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GRANDTEC GVC-1000 Grand Video Console Video To VGA Converter Svideo
List Price: $125.96

Our Price: $58.88

You Save: $67.08 (53%)


Product Description

The Grand Video Console is a Video to VGA converter that allows you to connect any composite or S-video source for display on any VGA monitor with outputs up to 1024x768.


Customer Reviews:

  • very satisfied
    We use this device to switch between laptop, vcr and a dvd player driving
    a projector for our church services. The only downside is a brief note on the screen indicating the resolution when selecting a new source.
    It would be nice if that were made optional.
    I notice that their web site is no longer active. [...] They may be out of business....more info
  • Better than expected.
    I recently purchased a media device that required both simultaneous tv and internet connection to perform upgrades. I used the product to connect the media device to my computer monitor that is also in close proximity to my internet connection. It worked like a charm....more info
  • Versatile, but not without some quality reduction.
    I liked the product. It is versatile, compact, easy to use and has a pretty nifty remote. It can convert from just about any source - including s-video, component & even VGA. But on conversion, the projection lost its sharpness. Images are still very legible. However the slight blur can be a bit annoying....more info
  • A Great little video converter
    For those needing to convert S-Video and Composite Video signals from older equipment to a digital (VGA) signal, the Grandtec GVC-1000 is just the ticket. I had purchased a new LCD flat screen monitor with only HDMI and VGA input that I planned on using with my DVD player, with a personal computer, and also with a Fischer-Price "Smart Cycle" learning toy that my grandson enjoys. The Fischer-Price has a composit (RCA plug)output and the DVD player has composite, S-Video and component output. I was able to input the Fischer-Price, DVD player (using S-Video) and computer to the Grandtec converter and output a VGA signal to the flat screen. The Grandtec remote allows switching between inputs, provides as good a picture as the input devices can deliver all in a very affordable compact package. It is all plug and play with no software required.
    Great box with lots of flexibility and at a great price....more info
  • Does Everything Well!
    Let's you display video on a VGA monitor. Converts standard video (RCA plug or S-Video, 2 selectable inputs) to VGA perfectly, with brightness, contrast, sharpness, color, and hue controls that work well. Can also pass through a VGA signal of any resolution (3rd input). Neat credit card size thin remote (powered by a coin battery), but all functions are duplicated in pushbuttons on top of the unit for when you misplace the remote. Picture quality is excellent. Works best at 640x480 (for a 1280x960 monitor), but also supports 800x600 and 1024x768 -- choose a size that relates to your monitor. Have only tested it with NTSC live camera feed, but it claims to have 3:2 pulldown for film playback (or DVD of a film). Recommended....more info
  • Works Great!
    Timely delivery and good performance exceeded expectations. We have a video surveillance camera in our office. We wanted to "recycle" an unused LCD computer monitor instead of buying a new TV. We bought this adapter, plugged it in and turned it on and it worked like a charm! Good picture resolution, easy to use and relatively inexpensive....more info
  • horrible quality
    this box produces such bad quality i would rather not use it!
    do not buy!!!...more info