Sony 2500 mAh AA Rechargeable Nimh Batteries, 4-pack
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Product Description


  • Ideal for digital products
  • High capacity -- lasts 3 times longer than alkaline
  • Designed for use with Sony’s advanced power charge
  • 4 Pack, 2500mAh

Customer Reviews:

  • Longest lasting rechargeables I've ever used!
    These are simply the best rechargeable batteries I've ever used, and we ONLY use rechargables now for all our devices!They last twice as long for heavy duty use than any other brand we've tried, and we've tried them all! A must buy rating!...more info
  • Try the, you'll like them
    These are the second-best NiMH batteries I've ever bought. The best are unquestionably Powerex as their charge outlasts all others, but they are much more expensive! So, you can buy many more of these for an equal amount of money. I've been using NiMH batteries for over ten years and it's the only way to go! The first ones I bought are still in use and perform the same today as they did ten years ago. I charge-discharge all my AA and AAA NiMH batteries in the MAHA MH-C401FS made by Powerex. This charger keeps them in pristine shape. I've used these batteries in kids toys, digital cameras, remote controls, flashlights, etc. all around the world and they have never let me down....more info
  • Horrible Horrible
    I bought these batteries when I bought the Sony charger. The charger is cool, the batteries are the worse I've ever had. Even in a clock, they last about 3 days on a full charge. What's the deal with that?
    ...more info
  • Good product
    Sony strikes again. This product is well worth the money! They hold a long charge on my digital camera, and even longer in the remote which I use every day all day......more info
  • Leaves Alkis in the DUST!
    I do a lot of instrumental music recording and performing, and I use these Sony rechargeables EXCLUSIVELY in my gear, the most power-hungry of which are my Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder and my GigLight Compact LED Music Stand Light. I also use them in my Canon PowerShot A720IS 8MP Digital Camera with 6x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom when going "optical" rather than "audible."

    I can EASILY record two hours of music on my H2 with two of these batteries at 44.1kHz, 16-bit. I have never even come close to their running out early, and I've never had the device quit because of a lack of power. And I have recharged these MANY times for MANY gigs.

    Loading my GigLight with these, I have found I can run it OVERNIGHT -- even 24 hours! -- and not drain them completely.

    Plus, the batteries last between 200-400 pictures in my Canon, depending on whether I'm using a lot of flash and whether or not I leave the AF on "continuous." I'm never short of power. It's amazing.

    Charge time is very reasonable, and when I use the H2, which uses only 2 batteries, I have a spare pair at the ready if I need them.

    These leave Alkis in the dust! HIGHLY recommended -- and that's high praise because I'm generally NOT a Sony fan. But I am a fan of these!...more info
  • Awesome batteries! Quick charge!
    these are exactly what I was looking for. Came fast, charged up and have not needed a recharge in almost 2 weeks! Im using a Coolpix Nikon Camera!...more info
  • Great charge
    My regret I took someone's advice that any brand of batteries could be used with the sony cybershot camera. I went out and purchase Kodak 1.2v Nimh batteries and they would be dead after snapping 3 photos.

    I ordered these batteries and I love them. They are very long lasting.

    ...more info
  • Sony Batteries Work Great - Good Price
    I found myself buying batteries in the biggest packages I could find... and was buying those packages twice a year. I was burning through 40+ batteries each year powering remotes, beard trimmer, optical mouse and wireless keyboard, etc. Needless to say, this was not a very environmentally friendly practice... so I found that the switch was not just economical, but a moral necessity. Now, I am saving money, powering my peripherals at a constant voltage, and not discarding pounds of batteries each year. I own all sorts of brands of these things, and the Sony batteries hold up just as well as any. A good purchase all around.

    One piece of advice: remember to buy four extra to have charged and ready to go... most chargers require a bit of time between plugging and playing....more info
  • not so good replacement
    This rechargeable does not last long. I have to recharge it almost every other day after 30 to 40 shots with flash. The original sony rechargeable batteries used to last very long, but this one just lasts a quarter of original sony batteries came with camera. It's not that cheap but feels like I got what I paid.
    Not so much recommended but just better than nothing....more info
  • When compared to Sanyo 2700 there is no comparison
    I have 12 of these Sony batteries.
    I got them without checking out the reviews.
    Then I got the LaCrosse battery charger which allows you to charge at different rates and actually see how much the milliampHour is stored.
    I also read the reviews and got interested in the Sanyo 2700.

    Bottom Line:
    If you are uninformed you will like the Sony's
    I regret purchasing before becoming informed.

    Take note that there are two types
    Rechargable around 2700 maH
    PreCharged around 2000 maH
    The PreCharged will hold self life over a year from what I have read here.

    Don't waste you time with anything besides Sanyo.

    You're on your own least you have been informed....more info
  • Please with purchase
    This product works as explained in the description when I purchased this. I have a digital camera and it eats through batteries quickly. I wanted to be able to have batteries ready at all times .. and with this product I will be able to do that. The price was right, the charger is compact enough for me to store easily, and I feel confident with I take my camera to a function that the batteries will be charged as needed. I ordered the extra pack of chargeable batteries to have on hand. I carry an extra set of batteries at all times....more info
  • Pretty God but the 2700mAh would be better
    This pack is really good, the price is worthy, they works perfect, I buy this as a bundle pack with the charger, but the charger comes with a 2700mAh, so, If you care a lot duration time, notice, that using this 2500mAh with (example) a 2700mAh would be like using all batteries of 2500mAh.
    I bought this because I need for my Lego Mindstorms NXT, since the official Lego battery (and charger) cost much, much more....more info
  • Simply incomparable
    All batteries considered competition to the strong and dependable Sony 2500 mAh AA, are simply ill prepared....more info
  • Self-discharges at an alarming rate
    I bought 4 2300mAh Sony batteries in 2002 when I bought my digital camera. Those worked pretty well but after a year, they started self-discharging at an alarming rate and couldn't keep their charges longer than a few hours.

    Since they worked pretty well for me at first, I decided to continue with Sony and I bought some 2500mAh batteries to replace the 2300mAh ones. Bad mistake. The newer batteries were similar to the old ones and self-discharged at crazy rates. Still, I wasn't sure if I had bought some fake Sony batteries as I didn't believe that the quality would be so bad.

    So, two years ago, I happened to visit Tokyo and I bought 4 new Sony batteries and a charger there because I had read that batteries in Japan were sure to be the real deal and usually performed better. Same problem. To be fair, I read about the same problem across many different brands so I'm not sure if other brands are any better. But I've been put off from buying any new rechargeable batteries because of these problems. Not only are they expensive but the performance leaves a lot to be desired....more info
  • Great experience with this product
    I have been using these batteries for about four years now. The last one(2 pairs) lasted for about 2 years. Its a great value for the price you pay. Good buy. I love it. ...more info
  • reliable performance
    I bought these batteries initially 3 years ago before a trip to Alaska. They worked great all day, every day. I just charged them up at night and they were ready for another full day of sight-seeing and picture taking. Now, after three years of pretty consistent use, they no longer hold a charge for very long. I think they had a pretty good run, so, I just bought my second set. ...more info
  • Great batteries
    These are excellent batteries. The NiMH batteries in general are great, but these seem to work a little better. It's hard to say. I've been using these batteries for about a year and I haven't had any problems. I've also been pleased with the performance but I don't run any battery benchmarks so there's not much else to say....more info
  • Works Excellent
    This is the best way to preserve our environment, using products like this of excellent quallity....more info
  • Compra que vale a pena!!!
    Comprei estas pilhas recarreg¨˘veis da Sony e elas funcionam mesmo.
    Mas cuidado com as que tem al¨¦m destes 2500 mAh, pois n?o seram confi¨˘veis.
    ...more info
  • Good product, but no reason to get them anymore
    I think this is a good product, but now that hybrid NiMH batteries are out that has a low self discharge rate, I just don't see the need for these anymore.

    The only reason for getting these over hybrids is that hybrids currently available go up to 2000 mAh only, but from the reviews I've read of the good ones, 2000 is more than enough and sometimes even outperforms rechargeables with a higher mAh rating.

    With that in mind, since the prices are similar, I would just get the Sony "Cycle Energy" hybrid or the Eneloop instead.

    The "Cycle Energy" label on these are a bit confusing because they don't mean hybrid on this particular product....more info
  • Great product, decent price
    The batteries recharge great. i only use for my remote controls so cant say how good they work with digital cameras but have charged them with my energizer charger and they took about 8 hours to charge, i then kept them plugged in for weeks before using them for my remote controls and the remotes have had them in there with no problem for months now....more info
  • Long lasting great quality
    These batteries last much longer than any other recharable batteries I have purchased before. I purchased the Sony charger and have many of these 2500 mAH batteries to go with it....more info
  • Way better than the Duracells or Photo Accu of the same size
    This is one of three types of rechargeable AAs I've purchased on Amazon. The other two were Photo Accu and Duracell. I also have the Duracell AAA and they work quite well in MP3 players and remotes, but the Duracell AA version runs out of charge quickly EVERY TIME. The Photo Accu brand also ran out of charge quickly and in addition never charged all the way up after a few times (or at least they kept lasting less time). And the Duracell mAH (milliampere hour) rating for their AAs is 2650 while these Sony AAs are only listed at 2500mAH so the Duracells SHOULD be better (on paper).

    These Sony batteries do very well in each device I tried them in. I use them in my Panasonic 7MP digital camera, my Logitech Trackman, my mini flashlight, and remote controls. They last FOREVER. The Duracells in the Trackman and camera run out of charge very quickly. In fact, my Trackman begins to act strange prior to running out of charge; it becomes an intermittent issue that I first suspected was due to my USB connection or the distance from the trackball to its receiver. As soon as I replaced the Duracells with these I had no more problems. And they don't make the device intermittent when they run out of charge, either. The trackball just stops working, which is less confusing for me....more info
  • Great Batteries and Value
    I've found these batteries hold their charge well for digital camera use. Great for vacations when you can't afford to have dead batteries!...more info
  • you must have it
    these batteries are durable and you dont need to buy normal, the charger is fast and comes witha security off after 7 hours of charge (Sony charger) i really advice it, you need to prove it to know the quality in this product...more info