The Golden Girls - The Complete Second Season
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Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 08/03/2007 Run time: 644 minutes

As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," and the second season of The Golden Girls picks up where the first ended. The same classic quartet--Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia--is back, along with their snappy retorts, shoulder pads, and cheesecake. Well, there was one change. In the season premiere, "End of the Curse," Blanche (Rue McClanahan) goes through menopause.

Highlights of the 26 episodes include "Ladies of the Evening," featuring a cameo from Burt Reynolds, just a few years prior to his own network sitcom, Evening Shade. As Blanche exclaims, "Mr. Burt Reynolds is one of our finest living actors...I mean, you put Sir Laurence Olivier in Cannonball Run--see what he can do." Then there's "Isn't It Romantic?" with Lois Nettleton (In the Heat of the Night) as Dorothy's lesbian friend, Jean, who falls for an unsuspecting Rose (Betty White). As was often the case, a sensitive subject is handled with taste and humor and resulted in an Emmy nomination for Nettleton's performance.

Further highlights include a white-wigged Nancy Walker (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda) as Sophia's long-lost sister, Angela, in "The Sisters" and "Long Day's Journey Into Marinara," and a pompadoured George Clooney (ER) in "To Catch a Neighbor." The final episode of The Golden Girls second season, "Empty Nest," features David Leisure and Oscar winner-Rita Moreno (West Side Story) and sets the scene for creator Susan Harris's 1988 spin-off, Empty Nest (although only Leisure would segue to the new show, while Soap's Richard Mulligan would take over for Moreno). --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • Thank you for being a friend once again.
    I love The Golden Girls. It's such a great show. The first box set was great and this one is equally as great. My favorite episode from here is 'Isn't It Romantic'. The girls are so funny and each one contributes something different to the show. If you don't have this, get it now along with the first box set. All I have to say is keep them coming. ...more info
  • Golden Girls Season 2
    Who doesn't love the Golden Girls? I have loved this show from the first time my Mom and I watched it together. This show is definitely a classic. I have purchased all seven seasons plus the Lifetime Intimate Portrait on all four ladies, and I just can't pick a favorite. From the first episode to the last, I lived, loved, and laughed with these Golden ladies. ...more info
  • Awesome
    I really love the golden Girls, they are the best, Special my very best friend Betty White, who i know for a long time.
    Just can't wait to have all seasons.
    Nick F....more info
    The humor is sharper and the situations even more hilarious in the second season of "The Golden Girls." In addition to the fabulous foursome of Beatrice Arthur (Dorothy), Betty White (Rose), Rue McClanahan (Blanche), and Estelle Getty (Sophia), credit is also due director Terry Hughes. Hughes began directing during the First Season, and directed the majority of the episodes in the stellar second season, 1986-1987:
    1. End Of The Curse: Blanche is shocked to discover she may be pregnant; and then depressed to discover she's not pregnant at all-- she is going through menopause.
    2. Ladies Of The Evening: Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are overjoyed to go to a party with Burt Reynolds-- but Sophia gets the last laugh when the three are arrested and spend the night in jail. Burt Reynolds makes a cameo appearance.
    3. Take Him, He's Mine: Dorothy is surprised to discover she is jealous when Blanche has a few platonic dates with her ex-husband Stan (Herbert Edelman).
    4. It's A Miserable Life: In this hilarious episode, Rose tells a nasty neighbor lady to "sit down and shut up-- and if you don't like it you can drop dead"-- and the nasty neighbor lady immediately does precisely that.
    5. Isn't it Romantic?: Lois Nettleton guest stars as Jean, a college friend of Dorothy's. Jean, a widowed lesbian, falls in love with Rose; which shocks Blanche.
    6. Big Daddy's Little Lady: Blanche is upset by her father, Big Daddy's, (David Wayne) plans to marry a much younger woman. Dorothy and Rose enter a song writing contest.
    7. Family Affair: Dorothy's son Michael (Scott Jacoby) and Rose's daughter Bridget (Marilyn Jones) visit--and shock Dorothy and Rose.
    8. Vacation: During a disasterous vacation, Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche are shipwrecked on an island with three other men. Meanwhile, Sophia, who stayed home, tries to get some quality time alone with the gardener next door. Guest starring Stuart Pankin, Tom Villard, Stephen Lee, Brett Porter, Paul Rodriguez and Keye Luke.
    9. Joust Between Friends: When Dorothy and Blanche work together at the museum, their friendship is almost ruined. Rose brings home a stray dog. Dorothy says, "I have been turned down for every part-time job in Dade County that did not involve selling cocaine." Reid Shelton (from Broadway's "Annie") guest stars.
    10. Love, Rose: Dorothy and Blanche invent a secret admirer for Rose named "Issac Newton"-- and are surprised when Issac (Paul Dooley) actually appears.
    11. Twas The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Girls are forced to spend a rather unconventional Christmas together. Rose gives Dorothy a homemade maple syrup dispenser. Dorothy responses, "This will come in handy if I'm ever lost in the woods with a stack of pancakes."
    12. The Sisters: Dorothy brings her Aunt Angela (Nancy Walker) to Miami as a birthday surprise for Sophia. Sophia says, "You call this old bag a present?...I hate that woman!"
    13. The Stan Who Came To Dinner: While recovering from bypass surgery, Dorothy's ex-husband Stan stays with the Girls-- and totally overstays his welcome.
    14. The Actor: A handsome TV actor comes to Miami and stirs up trouble when he dates Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and other women, simultaneously.
    15. Before And After: Rose has a near-death experience and becomes determined to "eat life"; which causes friction between her, Dorothy and Blanche.
    16. And Then There Was One: Sophia runs in a marathon, and Blanche fears a baby may have been abandoned.
    17. Bedtime Story: The Girls share late-night tales.
    18. Forgive Me, Father: Dorothy thinks a Priest is considering leaving the church for her.
    19. Long Day's Journey Into Marinara: Aunt Angela returns and continues her silly feud with Sophia.
    20. Whose Face Is It, Anyway?: Blanche considers having extensive plastic surgery.
    21. Dorothy's Prized Pupil: A very young, and very pre-sex symbol, Mario Lopez guest stars.
    22. Diamond In The Rough: Blanche dates a wonderful man, but she doesn't think he has enough "breeding" for her.
    23. Son-In Law Dearest: Dorothy's daughter Kate has marital problems. Blanche and Rose watch an "I Love Lucy" marathon.
    24. To Catch A Neighbor: The new next door neighbors are suspected criminals. A pre-stardom George Clooney guest starts.
    25. A Piece Of Cake: The Girls recall previous birthdays.
    26. Empty Nest: Creator Susan Harris uses the last "Golden Girls" episode of the season as a pilot episode for her next series "Empty Nest."
    DVD Extras: An interactive "Golden Girls" Trivia Game" on Disc One....more info
  • Excellent!
    This was just what I was looking for. My favorite series, great price and quality, quick delivery on excellent condition. ...more info
  • Love those Goldies!
    There is just something about the Golden Girls! I've been watching this show since I was a kid and was "in the closet" (so to speak) about my love of the Golden Girls until a few friends showed me there was no shame in adoring a bunch of old ladies from Miami that are twice my age! Timeless and classic. I have season one and pre-ordered season three already!...more info
    Season 2 is pure dynamite! The packaging is great, the episodes are crisp, and the storylines are so well written, THANK YOU SUSAN HARRIS!!! Needless to say I have watched the entire set and I want The Golden Girls Season 3 Pronto!!! I can hardly wait! My only complaint is the lack of extras. It's so unfair, there are other shows less deserving that interview the entire cast for each season of their show, and the Golden Girls cast dont get the same treatment, as well as the writers and creaters of this wonderful series. I'm sure it would'nt be too much trouble to get the gals together to dish and show some bloopers and outtakes!!! Buena Vista stop being so cheap and give the fans what they want!!!...more info
  • Golden Girls
    This DVD was important, because for some reason, it was kind of hard to find. My Uncle loved the Golden Girls very much and thanks to them was able to get him the ENTIRE season collection that had given him so much joy over the years, since his sudden passing, the collection has been passed to me, and I will never part with them. Thank you amazon....more info
  • comic relief
    This show provides comic relief during especially stressful times at college...picture seven 19 year old girls crowded around a laptop, watching a Golden Girls DVD on a Friday night. It's priceless....more info
  • Golden Girls Are Simply Golden
    The Golden Girls are simply golden. Its is the best television show of the 1980's. The best friendships were formed and stories created with all 4 women living together. They have such a special bond. Besides the friendships and chemistry and family orientation of the shows, its a clean family show for all ages to watch. Besides that its extremely funny and brilliant, hours of clean family comedy fun for everyone. ...more info
  • awesome season
    dvd came very quick and in great condition no problems what so ever!
    -hollywood...more info
  • Great comedy but the sole extra on the DVD offends
    I love the Golden Girls. It's one of the few television shows that I can truly say I'm a fanatic about (I can't count the number of times I've seen each episode). So, as far as the quality of the episodes go, that's FIVE big stars, all the way. But it's the "extra" they added here that made me give my overall rating four stars. It's a very bad, hard-to-navigate trivia quiz. Many of the questions have nothing to do with the Golden Girls, the writing of the quiz itself is lame, and worst of all, many of the questions use jokes about the elderly as built-in humor. What a shame, because the whole great thing about this series was that it presented older folks in a different light and then they include an extra that makes them a laughingstock. I agree with what others have said--can't the producers of these DVDs find better extras (commentary, interviews, outtakes) than this offensive one and the really, really bad fashion commentary by the snarky Joan and Melissa Rivers....more info
  • Listen...picture this...
    Ebay + cheap Golden Girls copies = disappointment.A Golden Girl's fan warned me - Careful of the vcd copies especially the one made in Asia.It looks like the real ones with packaging and everything but the vcd jumps and some doesn't even play.Better stick and buy the great Golden Girls second season from Amazon. info
  • wonderful memories
    I chose the product because it it a wholesome show. I love the quality
    and how new it was. I enjoy it every day. I'll always love the Golden Girls.
    thank you so much for selling it on Amazon..............georgette...more info
  • LOL
    I jst dont want to say because i have been a fan of the Golden girls since I remember. Thoughs damn woman are so freakin funny. I really love the first ep, because Blanche yells, :whats the Matter", and Blanche takes off running and Dorothy and Rose take off after her, and when they get to blanche's door, Rose tells Dorothy, "SHE's IN THERE". And then Dorothy saying, "Really COLUMBO". Thats is priceless laughter. I love that GOD has giving us these woman, because when they were born, they were born for fun and laughter. Thanks...more info
  • Better Navigation
    As soon as I heard that season II was coming out, I had to get it! The episodes are great like always and will never disappoint. Although I do give them credit for fixing the navigation. With each chapter comes a new episode whereas with the first season each episode consisted of three chapters with the intros getting their own chapter each time.

    The extras are cute, the Girls shine like always, the whole season is wonderful. For the true Golden fans everywhere....more info
  • Still GOLDEN!!!!
    I Am Thrilled To Have This Wonderfully Funny Second Season On Dvd!!! So Many Great Episodes..."End Of The Curse", "The Actor", "Ladies Of The Evening" & "To Catch A Neighbor"!!! The Only Drawback Is The LAME Trivia Challenge...Please If You Can't Do Better Than This...Don't Bother!!!!! The GIRLS Deserve Better & So Do Their Fans!!!!!...more info
  • As Golden as ever....
    This has to be one of the best seasons of THE GOLDEN GIRLS. The same great humor carries over from the first season, and there some hilariously classic episodes here! One of the best is "The Actor" where the girls have this actor from out of town play the leading role in their community play, and he ends up "playing" all of them! Blanche is absolutely a hoot when her fake bosoms pop, and who could forget Dorothy as the stand-in sherriff! LOL

    In this season, we find each of the girls coming into their own. Their acting remains top-notch and the laughs are a mile a minute. Any true fan of this series must own this season. Their collection is useless without it!...more info
  • Golden Girls haven't changed a bit!
    I use to watch this show with my Grandfather growing up. It always made us laugh and we would always look forward to the next show. Nothing has changed.. They are still as funny as ever and now, I dont have to wait until the next show. I treasure these DVD's. Def. one of the, "golden" favorites of all my collections. ...more info
  • Take Note Buena Vista (Disney)
    There's adequate description of the show already, but as has also been stated, what about some decent extras? Maybe interviews with Bea Arthur, Betty White and Rue McClanahan. Even an interview with creator Susan Harris would surely prove enlightening and entertaing. Come on Disney- the show and we deserve a bit better!...more info
  • Great!
    This DVD set of the Golden Girls second season is as great as the first. It has special guest stars which add extra flavor. I was a little disappointed with the Trivia game because it consisted of random questions and very few were actually about the show. But I still recommend this to any fan of the Golden Girls. ...more info
  • Estelle Getty you are Great
    Nothing like a Good laugh from Estelle Getty and the stories that she tells....more info
  • Even the second season doesn't get old!
    As an amazing Golden Girls fan I have come to find that every episode has it's own mystery behind it. All 26 episodes from season 2 are really done well in 1986 and 1987 jam-packed with a bunch of laughs, confusion, and cheesecake. I always feel real emotional when I watch the last episode of the Golden Girls because I think "WOW! that is the end of an incredible show" but then not too long after that on September 18,1992 The Golden Palace was born which is today a really cool show to us fans!...more info
  • I wanna move to Miami because of them!! :o)
    When this show first premiered, I thought this was aimed strictly at and for senior citizens. When I watched the show for the first time, I don't remember laughing so hard in all my life over a tv show. All the actresses are BRILLIANT, if I had neighbors like them I would not mind living in Miami either. Thank goodness the studios are preserving these memories for years to come...with the world as crazy as it is...this is nice escapism for at least a half hour or more!...more info
  • Not as good as the first season
    I was really disapointed with the golden girls second season because it wasen't as funny as the first also there are no special features....more info
  • Thank You for Being a Friend
    The second season matures into a much better show than the first season with better writing and even better stories. This is another wonderful creation of comic genius Susan Harris, who also created sitcoms such as Soap, Benson, and Empty Nest. Golden Girls is a sitcom about four senior ladies living under one roof, and all the zany and fun things that goes in their lives. The show revolves around sex hungry Blanche (Rue McLanahan) with her southern charm, and Sophia (Estelle Getty) as a sharp talking Sicilian with wit, and her daughter Dorothy (Bea Arthur) as a wise member of the house hold, and then the sweet and innocent Rose (Betty White) make a wonderful team and an excellent recipe for a great comedy. There are 23 episodes (season 2) on this DVD; Isn't It Romantic, Ladies of Evening, End of Curse, and Big Daddy's Little Lady are some of the funniest episodes of the series. In the episode To Catch a Neighbor, veteran actor Joseph Campanella team up with young George Clooney to spy on the neighbors, who are suspected of dealing in stolen gems. In Family Affair Dorothy's son, Michael, and Rose's daughter, Bridget visit and they become a little too friendly to the discomfort of their mothers, which shows the generation gap in funnier way. The Sisters episode shows another veteran actress Nancy Walker visit as Sophia's sister and get on each others nerves. The second season is much better than the first and if you liked 1980s sitcoms, I would highly recommend this DVD...more info
  • Love them Girls!
    The funniest shows I can watch them over and over again. Since I've moved to Florida they are even more funny. I'd like to see them come back. I never tire of watching all their antics. I can't pick a favorite either. But I sure do love all those St. Olaf stories!...more info
  • Livin Your DVD Like its Golden!
    This DVD is great! If your a fan of the show, and can't enough on Lifetime, then the 2nd Season of the Golden Girls is just for you!

    This one is loaded with an interactive game on the 1st disc to test your Golden Girls trivia. If your wise as Sophia or cluesless like Rose, you will know! I highly reccommend this dvd to anyone who is a collector, or just a fan....more info
  • Another gem in the series.
    Even though for some it may have been a long time since we have seen the Golden Girls for the first time, this series just doesn't get old or feel dated. Timeless comedy!...more info
  • No spoilers, but heads up on extended scenes
    Here are three scenes that I remember from the second season that are not included in Lifetime episodes:

    1. Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas - in the airport scene, there is an extended part of this scene involving Sophia that will have your sides hurting.

    2. Long Days Journey Into Marinara - the early scene where Sophia and Angela have prepared dinner, there is an intro to the scene involving Blanche and Angela that Lifetime omits. It's great.

    3. Just Between Friends - there is a great scene where Sophia meets Blanche's boss that is hilarious.

    That's all I can remember, but I'm sure there are more extra scenes of this season that new viewers haven't seen and us long-time viewers have forgotten. Can't wait for seasons 3-7....more info
  • Good, but not as funny as Season One...
    Good, but not as funny as Season One...

    "Golden Girls Season 2" garnered all sorts of acclaim and awards both for its lead stars and writers, at the time of its original screening way back when.

    It's still funny, still well-crafted and still packs a punch, but in terms of laughs, it's just not as rewarding as Seasons One or Three.

    The Girls feel a little more like caricatures of themselves here, Blanche's dealings with the Menopause are a prime example of how character dimensionality can be lost when a character is played for laughs - her serious scene with the psychiatrist just doesn't gel, when taken in context with her histrionic opening scenes in Episode One. Similarly, some of Sophia's one-liners are forced, and sound like they're being delivered just for the sake of it, without any real feeling or believability to their context. Rose is dumber than ever, and Dorothy seems a little tired, especially in the Hookers episode - which, although one of the stronger offerings in this Season, still pales in comparison to the stronger episodes in Season one.

    It's not all bad news, though - actually, far from it - and while Season 2 is not as funny as its predecessor or its sequel, it's still a very worthwhile collection to any DVD Comedy collection. There are some classic moments here, like Blanche introducing Stan to her twin dates, both episodes with Sophia's estranged sister Angela (these, in particular, are fabulous) and Rose's recounting of her Out-Of-Body experiece are all truly classic Golden Girls moments, and some of the best laughs in the history of American TV Comedy. Here the writing sparks and snaps with the energetic vitality that the show is remembered for, and it's here that we understand why a twenty-year-old shopw that was so of-the-moment back then can still be funny today. It's a perfect marriage of great writing, great direction and some wonderful performances from four highly seasoned, truly talented actresses that make this such a joy to watch.

    A special mention goes to two episodes - "Isn't it Romantic?", with Dorothy's lesbian friend Jean, and "It's a Miserable Life", with the Girls' attempts to save their neighbourhood tree thwarted by a hateful neighbour, are truly two of the best episodes of television comedy I have ever had the fortune to see. For these alone it's worth the price of admission to a really good box set.

    Audio/Visual quality is excellent, sharp and crisp with some excellent restoration, and while the extras are rather poor, you don't really tend to care. Roll on Season Three!!...more info
  • I Love me Some golden girls
    i love the show it is very entertaining and yet educational. i always watch the show at 6pm and than again at 11pm. this is one show i dont mind watchin repeats because i always laugh no matter what. i think it is educational in the sense that it talks about education, sex, immigration, and about homosexuality. these are all important issues in todays society. In the show about homoseuxality Blanche doesnt agree with homosexuality but yet has to accept it because her family memeber is gay. THis is how it is in the real world a lot of people dont like homosexuality but yet they tolerate it for family reasons etc. I think it is excellent show and i once met blanche in person. she is nothing like the way she portrays to be in the show. ...more info
  • What a shame!
    Does anyone know why Season one allowed the viewer to advance by scene and not episode like Season two? I find this situation a huge disappointment and very frustrating. Season 2 does not have as many good episodes as other seasons, and being forced to sit thru the opening song repeatedly to get to below par episodes is not only annoying as all get out, but an insult. Every other show allows one to fast forward within an episode, except this season 2 DVD does not.
    I love this show, it saved my life, and will continue to purchase the entire series, but the makers should know the viewers expect basics, like being able to skip the intro and get to scenes they want to watch....more info
  • Season 2 - The Best There Is
    I think Season 2 of GG really hit its stride. Season 1 got us all accustomed to the characters and allowed the characters to develop. Seasons 3 & 4 really allow the characters to appear 'in the round', and the result is 3 more seasons of absolutely perfect sitcom hilarity. This series show us that shows like "Cheers", "Maude", "Mama's Family" and "Designing Women" are equivalent to "Scooby-Doo", when it comes to situation comedy and topics that should be addressed. First timers, check out "Ladies Of The Evening", "Joust Between Friends" & "To Catch A Neighbor"....more info
  • Lots of laughs
    If you like to laugh, you need to get into watching this series. I always get a lot of good laughs out of the golden girls. This season has a lot of good episodes in it, too. Believe me, if you enjoy comical things, you will love this!...more info
  • It's About Time!!!
    I have been waiting forever for the Golden Girls TV series to come out on DVD. I enjoyed watching Golden Girls when it originally aired and I enjoy watching reruns of Golden Girls but to be able to watch them anytime of day or night how awesome is that!!! I love all the great personalities of the Golden Girls and how they interacted and how they related to subjects that affected a lot of people and did it in a wonderful and tasteful manner. I can hardly wait for the remaining seasons to come out on DVD. I will definitely be buying the rest of the seasons....more info
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Golden Girls!
    The 2nd season is great--there is even a cute Trivia game on the DVD that you can play to see which Golden Girl you are! Definitely worth the money! Also, Amazon has the best price for buying the seasons to complete your collection!...more info
  • The Golden Girls - The Complete Second Season
    I enjoyed The Golden Girls when they were first televised and am very happy to know I'll always be able to enjoy them. I plan to collect all the seasons. ...more info
  • The best show ever!!
    Hilarious!! I just love these amazing ladies!! I laughed so hard I almost puked! ...more info
  • GG Season 2
    I pre-ordered this DVD (having the first one already of course) and I must say that every episode was great. There is no doubt in my mind that the second season is better than the first with the characters much more developed and the lines funnier than ever before. The stories were more solid and watchable with more quality episodes than the first season. Because this is one of my favorite shows, I hate to not give it 5 stars, but there is a compelling reason for not doing so. This time, I believe that Buena Vista took a step backward. You cannot skip scenes or go back to a scene, or skip the intro to each episode. If you try, it will take you to the next one, or the very beginning of the episode. I enjoyed being able to do that in the previous season and am baffled as to why they chose to leave that option out this time. Also, the trivia challenge does not always work right and would have been best left out. Behind-the-scene footage would have been better I think, or an interview or two from the cast members. I expected alot more from a DVD than what I got this time around. The episodes, however, are great and I would highly recommend it to anyone on that note alone if you can overcome the technical issue. ...more info
  • What Season . .??
    I absolutely LOVE the Golden Girls and I am so thrilled to own it and look forward to owning all seasons on DVD. My favorite episode is the one where the girls are all cast in a children's play "Henny Penny" . ...does anyone know what season that's from????? Man, I love those ladies!...more info
  • 2 and a half stars at best
    sorry to say but this is not a 5 star show as most other people would have you believe. the humour is tired,the writing is weak and the mother is annoying. the saving grace of the show is of course Bea Arthur. when MAUDE is finally on DVD,then you will really see Arthur at her best.
    again Golden Girls is no classic but is good for a few chuckles....more info
  • Golden Girls Season 2
    The dvd I was trying to find was very easily located. After I did locate it I had plenty of options to choose from. The shipping arrived on time and just as promised!! Thank you!!

    ...more info
  • About Time!
    It's so good to see that Golden Girls is finally available on DVD...I have purchased both series so far & they are just as good as when i watched them's so much better being able to watch them with a clear picture rather than from old taped versions that i have done over the years...can't wait for the rest of the seasons to be released!...more info
  • This show is great...
    When my grandfather bought the 2nd season, I stalked him down for it. I LOVE the Golden Girls. My college roommate and I used to watch episodes of this show all the time while we were supposed to be doing homework. All the characters had such extreme personalities and I always wondered "How in the world did they stay friends?" I like this show even more than I like "Girlfriends" and "Living Single"...and I'm diehard over those two sitcoms about women too! My favorite episode was "To Catch a Neighbor". The older detective was gorgeous and it was the first time I really got to see Dorothy act girlie. It was a very exciting episode, but even when they were doing things like baking cakes while Sophia drank too much rum on another episode, the show was funny. The only episode I had a bone to pick with was "Empty Nest", the last episode on the 3rd disc. It had barely anything to do with my favorite characters, it was boring, and it looked like a pilot for another show. But a pilot shouldn't hog the show that I wanted to see! That's the only reason that this collection couldn't get 5 stars....more info
  • I'm squealing already but why the delay?
    (one season every 3 months instead of 6 would be so much nicer!)

    There's already a great review incorporating the episodes, but I will readily say that season 2 takes the successful elements of season 1 and embellishes them into an even more successful mix of the witty, urbane, and emotional. Great stuff.

    The more memorable episodes are: "End of the Curse", "Take Him, He's Mine", "Isn't it Romantic" (riotously funny and possibly a test episode whose success allowed Blanche's brother to eventually 'come out'), "Love, Rose", "Twas The Night Before Christmas", "The Sisters" (Nancy Walker was PERFECT casting), "The Actor", "Before and After", "And Then There Was One", "Son-In-Law-Dearest", and "To Catch a Neighbor".

    I'm sure the DVD quality will be as respectable, but I am most looking forward to this release....more info
  • It just keeps getting better!!!
    Just when you think it can't get funnier;The Golden Girls season two is terrific and will keep you tuned in for hours on end. From "The Vacation" to "A Piece of Cake", the show has amazing writing that brings out the acting ability of its actresses and actors (STAN)....more info
  • Thank You For Being A Friend Season 2
    The Second Season starts where First ended.26 more episodes of the stories of 4 senior ladies living together in a house in Miami sharing their emotions,worries and a piece of the cheesecake.A new character is introduced Angela Sophia's sister who came from Sicily when Dorothy invites her to give her mother a surprise party!!.Also Stan Dorothy's ex-husband returns for 2 episodes.Burt Reynolds make a nice cameo in one episode and a young George Clooney appears as a police detective who gets shot in duty but he solves the case of a couple of jewels traffikers hidden in a house next door.

    It's not the same humour in prev season the jokes are very evident and only Rose with her St.Olaf stories and Sophia and her picture this stories saves the show.

    No special features included only a stupid pop quiz about the show which is correct but I want interviews,behind the scenes footage and a nice featurette about the show.

    I'm willing to see next season.I hope that it would be better.

    ...more info
  • Hilarious and classic comedy!
    Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, Betty White and Rue McClanaghan star as four older women, sharing a house -- and all sorts of adventures -- in 1980's Miami.

    Together, the quartet deal with trouble from dates, visiting relatives, workplace issues -- and the downright bizarre, such as in the hilarious "Ladies of the Evening," where Blanche, Dorothy and Rose are mistaken for prostitutes and tossed into jail just before their long-awaited Burt Reynolds premiere.

    Amidst the ever-present laughs, there are also a few poignant moments, such as "End of the Curse," when Blanche, whose character has built a life around her looks and womanhood, discovers she's undergoing menopause.

    Also, "Golden Girls" touched upon some important and somewhat taboo television issues for the 1980s, such as lesbianism, as seen in "Isn't It Romantic," when Dorothy's old friend Jean comes to visit.

    If you haven't ever watched this show, give it a try -- it's guaranteed to become a favorite! ...more info
  • Still Golden
    I love The Golden Girls :) The humor in the second season is great. In this season, each character sets into their own personality. Dorothy: The serious, smart, dry humor one. Sophia: The sarcastic, quick-witted, wise one (picture this...). Rose: The dumb one (well, not really dumb, just lacking some common sense), huge heart/love for animals, huge story teller. Blanche: The Floozy with the southern draw.

    If you are looking for something with humor and an great story line, The Golden Girls is the way to go....more info
  • Season 2, not the best of all 7 , but definately a gem
    I bought season 1 of the Golden Girls in December and it was great! I watched it on TV a lot and now it's finally on DVD! Season 1 had to be one of the best seasons, in my opinion. Season 2 was great too, but there were more memorable episodes on the first season. I like every golden girls episode, and season 2 has some very entertaining episodes, no doubt. I can't wait till it comes out already. It's gonna be fun adding another twenty-something episodes to my collection. Can't wait for seasons 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. It'll be forever until those come out! But at least I'll have 1 and 2 until the rest are released....more info
  • Bring on Season 3
    I love the Golden Girls. I'm glad the studio is producing them. The quality control is excellent. I'm looking forward to Season 3. Hopefully my favorite episode We have no Havanas will be on next DVD Season 3. Where Sophia and Blanche are dating the same guy. Season 2 rocks....more info
  • Great collection but.......
    .....where are the outtakes and bloopers? I LOVE this show but the special features on both season 1 and 2 have been lacking. Season 1 had a totally lame fashion commentary by Joan and Melissa Rivers and Season 2 has an idiotic trivia game where not even all of the questions have to do with Golden Girls trivia. You can't tell me that there aren't hours of re-takes and bloopers that could be edited down into an entertaining extras feature for these collections. Please try harder for Season 3!...more info
  • Extras?
    Everyone loves the fact that this show is on DVD, but there are some things I recommend. There should be bloopers as extras in future releases and the one season of The Golden Palace should be released after all seasons of The Golden Girls are all released....more info
  • As always - GREAT!
    The Golden Girls are hilarious, and this season was no exception! A must-buy for GG fans!...more info
  • I can't believe I'm reviewing "The Golden Girls."
    But hey, just between you and me, I actually love this show. I watched it with my parents as a kid, and I guess it stuck. Who'd have thought a gang of menopausal women would turn out to be so hilarious?

    The "girls" on "Golden Girls" are all really broadly-drawn regional stereotypes - you've got Blanche the slutty Old Southern belle, Rose the Minnesota Scandinavian "nitwit," Dorothy the Brooklyn Italian smartass, and her mom Sophia, the even more ascerbic Brooklyn Italian smartass. This is old-school sitcom writing all the way. Rose sets up the joke with some stupid remark, and Dorothy knocks it down. Or Blanche sets it up with some trampy remark and Sophia knocks it down. You can see the jokes coming from 55 miles off. E.g. Rose is asking the roommates to appear in a documentary film she's making. Enter Blanche; Rose asks her how she feels about "performing on camera." You don't even need the punchline (but you get one anyway).

    There are also a lot of sappy sitcommy "emotional" arcs that get cleanly resolved in 20 minutes with absolutely no residue. Frequently a family member will drop in and stir up some turmoil, but by the end credits all is once more a bowl of cherries. You see a LOT of repetitions of 1st-season storylines in only slightly modified form; such as when Blanche's father "Big Daddy" shows up with a fiancee in tow who's half his age, much to Blanche's chagrin - compare the Season 1 episode in which he shows up and announces his decision to sell off his assets and start a country music career. There are frequent deja-vus, due mostly to the fact that every single episode revolves around Blanche's vanity, Rose's gullibility, Dorothy's perpetual dating slump or Sophia's smart-assedness. One show sort of blends into the next.

    It sounds like I'm criticizing, and I'm sure that if "Golden Girls" came on as a new sitcom now, I'd flip past it and think "God this is stupid." But as lame as the storylines often were, there's no denying that this show had some really hilarious writing. Sophia could've just been a gimmick - the sweet old lady with the acid tongue - but somehow she never got rusty. "Forgive me Rose, but I haven't had sex in 15 years and it's starting to tick me off!" They also gave Dorothy some good ones, e.g. when she and Rose decided to enter a songwriting competition together and Rose gushed that they'd be just like Shari and Lamb-Chop: "I'm not sure I can get my hand that far up your dress." The "Nitwit" and the "Slut" were generally just foils for the "Smartasses," but of course Rose had her village-idiotic St. Olaf stories and Blanche had her sordid tales of Southern debauchery. It was ridiculous, but it was funny.

    As for this DVD, thouh, it's pretty easy to complain. They mercifully spared us a repeat of the Joan and Melissa Rivers fashion commentary from Season 1, but in its place we have some retarded "trivia game" that's probably the second most worthless DVD "extra" ever - just behind Joan and Melissa Rivers. (Does anybody actually LIKE Joan and/or Melissa Rivers?) Also, for some reason they got rid of the chapter selections, so now each episode is just one long track. So you now have to fast forward through that theme song instead of skipping it.

    Well, at least this show is finally out there on DVD, right. It took long enough. I obviously bought Season 1 as well and I'm looking forward to the rest. So all the people who vote my review down - I'm agreeing that I like the I just have to be a little cynical about it, because...well, come on - it's the "Golden Girls!"...more info
  • Season 2 is here!!
    Now that Season 1 had come out they finally put Season 2 of one of the Best shows ever!!"The Golden Girls" Season 2 contains 3 Discs and has 26 episodes!! It is Great!! Season 3 is coming out 11/22/05, and Season 4 is coming out 2/14/06!! Yes I can't wait!! Also I hope that they put the spin-off shoe "The Golden Palace" on DVD too!!...more info
  • Highly Recommend
    As a long time Golden Girls fan, the DVD compilations are awesome. The little extras make it even mor enjoyable. And I forgot how much they edit out in syndication. Watching the deleted scenes are hysterical....more info
  • You won't be disappointed!
    Fantastic! I haven't been disappointed by any Golden Girls DVD's I have ordered from I own every season and watch them all the time! Great when you need a laugh.
    The quality of the DVD's is excellent and the delivery was speedy and efficient. Which I have become accustom to when ordering from

    ...more info
  • One of the best comedies in sitcom history...
    Making its debut in the fall of 1985, The Golden Girls quickly established itself as a fixture of Saturday night prime time television. Following the lives of four older women living together as roommates in Miami, the show displayed a raw wit and a sharp humor. The women live in the house of Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan), a Southern belle who loves men of every kind and has dated every eligible bachelor in the Miami area. Her roommates are former high school teacher Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur) and St. Olaff housewife and widower Rose Nylund (Betty White). Rose loves to tell stories about her former hometown, much to the chagrin of the other girls. The three girls are joined by Dorothy's mother, firebrand Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty), a spunky Italian immigrant who always speaks her mind. In her early-eighties, Sophia may walk at a measured pace, but the velocity of her sarcasm only increases with age.

    The Golden Girls Season 2 DVD offers a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere in which Blanche comes to the conclusion that she's pregnant (in reality she's beginning menopause). In episode #27, the girls have tickets to the opening of the new Burt Reynolds movie (which entitles them to meet the famous actor), but while waiting in a hotel lounge for the show to begin, they're caught in a police raid and arrested for prostitution. Other episodes include Rose's dating of Isaac Newton, the girls taking care of an abandoned baby, and an aborted attempt (episode #51) to establish the cast of the later spin-off show Empty Nest...

    Overall, this is a charming situation comedy with likeable characters who have certainly developed their own unique identities. Although some parts of the show tend to be used over and over again (such as the St. Olaff stories and Dorothy's reaction to them), The Golden Girls never seems to grow tiresome. With powerful performances from each of the cast members, viewers will find that Sophia's wit steals the show...

    Below is a list of episodes included on The Golden Girls (Season 2) DVD:

    Episode 26 (End of the Curse)
    Episode 27 (Ladies of the Evening)
    Episode 28 (Take Him, He's Mine)
    Episode 29 (It's a Miserable Life)
    Episode 30 (Isn't It Romantic)
    Episode 31 (Big Daddy's Little Lady)
    Episode 32 (Family Affair)
    Episode 33 (Vacation)
    Episode 34 (Joust Between Friends)
    Episode 35 (Love, Rose)
    Episode 36 ('Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas)
    Episode 37 (The Sisters)
    Episode 38 (The Stan Who Came to Dinner)
    Episode 39 (The Actor)
    Episode 40 (Before and After)
    Episode 41 (And Then There Was One)
    Episode 42 (Bedtime Story)
    Episode 43 (Forgive Me, Father)
    Episode 44 (Long Day's Journey Into Marinara)
    Episode 45 (Whose Face is This, Anyway?)
    Episode 46 (Dorothy's Prized Pupil)
    Episode 47 (Diamond in the Rough)
    Episode 48 (Son-In-Law Dearest)
    Episode 49 (To Catch a Neighbor)
    Episode 50 (A Piece of Cake)
    Episode 51 (Empty Nests)

    The DVD Report...more info
  • 5 stars despite NO DECENT EXTRAS
    I feel compelled to give this Season 2 set five stars to encourage the release of the rest of the seasons. You never know what the idiots at Buena Vista might do. For anyone hesitating to buy the set, don't! This is a VERY DIFFERENT viewing experience from the Lifetime versions. Beside the gorgeous transfers and lack of irritating commercials, there appear to be two or three minutes MORE of each episode. These uncut versions add more characterization, flesh out some of the scenes, and of course allow for more of the sophisticated dish the show became famous for. Even the opening credits are different, with additional shots accompanying the song.

    As for extras, the lack of them in both season releases is inexcusable. (Don't get me started on the horrible Joan & Melissa Rivers fashion commentary.) Anyone interested in what COULD have been used should head to and read the thread for Season 1 reviews. There is incredible stuff in the vaults. Here's a quote from that site explaining some of the (lost) possibilities that Buena Vista could have included. (They didn't bother because they knew this would be a mega-seller regardless of extras. Lazy!)

    FROM HOMETHEATERFORUM.COM: A good friend of mine was allowed to do research in the vaults on The Golden Girls for a final UCLA project about 10 years ago. I just called him and asked him for more information on this as he had mentioned it before but never gave me all the details. He said he was able to view many tapes, and many of them contained over an hour of outtakes. Aparently each tape was an episode and within those, during the taping, are all the mistakes and re-taping of the scenes. He was able to copy some of the original scripts that had director and writer notations, and there were some of Bea's personal scripts there as well with notes. He came across costume design sketches, unused scripts that were never filmed (probably rejected), what he said were over 500 photographs on the set, video taped interviews used to originally promote the show (sent out to shows such as Entertainment Weekly), boxes of video trailers used by affiliates, and 3 video tapes of screen tests including several auditions. One tape he viewed showed about an hour and a half of the director, the stars and writers preparing for an episode. This gives us an idea of what's available to use on these dvd's, that they choose not to use. One episode script that was never used that he read was about Stan and Dorothy going away for a weekend before they attempted to get remarried, which makes me think the episode (which Dorothy almost marries Stan again) was supposed to be 3 parts. The other part of the story was Blanche attending a policeman's ball with Rose and being embarassed when several of the policemen talk and discover Blanche has had "more than one of them."...more info
  • Just wonderful!!!!!!!!! Onle one drawback!
    I have been watching this show so often, and it is always a new discovery. I also bought Season 2. The Season One has one major drawback - ABSOLUTELY IDIOTIC COMMENTARY MADE VY TWO LADIES THAT HAS NO VALUE! If the studio decides to reedit this Season 1, I would recommend to remopve this commentary and add those retakes and outtakes and bloopers! So is this Season 2 that has wortless trivia! I hope the Studio will consider this....more info
  • Love it, but leaves me wondering why...
    they took out the skipping ability in this set. In season one the viewer was able to "skip" past each opening song and "skip" to different scenes within the episode. This is gone from the Season 2 set. I really miss it and am really disappointed that they took it out. Can't think of the reasoning behind it. That is the only reason I can't give it 5 stars. This is my all time favorite show....more info
    The Golden Girls has always been my favorite show. I watched the shows in the beginning, and I have watched them in reruns over and over. I now own ALL the seasons and still enjoy watching them--especially since I can now relate to that age group. Who says old ladies can't have a GREAT time. My motto is that "beautiful old people are works of art." CAN'T WAIT TO RETIRE!!...more info
  • A Golden Shower...of more episodes!
    The first seasons of any new sitcom are always tentative. Even with great shows out of the gate like the Golden Girls, one can still make out some of the awkwardness, the noticeable missteps in structure and the general growing pains as the actors get their chemistry right, their characters get fine tuned and the dialogue gets sharpened.

    The Golden Girls is no exception and fine and solid as its first season was, it's the second season where this series hit its stride. The characters become more lived in as Rue McClanahan perfects Blanche's seductive Southern purr, while Betty White's Rose cements her status as the lovable airhead. Sofia's tongue gets sharper and Bea Arthur deepens Dorothy's cynicism with just the right touch of acid humor to not render her too depressing or bitter. Take for instance, the episode where the girls are wrongly arrested for prostitution. To fend off an attacker in jail, Dorothy warns the inmate to back off. When Blanche asks her how she managed to do that, Dorothy blithely replies, "I work in a public school system, it's not that different from this."

    The second season is chock full of classic episodes like this. And while it's never afraid to address controversial topics, it never gets heavy handed or preachy. The episode where Dorothy's lesbian friend comes to visit and falls in love with Rose, particularly comes to mind. Obviously, I don't have any higher praise for this DVD series. It's been a long time coming and I highly recommend it for all Golden Girls fans, but here's hoping it can win a few new ones too!...more info
  • More of my favorite ladies.
    The Golden Girls - The Complete Second Season is another stellar season! Some real great and hilarious episodes like when Blanche thinks she's pregnant and Rose thinks she killed a grumpy and bitter neighbor. They don't make shows like this anymore, these gray-haired firecrackers will keep you laughing for many years, I highly recommend this fabulous purchase!...more info
  • Golden Girls Series 2
    Excellent!! What can one say about this world class series. Surely still one of the best and tears were flowing of laugther. Can't wait for the rest to be released on DVD....more info
  • "Thank You Again"
    I am very grateful that the second season of my all time favorite television show has been released on DVD. I know almost evrything there is to know about this show. I have the first season already and just yesterday I purchased this one for one of my early birthday presents. Let me say it is worth every cent, every episode is wonderful. I do not feel there is anything at all second rate about this DVD. Buy it and you will not regret it! ...more info
  • Golden Girls: Season Two
    "The Golden Girls" came back strong for Season Two, and in the process I thought its second season was even better than its first, and its first season was brilliant in its own right.

    SEASON TWO (1986-87)
    The episodes got better and the show got funnier in Season Two. This is my personal favorite season of "The Golden Girls". Like Season One, there's not a weak moment in any episode. Only difference is that the laughs got bigger in Season Two. Some of the episodes that I'll never forget in Season Two include: Blanche going through menopause; the girls getting mistakenly arrested for prostitution; the girls planning a funeral for an old neighbor who was so mean and hateful that nobody liked (including the girls); Dorothy's lesbian friend who stops by for a visit and quickly falls in love with Rose; the girls going on a disasterous vacation to the Caribbean; the girls getting held hostage by a man in a Santa Claus suit on Christmas Eve; Dorothy planning a big birthday surprise for Sophia that ends up backfiring in the worst way; Dorothy dating a man who turns out to be a priest; Sophia's sister coming to Miami for a visit, moves in with the girls, and in the process drives Sophia crazy; a pair of cops setting up a police steakout at the girls' house in order to catch a couple of crooks who have just moved into the house next door; and the girls flashing back to their past birthdays. Also included is the pilot episode for what would become the "The Golden Girls" spin-off show "Empty Nest" (featuring mostly different actors).

    "The Golden Girls" would go on to win the Golden Globe as Best Comedy Series for the second year in a row, and it would win 3 well-deserved Emmys for Season Two: Best Comedy Series (for the second year in a row); Rue McClanahan as Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her funny and sexy role as Blanche; and director Terry Hughes for Best Directing in a Comedy Series for the uproarious episode "Isn't it Romantic?", about Dorothy's gay friend who falls for Rose.

    Season Two of "The Golden Girls" also features some memorable guest stars. Most notably, George Clooney in an early acting appearence as one of the cops who come to the house for that steakout in the episode titled "To Catch a Neighbor"; and Burt Reynolds, who makes an unbilled cameo in the episode "Ladies of the Evening". Emmy nominations went to three guest performances in Season Two of "The Golden Girls": Herb Edelman, who was hilarious in his occasional appearences as Dorothy's no-good ex-husband Stan, received a guest nomination for the episode "The Stan Who Came To Dinner", which deals with Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia taking care of Stan after he has open heart surgery and proceeds to drive the girls crazy; Lois Nettleton, who was wonderful as Dorothy's lesbian friend Jean in the episode "Isn't it Romantic?"; and Nancy Walker, who was explosively funny in two guest appearences as Sophia's sister Angela. Her guest Emmy nomination came for her second appearence in the episode titled "Long Day's Journey into Marinara", which she (in my opinion) should have won.

    "The Golden Girls": The Complete Second Season is an absolute must for fans of the show. It's a season that I'll never forget.
    ...more info
  • A toast to this wonderful woman.
    A toast, may every bar, gay or straight play the song THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND and may we all toast this wonderful woman. Her grace, talent and most of all her beautiful heart to see outside of stereotypes, outside of preferences and look at everyone for who they are human beings. Estelle was an open minded and talented woman who loved everyone alike. A toast to YOU for being a friend. May the heavens welcome you like the legend you are and will forever be.

    Thank you for being a friend. ...more info
  • Still solid gold
    Season Two may not have the snap that Season One did, but there are many golden episodes in this set. The "Empty Nest" pilot amazes me in that it even got sold! It was forced, unfunny and the chemistry just wasn't right with the cast of the pilot. The series worked however after major surgery -- and Richard Mulligan in the lead. The "extras" on "The Golden Girls" have been terrible. Volume One had Joan Rivers and her daughter. Those shrill, shallow hags are so annoying! And the trivia quiz on Volume Two was absolutely boring. What I wouldn't give for a blooper reel or unaired scenes!...more info
  • A Great Season; beautiful dvd transfer
    Let's face it, the Golden Girls are a classic. Like Lucy, you still laugh after hundreds of viewings.

    Season 2 (another emmy winner) is one of the best with some of the most classic episodes. Throw the whole thing on for a lost weekend or a sick day - you'll feel much better.

    DVD transfer looks great - so clean after the old edited Lifetime copies. Only issue - bonus quiz is awkward to navigate. Can't wait for season 3....more info
  • Hilarious....10 STARS
    "Mother Teresa..It's a recipe from her new workout book"

    this is just one of the endless hilarious one-liners delivered by Sophia.
    This season is hilarious its more politically incorrect than the first season and does have some of those "very special" episodes but they pull it off with gags and one liners in between.
    I guess the only thing i found boring is Rose's stories...god i know exactly how they feel if they gotta listen to her...:P
    About the product, i like this and all the other seasons as they are even slimmer than movie-dvds and dont take up much space on my shelf. The sets are also tasteful, they have a shiny front and it folds open into three sections: the first with the episode list but no episode descriptions. Then the second one holds 2 discs, with disc 2 being behind disc 1, which i do find a bit annoying as i have to take out disc1 if i wanna watch disk 2 without giving it scractches or anything. Then the third section holds disc 3 .Again the episode lists are printed on each disc next to a photo of one of the "girls" although sophia is not featured. Behind section 2 and 3 aare colored stills from the 2nd season. I really like these sets and can't wait to buy the rest of the series and hope they release "The Golden Palace" on dvd as well :D...more info
  • Thank You For Being Available
    You know as I compare the first two seasons of 'The Golden Girls' it's fascinating to watch as the shows writers and producers iron out the kinks in the show's fabric.Gone by season 2 are Betty White's constant referrences about being 'alone and without men' and thankfully Blanche has been given far more flattering makeup.The stories tend towards the more blatantly humorous.Bea Arthur (as Dorthy) shows up in her sherrifs costume,Christmas time offers up 'The Men Of Blanche's
    Boudoir' calander,Rose's lesbian friend becomes 'quiet fond of her' even after girls raise gay minks are end up arrested on a trumpted up prostitution charge.All these things and more happen during season 2.Regrettably the season ends with what is the cast's self abmitted worst episode ever in 'Empty Nest',a hollow first take pilot for the future spin off show that not only doesn't feature Blanche,Dorthy,Rose and Sophia in abundance but not even the shows star Richard Mulligan (another actor plays his part here).And besides I tend to think of that as more of a third season show since the main character have converted over the their 'look' as seen in that season.But this is not the first sitcom to have to showcase thier own spinoff's pilot-both 'All In The Family' and 'Diff'rent Strokes' even did it twice and all to varrying degree's of success.Thank goodness we had to wait until 'The Golden Palace' to see hints at it's
    spinoff 'Nurses'.Otherwise on the The Golden Girls best years....more info
  • The classic female comedy of all time
    As a big fan of the show from Australia, I have purchased Series 1, and now this one.
    Disappointing that there is no special features, who cares about a stupid quiz! Would love to see the lifetime series featured on these as a special featured.
    The episodes are great, the girls funny as always.
    If you live in Aus/NZ this DVD only works if you have a multizone player....more info