlights on the garage to be able to read it. Since the numbers are in black you need to have a light on outside(behind it) to read the temp.We have to turn off the kitchen light and turn on the garage light at night to read it. Kind of a pain in the !!! During the day it is easy to read since the bold sized numbers can be seen easily....more info
  • Inside temperature has strong influence on reading for outside
    I like everything about the thermometer except its most important feature: the outside temperature is too strongly influenced by the inside temperature.

    Ok, so I have it installed at my place in the mountains where the difference at night on the inside/outside termperatures can be forty degrees or more. Many mornings I check this thermometer with two other outside thermometers and find the other two may read, for example, 15 degrees and this one will read 35 degrees. It will be 60 degrees inside.

    My window is double-paned, but that still does not insulate sufficiently to produce unreliable outside readings.

    When not window-mounted and placed by other thermometers, the readings are acceptable and consistent....more info
  • Spiffy, but inaccurate
    A handsome window thermometer with a well thought-out feature set. Unfortunately, the temperature indication is grossly inaccurate, running as much as 5 deg below the actual temp when the actual temp, as measured by a laboratory quality mercury thermometer, is in the high 80's to low 90's....more info
  • Segments disappeared.
    It worked for barely 24 hours. On the second day many of the segments that make up the numbers disappeared, making it useless....more info
  • good product
    i particularly liked that this item did *not* give me the inside temperature. i like that it has big numbers that are easy to read and that i don't have to find a spot for it in my house like many of the other indoor/outdoor thermometers. the first one i got was defective and had to return it. the replacement has worked fine and i couldn't be happier with it....more info