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The A-Team - Season Two
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Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 04/12/2005 Run time: 1108 minutes Rating: Nr

If ridiculous banter, goofball plots, and many, many, many explosions sounds like the recipe for a perfect TV show to you--you must already be a fan of The A-Team. Each of these Vietnam vets on the lam had his specialty: Hannibal (cigar-chomping George Peppard, a long way from Breakfast at Tiffany's) is the cocksure master planner; Faceman (Dirk Benedict of the original Battlestar Galactica) is the smooth-talking con artist; the pilot with a screw loose is Murdock (Dwight Schultz, later to appear on Star Trek: Voyager); and B.A. Baracus (the charismatic and gold-encrusted Mr. T, Rocky III) is both mechanic and muscle. During the series' five year run, each of these eccentrics cultivated their own rabid fan-base as they threw punches, fired thousand of bullets, tossed hand grenades to and fro, and flipped speeding cars--all without killing or even really hurting anyone, which only adds to the show's willful silliness. (A warning for fans of reporter/sidekick Amy Allen, played by Melinda Culea: After being given nothing to do for a dozen or so testosterone-heavy episodes of the second season, Culea either quit or was fired.)

Only during the 1980s could this peculiar blend of lefty politics and military fetishism have thrived. Though supposedly mercenaries-for-hire, the A-Team usually finds itself defending the downtrodden and helpless out of sheer cussedness. In the second season they helped abused migrant workers form a union--which, naturally, required transmogrifying farm equipment into a cabbage-shooting cannon. Other underdogs included the disenfranchised heir to an African diamond mine; an independent cab company being squeezed by big business; and a pacifist commune harassed by bigots. The last of these prompted Hannibal to muse ponderously on the unappreciated role of the soldier, who fights so others don't have to--after which Murdock and B.A. began punching each other over a bag of pecans. Self-aware and self-mocking, The A-Team pushed the TV action/adventure genre to laughable extremes. --Bret Fetzer

The A-Team--Season Two Trivia
• In this season, Amy is no longer part of the A-Team. There's no explanation as to why.
• One episode this season sees the title sequence featuring the Cylon from Battlestar Galatica (as well being in this episode) for the first time. This is an in-joke, as Dirk Benedict played Starbuck in that series.

Customer Reviews:

  • The A-Team - Season Two
    I always loved watching The A-Team. When my son was younger (he is 20 years old now), he watched The A-Team and loved it also. We find the show entertaining and educational. It shows you can accomplish things with what you have on hand, if you think about it. It shows that people from all walks of life can work together and accomplish what seems to be impossible. ...more info
    I'm glad they decided to go ahead and release Season 2 of the A-Team... My only complaint is that there seems to be a problem with one of my discs. Disc 1, side 1. "Diamonds in the Dust", totally locks up my player(s) and starts to pixellate right around the 40:00 minute mark. I've contacted Universal with my problem, to no avail. Has anyone else out there had this problem too? People are also reporting playback problems with Knight Rider and Magnum P.I...

    Also, Universal seems to have "dumbed down" this set, releasing it by awkwardly putting all episodes on 3 discs instead of 4, and supplying cheap plastic cases. Come on! I was just wondering if anyone else out there has experienced playback problems? I have a one year old JVC, a Panasonic, and of course my DVD-ROM drive, and the disc hesitates in the same spot on all three of my players... Other than that, at least we DID get season two. I hope they get their act together for season three.

    ...more info
  • Great series
    Excellent series, not quite as good as Season 1, but still the A-Team at their best!...more info
  • The last season with Amy Allen
    This 1983-84 Season DVD of The A-Team is great, plus this was also the season when Face gets his snazzy Corvette and the season when the team's hard nosed nemesis Col. Decker(Lance LeGault) replaces the equally incompetent Col. Lynch(Bill Lucking) as the A-Team's new military nemesis along with the fact the 2nd Season had some interesting episodes like "When You Coming Back Range Rider", which showed clipped scenes from previous episodes from the 1st Season like the "Mexican Slayride" episode, "Holiday In The Hills" episode, and the "One More Time" episode when they explained why Lynch was being replaced by Decker.

    I also thought it was cool how they used clipped scenes from previous episodes from both the 1st and 2nd Seasons of this show in the "Curtain Call" episode showing us flashback memory recollections that Decker, Hannibal(George Peppard), Murdock(Dwight Schultz), Face(Dirk Benedict), and B.A.(Mr. T)all started having while the team struggled to keep Murdock alive after being shot while Decker is hot on The A-Team's trail close to snagging them once & for all along with the fact that "Curtain Call" was also the Season Finale episode to the 1983-1984 Season on NBC, but Decker strikes out again at the end of the episode despite the fact that Decker wanted to capture the A-Team more than anything in the world if its the last thing he did.

    On the other hand; I don't think the Second Season was quite as good as the First Season was, because of the fact that newspaper reporter Amy Allen(Melinda Culea) ended up leaving the team in the second half of The A-Team's 1983-84 Season, since Amy was fired from the show all of the sudden after only the first 9 episodes of this season, because for one thing George Peppard(Hannibal)didn't get along very well with Melinda Culea(Amy).

    For another, Culea got fired since she persistently wanted more challenging lines and actions for her character on the show, including brawling scenes which the writers and producers constantly kept refusing to give her along with the fact that the producers of this show felt that Amy Allen's character was too tomboyish on top of that, which prompted the producers to give Melinda Culea(Amy) the boot.

    As a matter of fact, Melinda Culea's termination from the show was even done on short notice when Melinda Culea arrived on the set one day and found no lines for her script indicating that she had no lines or plots for her character, since Culea was unfortunately being fired.

    Therefore, you could say that Amy was kicked off the team after her last appearance in the "Water, Water Everywhere" episode without even mentioning a reason why Amy wasn't with them anymore as of the "Steel" episode bringing the The A-Team down to only 4 guys instead of 5 leaving Amy no where to be found with the exception of "The White Ballot" episode when Amy Allen gets shown one last time on the show before being axed from the show, but Amy was excluded permanently in the following episode("The Maltese Cow") when Amy departed the show in mid December of 1983.

    Therefore, when Amy Allen left the show and got fired, it was kind of like when Rockford's sexy attorney girlfriend Beth Davenport(Gretchen Corbett) departed THE ROCKFORD FILES, since THE ROCKFORD FILES wasn't quite the same without Beth's beauty and cheery personality on the show.

    Unfortunately, most of the episodes of The A-Team without Amy weren't as interesting, even though Amy eventually so-called got replaced by foxy newspaper reporter Tawnia Baker(Marla Heasley)in the second half of this season to work the outside for the team like Amy used to do when Marla Heasley joined the cast & crew of the show in January of 1984 when she made her first appearance in "The Battle Of Bel Air" episode, but Tawnia only ended up lasted 8 episodes unlike Amy, since Tawnia departed in the 3rd Season of The A-Team after only one episode, which was "The Bend In The River" episode when Tawnia helps the team find her kidnapped fiancee(Barry Van-Dyke)in Brazil before Tawnia and Bryan get married at the end of that episode before Tawnia moves away from L.A. and resigns from both team and the LA Courier bringing The A-Team down to only 4 guys again.

    Additionally, even though Tawnia(Marla Heasley) had supposedly replaced Amy(Melinda Culea), Tawnia was nothing more than a part-time co-star to the show and was never a full-time co-star like Amy was, because unlike Amy, Tawnia was never included in the introduction credits at the beginning of the show like Amy was in the 1st Season and during the first half of the 2nd Season and Tawnia was never even included in the half-time credits in the middle of each episode either, unlike Amy.

    Therefore, Amy was actually more of a co-star on The A-Team than Tawnia ever was, since Amy was a full-time co-star throughout the whole First Season and throughout the first 9 episodes of the Second Season and I think Amy was actually more committed to the team and to the cast & crew of the show than Tawnia ever was too despite the fact that Tawnia was cuter than Amy was, because something else I noticed about this show was in each episode that Tawnia came out in, Tawnia was never shown as much as Amy was, even though Tawnia had replaced Amy as the 5th team member.

    Unfortunately, when Amy Allen left the show; Hannibal, B.A., Face, and Murdock all acted as if Amy never even existed or like Amy was worthless to the team and like they didn't even miss Amy one bit, but I just wish that Amy would've stayed with the cast and crew of The A-Team and hadn't been fired from the show or that Tawnia would've at least became a permanent and full-time co-star on The A-Team by the 1984-85 Season instead of leaving the show in the Fall of 1984.

    In addition to that, I think the team wasn't as sharp looking as they were in the 1st season either, but I think the 2nd Season would've been better if Tawnia Baker had became a permanent full-time co-star on this show like Amy was in the First Season and the first 9 episodes of the Second Season by showing Marla Heasley's name and face on the introduction credits of the show as well as the half-time credits like they did with Amy, but then Tawnia ended up leaving the show too in September of 1984, due to sexual harrassment, which prompted Marla Heasley to quit the show and why Tawnia's name and face was never shown on the credits of the introduction of The A-Team or even on the half-time credits and why Tawnia was never quite in every single episode in the second half of the 2nd Season even once she joined the cast & crew of the A-Team, like the "Harder Than It Looks" episode and the "Semi-Friendly Persuasion" episode for instance, which technically made the "Curtain Call" episode Tawnia's last appearance on the show with the exception of "The Bend In The River" episode, since Tawnia didn't appear in the "Bullets & Bikinis" episode, which by the way was the Season Premiere of The A-Team's 3rd Season.

    Therefore, this show seemed to have gotten weaker and weaker each season and was becoming less & less impressive as the seasons progressed since the team wasn't as interesting to watch without Amy or Tawnia on the show, especially without Amy and without Tawnia on the show, since most of the 2nd Season didn't have Amy anymore for instance and since the 3rd Season didn't have Tawnia anymore either with the exception of "The Bend In The River" episode, which therefore left the show with no more female co-stars, since there was no more Amy or Tawnia from the Third Season on up, which really sucked which is another reason why I stopped watching The A-Team afterwhile, since the show wasn't quite the same anymore without Amy or Tawnia's pizzaz and spunky personalities.

    It's just too bad that the producers of The A-Team didn't decide to make Tawnia Baker(Marla Heasley) a permanent and full-time co-star of the show in the 3rd Season or that they didn't bring Amy Allen(Melinda Culea) back to the show after Tawnia departed either or that they didn't find a female co-star to replace Tawnia in the 3rd Season either, but George Peppard(Hannibal) along with the rest of the cast & crew of this show didn't want a female co-star and felt that this show did better without any lady co-stars and by just having the 4 of them on the team making it a strictly mans only team in order to make The A-Team strictly a mans show since they obviously didn't have very good luck with keeping Melinda Culea(Amy) or Marla Heasley(Tawnia)on the show, since there was tension between Melinda Culea and George Peppard in the whole 1st Season and in the first half of the 2nd Season and since there was tension between Marla Heasley and all the 4 main characters of this show, which of course were George Peppard, Mr. T, Dirk Benedict, and Dwight Schultz, since none of the cast & crew wanted Marla Heasley(Tawnia Baker)on the show in the first place, due to the fact that George Peppard felt that the show did much better without a female co-star and better with just the 4 of them, since George Peppard felt that the lady co-stars were like a distraction to viewers of the show since Peppard felt that viewers paid more attention to the smiles and hot looks of Amy & Tawnia more than they paid attention to the genuine heavy-duty action that Hannibal, BA, Face, and Murdock all did on the show whenever they had a plan and accomplished a mission on each episode.

    But when Amy was kicked off the team and then when Tawnia was kicked off the team, Peppard felt that it helped viewers of this show pay a lot more attention to the heavy-duty action and stunts on this show, since there were no more female co-stars or team members on the show to distract anybody along with the fact that Tawnia and Amy rarely got involved in any of the heavy-duty work and action on this show, since Amy & Tawnia had the easy job on the team and this show.

    Therefore, Hannibal, B.A., Face, and Murdock all acted as if Amy never even existed and never mentioned Amy with the exception of "The Battle Of Bel Air" episode when Amy's name was brought up numerous times when Tawnia volunteered to take Amy's place and explains to the team how Amy Allen was a former co-worker of hers from the L.A. Courier and how she knew of The A-Team so well when Hannibal explains to Tawnia indicating that Amy left the team to take a job in Jakarta rather than saying that Melinda Culea was fired from the show or that Amy was ousted from the team.

    So I think anybody who watched The A-Team religiously every week when it was on NBC who preferred this show with the female co-stars would agree with me on this review.

    It was also interesting seeing
    -Markie Post in "The Only Church In Town" episode during her co-starring days as Colt Seavers agent(Terri Michaels) on THE FALL GUY days and before her co-starring days on NIGHT COURT
    -Morgan Woodward in the "When You Comin Back Range Rider" episode during his co-starring days on DALLAS
    -Bill Boyett in the "Steel" episode after his co-starring days as Sgt. MacDonald on ADAM-12.
    -Jack Ging in the "Bad Time At The Border" episode before his co-starring days as the overzealous(Gen. Fullbright)in the 4th Season of THE A-TEAM.
    -Lew Saunders in the "Steel" episode after his California Highway Patrol Officer Gene Fritz days on CHiPs.
    -Dennis Franz in the "Chopping Spree" episode before his co-starring days on NYPD BLUE and HILL STREET BLUES.
    -Barbara Stock in the "Deadly Manuevers" episode before her co-starring days on DALLAS and SPENCER FOR HIRE.
    -Tim O'Connor in the "Semi-Friendly Persuasion" episode after his co-starring days as Dr. Huer on BUCK ROGERS.
    -Monte Markham in the "Say It With Bullets" episode before his Capt. Thorpe days on BAYWATCH.
    -John Amos in the "Pure Dee Poison" episode after his co-starring days on GOOD TIMES and before his co-starring days as Capt. Dolan on HUNTER
    -Keye Luke in "The Maltese Cow" episode after his co-starring days on KUNG FU
    -Ismael Carlo in "The Only Church In Town" episode before his co-starring days on DAYS OF OUR LIVES
    -Miguel Fernandes in the "Say It With Bullets" episode before his Sgt. Harry Santos days on THE NEW ADAM-12; etc.

    This season also takes me all the way back to memory lane when NBC's motto was "You can NBC there: "BE THERE", since that was NBC's slogan from September of 1983 thru June of 1984.

    In fact, it also brings back childhood memories to me when I used to watch THE A-TEAM every Tuesday night on NBC, since it was part of NBC's Tuesday night line-up, which started with THE A-TEAM at 8PM followed by RIPTIDE at 9PM and then topped off by REMINGTON STEELE at 10PM. ...more info
  • A Team Season Two Faulty Disk
    I've only tried to watch one of the disks so far and it is a major disappointment. Of the four or so episodes on that disk, only one plays correctly. The other episodes freeze on the screen, the pixels and sound screw up, and the disk skips to the middle of the next episode. (Or sometimes it just starts itself over--where it again freezes on the screen and/or the pixels and sound mess up again).

    I'm very disappointed with the quality and based on this experience, cannot recommend this set....more info
  • Deadly maneuvers
    This episode was not a highlight of the second season. It was the A team meets themselves the B team and then wins the fistfight. Role credits. It was one would guess about time someone would gang up on main heroes. A mercenary is hired. Hired a million dollars per A Team member to remove them. Someone is getting milked when we get to see how bad a merceneary the hired guy is. The main gun is Ed Lauter, from a season one show. He is not a believable killer in any way. However, Melinda Culea's replacement Marla Heasley shows her believability in acting by doing a fine job of milking here part that has her taking pictures of some cows. Wonder why they let her go her at the end of the season. Just plain weaker than usual plod (no typo) that opens with Team supposedly in training. This was actually funny. They get picked off one by one by mercernearies which carries the suspense of a milk commerical. Hannibal is tougher and survives the spedative spiked milk, gets back on his horse with medical help to chew up the villains in an exciting fist fight finale. Pretty forgettable. The main characters all seemed somewhat muted. The one highlight was a gorgeous Tricia O'neil making another appearance as Doc Sullivan although they call her Maggie instead of Mo from the season 1 show. To bad she was in this so little. Too bad the writers could not have featured her as a more recurrung guest. Her backstory was vietnam medic and she would have fit in. (But then there was Peppards oft spoken penchant for feeling women had no major place in this kind of show). Both Lauter and O'neill were in the the Black Rock epsisode. At least there, Ed Lauter was believable and O'neill who is always great had not much more than seven or eight short lines.

    On a trivia note, Barbara Stock from Spenser for Hire, Dallas, pops in as a seductive vixen.) Not one of this series stellar efforts. ...more info
  • Boycott Universal TV to DVD Box Sets
    Ever notice, Universal TV to DVD box sets are the highest priced, and are the only ones, who replace the original music, they must be making a lot of money, if you boycott them, they will have no choice, but to kept the original music in, can't make money, if nobodys buying them, but that's not going to happen, considering they did it again for season 3, even after all the protest, hit them where it hurts, the wallet.
    ...more info
  • A-Team II
    I am overjoyed at the quick response to my orders. My grandchildren are really becoming fans of the A-Team....more info
  • Good old stunts, no CGI here
    The A-Team is one of my favorite shows from my childhood. As I have grown older and the advent of CGI, I've realized there's no comparison to true car crashes and actual stunts. The A-Team is a in your face, full of action, fun filled show. I'd love to know why Murdock wore shirts with cartoon characters and sayings, that you had no idea what they were. Little did we know that "Murdock" would return as "Barkley" on Star Trek the Next Generation. I'd be very interested in a A-Team reunion. But give us fans the commentaries and extra features. And please release the seasons faster before we're Murdock's roommates. As it is I'd give the disk a 4.5, if it had extra features it's a five....more info
  • A must own dvd
    I have been waiting a long time since the first season came out so i would recommend anyone to get this.
    This is cool season to get for anyone who is into the A-Team what a great show....more info
  • Classics with mediocre packaging.
    I'm so happy that they finally got season 2 released. At this rate, it'll be 2015 by the time Season 4 comes out. (I'll be ignoring season 5, since I am one of those that believes that the show jumpes the shark in season 4, and nothing after that point was even close to being worth watching. [...].

    I won't review the episodes-- if you don't know what the show is like, you won't be buying the DVDS anyway. I'll focus on the package itself.

    First, the image transfer seems a little dark to me. Not muddy or anything-- but a little on the dark side. Might be my imagination.

    Second, I applaud the decision to go with slim-DVD cases for each disc (contrast with the fold-out package used for season 1) but I really hate double-sided DVDs. There's no safe way to hold a double-sided DVD, and fixing scratches on them is a crap shoot, because you might damage the other side while you fix the scratched one.

    As for the bonus material, I could take or leave Knight Rider-- it was always one of those shows that I liked in theory but was bored with when it was actually on. Kind of like Dukes of Hazzard or Star Wars Episode 1.

    That said, I'm thrilled to see The A-Team being released on DVD. They're taking a long time to release the seasons, but it's worth the wait if you want to see the best show ever aired....more info
    The A Team is what it is: a mindless hour of non-sensical fun. The violence is what I call "Looney-Tunes" chic! Translation: An anvil falls on your head; you get crumpled but walk away alive!
    And that sums up the A Team. They blow things up; they fire enough amunition to fight a war; they create make-shift defense vehicles (Hum V's without the paint job :) ) and get the bad guys,--amazingly,--without ever having to kill them. I do not know about you; but if I shot machine guns in the opposite direction of a person, a bullet at least once or twice would ricochet and kill the bad guy. Not so with Hannibal and the gang. They aim directly at them; and they never hit a man. A helicopter flew into the side of a mountain, exploded, fell half a mile; and still every bad guy piled out dazed but unharmed. Ridiculous!
    I've always wanted to do: The A Team: The Bloody Cut! :)
    Limbs flying everywhere; blood splattered bodies, no men crawling out of any destroyed vehicle. With today's technology, it could be done with a few select episodes; and it would be a hoot. I figure these guys killed about 50 men per episode. If we really wanted to count the bodied "not shown".
    Plot: They are an expert tactical team from the Vietnam War, accused of a crime they didn't commit; and they are on the run. They live in the "Underbelly" of L.A. but refuse to leave their country. Why? It's there country; and they still believe in it. They'll solve their "minor differences" with the govt. in time. Oh; and they help the helpless to fight the bad guys. Sometimes for great profit; and others for free. Circumstances pending. But then most know this; and if you do not: you know it now.
    One serious flaw after A Team Season 1 DVD Set: Seasons 2, 3, and 4 are double-sided, dual-layered. This spells major trouble, especially coming from Universal. The studio that took DVD and made VHS look good!
    I start with Season 2 simply because these are where the flaws begin. So far, on Disc One, there has cropped up a situation where the DVD pauses for more time than it should: I should say it freezes, then jumps a second to the next frame. This has occurred in two episodes: "The Only Church In Town" (once); and "When You Comin Back, Range Rider?" (multiple times. Big problems with this episode). The eps play; but it is a freeze; and not a normal dual-layer pause.
    Universal, always on the cheap, should have gone with one-sided dual-layered discs. The normal pause might occur; but I had no problems with Season One with the discs,--which had only one side.
    It has beens suggested in a review on this site, these defective discs can be returned to Universal with replacements provided. I shall give it a try; and see if I can get replacement discs free of charge.
    But beware! Some players may handle it one time--the freezing; others may read every flaw. But the defects are there, even if one of your players can take the heat of these cheaply made discs.
    I like the A Team; but I do not like Universal DVD productions. Most are really just put the film on the DVD, flaws and all. No enhancements; no extras. Then add defects as I have just described, and it makes for lousy viewing--in spots.
    A Team? Non-sensical insanity: 4 Stars
    Universal: They should locked up in a military prison! :)

    ...more info
  • A-team season two
    I would like to recommend this service, they were extremly fast, and just as advertised....more info