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Heritage Farms 7533 Absolute Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder
List Price: $105.00

Our Price: $52.65

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Product Description

Forest green absolute squirrel proof bird feeder with 4-section pole and hanger. The best feeder for close-to-home bird viewing. Single-sided feeding for placement near windows or walls. Can be pole or post mounted. Seed saver baffle reduces wasted seed. Easy to open and fill with top-loc feature. Squirrel resistant construction. Adjustable weight settings. Large 2.5 gallon (15 lbs.) Seed capacity. Hanger and pole included. Durable powder coated steel body. Select hardwood perch. Spring operated perch drops and shuts off access to feed.

With cheerful songs and gentle grace, birds enrich the natural environment of most every yard. While plants, flowers, and bird feeders provide food for our feathered friends, the small birds often must compete with more aggressive, larger birds and critters such as squirrels to find adequate nourishment. Heritage Farms caters to these petite birds with this squirrel-proof bird feeder.

Thoughtfully designed, the bird feeder's main body is crafted with hardy powder-coated steel to resist battering and weather damage. An attractive hardwood perch provides a sitting place for small finches, orioles and other birds while dining. To allow seed to flow unhindered into feeding ports, Heritage Farms installed a sloped seed hopper and a seed baffle. The feeder holds up to 2-1/2 gallons of birdseed. See-through polycarbonate windows let owners monitor the birdseed levels. A clever counterweight system closes the feeding ports when it senses the mass of larger birds or squirrels, leaving these greedy creatures to seek food elsewhere to help keep squirrels and other pesky critters out of the bird feeder. The counterweight also helps conserve seed for more economical distribution. A heavy-duty steel pole accompanies the feeder for mounting upright. Heritage Farms also provides a hanging hook for users who prefer to hang the feeder from a tree branch. For the best results, hang the bird feeder near trees and bushes rather than in the open where birds feel vulnerable to predators. Users should regularly clean the feeder with equal parts water and white vinegar to protect the birds from bacteria and disease. Avoid use chemicals on the bird feeder. Birdseed is not included with the feeder. Heritage Farms offers limited five-year warranty for this item. The feeder weighs 13 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • From Heritage Farms, inventive wild bird feeder keeps squirrels and large birds at bay
  • Crafted in durable steel with clear polycarbonate windows, feeder holds 2-1/2 gallons of birdseed; baffler and sloped seed chute enable steady food flow
  • Feeding ports close to large birds and critters using counterweight system; placement in sheltered southeast location for frequent visitors
  • Wash the bird feeder regularly with water and white vinegar; metal standing post and hanging hook are included
  • This item weighs 13 pounds upon shipping and is covered by a 5-year limited warranty; birdseed not included

Customer Reviews:

  • Easily destroyed by squirrels
    Wow, this was disappointing. First, the squirrels kept simply pulling the perch off--easily done since it fits very poorly. I kept trying to find a way to make it stay on, but had no luck. They also managed to jostle the thing around enough that three of the four screws holding the feeder on the post worked their way out. At that point, a couple of squirrels climbed on the roof of the feeder, causing it to flip sideways and actually bend the platform on the top of the pole, leaving the feeder hanging sideways. Note that we live in a city with a fenced in yard--it's not like a bear came and mauled the feeder--the only animals that can get into our yard are squirrels and birds....more info
    Even though this feeder proved itself not to be squirrel or chipmunk proof, I absolutely loved it until today. I mounted it upright on the brown steel pole that came with it, so it looks great in the garden (I have the off white version with a cooper roof that got a great patina over time), holds a lot of birdseed for infrequent refills and birds seem to love it. But the counterweight system is what my family had a traumatic experience with today. It was set to keep only large squirrels out so large birds (and small squirrels) can feed from it. Thanks to this system a very large squirrel got trapped in the feeding port and couldn't free itself because it had nothing to balance itself on which resulted in the loss of it's whole finger. I will NEVER SET it to keep anything away. ...more info
  • A good feeder, but....
    The good:
    - Fairly well constructed, with a big exception noted below, under "the bad" things about this feeder.

    - The hanger is well designed, and while I was concerned that it would quickly tilt, the three points of attachment (on each side) of the feeder keep it perfectly level.

    - The "squirrel bar" (that drops a barrier in front of the feeding holes) is adjustable. It can be shifted so that very little weight causes the bar to drop --helpful, as if in my case, the squirrels have figured out how to "straddle" the bar and the feeder so as to put as little weight as possible on the bar. Yes, apparently I have very smart squirrels! :)

    The BAD -
    - For the first several weeks, I had the feeder mounted on a pole. While my pole was perfectly vertical, the feeder seemed to be tilting further and further back every single day, to the point that I thought it would snap off the pole and fall to the ground. It turns out that the pole adapter (which is a metal plate that attaches to the bottom) is made of rather THIN METAL that quickly deformed and caused the feeder to tilt. (For the record, the mounting pole itself remained vertical the whole time.)

    - The "squirrel-proof" feature works in theory (and perhaps for "developmentally challenged" squirrels), but for my Mensa-level squirrels, they figured out how to put most of their weight on the feeder so as to prevent the bar from dropping down. (I'VE POSTED A PHOTO OF ONE OF THESE EINSTEIN/HAWKING SQUIRRELS IN THE PRODUCT PHOTOS, ABOVE.) I have since adjusted the bar to make it more weight sensitive, and it SEEMS to be working, but I suspect my squirrels are drawing up plans to overcome this new obstacle even as this is written!

    - Jonathan Sabin...more info
  • Not completely squirrel-proof
    I made sure to place it away from trees and platforms from which squirrels can jump from. I placed it near a small apple tree with branches that droop from too much weight. I have two gray squirrels and two red squirrels. I saw one gray squirrel put two feet on the feeding bar and the other two feet on the feeding station. It was able to feed for a long time. I haven't seen any other squirrels do it again. I don't know how the squirrel got there. I used a metal bird feeder pole, so the squirrel didn't climb. Overall I really like the feeder. It holds so much seed that I don't have to fill it too often. I have cardinals, chickadees, blue jays, downy woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, tufted titmouse, and various sparrows and finches....more info
  • Truly squirrel-proof!
    I own four of these; I am buying four more to use in the country. I've given eight of them as gifts. Simply put, THEY WORK. The squirrels have to go through such contortions to get to the food that they really are not a big problem anymore. You do have to take care in your placement, or the squirrels will hang onto a nearby fence or branch and feast away, but once placed properly, you'll frustrate them!...more info
  • Wasteful
    Because there is no raised edge on the feeding tray, cupsful of seeds get spilled onto the ground. We have no squirrels to glean the spills but perhaps are attracting rats.
    In this feeder's favor, we like adjusting the perch to exclude heavier birds, and the unit is certainly easy to fill and clean....more info
  • way too expensive
    I gave my dad an amazon gift certificate for father's day...he bought this bird feeder, paying extra because he wanted the squirrel proof guarantee - what an incredible rip off. The same thing is found in so many local stores at a third of the price!!! It is small, though it is squirrel proof, it is NOT worth $65 plus shipping....more info
  • Nice bird feeder, but it's not squirrel proof
    This is a nice bird feeder, but it is anything but squirrel proof! The squirrels quickly learned how to bypass the perch by hanging from the top of the feeder and leaning over to get the goodies. They also learned that jumping off the feeder allows it to swing, spilling the seed onto the ground. It holds a good amount of seed and it does look nice in the garden. Obviously the manufacturer never met the squirrels in my neighborhood! Still waiting for a better "mousetrap"! The birds seem to enjoy it and they let me know when the feeder needs a refill! ...more info