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Targus ACP50US Universal Notebook Docking Station with Video
List Price: $149.99

Our Price: $34.95

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Product Description

Targus's Universal Notebook Docking Station with Video is the first USB based docking station with true video output capabilities. This "One Touch" interface allows users to quickly and easily connect to an external monitor, keyboard, Ethernet, mouse, printer, speakers or other devices in a matter of seconds. This product is also the first docking station to allow users to connect through a single USB connection. The Universal Docking Station provides greater flexibility to commercial users and consumers because it is not notebook platform dependent. It provides a low cost alternative to traditional OEM docking stations and port replicators. Its unique shape provides a more comfortable typing position and allows for better cooling of the notebook. Another factor unique to Targus's Docking Station is the "Always On" option. A great use for the "Always On" feature is to continuously charge devices such as mice, phones or PDAs. Targus's four USB ports are also adapter friendly, meaning they are spaced twice as far apart to allow any size adapters to be plugged into the port. System Requirements - Windows 2000 with SP4 or XP with SP1 or greaterIncluded AC Adapter required (will not function as a BUS powered device)

  • Universal USB Docking Station with One Touch connection to PCs - Simply plug in a USB cable and have your keyboard, monitor/LCD, Internet Connection/LAN, mouse, printer, speakers and other external devices connected to your notebook.
  • True Video Support - Connect your monitor or LCD directly to the docking station
  • Plug and Play Connectivity - Automatically recognize new USB devices when plugged in without rebooting
  • Video Modes Supports - The Primary Video Mode uses an external monitor or LCD as the primary display. The Extended Video Mode uses both the notebook screen and external monitor or LCD for combined viewing. Mirror Video Mode replicate the notebook screen onto an external monitor or LCD screen. The max video resolution supports up to 1024 x 768 with 16-bit colors.
  • Enhanced USB Ports - Two out of the four USB ports provide twice as much power (1,000 mA) as standard USB ports. The Always On feature Powers Ports even when notebook is shut down or disconnected. Adapter friendly USB ports are double spaced to accommodate larger adapters.

Customer Reviews:

    I bought this docking station for my 64-bit HP laptop. It was delivered on time and in good shape, but to my chagrin IT DOES NOT WORK WITH VISTA 64-BIT OS. There is nothing in the sales literature that states this fact and I only found out AFTER I tried to install the software and contacted Targus. Their only response was "Thank you for contacting Targus. Unfortunately the ACP50 docking station is not compatible to the Vista 64 bit system. I do apologize for the inconvenience." When I aserted that this was not the dealers fault or problem because the product is misrepresented by the literature, their next response was "The only recommendation that I am able to make is that you return it to the retailer for a refund" and then "We are not able to refund the product. You purchased it from a retailer, you will need to contact the retailer for a refund." This reposonse came directly from Targus Customer Support,
    Samantha Cambria.

    IMHO, since the critical detail of not working with the Vista 64-bit OS is omitted from any pre-sale documentation, this product is misrepresented by Targus and the issue should be resolved by Targus. Instead they are leaving me hanging, and I expect that they would behave the same way with all of their products. Targus CLEARLY DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS. I have unfortunately already discarded the packaging so now I am stuck with it and will likely sell it on eBay for less than I paid. Perhaps it works fine with Vista 32-Bit, but I will never know. WHat I do know is that I will never purchase another Targus product again (and I hope that Targus is reading this)!
    ...more info
  • satisfied
    ordered with no problems. Received part from 3rd party. after 2 weeks, monitor connection went bad. Part was replaced. Then new part went bad. Currently working on getting 3rd....more info
  • Bad product
    Horrible product. It's not the seller's fault that it's such a horrible product... it just is. The main selling point for this is that it has video capabilities... well, as much lag as there is even with super low quality video settings and with a lack of support for higher resolutions (above 1024x768) ... it just ruins the selling point. Buy a dock made specifically for your notebook if you're looking for video capabilities. The rest of the ports work fine. No PS/2 ports though for keyboard and mouse, just USB. Not any better than a port replicator.

    Brian...more info
  • It is exactly what it is and isn't what it isn't
    First, throw out the CD it comes with and download the latest driver (7.1.1). The CD driver has limited resolution choices and many bugs and crashes. 7.1.1 driver seems to run faster and has resolution choices up to 1600x1200.

    Second, don't think of this as a primary display adapter. The performance is about that of an old 8-bit ISA Windows 3.1 video card. I use it to drive a third monitor strictly for email and IM. And nothing else. The slow frame rate is hardly noticable when you do that. I actually preferred the low refresh rate because it meant I was never tempted to slap a game or an editor on the third monitor. The still frame quality is fine, FYI.

    Use it for what it is, and it's fine. Try to get performance out of it and you'll be disappointed....more info
  • Garbage
    I knew better, but I did it anyway, thinking that it would be a good compromise (we have IBM, Dell, and Toshiba laptops and a Sony Really Nice Monitor). No modem port (not a surprise, but would have been nice), the video display is, well, you can see stuff on the monitor. One of the USB ports isn't reliable. I could go on, but you get the picture. Don't bother....more info
  • Not compatible with Home Vista
    Had to return this product because it would not work with the new windows operating system. I contacted Targus Support and they recommended I return the product since they could not guarantee that that would provide the necessary drivers. 3 stars because I could never use the product....more info
  • Targus Docking station
    Nice product works well, be aware that though it is powered (for the usb's) you still have to use the laptops power adapter, to power the laptop. I ended buying another adapter so I could leave everything on my desk and did not need to unplug a power cable everytime I wanted to travel....more info
  • Best Generic PC Notebook Docking Station available!
    Unless your brand of PC Notebook has their own model specific docking station design for it, you can't beat this one. With a simple and single cable (USB 2.0), the Targus Dock is ready to go, including the Video Monitor Output, Sound, Network and other USB devices like your mouse or printer. If your notebook supports higher than 1024x768 video out, you might still want to plug the notebook directly into your monitor.

    All for a lot less than the docks sold by HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony and the others....more info
  • It didn't work.
    This product did not work well at all. It slowed my computer down to a snail's pace. It first of all came partially opened already as if it had been returned previously. I was very unhappy with this product and returned it immediately to the vendor. I did get a full refund though less shipping charges....more info
  • video does not work due to power surge
    i have purchased 2 of these now and have had problems with the video and power problems. both times computer does not recognize device....more info
  • Excellent Device
    Easy installation and works great. Shipping was no problem and glad I got it....more info
    I've learned that USB connections are too slow to run an external monitor - the mouse action on the monitor was very eractic as a result. I talked to Targus and they told me USB has it's limits. Do not buy this if you want to run a monitor on it.

    I would recommend the Belkin high speed station but you need to make sure you have an Expresscard slot in your computer - my new Toshiba did not come with one! Hope this helps....more info
  • It doesnot work in a 64 bits HP notebook
    Targus ACP50US Universal Notebook Docking Station with Video

    I am not satisfied.
    The product is not working in my HP notebook 64 bits procesor windows Vista Home Premium edition.
    Some body can help me to downdload the correct driver.
    LM...more info
  • vwaste of money
    I purchased this unit primarily as a way to extend video from my laptop to my large monitor on my desk. Have tried THREE different laptops with it - AND am using the drivers downloade from the web site. Forget latency or 'gitters' it flat crashes! In XP it freezes mouse & video and in Vista it pukes a blue screen. VERY frustrating. I have USB 2.0 on both computers. It's the Targus Video drivers that are bailing out. Wish I had spent my money on something else....more info
  • Targus Docking Station with Video
    It's what I was looking for. The functionality and reliability is an A+. Highly recommendable....more info
    I own this product and have used it successfully on one notebook (dell). This product is a port replicator NOT a docking station. For those that need tech mumbo jumbo its quite simple. Software controls this product and it operates according to very strict hardware rules. The drivers are very unstable plus there is no support for some ATI cards. I would recommend at least 1GB of ram with a 7200 rpm hard drive in order to prevent lag and the screen of death. Please don't buy if you don't know what video card you have or if your computer is slow. Trust me I have 9 laptops and only one worked with this product. Don't be a fool. (Nvidea cards have more support)...more info
  • Heap of junk
    I bought this item for around $50 at a CompUSA store closing sale. At that price it is still expensive for what it does. I gave up trying to use an external monitor attached directly to the docking station, as the performance was terrible (on a very fast new PC, attached to a 22 inch LCD monitor). After downloading new drivers, I was able to get the docking station to work with Vista without any problems. In essence this is a glorified USB hub, with a couple of good features: It has two powered permanently powered USB ports, which are useful if you want to attach a phone or Ipod; it includes an Ethernet port, thus allowing you to attach your router directly to the docking station. So in my case I still have to unplug two cables from my computer, every time I disconnect it (the VGA cable and USB connecting to the Targus). In sum, I don't recommend you buy this unit as the video capabilities, the unit's selling point, are basically worthless.
    PS - After a week of use, I found that it does not even work well as a hub as the computer freezes and has to be robooted every time I wake up the screen saver (a core due processor, 2 Gig Ram, Vista). This product is a disgrace and anyone who has bought it should be refunded by Targus. Do not buy it! I would take away all my stars but Amazon does not allow that option....more info