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Sabrent TV-USB20 USB 2.0 TV Tuner/Video Capture Box with Remote Control
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $23.95

You Save: $16.04 (40%)


Product Description

USB2.0 TV Box is TV receiving and video capturing device designed for Notebook and PCs. It is an external TV/video receiving box with the smart and fashion designed outside and powerful function inside. It can make your computer a mobile TV station and enable you to enjoy wonderful TV programs anytime and anywhere.

The Sabrent TV-USB20 USB 2.0 TV Tuner/Video Capture Box with Remote Control can receive TV and capture video when installed on your notebook or PC.

In its compact and stylishly designed box, you can bring the device with you and have a mobile TV station wherever you are. Television is captured at 704x480 (NTSC) resolutions, creating video that can be stored on a hard disk and can be played back later. Videos can be saved in MPEG-1, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4 format. You can use Personal Video Recorder functions such as time-shifting and pausing live TV.

The device also captures stereo audio at 16 bits with either a 24 Khz or 48 Khz sampling rate. With the A/V sync feature, video and audio can be captured at the same time. An additional feature lets you capture 704x480 still images from a video source.

The Sabrent TV-USB20 features a USB 2.0 interface that provides high bandwidth for video and, for convenience, requires no external power source. S-VHS and composite inputs let you connect DVD players and VCRs.

System Requirements
Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP2, Pentium III 800 MHz or above, 64 MB, DirectX 9.0C, USB 2.0 port, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, 500 MB of available hard disk space.

What's in the Box
TV-USB20 USB 2.0 TV tuner/video capture box, remote control, driver CD-ROM, and batteries.

  • Connect via USB 2.0 to receive TV and capture video on computer
  • Television captured at 704x480 (NTSC) resolutions and can be stored in MPEG-1, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4 format
  • Audio captured in stereo at 16 bits with either 24 KHz or 48 KHz sampling rate
  • Support for personal video recorder (PVR) functions such as time-shifting and pausing live TV
  • Remote control included: no need to get off couch to change channel

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome Capabilities and Quality
    First I would like to say that when I bought this device, initially I thought that I would be able to just get TV from the air. I was wrong, it is intended to get either input from an antenna or from a cable into the TV jack. There are also a S-Video input and a composite video input jack. The remote is awesome, although in XP you need to be in the WinDVR program on the top for it to respond. Also the recording of the TV is quite good, except there is a green screen covering what is being recorded. I'm still trying to see if its a setting that I turn off, but right now I can't record and watch at the same time. The quality of the video is surprisingly excellent. I'm going off to college and I have a cable jack in my dorm and this a great solution instead of getting another TV, especially since I have a second larger monitor in addition to my laptop. This is a excellent investment. With the composite and S-Video inputs, you can easily feed in video from a Video camera or VCR and record digital video to your computer, and then later burn that to a DVD. Make sure, that you get either the TV cable or a TV antenna for this device. ...more info
  • Worth The Price
    I was overall pretty sattisfied with the product. It came with the tuner, all neccessary drives, remote control (which I never used), and WinDVR to capture footage with.

    It did pretty much what it promised, allows you to capture from any analog device such as a VCR or anything with Compostite Out jacks. Only problem is that the actuall tuner itself does not have an audio in left and audio in right, therefore forcing you to buy a audio composite to stereo 3.5mm jack. Another problem was the ability to only capture in the resolution of 720x480(unless you buy other expensive capturing programs). I recommend getting the free program Virtualdub and compressing to divx after you capture as many codecs drop frames when trying to compress while capturing(at least on my computer[2.2gHz proccessor])

    Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase and do recommend it IF you can't or won't afford anything better. Now, I leave you with a list of Pros and Cons.

    1. Captures decent-to-good looking quality video if configure right.
    2. Great for getting all that old VCR footage on the computer and on to a DVD
    3. Very simple to install, and comes with capturing program. Though VirtualDub is highly recommended.
    4. Three video inputs - RF signal, Compostie, and S-video!
    5. External device, so you don't have to open your PC.

    1. Composite audio to stereo 3.5 mm jack needed for sound.
    2. Extremely large files unless compressed with VirtualDub afterwards.
    3. Can only capture in 720x480 resolution. Unless expensive programs are bought.
    4. I guess you get what you pay for but quality could be a bit better....more info
  • Record TV shows like Tivo, edit and save shows
    This was very easy to install and worked very well.
    I recommend this for anyone who would like to record tv / other video sources. Price is very good....more info
  • Super cheap, works great for me
    I found a great deal on this for about $26 with shipping. I plugged it in, installed the drivers and the software and everything works great, remote included. The picture quality isn't the greatest, but it's fine for just watching tv while I'm working on the computer and it's so cheap that I can't really complain.

    I had the PCI card version of the sabrent tv tuner first and it worked great for me too. I think people with older computers have most of the problems because from what I've read the software has issues with anything other than Windows XP Pro....more info
  • Excelent Option
    Excelent option for the TV on the computer... only need the cable USB and the driver for winXP and no more....more info
  • very disappointed
    When I tried setting up this tuner on my laptop (a Dell Inspiron 8600 running Windows XP Pro, 512 MB RAM and an NVIDIA video card), I could only tune to 4 (FOUR!) cable channels. Although tech support was helpful at times, I could only access them via email; Sabrent's phone line NEVER offered live customer service. This was a complete waste of time/money. The return process, which was very easy, was by far the best part of this experience....more info
  • It's ... OK ...
    I used this a lot on my XP based DELL Inspiron 640m laptop. I was able to record sound and video of old VHS-C tapes, convert them to video files, and upload them to Google Video. The quality was not fantastic, but neither was that of the original source tapes that were twenty years old.

    Now I have a Vista based DELL Vostro 200 (desktop) and I can get the video and take screen shots and such, but no matter what I do--NO AUDIO! Very unhappy. I'll update this review if I can get it to work, with details on how....more info
  • Good Product
    Despite all of the bad reviews I bought this product and I love it. The quality could be better. The Remote Needs to be pointed right to the box.
    The Recording is good. The Pause and playback could be better but for $30.00 it is a decent tv tuner. I don't know what people are saying "this product destroyes your computer" or whatever. So Forget the people who say. "Buyer Beware". I also don't reccomend this product for laptops from the reviews from other sites. Overall I think it is a very well designed peice of hardware and the software is easy to use....more info
  • A little buggy
    It is ok for the price you are paying but dont expect great picture quality, it also has some bugs but all and all for the price i would say it is worth it...more info
  • Nice price but confusing
    Hooking this thing up was easy enough but getting it to work was another story. It took me a couple of hours to get it to work with my cable box and I'm still not sure how I got it to work. This was VERY frustrating because I'm pretty computer literate. The resolution was OK but considering the price I would have to say it's better than expected. With limited features I don't see myself using it on my desktop computer, the 12" color TV box in my office is much more efficient but I can see myself using it on my laptop. It's a pretty neat product so I'm sure I'll find a use for it eventually....more info
  • Good value for money
    Overall it is a good product, the only thing is that sometimes the voice gets out of sync with video, which you can always restore by restarting the software (Win DVD R)...more info
  • Something wierd about this product
    OK, I'm in the camp that can't get this thing to install. Blue Screen of Death/Reboot on THREE different computers - both a laptop and 2 desktop machines, all with completely latest updated Windows XP. And I'm an extreme expert on computers and software, so I tried all the tricks without success.

    But some of the reviewers actually can get a picture. I'd love to get that far. But it is weird, because it wouldn't work on three different machines. All used nVidia graphics boards, so perhaps that is the issue?

    So maybe it will work for you, and maybe it won't....more info
  • USB Video Converter
    This is a great device for copying your VHS tapes to DVD. The only caution I have is that you have to be careful with Windows updates as if you update the USB driver that comes with the device it may stop functioning. I have not used the TV tuning function of this device....more info
  • Good Tuner, but you gotta work out the kinks
    I'm an IT guy and it took me a while to install, but here's what I finally figured out.

    1) Upgrade your motherboard, chipset and bios to USB 2.0. My computer kept hanging on boot since I'm installing the TV tuner on an old PC, but the blue screen error and hang I kept getting were because the PC components didn't know how to talk usb 2.0 which is the latest version of USB. I went to [...] for my PC upgrades and downloaded the latest versions.

    2) Ensure your boot order doesn't have USB device prioritized before primary hard drive. My pc thought I was trying to boot this TV input device as a hard drive so I had to force it to bypass USB and make USB as secondary boot up device.

    Product Review: Overall I think this is a good device FOR THE MONEY. Picture quality is so-so, but I don't care about the quality yet cause I'm new to the whole DVR thing. Hope this helps....more info
  • Will not install
    After many many unsuccessful attempts at installing the drivers for this box using the included CD, I've given up. I repeatedly got the blue screen of death...crashing my computer every time (Windows XP)....more info
  • Good Value...
    Overall, am happy with it. It does what it's supposed to and the price was great. I'm new to video capturing, and there's such a wide range of pricing for these type of devices, it's hard to tell exactly what the difference is between this and one costing 3-4 times more. One thing that seems to be important, is having a capture device that will do the "legwork" (video processing) - something a direct USB wire setup cannot do. With an outside box like this, it doesn't commandeer your computer.
    I've been archiving old videos, and it's been a learning experience. After a LOT of testing with all video software out there, the one that works best is the one that's included free with it - WinDVR.
    Tip - running the sound through this box instead of directly into my sound card (as recommended everywhere), solved all sound syncing problems. Maybe one day, I'll try a more expensive device, though not sure exactly what it will do better - the picture is very good using S-video....more info
  • Great Product, Easy Install.....
    This is an excellent product and very easy to install AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! If you try to shortcut the instructions, it wont work. Other then that, it is very good quality tuner, with excellent recording quaility. It is a bit slow on response using a Digital Cable Box Guide. Overall, I give this product 5 stars for ease of use, and quaility for the money....more info
  • The sabrent usb tv tuner/video capture box works ...
    Connect the cable to the sabrent's input and its usb to your computer, simple, now you can capture the video. Of course, you need to install the software the first time.
    The device doesn't have video output for tv, so, if you are using the sabrent, recording from cable, then you can't have cable in your tv.
    I am not really sure if the configuration is wrong, but most of the time when the device is recording, the video can't be seen, the video window turns green. In other words it records but doesn't show what is recording.
    The quality is tolerable, not for professional uses....more info
  • Worst Ever
    The product is garbage. It doesn't even come with the right software and has no features...more info
  • an inexpensive experiment
    running vista home premium on my laptop and it initially caused blue-screen problems. shut the auto-driver assignment on vista off, bring down the drivers from sabrent's website and ignore the winDVR software that came with it and it will work well enough from a video capture perspective. i haven't dealt with the remote or tuner at all and the installation was a lot more painful because it took a good 6+ hours of messing with vista and interwin before it was discovered that sabrent was the manufacturer (wasn't listed on the box or any included items). i was actually willing to call it a failed experiment at the cost of less than $30 but my brother was able to find out the manufacturer and once we brought down the vista drivers & software, it worked well enough. (i do have issues where i need to reboot if i run the software and do some video work, close it and try to relaunch the application. the video doesn't always stream to my PC). like i said, for as little as it costs, its not bad if you can get it to run. just try to start with sabrent as your step one....more info
  • Great Device works great.
    This device has a good picture and it came with dvr software which is an amazing utility. Highly recommend this tuner to anyone interested in buying a TV tuner. A big bag for your buck on this product....more info
  • Not the best TV tunner I have had but not the worst either.
    Pros: The software for watching TV is very easy to set up and use. The video capture and screen shot features are very good quality. The DVR function is a nice addition to the software.

    Cons: WARNING, DO NOT use the install software to set up the device driver, It crashed my system and corrupted my CD rom and onboard sound card drivers, I had to do a re-install of windows to fix it. Just plug in the USB and let the windows found new hardware wizard search the CD for a driver. Also the sound is very quiet coming from the USB connection, It works better to plug speakers into the audio output on the unit. And I have an issue with low frame rate and the video ( but not audio ) skipping while playing in full screen mode and my system is top of the line....more info