Rowenta DX-8800 1750-Watt Professional Iron
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Product Description

The professional iron offers an extra long professional burst of steam, ideal for removing tough wrinkles and creases. The new AIRGLIDE soleplate has an advanced steam distribution pattern for easier, one-pass ironing. The full comfort handle, anti-slip rear and ergonomic buttons ensure safe, comfortable ironing. 3-Way Auto Shut-Off - Turns the iron off in 8 minutes if vertical and 30 seconds if horizontal or tipped over Self Clean - Removes loose mineral deposits and flushes out impurities for clean steam performance Vertical Steam - Allows iron to be used in an upright position to remove wrinkles from drapes and hanging garments Variable Steam - Allows for greater flexibility when ironing a variety of fabrics such as wool, silk and thick layers at the seams and waistbands Ergonomic Controls - Soft-touch buttons for superior control Extra Large Water Tank - 12.7 oz capacity allows for fewer refills, uses tap water Covered Filling Inlet - Helps prevent spilling of water and spotting clothes, providing peace of mind and added security 1500 Watts Dimensions - L - 10.75 x W - 4.667 x H - 7 Weight - 3.2 lbs.

Serious quilters and sewing professionals know the benefits of having a high-quality iron, especially one with an extra-large water tank that needs refilling less often. Made in Germany with comfort and technology hand in hand, the Rowenta features a soft-grip handle, ideal for this large, heavier-weight iron; a transparent 12.7-ounce water tank with a sliding cover over the fill hole and anti-drip system; and a burst of steam that lasts longer and is forcibly shot into stubborn fabric wrinkles. The iron's soleplate is polished stainless steel that will never chip or peel. Other functions include spray, variable steam, and steam-free ironing, as well as vertical ironing for drapes.

Safety is a high priority for Rowenta. This iron shuts off automatically under three different circumstances: after eight minutes of standing vertically without use, and after 30 seconds if left flat on the soleplate or if it has toppled over on its side. A lift or gentle shake reactivates the iron and a light comes on indicating the iron is in use. The iron also features a flexible cord mount for easy maneuverability and an anti-slip frame for stability. Rowenta covers the iron with a one-year warranty. --Ann Bieri

  • Professional-grade precision iron; soft-grip handle
  • Extra-large 12.7-ounce transparent water tank with anti-drip system
  • Highly-polished stainless-steel soleplate disperses long-lasting steam bursts
  • Anti-slip frame for stability; 3-way automatic shutoff for safety
  • Made in Germany; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • I'm sold on Rowenta
    This is my third Rowenta in 26 years. I keep returning to this brand because of the weight it provides. Previous ones had a tendancy to drip, but it seems they've cleared up that problem. Even though I'm a sewer and quilter, the automatic shutoff doesn't bother me at all. I've found that the iron heats up very quickly. The vertical steaming feature is great, especially with hanging draperies. ...more info
  • Very Nice
    Before buying this iron, i googled "best steam iron", and this one came up. I read tons of reviews and saw more good than bad. I just went to Target an bought it for $[...] bucks. I only really need it for my dress shirts. My shirts cost a lot of money and i don't like to use starch spray on my them and i heard a really good steam iron is the way to go. So i just ironed 10 shirts from the wash, and maaaaan... this iron is awesome! I had one shirt that's been sitting in my closet for months. The pattern in the fabric makes this shirt very vulnerable to wrinkles after washing. I ran this iron over it, and bam! Wrinkles were no more!

    This iron feels super smooth. I'm a guy and think the weight on it is perfect. i read a lot of people say that it was too heavy. I filled it to the max with water and found it to be just fine.

    Now the downside. Leaking and spitting!! I just bought it, ironed 10 shirts, and already leaking and spitting. Now i don't know irons at all, so i don't know if that's just supposed to happen or if it's defective. The box says "anti drip", but it also says it only "helps prevent drips on low temp" settings. Also, the instructions says to use tap water or half tap/distilled. I just went ahead and used bottled water (which the instructions also suggest to use).

    So if it didn't leak/spit, i'd give it a 5. My old iron was a black and decker 30 dollar piece of [...]. The steam on it didn't even get wrinkles out, if anything, created them. To be honest, i didn't even know steam itself could get wrinkles out. Basically, Rowenta's iron don't play, It's serious!

    Overall, I say get. Even if you have to exchange it every 3 months, hell, i'll do it!...more info
  • Makes ironing a breeze
    This is an excellent iron! The steam is very good, which makes ironing easy and faster. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great while it lasted
    This iron worked great for a little less than two years, then quit working. I'm not sure if it is worth sending for repairs. How much more use will I get out of it? Another year? Don't buy it!...more info
  • great product with touch of german engineering quality
    I got a costco version of this product, DX-8600, which is only 1500 watts, but the features are identical. The iron heated up in 30 seconds, the steam burst was powerful, and all the controls were quite self-explanatory. The INOX soleplate is installed with precision, and the water inlet cover is quite durable. I have another Black and Decker D2020, and in comparison the D2020's soleplate edges are crooked, and the water inlet cover is quite brittle, and the D2020's soleplate is smaller than the DX-8600's. Consumer Reports rated the D2020 and D2030 much higher than any Rowenta, but I will stay with this DX-8600 for a while....more info
  • great iron
    This has to be the best iron for me there could be. I like everything about it. Now my ironing board is not good enough....more info
  • Great while it lasted
    This was a good iron to iron with but the round temp. control is difficult to turn and even harder to read as the handle gets in the way. A better solution would have been to put the line for setting the temp. at the side so it was easily visible.
    The filler hole cover is very hard to open and close.
    The iron was not heavily used at all maybe once a week for a few items but after 14 months it just quit.
    This is supposed to be the Rolls Royce of irons, I think I got a Ford.
    Will not be getting another Rowenta iron ....more info
  • Caught on fire
    In March 2009, after I had just set my Rowenta Professional down to arrange a garment, I was startled to see flames shooting out the accordioned plastic cover that attaches to the rotating ball where the cord enters the iron. My ironing board caught on fire before I could unplug the iron, but I was able to put the fire out quickly. There were no signs of fraying in the cord, and the iron had been subjected only to normal household use. To make matters worse, Rowenta refused to admit that the cord design was defective (though I have noticed that the cord type has changed in the year since I purchased this iron, from a solid heavy round cord to a flattened "seamed" cord, which seems to be more flexible)--the company refused to even fix the iron. This iron seems to have a design defect--I've read at least three other reviews describing the same near-disaster I experienced; my case was treated exactly the same as these others: the company refused to fix the iron or take any responsibility for the damage caused by the defect. Perhaps the new cord design has eliminated the problem, but one final thought: This was my third (and I assure you, my last) Rowenta. All three of the top-of-the-line Rowentas I've owned have leaked horribly after period of use. Pay attention to these reviews--at the minimum the irons leak; at their worst they catch on fire. ...more info
  • Excellent IRON!!
    Wonderful product but it seemed to take forever for it to arrive. I'm very pleased. THis is the third Rowenta iron I have owned and wouldn't select any other....more info
  • Rowena Steam Ifron
    I find this iron very easy to use. The multiple steam holes makes ironing easier and faster. I have a small problem with it spitting water. I have tried using 1/2 tap and 1/2 spring water and I have tried adjusting the steam flow, but it still tends to spit. Overall, I am very pleased with this iron. ...more info
  • Pleased :o)
    Yes, I purchased this product and I am very Pleased.....
    I wanted an Iron w/ a bit more class then some others.
    The Rowenta DX 8800 has the class and more.
    For those who have special Garments that need special care
    Rowenta is the way to go............
    ...more info
  • when it works, it is OK
    As others have said, the auto shutoff is a royal pain. In addition, don't believe the stuff about using tap water. This iron must use distilled water or it will clog up and stop working.
    Repairs are very expensive, close to the cost of buying a new iron....more info
  • Ironing is no fun, but, if you have to iron...
    Excellent iron. A very sturdy, solid iron with steam that could run a locomotive. Very convenient features, a water spout with a sliding cover to prevent leaks.
    I purchased this Rowenta to replace another that had a cord problem. In looking at other customers' reviews, Rowenta has had problems with the cord attachment on a number of their models. I contacted the manufacture and was given the name and number of the few factory authorized repair centers. I contacted the repair center and they immediately knew what the issue was. Unfortunately, this repair costs about $55. If getting a brand new improved model costs $90, it makes no sense to repair- it's economically advantageous to replace. I called a non-factory authorized appliance repair business and they specifically stated that they were not authorized ( or equipped to deal with Rowenta irons !)
    So, overall, this is a killer iron- the BMW of irons, so to speak. Highly recommended. But, I wish the simple repairs were simpler to deal with....more info
  • Rowenta DX-8800 1750-Watt Professional Iron
    Rowenta irons have been my choice of irons for quite some time. The professional is the best iron I have ever used. It emits lots of steam and smooths all of the wrinkles. I love it....more info
  • Good styling- easy use.
    I highly recommend the Rowenta. After a shaky start- it leaked severely- I had it repaired, and it has been a joy to use since....more info
  • Great Iron
    This is my 2nd Rowenta and I'm still impressed with this brand. One great thing about this iron is that it's heavy, people don't realize that to iron clothes properly you need a heavy iron.....that way the iron does the work.....not you :-). Great product....I will buy again!!
    M...more info
  • Rowenta DX-8800 1750-watt Professional Iron
    Iron gives very good service, It was a replacement for one that I had dropped onto a ceramic tile floor, which caused the water chamber of the previous iron to break and allowed it to leak when using the steam or spray feature. I had had it for about fifteen years, so I can vouch for its service and reliability....more info
    I love this iron. What a difference it has made. It works great. I can get done twice as fast because when you run it over the clothes, they are ironed. No holding the iron there and waiting. The wrinkles are gone in one swipe. I got mine on ebay for $64. I loved it so much I went out and got a Rowenta ironing board...I love that too....more info
  • Rowenta - the best
    An excellent iron--lives up to its' hype. I have had a Rowneta before and had to replace due to my only negligence. This is the best iron that money can buy....more info
  • Hot and Heavy!
    Clothes irons can be such a subjective purchase. What works well for one, will damn it for another. Some like heavier irons, some lighter. Some like stainless soleplates, some like other coverings.

    I've owned a bunch of irons over the last 40 years, in all the major brands, plus I use 2 Elnapresses part of the time. This is the second Rowenta I've had, having bought an excellent one 20 years ago only to have a family member break it in an accidental fall.

    It will be noticeable to someone accustomed to a lightweight iron that this is no lightweight. It certainly doesn't weigh what the old all-metal irons used to in my mother's generation, but it is substantial. It will also be noted that the soleplate is inox stainless steel, and glides over fabrics with a finger's touch. Often, cotton knitted t-shirts will stretch from soleplate friction when ironed; not on this iron. A finger or two's touch is all that's required to move the iron over fabric.

    There is a wide range of temperature settings; I can't testify to their accuracy as I mostly use cotton/linen or synthetic. I will say that, in my experience, a stainless steel soleplate appears to get hotter and this iron is certainly hotter than my Sunbeam or B/D. This is an advantage for me with my main ironing being cotton.

    It is also convenient that there is a wide range of steam setting. So many irons are basically a little steam or none; this iron really pumps out the steam when desired, but easily tapers that back also. There is a spray setting and it certainly works, but I seldom use it.

    For those who want it, please note this iron has a quite thick power cord, thicker than the average steam iron, and it does not retract into the iron. However, it is also a quite long and the thicker-than-normal cord ensures it doesn't get tangled easily. This iron is quite high in wattage, more than the average, and it is cautioned in the owner's manual not to use an extension cord that can't handle the wattage.

    Filling the iron is basically like my Sunbeam with a hole on the front of the iron body and a provided cup.

    I'd like to note that, as with "Bergeron"'s review, I also use an iron for sewing and quilting. Unlike "Bergeron", I realize it is well documented that auto shutoff on irons has saved lives and property. Yes, it can be irritating. My solution? I purchased a vintage iron NOS on EBay and that's the iron I use for pressing. Not so complicated, is it?

    This iron isn't cheap, but its German design and construction should outlast at least a few of its Chinese-built competitors, including my Sunbeam and Black & Decker! ...more info