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Kensington MicroSaver Portable Notebook Combination Lock 64087
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $11.78

You Save: $18.21 (61%)


Product Description

Kensington's MicroSaver Portable Notebook Combination Lock provides keyless security and portability. Fully retractable, 4-foot cable stores in convenient carrying case. Patented T-bar lock provides most secure locking. MicroSaver Portable Notebook Combination Lock fits into Kensington Security slot found in 99 percent of notebooks.

  • Easy-to-use computer combination lock provides superior data security with no keys to lose.
  • Lock cable is fully retractable, and stores easily in convenient carrying case.
  • Patented T-bar lock provides most secure locking.
  • Fits into the Kensington Security slot found in 99 percent of notebook computers.
  • 4-foot cable securely anchors notebook.

Customer Reviews:

  • Lock works well
    I have tried using other designs at the office. Since everything is self contained, with a combination style lock it is the most convenient. No lost keys and minimal hassle. If the lock is not simple to use, the users won't use it....more info
  • not woth it
    This lock is not as user friendly as it seams. Worst part is the numeric lock , it is not at all smooth , if the numbers are slightly here and there it will not at all open. Means its even hard to open for a person knowing the number ( password ) , GR8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!. To much secure
    i will rather recommed one with manual key rather than number lock ...more info
  • Does what it suppose to
    This is a decent product and does what it supposed to do. I've been using it for 3 months and so far I've had no problems with it at all. The only complaint is that I think it is a little big, would be better if the size is smaller. Also, the chord is quite short. I use it when I go to the library, and have to leave my table to grab coffee or food or something. I wouldn't feel safe to just leave my computer with it if I were in a public place and have to be gone for more than 30 min or so....more info
  • Never Any Problems
    I'm absolutely baffled by the previous complaints. It took maybe a total of 10 minutes to figure out how to insert the lock into my laptop security slot, then lock it. And I'm not the most mechanically-inclined person. It works very similarly to that of a bicycle lock, which means the password is always whatever the numbers read as you inserted the other end of the lock and latched everything, then you just twist the numbers to read something else and Ta-Da its locked. The retractable cord is a huge bonus. My boyfriend actually "stole" mine so I have to buy him one in order to get mine back....more info
  • Bulky, but okay lock
    This is a decent notebook lock. Its combination lock is not the greatest, and sometimes you have to turn the numbers again and be very precise in thier settings. Overall, not a bad purchase for the price!...more info
  • Good company
    Unfortunately I lost the instructions but the Kensington technical service helped me. They are very nice. The product is excellent....more info
  • Computer lock
    My daughter that is serving in the military in Africa asked for this item so she could try and keep her laptop a little more secure. She said it was easy to understand to use and like it....more info
  • A pain in the butt
    I don't like using these types of devices because they are a pain in the butt and I would rather believe that I can trust people. However, the sad fact is that people cannot always be trusted so I am glad that I have this device because it works great. It is small, unobtrusive and easy to use while being very effective. The design is smooth and works so well, I bought five of these to have extras available for all of our laptops and one for my home unit. I highly recommend this lock....more info
  • This Lock is GARBAGE!
    This Locking System is GARBAGE.

    I have 20 of these for a set of 20 laptops that we use as a training lab.

    1) These locks are difficult to operate as all parts of the lock turn.
    2) The mechanism is difficult to work and prone to problems because of the way the flip-switch on the back of the lock sits.
    3) We have had 3 of these locks freeze up. NO combination will open them. 4) 2 times I have had to use a hack saw to remove them from the laptop.

    I recommend that you DO NOT BUY this lock!!!...more info
  • faulty
    I've got one of these locks, as does another person I know. Both of ours have frozen and don't open at the set combination (meaning even if you go through all possible combinations it won't open and your computer is stuck). As well, they will open at incorrect combinations sometimes. The mechanism is difficult to work and prone to problems because of the way the flip-switch on the back of the lock sits. I do not reccommend that anyone use this lock.
    I would trust other Kensington locks, perhaps those with keys, but not this one....more info
  • The darn thing locked me out the first time
    This product needs serious help. What use is it if the first time you try it your computer is locked and won't open no matter what you do? Don't buy this product. It's too unreliable. Fortunately, the thing was locked to my desk, and not to a library table. Hopefully, I can spend twice what I paid for it to get the damn thing back to where I started....more info
  • Good design and details quality but has a wired plastic peace
    I don't understand why is that plastic peace for, it just works to shoe people it is secured and as case for the locker but is really big, ugly and sensible if I would steal a computer with that locker I would try brake that plastic case, would be easier than cut the cabe.

    Anyway, it works and the locker operation is complicated in a first view, but when you know how it works it is really good and easy to use....more info
  • its a bit too secure
    for powerbook g4 users like myself, it is a horrible choice.

    1) the lock is ment to be put on the right hand side, Powerbooks lock slots are located on the left hand side of the laptop

    2) the combination is a hassle to turn-even if have the skinniest fingers

    3) the directions a bit confussing, esp if you are trying to set up your own combination

    4) 4ft cord is a bit short

    5) its too expensive- its not worth my 29.99 at retailers

    6)its very difficult to open -making it a bit too secure

    7) if you cannot open it, it has to be taken to a locksmith

    a waste of money...more info
  • Adequate portable security
    As the saying goes, if someone really wants what you have they will find a way to get it. There are 2 reasons I purchased this lock: it's very portable and it's a combination lock. This lock will prevent someone from just walking off with your investment as the lock cannot be compromised without tools (cutters). My laptop has a lefthand lock hole which doesn't bother me at all. Great for consultant-types in office settings....more info
  • Lock meets my needs
    It's a nice design...I have only used it once. I don't know how tough it is against a
    professional thief, but I hope it will be a deterrent. It's pretty compact. It has a retractable cord so it conforms to whereever you use it and then is easy to put away. It's easy to change the combo but you wouldn't want to leave it around where some ambitious child can flip it change it on you. I am considering buying another one for my daughter. I bought the combo style because I know I would loose the keys....more info