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First Alert Instant Door Window Sensor Alarm System
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $8.59

You Save: $11.40 (57%)


Product Description

Peace of Mind! Are you worried about intruders breaking into your home, or about your child's saftey? Now you can have peace of mind knowing that you've installed a premium quality alarm system in your home. The First Alert? Alarm System adds a level of security to virtually any door or window. When the alarm is triggered, a piercing ultra decibel alert is emitted indicating that your security may have been breached. Installs In Seconds! It installs easily. There's no tools or measuring required. Simply peel off the adhesive backing on the alarm unit, and stick it in place. It's just that simple!

  • It installs easily. There's no tools or measuring required
  • Simply peel off the adhesive backing on the alarm unit, and stick it in place
  • You get total of 4 units. Each unit takes Three 357A Button Cell Battery
  • Only TEST Batteries Included which may not work and may needs to be replaced.
  • Batteries can be purchased from any local Pharmacy or Electronic store.

Customer Reviews:

  • GREAT BUY - Try using velcro to install these, Batteries will be easier to replace, PLAN POSSIBLE BATTERY REPLACEMENT AT RECEIPT
    GREAT price even though I had to replace some batteries on receipt - AFTERALL, this is a discontinued product. This is a 4-pack of ALARMS. Two alarms worked great right out of pkg. One had weak batteries, One had dead batteries. Fortunately, I had ordered a 50 pack of batteries for less than $6 total with FREE shipping off Amazon (from hobbytoolsupply). I'm glad I got these alarms but batteries are kinda frustrating to replace. I had to use tweezers to remove dead batteries BUT this was even before I even stuck unit to the door. So I decide "WHY NOT USE VELCRO TO ATTACH INSTEAD OF STICKY BACK?? That way batteries will be much easier to manipulate when it is time to change. I will probably ALSO try the "door stop" type alarm that uses a 9-volt battery. I can just pick up the 9-volt batteries at Wallyworld. Also, alarms I received are different from those pictured but they ARE FirstAlert products. Even with the battery hassle, I still recommend because the cost is super low. ...more info
  • great
    we were really happy with this product it was loud enough to here when the door and widows were opened...more info
  • Sleep Soundly at Night Again
    I've owned this product for 2 years now and have never had a problem with them. They are great to let you know that someone has left the house on the chime setting and give a great piece of mind at night on the alarm setting. Unlike others, mine have never fallen off, in fact I'm worried about how I'm goin to get them off when I move! That's how sturdy they are!! ...more info
  • home safety
    this was a gift for my daughter, who had moved into her own apartment, it gave her more security, in living alone, and being in a new place....more info
  • Home Security
    I love this product. It lets me sleep more at ease at night with my baby across the hall from me....more info
  • Window alarms
    I really like these, they're a little smaller than I first thought but they are loud enough to do the job I believe. Every once in awhile I open a window and the alarm goes off, scaring the heck out of me but at least I know they're working!...more info
  • window alarms
    these units work great, purchased for side porch windows that cannot be seen from inside home. Have set them off by mistake when opening window to get fresh air on porch. Good way to test and I know they will work if an intruder ever tries to enter.
    ...more info
  • good service
    First Alert Instant Door Window Sensor Alarm System

    I received 4 alarms and new batteries to replace all of them 2 times. I called because 2 didn't work and received 4 more with new batteries for the 4 alarms. Great service from this company....more info
  • Worth the price...
    A few years ago there were several break-ins around my neighborhood. After checking on some monitored alarm services and learning I couldn't afford to have sensors on all entry points, I decided to try these.

    I purchased a total of 50 and three of those did not work at all. I chalked that up to "getting what I paid for". They ARE cheap!

    They are VERY easy to install. Unfortunately, they don't stay installed. Within the first 24 hours, some had already come loose. Within a month, at least half had been put back with duct tape.

    I was not able to install these on one of my doors. I could have put one on the outside of the door, but not the inside. Maybe my door is just inside-out. Or maybe these don't work on ALL doors and windows.

    On the positive side, they ARE loud. They worked well enough to give me a lot more peace of mind and that was exactly what I was looking for. A few are still working and loud after more than 2 years.

    I would probably look for a different brand to try next time, but these did live up to my expectations. ...more info
  • Works great for dementia patients
    Works great because you can set it for alarm at night or chime in the day...more info
  • How wo change the batteries
    This is more a question than a review.
    How to change the batteries in this product.Out of 4, 1 did not work for me.I need to change the batteries.I slid open the cover in the front.The batteries are really tight.How to take them apart.It would be helpful if any of you could answer my question.thanks in advance...more info
  • Not a good choice for security
    I had to return the product because some of the alarms were not working. It is not a good choice to rely on this product for home security....more info