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Far Away Trains Passing By
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Ulrich Schnauss is a German electronic artist who is influenced by forebears like Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk--but unlike retro-space artists, he doesn't sound like he just emerged from their dusty studios after being marooned there for 30 years. Instead, his synthesizers bristle with contemporary electro-rhythms, a bit of New Wave romanticism, and melodies you want to last forever. Schnauss has perfected a balance between quiet yearning and joyful heroism in his music, with sweeping major-chord progressions that are triumphal without being ostentatious, expansive without being pompous. For someone who is so rhythm-centered with crackling snares and electro-glitches, it's ultimately the melodies that draw you in, turned on glistening, bell-like timbres and space-organ sustains. Far Away Trains Passing By is actually his first album, released in Europe in 2001, but it's been out of print and is being issued in the United States for the first time. The reissue comes with a bonus CD that includes six pieces pulled from various Schnauss side projects and tracks that didn't make the original album. Far Away Trains Passing By is electronica with a melancholy soul, and it has lost nothing in the intervening years. --John Diliberto

The long-awaited domestic release of Ulrich's dreamy 2001 debut. His 2004 set, "Strangely Isolated Place" was a hit with shoegazer and electronic fans alike, and toured with much fanfare in support of M83. Includes a 6-track bonus EP of non-LP material

Customer Reviews:

  • Sublime and hypnotic - Superb!

    This is one disc that hasn't strayed far from my CD player since purchase a few months ago. The gentle drum loops and washes of sound are the perfect thing to kick back to and enjoy after a long day's work. This young man has a growing fanbase in the UK, especially amongst those who love the music of Tangerine Dream and similar "Electronic Music" artists.

    It would be most unkind to regard this album as "ambient" as the music here has real movement, carrying the listener on a very enjoyable journey. The extra disc is good too, with a slightly more raw feel to this listener at any rate.

    I recommend this CD without hesitation. Hopefully you'll like it too...

    ...more info
  • Ulrich to the rescue!
    I rate songs according to their 'longevity', and this is one I can listen to over and over. having been disenfranchised by the 'unrelenting' whining of today's 'Contemporary' (whatever the 'genre'), I appreciate music inclined to the 'experiential' rather than the 'self-aggradizement' of individuals void of depth and inspiration. whew! that having been said, the music of Ulrich Schnauss is not for the 'skin deep' or people afraid to be still. 'anger' has become today's plague, and it has infected every arena of every day life. the world needs to chill, and we need all the help we can get. Ulrich to the rescue! Far Away Trains Passing By is a welcomed 2 disc CD (includes bonus tracks) engineered with that in mind. 'Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn' will keep you within the 'posted' Speed Limit. 'Between Us & Them' whispers the promise of a new day. 'Passing By' declares our will to resist. 'Nobody's Home' instills that longing to return for those 'far away'. and 'Knuddelmaus' brings you home, safe & sound. I first heard Ulrich over an iTunes Ambient Radio station, and previewed several of his songs before purchasing 2 albums from Amazon. (A Strangely Isolated Place). I keep copies of both in the car. think I'll call AAA to see if I can get a discount on my policy! ...more info
  • Sighhhhh...
    ...kick back, mellow out and listen to Schnauss. His simplistic compositions offer just the right amount of originality to be enjoyed either with full attention or as backround music. 'Love this guy!...more info
  • Subtly majestic, if a little monotonous.
    Full of wonderfully melancholy and atmospheric textures; lacks the dull synthetic drone of "space music". The cool strings and melodies kind of drift over warm, crunchy beats and basslines. It's the kind of thing you put on while you're working or, yes, driving.

    While the music is beautiful, it inevitably draws comparisons to folks who have done the same thing with a little more thoughtfulness, which is why I've rated this a 4-star album. If you find more than one or two of Schnauss's drum loops original, I'll eat my hat. Most of the variation within the songs is found in adding and removing layers of melody and texture, and while Schnauss is very, very good at it, the music just lacks the musical variety of artists like, say, the Boards of Canada, who use much more original beats and clearly spend a lot more time on the details.

    But the fact that there's better music to be had doesn't make this a bad disc. It's one of my favorite buys of the year, and it'll enjoy many a listen in my office (heck, it's going right now). Recommended....more info
  • Better than i had expected
    i was just reading through the amazon reviews etc. and was lucky to have stumbled upon this cd. I must say i am absolutely taken away by the music of Ulrich Schnauss. I have listened to quite a few ambient artists, but Ulrich Schnauss takes the cake. This album is well rounded and you will find yourself listening to it over and over again, especially 'between us and them'.
    give this cd a listen, you will not be dissapointed....more info
    Very unimaginative album, probably whipped this thing up in a day or 2 on his laptop. Sounds like any other "chillout' comilation form the early 90's electronica scene... only it's newer. Lacks originality and creativity....more info
  • classical chill
    i stumbled onto schnauss as a recommendation spawned from another purchase, and shortly picked up all his disks. john diliberto's (amazon) review strikes me as accurate and justly appreciative. schnauss's music has an overall sheen and slickness that disguises some very carefully worked out musical details, hidden in plain view within its minimalist musical ideas and synthetic instrumental textures. the music sometimes seems near to veer into eurotrash hipness and urbanity, or discotrash superficiality, or just plain brainless electronica, but it avoids those hazards by means of a slowly evolving musical landscape that is embued with optimism, warmth and an unpretentious musical integrity. ...more info
  • Like Cocteau Twins in Electronica...wonderful
    Nothing to say, just listen to this ethereal electronic music. The first and the best LP of Ulrich Schnauss....more info
  • Just when you thought you'd heard it all...
    Don't get me wrong, I love music...but my tastes are pretty narrow in the overall scheme of things. I'm a mad electronica and dance music fan, like some more alternative rock, some mainstream...but not much. I also don't write reviews very often (probably more because I go on about other things instead and stay away from the topic at hand...oh well...

    But then I came across this gem. My favourite artists are Depeche Mode, UNKLE, d*note, Cinematic Orchestra, Faze Action, Beastie Boys, Slowdive, Ride, etc, etc...I love them all...but this - this is something special. Yes there are aural soundscapes, yes there are gently evoked moods and rhythms (we've read it all before), but this is music that touches your very core. It talks to you and folds you into its melodic conversation. And THAT doesn't happen often. Buy this...and then buy everything else that Mr Schnauss has done. For what it's worth, I don't recommend music often, but this is absolutely beautiful. ...more info
  • absolutely must!!
    i have been listnin to this for 1 or 2 yrs. now (god bless P2P networks) but i liked it so much that i have ordered the orginal even though it cost a fortune to ship it to India
    neone who like IDM or Chillout sud listen to this
    mezmerising soundscapes...more info
  • Love it!
    Swirling melodic build-ups that end in joyful light house dance grooves - this album is excellent! I agree with the reviewer who stated that this was very happy music. One of the best finds in the ambient/electronica genre I have made in some time. This is very well made giddy stuff....more info
  • Strangely emotional music
    Ulrich Schnauss' shamelessly melodic debut at times comes very close to the ideal of producing electronic music that still provokes a hefty emotional response, without forcing you to hop up and down like a rabid mongoose. In that regard you can't get much better than "Suddenly The Trees Are Given", which starts very calmly but halfway through suddenly cuts into one of the most emotional moments I have ever heard in any electronic track, bar none. Wow. ...more info
  • I Like It
    I usually don't like this kind of music that much, But I like this. So much of this kind of music today is really just tuneless loop driven rythm tracks that tire quickly. This is different though, it has melodies, harmonies and some good grooves. You could say this is actually music, and very well done at that. I would say this bridges the gap from the 80's to today. I hear some Kraftwork, Tangerine Dream, Neu and much 80's synthpop. This is a long album and it all sounds good. I would like to get more of this music in the future. Great job Ulrich!...more info
  • Peaceful and quiet... Great electronica!
    As a new fan of Ulrich Schnauss, I have never heard a more relaxing and soothing mix. It offers a nostalgic feeling, along with hints of nature and rustic scenes.

    The only issue I can think of is that it constantly has me on my toes; the music never really climaxes, but instead it just keeps shifting. ...more info
  • Calming, rhythmic tones
    If Pandora's ambient music channel is somehow unavailable, it seems like any music by Ulrich Schnauss will fit the bill easily....more info
  • Really Cool
    For something electronic and easily listening this is great. songs are long and it is a double cd. lots of soft sounding synth sounds and drum/percussion. Both his Cd's are good, but this one is a little better overall than the other IMHO, he is releasing a 3rd album very soon I hear.

    ...more info
  • audio endorphine
    I noticed Ulrich Schnauss' work listening to Internet radio 'chill' stations, and simply had to have it.

    I've been listening to electronic music for quite a long time -- all the way back to Wendy Carlos' 'Switched on Bach', and have tried my hand at it a bit too. Ulrich Schnauss has taken his place among the masters of the genre, and 'Far Away Trains Passing By' is a must-have for anyone interested in electronic music.

    His selection and control of sounds and layering is a delight to the ears. The mix invites you to test the limits of your sound system. The compositions are more harmonically interesting than most electronica artists and his rhythmic sense is subtle and polished, and not guilty of the awkwardness or formulaic tedium that too often burdens European artists.

    That said, Ulrich Schnauss' work transcends dissection. It is the feeling of love that pours forth -- alienation, yes, isolation, that too, coolness and detachment. But through it all, love. This music is art.

    Thank you Ulrich....more info