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Celtic Woman
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Product Description

Studio: Emi Music Distribution Release Date: 05/15/2006

Gorgeous to listen to and gorgeous to look at, Celtic Woman is perfect PBS fare, sort of a Riverdance without the dancing. Drawing on the same New Age-y sound and propulsive energy as that show's solo-voice and choral numbers, the live concert features four attractive young women in strapless evening gowns with soaring voices backed by an orchestra, an Anuna-like chorus, and a large percussion section. The more traditional fare includes M¨¦av Ni Mhaolchatha's "Danny Boy" and "She Moved Through the Fair," and Chlo? Agnew's "Ave Maria" (the Bach-Gounod version). Movie and TV selections range from Agnew's "Walking in the Air" (The Snowman) and "Someday" (Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame) to Lisa Kelly's "May It Be" (the Enya song from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the King) and ¨®rla Fallon's voice and harp rendition of "Harry's Game." A fifth woman, M¨˘ir¨¦ad Nesbitt, adds some variety by fiddling "The Butterfly" and "Ashokan Farewell" (best known as the theme from Ken Burns's The Civil War). Occasionally the singers join together, as in Enya's "Orinoco Flow," an a cappella rendition of West Side Story's "Somewhere," music director David Downes's composition "One World," and a stately version of "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." Celtic Woman was created by Downes (like many of the other performers, a Riverdance veteran) along with Sharon Browne and Dave Kavanagh of the Celtic Collections record label. --David Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Great DVD !!
    Celtic Woman is an excellent dvd. I love Irish music. With this dvd you feel your their listening to there beautiful voices. I recommend this dvd and A New Journey. I found Amazon had better prices than other sights....more info
  • Ordered for my teenaged son
    My son (15) and I had originally watched this program on PBS. I had changed the channel from something completely mindless and thought my son would get disgusted and go to bed. However, he continued to watch and made several comments to me about how he "liked" Celtic Women. I thought he was being sarcastic, but soon realized he liked the songs, the presentation, and the nice looking Celtic Women. I surprised him for his birthday and got him the DVD. He wants the CD also. The music touched his musical side and he now wants to join choir. It is certainly a very good DVD, no inappropriate content, can be viewed by all family members. I would recommend this for anyone who is tired of seeing too much sex in music and really wants to get back to a beautiful concert and appreciation of good musicians. Jill...more info
  • Celtic Woman
    This is truly a great cd. Based on the cast members, and the instrumental presentation the cd is rated a 10+....more info
  • Incredible voices and music

    I first heard of the Celtic Woman from a PBS broadcast the Celtic Woman - A New Journey. I became captivated by their voices and smooth style of singing. All five woman are incredible performers. The four vocalists, Chloe, Lisa, Meav and Orla are beautiful to listen to as they are to watch. Even when they sing in Gaelic the pure quality of their voices are breathtaking. Mairead, the fiddler, never speaks, but you will delight your senses as she glides around the stage playing her fiddle. This DVD concert is beautifully produced with a good selection of songs that highlight their powerful voices and personal styles. All the music has a Celtic quality even when the song is not of Celtic origin. It's a very upbeat and happy DVD which I hoped would never end. I originally purchased the Celtic Woman - A New Journey and was so mesmerized by their performances I just had to have more and this DVD was perfect. I found behind the scenes very interesting learning more about these woman and their background. You'll not be disappointed.
    ...more info
  • Celtic
    Nice to see that there is still good singers around.-An absolutely pleasure to view and listen to.
    Exellent Concert without all the usual extra that you normally get.
    More of the same please...more info
  • beautyful !.
    Hello !,
    This musical DVD have a very good level, the artists own a perfect control of their art, some is very young, for example Chlo¨¦, which does not prevent it from magnificiently interpreting the first title of this spectacle. It is really splendid. The technical level, the image is a little worse than for the spectacle "Live at Slane Castle, Ireland", it is very well to have chosen the format image 16/9, the musical sound is correct. I spent a good moment!.
    Claude....more info
  • Really different
    I just caught this yesterday on PBS. I was a fan of their voices but had never seen them perform. They actually had a whole stage show like a regular concert. With moves and everything. It was really nice to watch. The music is as soothing as ever....more info
  • Beautiful Irish singing
    If you like the soothing sound of Irish music, this concert is definitely for you. If you want pop music or something more upbeat, then look somewhere else. Celtic woman is a talented group of Irish singers who sing a selection of pop, new age and traditional Irish songs in this concert. They are classically trained, immensely talented and sing beautifully. My two favorite songs are Send me a song and Nella Fantasia....more info
  • Awesome Talented Singers
    Absolutely wonderful voices raised in song, but not quite as bright and lively as their other DVDs....more info
  • NOT lip-synced
    For anyone wanting to purchase this DVD or CD please do so. It is not lip-synched at all. All of the women actually sing. Any "live" concert DVD ever produced has the same problems as the people making the DVD have to take clips from diferent concerts. Long and short, the women do sing/play their own music. The sound you hear may not be from the video you actually see, but it was in fact them performing....more info
  • Extraordinary Celtic music
    Heavenly voices in concert...these fantastic women are no beginners for they come to the stage with solid musical backgrounds and beautifully connect with a mesmerized audience. A wide variety of songs offers something for every listener and looks toward a bright future for this talented crew. Watch'll find yourself humming these tunes often with pleasant surprise. ...more info
  • Re: Audio dubbed on Celtic Woman DVD
    I am responding to D. Henderson. You are partially correct. Actually, this is common in many if not most "live" DVD concerts, that they have dubbed over sound and/or video. If they have the budget, this may encompass many performances over several dates. However, this was billed at one location. In that case, they may have done a song two or more times to get the shots they want. As for the audio, they will take the best performance of a song, and "sweeten" it, by doing in-studio overdubs or cutting in from the alternate live takes. The editor is then responsible for adjusting the lip sync to within an acceptable range. Some editors are better at this than others, and sometimes its the monitoring that can affect the outcome. In reality, it is rare that a performance is transfered to final video output "as is", regardless of the performer....more info
  • Beautiful
    Crystal clear voices and beautiful music. If you enjoy flawless music, you would love Celtic Woman. ...more info
  • Enjoyable DVD! Great price!
    I watched this on t.v first and just had to get a dvd of my own. I love listening to the Celtic women and watching all that is going on. I also got an extra cd of this for a friend because i enjoyed it so much....more info
  • celtic woman
    Most enjoyable. great to see something like this without commercial interuption. something we will watch again or just listen to the music....more info
  • Saw them live!
    If you ever get the opportunity to see these wonderful ladies live... DO IT!! I did. These ladies are absolutely amazing and stunning! I saw the PBS special and I never thought they could be better. However, the PBS special doesn't even compare to seeing them live!! I am buying the DVD....more info
  • Cletic Women
    Excellent DVD. I have purchased severval products from Amazon - great service - and I'll continue to conduct business with them....more info
  • Good Clean Pictures
    I think this one was the first video of celtic woman, and many good songs that sing beautifully.
    ...more info
  • Celtic Women
    All I can say is ---- "Just Marvelous!!"

    My wife is of Irish extraction and gave it a 6 Star ****** Review!!...more info
  • fantastic music and singing!
    I really enjoyed this dvd! Altho the entire production is rather staged and stiff due to all the regimented ways they walk, stand and move - its still very enjoyable to watch. I attended one of their concerts recently and could anticipate their every move. BUT, I LOVE THEIR MUSIC! Cloe has grown up and sounds even better as she is strengthening her voice and style. Its a great family 'movie' that leaves you inspired!...more info
  • My 2 cents
    One of the most enjoyable DVD's I have purchased. The ladies are truly gifted....more info
    This DVD was all that we thought it would be and more! We had just seen them perform live and watching this DVD was like experiencing it all over again! If you are a Celtic Woman's a MUST!!...more info
  • Saw it on PBS
    Saw this special on PBS, loved the performers, costumes, musicians and most important the music. Bought the dvd and the cd , happy with both....more info
  • Celtic For All People
    I caught Celtic Woman on TV a few years ago but saw that it was on sale on DVD and really thought that it was time to pick up this great combo of fine women singers and a great violin player. This is a must have for all people. Get it. JDI...more info
  • Celtic Woman DVD
    This is an awesome DVD! We have had no trouble with it whatever; and the material is mesmerizing, The beauty of the music and the beauty of the performers complement each other wonderfully -- we love this DVD!...more info
  • Celtic Woman
    Loved it. I had caught the last half on public tv and figured it would either be out or soon come out on DVD. Later saw it on Amazon and looked forward to the improvement in sound and picture the dvd would give. I was right and enjoyed it immensely....more info
  • Celtic Woman DVD
    The DVD is very good. It is interesting to see the different performers - We had just seen the traveling show. The quality of the DVD is excellent audio & video are very 'strong', creating much of the theater effect. I am also pleased with Amazon's detailed & accuract service - Thanks!...more info