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Cables Unlimited PCM-2296-06 HDMI to DVI D Single Link Cable (6.56 Feet, Black)
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Product Description

Cables Unlimited's high quality HDMI to DVI cables provide the interface need to connect HDMI and DVI components to each other while delivering highest level of signal quality. These shielded cables feature gold plated connectors to insure a high-quality HDTV picture.

  • Compatible with all HDTV formats including 720p and 1080i
  • Gold-plated connectors create precise contact for low loss
  • Connects components with HDMI and DVI interfaces to each other
  • Shielded for maximum protection from RFI and EMI interference
  • Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • good cable
    It's always the cable that's not included that you need. weired how that works out. If you need to go from one to the other, this is a good cable for the money. I've had no issues....more info
  • No need to go broke!
    I recently purchased a new HD tv. I signed up with my cable company for HD service & received a new box. They provided me with component cables. I found out that my cable company doesn't provide HD boxes with HDMI except for the DVR. It did have DVI though. After looking around, and reading that these $50 and higher HDMI cables weren't any better then the cheaper ones, I decided to order this cable. I hooked it up today & wow! The difference between the component & now was unbelievable. The picture on the HD channels is amazing! So glad I did not go broke buying one of those over priced cables! Only took a minute to hook up & the length was perfect....more info
  • Working as intended
    Got it connected to my Mac Pro with a x1900xt as my secondary display
    it is working fine at 1080p.

    Bottom line, it's working like it should and at a fraction of the price
    ...more info
  • GREAT BUY - Don't Spend $$$$$ on other cables
    I have had this cable for 2 years I use it to connect my desktop to my TV it works really great it has a vivid picture. Very clear and cripst I mistreat the cable and it still works. This cable has no problems you will not be sorry if you get it.

    Enjoy....more info
  • It Works
    I plugged it in and it works as advertised. I use to have a VGA cable; right away I could see the quality difference. The only thing is I need to get a new video card to get audio over the HDMI cable. For now, I have to run a cable from the speaker out to the speaker in on the TV. This is definatly worth the money....more info
  • Works Just Fine
    I received the listed product and it works just as well as any expensive cable....more info
  • Good Value - Good Results
    After much searching, I came upon the HDMI to DVI-Cables Unlimited PCM-2296-06 HDMI to DVI D Single Link Cable (6 Feet, Black)D Cable for my new Sony BluRay Player. It delivers clear crisp video at a good value...more info
  • Fits the bill
    Needed to test hi def capacity... having no DVI port on my motherboard... it included a HDMI... but my monitor was only DVI/VGA support... so this cable did the trick. And it works great....more info
  • Works great
    I got it to connect to my PS3 to my monitor. The picture is clear. Works perfectly. ...more info
  • Great value
    I ordered this product because I've had great experiences with generic cables. This is no exception. The cable works great and I was easily able to connect my DVI video card on my computer to my HDTV's HDMI port. The only downside is that I had to connect directly to my TV instead of through my A/V receiver because it had a connection issue there, but that wasn't a big deal to me....more info
  • Works fine
    Cable works fine and seems to have very good build quality. I run at 1920x1200 with no problems. I used it to connect my Dell XPS M1530 notebook with HDMI to my Dell 24" LCD monitor with DVI. ...more info
  • PS3 to a monitor no problem!
    I bought this to connect my PS3 to my monitor it works perfectly the HD looks so nice, but If you need it for what I used it for buy a Y:adapter as well with it to give audio by putting your gaming systems A/V cables in it(the original TV cables that came with the system to connect it to your TV.) and then putting the Headphone jack into the little microphone symboled plug hole on your computer or speakers.Also check if your monitor has HDCP and of course a DVI slot in the back.It arrived on time and Im happy....more info
  • Cheap...Works great...What more do you want?
    I used this cable to connect a new desktop computer to a 42" HD LCD TV. Of course you don't get all the advantages of HDMI (since it is not HDMI on both ends) but it supplied a crystal clear digital picture of my desktop and Blue-ray playback. ...more info
  • Works just as well as the $80 + versions
    Don't get caught up in the HDMI cable world and buy expensive - it is a standard and this cable works just as well!...more info
  • Excellent quality for the price
    I cannot find a single complaint about this cable. It does exactly what I purchased it for and it does it well. I am currently using it to connect one of my PCs running a DVI video card through my HDMI plasma screen at 1280x720 res and it looks beautiful. Cable length is great and no issues with loose connections on either end. Only reason I did not give this item five stars is because I am sure there are higher quality cables out there, but that does not mean this cable won't suit your needs....more info
  • Connects DVD player to computer monitor!
    I used this to connect the HDMI:out of my DVD player to the DVD-D:in of my computer LCD monitor. Then hooked speakers RCA connect from my DVD player.

    Result: I get to watch DVDs in the bedroom on my $160 widescreen 22" LCD monitor, without having to spend money on an LCDTV.

    So I consider my $6 "investment" for the cable that provided me this ability to be definite winner for BARGAIN of the month! =)
    ...more info
  • Great product
    Cheap, and gold plated what and full 1080P capibilities. Image quality was great and saved me 50 bux as compaired to the price at Best Buy...more info
  • Works perfectly. What else can I say?
    This connects my MythTV front end computer to my sony hdtv. It performs flawlessly. What else can I say?...more info
  • The price is right
    The cable feels solid, and works well with a PS3 and LCD TV. I would buy it again, given the cost and quality rather than spend ten times the amount at the local shop. Cable quality does matter, but for there are better ways to spend the difference (I mean, you could buy another component or half a day of graduate school with the saved money)....more info
  • As good as it gets...Cheapness and quality combined!
    As good as it gets...Cheapness and quality combined! Don't waste your money at Best Buy.
    ...more info
  • Great for hooking up a computer to an LCD!
    Used this to connect a media center PC to a 32" LCD 1080p tv. Works great - the picture is as good as it was on my 22" monitor....more info
  • GOOD.
    i use it to display my PC onto my LCD TV.

    it's awesome....more info