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Identical twins hallie and annie were separated at birth when their parents divorced. After the two meet at summer camp they begin plotting to reunite their estranged parents. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 06/06/2006 Starring: Dennis Quaid Natasha Richardson Run time: 128 minutes Rating: Pg Director: Nancy Meyers

If you were a kid in the early 1960s, then you saw The Parent Trap with Hayley Mills--it's as simple as that. Now Disney has pulled the beloved comedy--about a pair of twins who meet for the first time at summer camp and vow to reunite their long-divorced parents--out of the mothballs and remade it with a decidedly '90s feel. This time, the twins act is performed by newcomer Lindsay Lohan, who plays both Hallie and Annie, who each live with one of their parents (Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson). Adversaries when they first meet at camp, Hallie and Annie become, well, sisters when they figure out that they are siblings. The comedy springs from their efforts to sabotage Dad's impending marriage to the gold-digging Elaine Hendrix, while reintroducing Dad to Mom. Quaid has a nice, loosey-goosey way with slapstick, as does Richardson, who plays a very funny drunk scene. --Marshall Fine

Customer Reviews:

  • Gets My Vote for "Better than the Original"
    I know this is billed as a teen movie, but I have to admit that it is one of my very favorites (my kids bought it for me for Christmas). I've watched it numerous times with my daughters and none of us seem to tire of it. I think Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid have quite a bit of chemistry between them, love the back-story between the maid and the butler, and really think that Lindsay Lohan is terrific as Hallie/Annie. I've seen the original version and while I do enjoy it, I just like this one so much better. It's just really good, clean fun that the whole family can enjoy.

    I also agree that the CD is worth getting, with many songs that are fun and enjoyable. I guess one downside to the remake is the omission of the 'Let's Get Together' song, but it was always too syrupy for my taste, so I don't mind that Disney didn't add it to the remake. ...more info
    I saw this re-make most reluctantly. After all, I thought, how could it compare to the original blockbuster hit of the same name, which starred the adorable British actress, Hayley Mills? Well, to my complete surprise, this film is a winner in its own right. Reprising the dual roles played by Hayley Mills, a young Lindsay Lohan, in her silver screen debut, is surprisingly effective and adorable, making the dual roles her own.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the premise of the film, two girls, Hallie Parker and Annie James (Lindsay Lohan), meet at summer camp. They look exactly alike. One lives with her father, while the other lives with her mother. They soon figure out the previously unknown but inescapable fact that they are twins, separated shortly after birth, each of whom lives with one of their biological parents. They both long to know the parent that is missing from their respective lives. So, they concoct a plan that will allow them to do so, leading to a scheme to reunite their estranged parents. They simply switch places, when it comes time to return home. Their reunion scheme is almost derailed, however, when their biological father seems to have romantic designs on someone else.

    This comedic caper focuses on the intrigues of the twins as they try to get the potential usurper out of their father's life and re-unite their parents. Lindsay Lohan is simply terrific in the dual roles of Hallie and Annie, infusing a great deal of charm and personality into her portrayal of the twins. Natasha Richardson is wonderful in the role of the mother, Elizabeth James. While she lacks the feistiness of Maureen O'Hara, who originally played the role, Ms. Richardson manages to make the role her own with her low-key charm. Dennis Quaid is terrific as Nick Parker, the handsome, hunky father, who is the besotted prey of a gold digging, scheming, statuesque blonde (Elaine Hendrix). I actually like his performance better than that of Brian Keith, who played this role in the original.

    Blonde bombshell Elaine Hendrix is effective as Meredith Blake, the potential wicked step-mother, who quickly sees her own scheme to marry a wealthy husband go up in flames as the twins plot against her. Lisa Ann Walter is simply wonderful as Nick Parker's good-hearted housekeeper, infusing the role with a rich warmth. Simon Kunz is very funny in the role of Martin, the James' butler, creating a memorable character, and Ronnie Stevens is perfectly cast as the maternal grandfather, Charles James.

    As to whether or not their mother and father will be re-united, as the twins so desire, watch this film and find out. Although Lindsay Lohan does not sing the popular signature song, "Let's Get Together", which Hayley Mills sang in the original film, the viewer will not be disappointed by this re-make. Disney Studios, which is the studio responsible for both the original and the re-make, has created a terrific little comedic gem in its own right with this film. ...more info
  • Excelent movie
    This is an excelent movie we have watched it several times with our kids and we enjoy it every time....more info
  • One too many alcohol scenes...
    This would be a great kids film, except the writers just HAD to put scenes with alcohol in it. One of the twins samples wine, the mother shows up drunk at the hotel, vodka is mentioned, please! This is a KIDS movie, why do they need to put that in there? I think I'll pass on buying this for that reason alone!...more info
  • We love this movie
    My 7 year old loves this movie. She watches it on tape and every time it's on TV. I find myself sitting and watching it with her often. Just a good Disney movie with a happy ending....more info
  • Cute and very well done
    Based on Erich Kastner's book and a 1961 movie, which takes place in other locations is a changed one, although it starts almost the same as the book, it changes to a modern type of fairytale style.

    The real amazment however comes from the selection of one actress (like the movie from 1961) to play two parts and it's implametation, unlike the Olsen twin movies, and enhancing it to a perfectly done technological breakthrough that REALLY makes you think the two characters are two girls.

    The DVD is worth buying if you like TONS of special features about the movie and how it was done, and belive me, this one defenatly delivers.

    On a sadder note, Lindsay Lohan seem innocent enough to play the part at that age but ten years later she ends up like many actresses and actors, in and out of rehab, which really makes you wonder if it is worth it and make you swear NEVER to send your kid to "the businness" in Hollywood or glamour anywhere else....more info
  • Great movie
    The new parent trap is a great movie to watch with your preteen (grand)children. The 'twins' are excellent actresses. The parents well chosen.
    I love that a good story (Das doppelte Lottchen by Eich Kaestner) was again made into a good, enjoyable movie. As a writer of children stories I would love for someone to make one of my stories into a movie for the world to enjoy.
    Anybody listening???!!!
    God bless
    Margrit...more info
  • Disney classics, better then the original movie.
    This movie is a pure classics, what else can I say? Perfect cast, great play, timeless story. I've been watching this movie with my daughter for countless times and it still touches the best feelings.

    It's a remake but if you were to choose between the old and the new movies - this one is the better choice....more info
  • The Parent Trap (special)
    The quality of the DVD is supurb, just like you bought it off the shelf in the store. The movie it's self is just what I wanted. It is very funny and farily close to the origional story (Hayley Mills and the Parent Trap.) I would recomend it to anyone who likes comedy / romance....more info
  • The Parent Trap
    This is a really cute movie.
    The Parent Trap is the movie that started Linday Lohan's
    movie career.
    This movie is great to watch if you are
    a fan of her....more info
  • Comparative Review Newer Double Trouble to Original Version
    Have seen both versions of The Parent Trap and both are excellent. For a first time viewer would recommend the newer 1998 Double Trouble version for first viewing with the original also recommended for second viewing. First because as an adult watching both movies I found the tension between the parents more interesting and believable in the Double Trouble version and second because the print quality of the newer Double Trouble version is/was superior to the vault version of the original. The contrast of print quality is striking because Disney restored the vault version of Pollyanna also starring Hayley Mills and it looks brand new with sharp images, excellent color and a print that is not faded at all whereas the vault version of the original Parent Trap does not have as sharp images, has darkened slightly and the color while good is clearly not of the same quality as the restored Pollyanna vault version. The acting in both Parent Trap versions is excellent including both Hayley Mills and Lindsay Lohan. So would recommend Double Trouble version for first viewing and if you get hooked as I did going for the original version second. The Vault version is loaded with extras, so for me I am glad to have both versions....more info
  • My kids love this movie.
    My 8 year old daughter and 6 year old twins love this movie. It's actually funny and clean. ...more info
  • Excellent movie
    I ordered this movie for my daughter. She watched it a couple of times on TV and was fascinated with the story. However there are so many interruptions with commercials that drag it over bedtime. She couldn't see the whole movie. Finally we got the movie and our whole family watched it together. It is one of the best family movies we have seen. ...more info
  • Parent Trap Movie-very fast delivery
    Ordered for a Christmas gift and was received very quickly! Thanks for such great service....more info
  • Linda
    be careful and read the fine print i bought this movie and willow and got signed up at hot movie sale and it cost me 125.00 I knew nothing about this until i got my statement from the bank i have bought a lot from amazon and this is a first but i learned the hard way about a good deal read the fine print the 5.00 savings was not a deal...more info
  • The Parent Trap (Special Edition)
    This was a gift for my 8 year old daughter for getting 100 on a spelling test. She saw this movie a few weeks ago and has asked for it ever since. She has watched it numerous times since she has gotten it.
    It's a very enjoyable movie to watch for adults as well. It's well worth it to own in your DVD library....more info
  • Good film but...
    This film improves on the original in some ways, subject to reservations which I'll keep to the end.

    In the original, one of the girls' hometowns (Boston) was univerally slated ('Boston is no place to rekindle romance'), which is why the reuniting had to take place in Texas. Here, London is not slated in the same way. London is shown as cool, the Abbey Road scene is a treat! The actors all play their parts well, especially the supporting cast (the two domestics are great). The nods to the original - one of the twins humming 'Let's Stay Together' - are also well done.

    However, the treatment of Meredith at the end is nothing short of brutal, and even socailly irresponsible. When the original was made, divorce wa seen as bad; a married couple seen as married forever, and so any 3rd party was seen as an interloper who deserved everything they got. In the 1990s, the makers of the film should have realised that many kids will go to the film with mum or dad PLUS A STEP-PARENT!!! Mrs Doubtfire had a much more responsible take on the realities of divorce than this. Following from this, am not sure parents in the 1980s would split up twins so thet they'd never hear of each other, or their parents. That would be downright nasty.

    ...more info
  • A really great remake!
    Great movie for the whole family! I love the original as well but this is another must see from disney!...more info
  • Mom of 2
    What can I say? My eight year old loves the movie and Lindsay Lohan plays an amazing (two!) part!...more info
  • Surprisingly good
    As a 40's single male I just sort of stumbled into this movie on TV and it probably took about 5 minutes to be enchanted. Disney - re-make, yada yada...I had perhaps the lowest expectations possible given my profile.

    But, all I can say is that if you want a feel good movie to watch when you are a bit down this is the best. It is worth mentioning that I have a plasma and the high definition really helps make this particular movie shine.

    I find it interesting to read other reviews that compares this 90's version with the older one. Perhaps I am "California" politically correct, but many of my objections regarding the original including good ol Vicki slapping Ms. Mills were softened immeasurably in the remake. Perhaps that's just progress, let's hope so.

    Anyway, my special appreciation goes to Lindsay Lohan who was so good in this film that we can all just hope she approaches this same combination of charm and appeal as an adult movie star. I also thought that Elaine Hendrix had a stand out performance - just the right amount of foil to the twins. ...more info
  • Hilarious, Really Cool movie
    I haven't seen the original version, so I won't compare it with that movie. This is a really nice movie, one of the best family movies I've seen. Funny all the way and a bit sentimenatal at times. I was actually gonna cry at a point!! Linday Lohan does a great job as Annie and Hallie, Dennis Quaid turns in a great performance as always. The rest of the cast is good too.

    Give this movie a shot, you'll like it!!...more info
  • Nice remake
    Great remake of the original - with a few extra twists thrown in. Was happy to purchase it for my collection. If you liked the original, you will love this one....more info
  • The beginning of LL.
    Lindsay lohan is very cute in this picture. Only an actress with this kind of talent can play two twins. Ohh, yeah. I think that if Disney would be alive, he would never would have made the ''oldie'' version. I think it's hot!! The parents are funny. They know they luv eachother, except their shy. ...more info
  • Good Family Entertainment, Well Done.
    There is a solid storyline, the production and the acting supports it well. It is fun to watch for the 3rd time too, and it keeps the attention of adults as well. This is quality family entertainment.
    ...more info
  • Beautiful Natasha Richardson
    I rented this movie recently after the tragic death of Natasha Richardson March 18, 2009. It made me sad to see this beautiful, talented woman in a lovely movie, knowing we'll never see her in another one again. She was so young and vibrant, and she really shines in "The Parent Trap". It's really eerie watching a movie or listening to a song, after the actress or singer died young and tragically, and you realize you know how and when they'll die, and under what circumstances. It's not the same if they die old and by natural circumstances.

    I always liked this movie, and now I appreciate it more than ever....more info